Fun Ways To Style Your Wavy Hair

Wavy hair

Do you have wavy hair? Lucky you! Women everywhere would love to have wavy hair like you. It’s one of those things, isn’t it? When it comes to our hair we always want what we don’t have. But this year it’s all about embracing the natural texture of your hair so we thought we would focus on the wavy haired ladies for a minute. You probably feel like you only wear your wavy locks in the same few hair styles, huh? We’ve done a little searching and found some fun ways to style your wavy hair to give you some inspiration, and appreciation for the natural wavy texture you have.

Half Up with Braids
Wavy hair is so great because you already have gorgeous, natural texture in your hair. One of the fun hair styles we’ve come across that love for wavy hair ladies has to be half up with braids. This really is an easy hair style, promise! First, add some volume to the crown of your head by teasing a bit. Once you’ve done that create two braids at the side of your hair starting near the temple area of your face and bringing the braid almost all the way to the end of your locks. After you’ve done that, you’re going to begin creating the half up style. Pull your hair back into a half-up style and secure, then pull the two braids back and secure them–it’s an updated twist to an old classic half up hair style that’s perfect for wavy hair.

low bun

Low Bun
There’s something about wavy hair that can really make even the most simple hair styles look like something extra special. If you’re looking for a great, chic hair style that gets all your hair off your neck–this is perfect for you. Really emphasize the natural waviness of your hair by adding in some texturizing product and tease your hair a bit to add some extra volume. Once you’ve done all that just pull your hair down and to the side and secure in an off to the side ponytail. Then wrap it up in a messy bun–it’s really that easy. The best part is it doesn’t have to be perfect, and a great way to emphasize your natural texture.

Half Up Top Knot
We can’t get enough of the half up hair styles, and top knots have been a favorite go-to for the past couple of years. So why not just combine them? Again, this is a great hair style when you have natural texture in your hair because you can really just add the top knot and let your waves do their thing. Pulling your hair back into a half up hair style, and adding a top knot addition to the mix is as easy as it sounds. While it’s super easy, don’t think it’s lacking any style! This is a hair style that has major 90’s vibes, which is perfect for this upcoming season where 90’s are still holding on in the trend department. Plus, it looks a lot more complicated than it actually is to achieve–win-win!

All You Need to Know About Hair Texture

Woman combing her hair

When choosing a hairstyle, there isn’t a single thing more important to consider than your hair texture. Just about everyone has experienced either first hand or knows someone who has hair that is straight, wavy, curly, or frizzy/kinky. While this quad of adjectives does describe hair’s texture, these attributes are more-or-less changeable. On the contrary, understanding the attributes of your hair’s width and pattern, which are (for the most part) unchangeable, can help you truly understand your hair’s texture. No matter what shape hair holds – straight, wavy, curly, or frizzy/kinky – there is the possibility that is one of the three following widths of texture: fine, medium, or thick/coarse.

These width descriptors – fine, medium, thick/coarse – aren’t used to explain how the hair feels in your hands, rather it describes the thinness or thickness of each individual piece of hair. The standard measurement which is used to determine the width of texture is the thickness of a piece of sewing thread. If a single strand of hair is thinner than a piece of thread, then it is labeled as fine; If a strand of hair is the same width of a piece of thread, it is medium; if a strand of hair is thicker than a piece of thread then it thick/coarse.

So, what does this all mean? Well, a few things really; knowing the width of your hair can help you figure out why your hair “acts” a certain way, and knowing these common hair behaviors can help you style your hair so that it’s always looking its best.

Fine Hair
Typical behaviors of fine hair include not holding styles (i.e. curls) for very long, is easily weighed down by heavy product or too much product, often looks thin, and has a tendency to break easily. While it might not always seem like it, individuals who have “fine” hair texture actually have more hair than those with thick hair. Those with fine hair may also notice that their hair gets oilier faster than others. If you find that achieving volume is a struggle, you should try out either a texturizing powder or a dry shampoo. Both products contain ingredients that absorb oils and bond to the cuticle of the hair, giving it a temporary thickness without weighing it down like most products.

