Trade Beachy Summer Curls For Perfectly Straightened Fall Tresses With THESE Styling Tips

Woman with summer curls and fall tresses

By the time that fall arrives, everybody is more than ready to change the game a bit, ushering in new styles of fun fall clothing and accessories, and why not think about going in a different direction with your hair, while you’re at it? While those sexy curls of summer were all the rage and easy to care for, there’s no reason to be duped into thinking that you can’t seamlessly glide into a luxuriously straight hairdo for the season of crisp air, pumpkin and spice, fall evening bonfires and soul-soothing hot chocolate topped off with some toasty marshmallows. Even if you promised yourself to not again endure the exasperation of a previous hair-straightening attempt, with a few helpful pointers, there’s no reason that you can’t enjoy sporting a straight-hair coif, anytime you want one. And with these tips, you can keep that promise you made to yourself, too, as once you get the hang of it, straightening your hair will be easy-peasy.

Technique and Tools Make the Difference Now
Thankfully the antiquated “press and curl” era has moved way on, leaving that hot comb and hair grease of yesterday in the dust. For women whose hair is curly and on the coarse side, thick or thin, it just takes a little bit of proper procedure for you to enjoy the most gorgeous and natural looking straight hair that you see on other heads. While getting certain types of “straight-resistant” hair requires more than a blow dryer and a round brush, once you develop the exact technique that works best for your hair, you’ll be able to effectively straighten those tresses at home, and manage to do it without damaging your hair, and without the exorbitant expense of a blowout bar. And chances are, you’ll even be happier with your results!

In talking to women with curly hair, one of the most frequent observations made by the leading prominent hair-straightening experts is that there are several fairly common, mistakes that curly-haired women generally make in their flatiron endeavors. Have you ever looked at the gorgeous Michelle Obama, and in this case–her hair–and wondered how she manages to have such fabulous and healthy looking locks, all the time, and in every photograph? If you read on, you’ll learn the same tips that make Michelle Obama’s hair so radiant, full of shine and so bouncy.

  • Rinse Out All of That Conditioner: An overload of hair products or residual conditioner can sometimes result in a production of smoke, when your flat iron is applied to your hair. Aim for none or minimal hair products and thoroughly rinse, whenever you begin flat-ironing your hair.
  • Reduce the Size of the Sections You’re Working On: Unfortunately, absolutely no time savings ever comes from working with large sections. You’re just going to have to accept this fact and deal with it, if you want a good straightened result.
  • Ditch the Hair Dryer’s Comb Attachment: Start out by using a brush with rubber bristles and with the nozzle directly at the hair, slowly pull both tools down, together, with the hair in between. You may need to repeat this until you’re satisfied–and that’s OK.

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