The New IT Hair Color: Opal

Woman with opal hair

Hair in all different colors has been showing up on trend reports for the last several years. We’ve seen lavender hair, grey hair, pink hair, dipped hair, turquoise hair, rainbow hair, sand art hair, and even beta fish hair. Celebs are rockin’ this look left and right and even though it’s likely NOT a long lasting trend, it IS a hot one right now. Just when we thought we had seen it all, another great hair trend shows up and wows us: Opal hair.

Opal hair is designed to look just like the gemstone. It has a platinum base with a mix of pastel hues that replicate the iridescence of the stone. Here’s how you can get the opal hair look for yourself:

Choose Your Base
Most opal hair is built on a platinum base. However, some people start with a gray base or even a darker brown base. The color base you choose will affect the final color. The platinum base will create a brighter look, and the darker base will produce a more subtle effect. Be sure to keep the conditioner coming! As with any lighter looks, this “magic” happens by using bleach, which is NOT the hairs best friend. Keep your hair healthy and damage free with regular deep conditioning.

Add Bits of Color
Opal hair is easy to create since you don’t need defined sections of color. You can grab random, small sections of hair to color with shades of light pink, lavender, blue, and rose. The color application does not have to be neat or patterned. In fact, the messier it is, the better the result will probably be.

Just keep the application light, and keep the sections small. The result will be a mix of color that creates a gorgeous shimmer that changes looks in the light.

Maintain the Color
Opal hair is high maintenance. Light colors fade quickly, and since the style uses smaller sections of color, they are likely to fade even faster. You’ll have to touch up the color every three weeks or so, as well as your roots. That means bleaching your roots if you have a platinum base and applying new color. Be prepared to do the work yourself or to make regular appointments at your salon. Word to the wise, you may want to start this look at a professional salon. Learn from the professionals how to maintain this style and get off on the right foot by letting a trained pro start you on your opal journey.

Ready to try out the hot new look? It’s best to see a hairstylist for your first coloring to make sure you get it right.

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