Try These Epic Fishtail Braids

Braids are the epitome of girly and beautiful – are we right? Of course we are! That’s why we wanted to present you with this fun article on fishtail braids we think you will adore. Fishtail braids are always a fun spin on the typical three strand braids most of us are used to. We so love the style they can bring to a casual outfit, or for a day where you’re just hanging out and looking to spice your hairstyle up a little. We also love how awesome they look in general once you get the art of fishtail braiding down to an art. Without further ado, here they are!

Pigtail fishtails.

Pigtail Fishtails
What’s cuter than pigtails, no matter your age? Not too much – except these gorgeous pigtail fishtail braids. They are fun, sweet, innocent, yet trendy – and we love the combination of all the things they are rolled into one. Create a pigtail style by separating the hair into two sections on either side of the head. The hair should be in a low pigtail, not a high pigtail. Don’t secure with an elastic until your fishtail is complete, and then secure the ends with clear elastics. Leave a few tendrils out around the face for a soft, pretty feel and look. This style works for any casual or daily activity – but we wouldn’t quite recommend it for anything classy!

Tuck and Cover Fishtail Braids
For those who absolutely adore headband chignon styles or the hair styles utilizing tucking the hair into an elastic headband, this one’s for you! Put the headband on your head, over your hair, as you normally would to create a tucked style. From there, create about 6-8 fishtail braids from the bottom of the hair’s crown and braid downward. Secure with clear elastics. From there, take all of the braids and tuck them up and into the headband at the bottom, one by one. Once they have all been tucked, spray with hairspray to hold the style throughout the day. You can then wear the style all day or night long – and once you remove the fishtail braids, you will have beautiful, wavy mermaid hair! If you want to go for the waved look after wearing the braids, it’s best to dampen the hair midway down with a spray bottle before creating the braids to seal in the wave.

Loose side fishtail braid

Loose Side Fishtail Braid
Side fishtail braids incorporate everything sexy and beautiful and roll them up into one. A side ponytail is beautiful in itself, as is a side braid, but when the two meet – you end up with this beautiful look. It’s perfect with an off the shoulder sweater or for those days where you’re running errands and want to look cute but at the same time, keep it casual. Create a low, loose side fishtail braid, pulling some pieces loose to create that messy style, and you’ll look like a mermaid on the rocks in no time.

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