Medium Hair
Typical behaviors for medium hair include the ability to maintain style; a tendency to cover the surface area of the scalp; and it’s typically resilient to breakage. Those with medium hair will find that because their hair is less prone to breakage that it can hold just about any style. One thing that individuals with medium hair may struggle with is dehydration or dryness of the strands. To cure and prevent dry hair you should use a leave in conditioner after washing and get into the habit of using a conditioning mask on a semi-regular basis.

Thick or Coarse Hair
Typical behaviors of thick/coarse hair include a dense, full appearance; the ability to maintain styles with little hair spray; a high heat tolerance; and it is often unwilling to take to chemical hair color. Those with thick or coarse hair may never need extra-hold hairspray, but they do need some sturdy hair elastics. Unlike fine and medium hair, thick or coarse hair contains three layers: the cortex, the cuticle, and (the additional layer) the medulla. Although the medulla is filled almost entirely with air, it’s the protein in its composition that gives it the extra strength. If you find that your hair is resilient to hair color, talk to your stylist about a color compositing shampoo which will prevent the color from fading.

Creating Beachy Boho Waves

Beachy waves

Summertime is finally here, and more beach trips mean more flawless flowing beachy waves. But what about those days when you can’t exactly make it to the shore, but really want the beachy ‘do? Don’t fuss, wishing that you lived closer to the beach, and envying those born with a natural no-beach-needed wave. Since we know all straight haired beauties have felt this way before, we have dedicated this article to creating beachy boho waves, easily at home!

Now, there are a few different ways to create beachy boho waves, sans beach, but this one seems to be the easiest; all you need is your hair, a towel, and a bottle of sea salt spray. There are some really great options out there, Bumble and Bumble’s Surf Spray is extremely popular (and for good reason). Another fab option is Sedu’s Beach Beauty Salt Spray. However, for those of you who are reading this last minute and don’t have the time to purchase a bottle of sea salt spray, you can easily make your own concoction by adding a small handful of salt and to a cup or so of water, then pouring the mixture into an empty spray bottle.

Also, keep in mind that this is meant to be done at night, giving you the beachy waves first thing in the morning, however, if you have a few hours to let your hair dry and don’t need your ‘do done until the afternoon, that’s totally fine too!

Step 1: Begin with damp hair, start by selecting a 1 ½ to 3-inch chunk of hair from the crown of your head and use your fingers to twist the hair around itself. For those of you who want a curlier wave, stick grab a smaller section; on the contrary, those of you who are looking for a looser wave will appreciate the result of a 3-inch section.

Step 2: Use one hand to do the grabbing and twisting and use your other hand to hold a handful of finished twists at the ends.

Step 3: Use the hand that was grabbing and twisting to spray your twists with your sea spray.

Step 4: Clip the sprayed section to the side using a long stylists clip.

Step 5: Repeat steps one through four until all your hair has been twisted and sprayed.

Step 6: Flip your head over to gather all of your hair, and twist it into the twisty-ist topknot you’ve ever seen, then secure it with a loose elastic. If you are prepping your beachy boho waves at night, wrap a towel around your head to draw out the moisture.

Once your hair is totally dry, either in the morning or in a few hours, take your hair tie out and give your head a shake to let those locks loose. For separated strands that look like they’re straight from the sea, rub the tiniest amount of coconut oil or smoothing serum between your hands and fingertips; once they’re nice and smooth, use your fingers to comb through and separate your beachy boho waves to perfection.

Taming Thick Waves

Woman with thick hair

There’s nothing like thick, wavy hair when the atmospheric humidity levels are prime, and it’s having a “good hair day.” It’s on these days when everyone expresses their envy over how absolutely gorgeous your hair is–and oh, how  blessed you were to have hair like that. If these people could only see you on most of the other days–the “off” days, when it’s doing its normal thing of not being anything but thick and a random mix of a curl here, straight there and a massive wave thingy all over one side. Thank God for heated styling tools, right? Well, sort of, because even with these, any style can quickly go awry under certain conditions. If this describes you, there’s a lot more you can be doing to get control of your hair, and here are some of the best:

Thick, Wavy Tip #1 – Make Sure You’re Using the Right Shampoo and Conditioner
If you’re not using a shampoo and conditioner that’s formulated for the type of hair you have–ie. thick, wavy–you’re starting off at a supreme disadvantage–like straightening deck chairs on the Titanic. Especially with thicker hair, it’s best to shampoo every other day, and even every couple of days, if you haven’t been sweating or less than clean environments. You can even put your hair into a high bun and cover it with a shower cap, to only shampoo your roots. After rinsing, take down the bun and lightly condition the ends and rinse. Look for products that are formulated as “curl defining,” or “low/zero frizz.”

