Updos After Dark

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Evenings typically offer a certain level of formality that you just don’t get or do during the day. And “formality” isn’t even necessarily the best way to describe evening ambience as something as simple as “more” might be the appropriate term. Everything–from attire, to jewelry, makeup and accessories generally looks best when they receive “more” for engaging in nighttime affairs. When the hair term “updo” is brought up, thoughts often turn to styles that belong exclusively to women with long hair, however, there are many wonderful updos for medium-length hair to fully rock any after-dark occasion, and with a little out-of-the-box thinking, there is a ton more range of options to do up short-cut hairstyles, for brilliant updo appeal. Even if after dark finds you plopped down all relaxed and comfy at home, your hair can still be up and good.

Updone Shortness Done Right, for Dramatic After-Dark Appeal
Your hair may be short and on its way to becoming long again, or you may be fresh from the salon cut, but don’t be fooled into thinking that because you have short hair that you’re stuck with short hair. Well, obviously, your short tresses aren’t going to suddenly morph into another length, but you’ve got a whole lot more play room than you most likely imagine, for some killing style options. One styling hack that all short haired girls need to know about is the one about giving your bobby pins a style-securing boost with a shot of dry hairspray before using them. They’ll grip better and longer. You can take sections of short tresses, twisting and twirling them–securing with bobby pins as you go. With just a little nape of the neck length, make a small chignon–or go full statement, with retro brooch ornamentation or some coordinating flowery head-fluff to one side. A longer short style can begin with a slight side part, and a progressive French braid that begins on the fuller side and wraps around until you run out of hair. Secure with pins and French-braid from the other side to meet the first braid’s ends. A dainty flower or clip can grace the meeting spot. Pokey ends are welcome for this one, too. Curl short hair all over, and either secure one side up and off the face, with a beautiful piece of jewelry, or pin all the curls up at or near the top. Use mucho hairspray.

Medium Ups
Medium length hair in many ways can be more versatile for “updoing” than any other length, without an overabundance of hair left over by the updo. The messy take on a French twist features nicely unsecured strands poking out in different directions, and mostly at the top. Messy buns and chignons are the bomb with medium length hair. Further glam can be added by some lovely, decorative bobby pins that come with costume jeweled effects, like rhinestones. A beautiful roll can begin on both sides, around mid-ear level with hair rolling up and into itself, proceeding backwards and slightly downward–and joining forces at an invisible meeting point roll continuation in the back. Bun power includes side buns, low buns and high-up buns–neat or messy. Festively wrap your bun in romantic mesh netting and secure with your favorite bauble or flower.

Long and Up Lovely
The world is your oyster, with all of the impressive braiding styles in your corner. Some rich elegance for after dark hair begins with a very loosely upswept high ponytail that reveals a dramatic scallop-dip on either side, a few nicely chosen side ringlets loosely curled, and the tresses on the other side of the ponytail holder individually curled in no more than half-inch strands using a ¾ inch curling wand. Take some and secure up high using bobby pins, and allow some to romantically cascade down, below. Lots of spray will secure this one. Longer locks can begin with somewhat loosely rolled effects up and back from the face, and secured where they meet in back with diminutive flowery or geometric pieces, with a mass of remaining ringlets dancing below. Many of the most impressive updos for after dark involve major sectioning–and addressing each section separately, yet positioned in a loosely patterned-style during pinning and curling efforts.

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