Show Off Your Victory Roll

Victory rolls hairstyle

Oh darling, don’t you love a little vintage? A little rust here, a little tarnish there, it’s no matter. It’s remarkable how a few pieces of chipped china and weathered wood can have so much charisma. Certainly, when one thinks of vintage, they think of worn down furniture and faded clothing; styles of which often make their way back around with a bit of a modern twist. On the contrary, one vintage detail that has charmed its way into the hearts of the fashion and beauty world is the classic 1950’s hairstyle, victory roll.

Once worn by American women during the World War II era, this twisted ‘do has been spotted on celebrities such as Katy Perry, Jada Pinkett Smith, Gwen Stefani and more. Not only does this vintage-chic style flatter your face shape, but it’s ultra-glam and bound to get you a few compliments. When you’re ready to rock the victory roll, check out the steps below.

Keep in mind, there are many variations of the look, this tutorial will guide you through the steps of creating a single asymmetrical victory roll. Should you be interested in having a set of victory rolls, you should follow the proceeding steps, then simply repeat the processes on opposite side of your head.

  1. You’ll want to begin with clean, dry, detangled hair. You’ll want to use a comb to create a straight part on the top on your scalp. How/Where you part your hair will depend on whether you plan on creating a pair of victory rolls, or a single asymmetrical victory roll. If you want to create a pair of victory rolls, you will part your hair right down the middle, this way you have the same amount of hair to work with on each side, allowing the rolls to be symmetrical. Likewise, if you want to style a single victory roll you should use the comb to part your hair off-centered, allowing there to be more hair on one side – the further away from the center the part is, the more dramatic the final look.
  2.  Now you’ll want to section off a chunk of hair on the thicker side. You’ll want it to be the top section of hair, that which is “connected” to that part. It should be about two or three times more than the amount of hair that you would take to create a side bang.
  3. Use a clip to hold that section together and secure the remaining hair into a low ponytail so that it is out of your way.
  4. Assuming your hair is out if it’s normal part, it may have a mind of its own. To keep the look tight, slide a bobby pin horizontally into the top of the ponytailed hair where the loosely clipped section begins. Then do the same thing, this time sliding the bobby pin into the roots of the clipped section, positioning the bobby pin where you want the base of your victory roll to lay.
  5. Unclip the section of hair and use both hands to roll it onto itself, being sure to create an O shape as you roll the hair up towards the scalp. Once you’ve rolled the O all the way to the top, hold it in place (easiest done by holding down the inside of the roll) and slip a bobby pin into the base of the O so that it is secured to your scalp.
  6. Use your thumb and index fingers to loosen backside of the O so that it falls into the base of your head – you shouldn’t be able to see through it like you would a tunnel.
  7. Give your victory roll a good bout of hairspray before releasing the elastic and adding just a bit more for that extra hold.

1940’s Retro Victory Rolls Hair Tutorial

If you’ve ever wondered what those little rolled up hairstyle looks atop the women’s heads in the 1940’s were called, today is your lucky day. Victory Rolls, as they are named, were a smash in the 40’s – and have become popular among the culture of today as well. They seem to be worn by the tattooed and proud, the rockabilly crowd, and those in retro and vintage photo shoots. Rarely will you see women walking around donning them for no apparent reason – but it does happen. Nonetheless, Lionesse thinks this is a truly gorgeous and exceptional hair style, and that’s why we have brought beauty blogger Sarah McCormick on board to provide us with a how-to tutorial on developing your very own Victory Rolls style.

The Victory Hair Tutorial from Lionesse.

Hey everyone!

I am glad and excited to be here today to provide you with my latest inspired look from the 1940’s. This time, we will be focusing on Victory Rolls! I was so excited to complete this look for all of you and to show you how its done.

What you will need is the following items to complete the look:

1. Comb for teasing

2. Curling iron or wand, or you could use a flat iron for curls

3. Bobby pins or hair clips to hold curls pinned to head

4. Texturizing spray or wax

5. Boar bristle brush to smooth after teasing

6. Hair spray – mega hold

7. Hair ties (4)

8. Flower to tuck behind your ear – optional (I didn’t use one this time, but they do look very pretty!)

Once you’ve gathered up all of the important things you will need, the next step is to get everything laid out before you and get to work! Here’s how to get the look:

Step 1: You will need to separate your hair into four sections and section them off with hair ties. Work with one section at a time for curling. Reserve the two front sections for specific curling techniques.


Step 2: Begin curling your hair from the root area downward, rolling up into a roll and pinning or clipping to the head, keeping the curl in tact. You will want the curl to cool completely before releasing it from the head – this is done after all of the hair has been curled and pinned. Remember to leave the front hair sections from the ear area forward to complete specific curling which I will discuss next.


Step 3: For the front of the hair, you will complete two curls in an upward motion towards the ceiling. This will shape the curl for the Victory Roll itself. We will be completing two victory rolls on the head for this look, though many women make more than two – sometimes, three or four are done. Pin the hair in place with the curl intact.

Step 4: Once you have completed all of the sections and curled and pinned all of the hair, begin releasing each curl from the pins or clips. Leave the front sections for last.


Step 5: Once you have released the hair, you will then begin creating your Victory Rolls. To do this, you will grasp the hair from the ear section forward with the hair parted down the middle. You will hold that hair straight up into the air and begin to tease or back comb underneath with your teasing comb. You can use a regular fine tooth comb for this as well.

Step 6: From there, smooth the hair on the top and sides of the hair you just teased with the boar bristle brush. Be careful not to brush all the way through to avoid brushing out the tease.

Sarah McCormick in the Lionesse Victory Rolls Tutorial.

Step 7: Begin winding the hair around your pointer and middle finger, into a roll shape. When you reach the head, bend the curl inward, and pin into place on the scalp with bobby pins. Try to hide the bobby pins on the interior of the roll. You’re finished will roll number one! Now, complete the same for the other side.

Step 8: After both Victory Rolls have been created and pinned into place, you can then use some texture wax or spray and give both rolls a light spray. Run your boar bristle brush across them both one at a time, smoothing out flyaways. You can also use the wax on the front of the hair as well.

Step 9: Brush through your curls gently with the boar bristle brush and spray some texturizing wax on the brushed out hair to give it a smooth not frizzy look. You can also use a shine serum sprayed onto your hand and applied directly as well. This works even better for getting great shine.

The Finished Look - Victory Rolls

Give your Victory rolls a once over with hair spray, as well as your curls. You’re finished and ready to snap away with those pictures – even if just to say you’ve done it! It’s that easy. The most time consuming portion is creating the curls. All in all, this is so much fun to do and try – and if it takes you a few times to create the rolls, that’s okay! Don’t give up!

My bobby pins were showing a bit here in this picture, but normally I would have had brown ones to hide. My brown ones seemed to up and walk away!  Regardless, I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial, and I look forward to creating many more hair styles in the future for Lionesse.