Thick, Wavy Tip #2 – Hone Your Pre and Post Wash Treatment
Before shampooing, gently brush all the tangles from your hair. Shampoo and condition as usual using the right products and then gently wrap a towel up with your hair to wick most of the water away. Next, using a wide tooth comb or brush with plastic bristles, patiently brush out the tangles again. Now, wrap your hair in a towel for the second time–preferably a fresh one–and do a couple of other things for a few minutes while the towel wicks out hair water. When you remove the towel, use it to gently fluff and kind of separate the strands. This would be when you add any special products–details following. Now, take your hands and smoosh your hair into your head to give it some uniformly waved angles. Once you’ve done this, don’t touch it again until it’s dry, and then, only minimally. This is the best look for your kind of hair, so rock it. You shouldn’t even need to tousle it. If you notice any strays, spray a little hairspray on your hands and smooth the wild ones.

Thick, Wavy Tip #3 – The Truth About Heat Styling Thick, Wavy Hair
The only time you can heat-style this hair, Honey, is when it’s cold, cold: otherwise within minutes of hitting the ambient humidity, forget about it. Your hair is so well behaved in cold air–but don’t think about it, because this is kind of rare. Accept your hair’s default look and rock it–many people would kill to have such terrific tresses, and you know it.

Woman brushing hair.

Thick, Wavy Tip #4 – Keep it Brushed
Of all hair types, thick, wavy hair is the quickest to become tangled and severely. When you postpone brushing, you’re setting yourself up for major hair damage. When you’re just hanging out at home, when you awaken and before bed, give your tresses a gentle brush-through. If you must “be seen” after brushing–’cause you know what that hair looks like after brushing–just spritz down with your favorite beachy spray or some water with a few drops of an emollient hair product, avoiding the roots. Scrunch and go!

Thick, Wavy Tip #5 – Forget the Full, Straight Falling Bangs, and You Know It:
When someone attempts to take hair like yours and go for the brand of bangs that belong exclusively to thin, silky straight hair–well, this could easily be the very worst hair look–ever.

Products You Can Use on Thick, Wavy Hair
The following products are fine and fun to experiment with, either post-shampooing (pre-drying,) or post-brushing your dry hair for a little “refreshment”. Whether you use them–and the brand you choose is up to you.

  • Flexible hairspray
  • Nutritive, water-based curl spritz
  • Beachy, saltwater type spray
  • Dry hair oil
  • Relaxing balm

Stay away from volumizers, texturizers, and if you must use dry shampoo, use sparingly, and kind of near the roots but not right at the scalp.

Most Iconic Hair Looks of the 80’s

The 80’s had some of the wildest hairstyles and looks of the century – and today, Lionesse would like to shine a light on some of the most iconic hair looks of the era. We hope you get a few giggles, laughs, and smiles as we take you on this walk down memory lane of 80’s hair styles.

Perm hairstyle form the 80s

Power Perms
Power perms were the number one hairstyle among women – and guys with long hair – during the 80’s. These insanely voluminous looks were the go-to style ever since Madonna introduced the look early on. The bigger, fluffier, and messier they looked – the better.

Feathered Mullet
The feathered mullet was added a different spin to the typical mullet worn by men and women at the time. The feathered part was on the top and was usually feathered backwards using a round brush and of course, plenty of hair spray – and the remainder of the hair was worn long and straight to the shoulders. Thank goodness this style expired long ago.

New wave hairstyle of the 80s

New Wave Styles
New wave hair styles were extremely popular amongst the punk rock scene. Angled hairstyles, spikey hairstyles, and crazy colors were incorporated into the hair to give an edgy, new wave feel and vibe.

