Valentine’s Day Style Pointers

Valentine’s day is right around the corner, and we don’t know about you, but there’s something that we kind of love about this holiday.  We can’t help but want to dress according to the holiday for Valentine’s day – hello, it’s all about pink and red, after all!  But we know there can be a fine line between dressing chic for the holiday, and tacky, so we’re sharing some of our favorite Valentine’s Day style pointers.  So you can be sure you’re dressed totally appropriate and stylish for the holiday, and not too over the top.

woman valentines

Add a Pop of Red (or Pink)
Naturally, red is one of the most widely used colors for a holiday like Valentine’s Day – it is a holiday all about love, after all.  But to really look stylish and not too over the top for Valentine’s day, we suggest adding a one or two pops of red to your look – but no more than that.  As tempting as it can be to walk out of the house in all red everything, it can be a bit much.  Keep it chic and choose one or two pieces to add a pop of red to your look.  For example, wear a red dress and keep the rest of your outfit neutral with black or white.  Or, wear a gorgeous red top with a pair of red shoes.  This way you will still look Valentine’s appropriate, but you won’t look like a Valentine yourself.   Let’s not forget, you can do the same things with shades of pink if you’re more about pink than red.

Work with Texture
If you’re not one for wearing red in your outfit, there are still some great ways to dress for Valentine’s day and be completely on point.  We’re all about working with texture to create a unique look that’s still holiday appropriate.  Since Valentine’s day is all about love and lust, adapting lace and/or silk into your outfit is a great way to create those same feelings with your outfit without wearing the traditional color(s) associated with the holiday.  There’s something so chic and seductive about lace and silk, so they’re both great to wear for a date or whatever you’re doing for Valentine’s day.  Mix the textures with a little glam in your accessories to really add to your look.

woman with red off shoulder top

Choose One Area to Show Off
We get it, Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating those that you love… and a special date night with your significant other.  While we know you want to look great for your significant other, it’s also all about really being and embracing YOU – but not showing it ALL.  We’re all about showing a bit of skin, but in a chic way.  Typically, we suggest choosing one area to really enhance and show off when it comes to dressing for a holiday like this (and in general, really).  Decide if you want to emphasize your legs, arms, chest, etc.  Choose one focal point, so you’re not overwhelmed by showing too much and you will still be the focus.

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