The Perfect Hair Washing Schedule For Your Hair Type

When it comes to washing your hair, we all kind of grew up being told it’s something you’re supposed to do every single day.  However, it seems like the past few years the hair experts have really been preaching about NOT washing your hair on a daily basis.  If you’re like us, this kind of throw you for a loop!  The thing is, experts have found that when we wash our hair every day, we’re actually stripping our hair of its natural oils and causing some damage to our hair.  We’re talking about the perfect hair washing schedule for your hair type to get you on the right path.

woman washing hair

Fine Hair
If you have fine hair, you’re one of the few exceptions according to experts that do require more hair washing than most others.  This is because it’s been found that fine hair tends to get greasy/oily much quicker than other hair types.  Most of the hair experts we discovered do say that it’s ok for fine hair ladies to wash daily, but if you can skip a day here and there throughout your week you’ll be in good shape to give your hair a bit of a break.  The key to this is to make sure that you’re using shampoo and conditioning products that are lightweight and won’t weigh your hair down, opting for formulas that are loaded with volumizing ingredients.

Thick Hair
Now on the flip side of fine hair is, of course, thick hair.  Those with thick hair are actually suggested to wash your hair every 2-3 days.  This is because thick hair tends to not get or look as greasy as quickly.  So basically, you’re just on the opposite end of the spectrum with what fine hair requires.  However, because it’s suggested to not wash your hair as often you want to look for shampoo and conditioning products that have oils and moisturizing benefits to really make sure your hair is locking in the moisture between hair washes.

woman with curly wet hair

Curly Hair
Of course we couldn’t leave out the curly hair ladies!  Curly hair is similar to thick hair in that experts suggest washing every 3 days or so.  Breaking up the washing like this allows your curls to stay…curly.  But make sure you’re using a moisturizing conditioner to keep your curls nice and bouncy between washes!

Oily Hair
Regardless of your hair type, some people just have oily hair.  While it’s a natural instinct to want to wash oily hair every day to eliminate the oil that’s actually something that can cause your hair to become even more oily.  Remember how we said washing your hair can strip it of its natural oils?  Well, when we strip our hair of its natural oils, its natural reaction is to produce MORE oil to replace it…see where we’re going here?  So instead of actually washing oily hair daily, it’s suggested to wash oily hair every other day to give it a break, but still allow you to not feel like you’re walking around with oily looking hair.


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