High Bangs
The higher the bangs, the bigger the bangs, the better – that was every woman’s hair motto in the 80’s. There was nothing like waking up in the morning, styling your hair as high as the heavens, and having it actually hold up for the day – and it usually did, thanks to the insane amounts of hairspray applied. And people wonder why the ozone layer is depleted. Blame it on the 80’s.

Woman with a crimped hairstyle

Crimped Hair
Crimped hair is one of the iconic staples of the 80’s. All of the popular girls, it girls, prom queens and models were rocking it – so everyone decided to jump on board with this radical style. Today, we see crimped hair creeping back into the hair realm – and we at Lionesse have gotta say how excited we are for this look to begin trending again!

Side Ponytails
Side pony’s were super cool and popular – we can thank Debbie Gibson for that. Though not everyone wore theirs in quite the same fashion from one person to another, everyone from children to teens and grown women would rock a side pony fashioned with a super cool scrunchie. Problem was, it took tons of fixing up throughout the day as scrunchie’s typically don’t hold the hair in a tight style for too long.

Woman with a french braid hairstyle

French Braids
French braids were the go-to style on a bad hair day. Coupled with super high, fluffy bangs, a French braid was the answer for all hair problems. Simply braid the hair, forget it, and go. Gladly, French braids are still popular – if not even more popular – today than they were a couple of decades ago.

Wavy Styles
Wavy hairstyles were also very popular during the 80’s. Girls with natural waves were considered blessed, and could rock them happily and fit right into the time frame. Wavy styles were also worn quite often by supermodels, such as Cindy Crawford, and even Brooke Shields.

Hair Styles that Go From Work to Boho Party

Summer time is here and with it comes some of the most fashionable hairstyles that you can wear to work and out after leaving the office. Boho chic is a widespread fashion trend that many women desire to achieve – and when it comes to your hairstyle, boho is simple to achieve with some simple workplace styles. Below, Lionesse details how to get boho party ready from work.

Woman with wavy hairstyle.

Braid to Waves
Wearing your hair in a braid is great for daytime style to work. Create a braid from wet hair, and when it dries, your hair will be wavy and gorgeous. After work, let the party begin after letting your hair loose and rocking your perfect waves!

Woman with straight and braided hair.

Straight and Braided
Here’s a style you can wear to work and wear out to party after work. If you have straightened your hair, or you have straight hair already, simply add a couple of small side braids from the front of the hair, and pull them back around the sides of the head, pinning behind the ears. This style looks cute and fashionable for work and play.

Woman with wavy hairstyle.

You can choose to wear a simple waved style to work and out to have fun with friends after work. Waves are in, and are workplace acceptable. They look beautiful, fun, and beachy, yet conservative and nice. You can create waves with a flat iron, curling iron, curling wand, or from wearing your hair braided to bed the night before. There are even wave irons you can make use of.

Woman wearing a headband for a boho look.

You can rock this style simply by wearing your hair wavy, straight or curly. All you need to do is add a hair accessory such as a headband around your head after work. Depending upon where you work, it might even be acceptable to wear this style to work! Another option is to wear a braid headband, which is essentially a faux braid. Be sure to wear one that matches your hair color for a realistic look.

Woman with a colorful side braid.

Side Braid
This style is gorgeous and chic and is also workplace acceptable, taking you straight from the office to your party. Create a simple and beautiful side braid, keep it loose, and add a flower accessory or a headband around the front of the head. Or, for an extra boost of boho, create a small braid and wrap it around the front of the hair to create a headband look. Side braids can be loosened up a bit by pulling on sections with a bobby pin. This creates a fuller, more natural braid.

Boho style incorporates a lot of braided looks, waves, straightened hair, and hair accessories such as headbands, head wraps, floral décor, and long, flowy styles. Create your own boho look for work that you can quickly change up for your party nights. The great thing about boho style is that it’s generally easy to achieve, and doesn’t take any skill at all. Anyone can do it! We hope you’ve enjoyed this guide, and that you will have as much fun trying these styles out as we had putting them together.