Mid-Length Hair Styles for Fall

woman braiding hair

The cool, crisp season of autumn is among us. While the leaves are transitioning from green to gold, you too can switch up your style. Look through the mid-length styles below for some fun and easy looks that are fabulous for the season.

Reverse French Twist:

  1. Begin with your hair at a strong center part. Try using a comb to make sure that the part is as bold as it can be.
  2. Use your thumbs to slide all your hair back into a mid or center ponytail.
  3. Before securing it twist the base of the pony in a clockwise motion.
  4. If you twist all the hair at once and make sure you’re pulling it tight, you will be able to secure the twist with just a few hair and bobby pins. Finish the look with some strong hold hair spray.

woman with bun

Wrapped Top Knot:

  1. With your hair totally tangle-less, use a brush to pull all of it up into a high ponytail at the crown on your head.
  2. Secure it with a sturdy elastic so that it doesn’t come loose throughout out the day.
  3. Wrap all the hair from the pony around the base of the hair tie. Once it’s all wrapped up, use hair pins to hold every strand in place.
  4. Before adding hair spray, use your fingers or the end of a comb to relieve a few strands from the ponytail to frame your face.

woman with braided bun

The waterfall, Dutch style, French braided bun is a bit more challenging, however, once you can master the look, it’s a perfect way to get every last static-y flyaway out of your face. Follow the steps below to get the look:

  1. With your hair in a low side part, grab a section of hair from the top the top of your head and separate it into three pieces.
  2. Beginning braiding as usual, then transition to a waterfall braid by dropping the lowest outer strand and replacing it with a new, similar-sized section of hair small section of hair.
  3. Incorporate the new section of hair into the braid, then drop the next lowest section and replace it with a new section, just as you did with the last strand.
  4. Continue to braid in the fashion until the waterfall braid reaches your neck. At this point use the remaining three sections of hair to braid as you normally would. Once you reach the end use a small elastic to secure the braid from coming loose.
  5. Directly below the waterfall braid you have just created, craft another waterfall braid, this time incorporating the “dropped” pieces from the first braid as the new pieces in the second. This is now your your Dutch braid.
  6. Once you’re no longer able to incorporate “dropped” pieces,  incorporate the tail of the waterfall braid into a regular braid with the reaming hair of the Dutch braid. Be sure that to secure the braid with an elastic.
  7. Now, grab a section of hair on the other side of your head, divide it into three sections and make a French braid. Continue on until you’ve reached the bottom and secure it with an elastic.
  8. Finally, take any remaining hair that’s in the back of your head and the tails of the braids and twist it all together into a bun. Hold it in place with a few hairpins, add some hair spray, and you’re good to go!

Creating Cute Ponytails, Pigtails, & Buns

Put your hair up in a bun, drink some coffee and handle it.
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We all have those days. You know, the ones where you think you’ve gotten back into your back to school sleep routine, so you feel confident that staying up late to watch the season premiere of Modern Family won’t change your ability to wake up at six a.m. Except, you find yourself rolling out of bed at a quarter after seven rushing around the house getting ready, hoping you’ll make it to your eight a.m. class in time. We’re all human – things like this happen. It’s time’s like these that you don’t need to apply your extra-long falsies, or curl your hair to perfection. All you need to do is slather on some CC cream, throw your hair up, and make sure the lid is screwed on to your coffee mug tight because you’re about to slay the day.

A major miss conception about the term “throwing your hair up” is that the resulting hairstyle will be a major messy bun or sideways ponytail. But this isn’t always the case! There are plenty of other ways to quickly style your hair so that it looks fab. Whether you’re running late, or just like your hair out of your face, check out the mini tutorials below on how to create cute ponytails, pigtails, and buns in just a few moments!

Women with a stylish side ponytail

Double Twisted Side Ponytail
This pony is super stylish and beyond easy. All you need is a single hair elastic and maybe some hairspray if your hair is thin and tends to slide out of style throughout the day. Start by twisting the hair on one side of your head along the hairline. Keep twisting, grabbing more hair as you go along. Once your twisted hair reaches the back of your ear, use the elastic you have on hand to secure it. Now repeat the same twisting method on the other side of your head. Take the elastic out of the first twist and use it to secure the two twists together into a single ponytail.

Dutch Braid Ponytail
Who doesn’t love the charm of a loose Dutch braid? Not only are they cute, but we thank the style gods because they’re super easy! If you don’t already know how to do a Dutch braid, it may be wise to practice ahead of time, however, as we said they are very easy: it’s very much like a French braid, the only difference being that you cross the outer sections under the center section, instead of over. To create the Dutch braid ponytail, begin by taking a small section of hair a few inches above the ear and creating a side Dutch braid. Secure the end of the braid with a small elastic. Next, use your thumb and index finger to pinch and loosen the braid giving it a full, boho look. Then pull all of your hair (including the braid) to the center of the back of your head, and secure it with an elastic that matches the color of your locks.

Women with stylish pigtails.

Phish Tails
Some people say pigtails are just for children, we disagree! Rock a set of modern and mature pigtails by separating your hair into two sections. Then do a fishtail style braid into each pigtail. Once you’ve secured each pigtail with an elastic, use your fingers to loosen them up for a fuller look.

Braid -Up Bun
This super cute look takes no more than ten minutes and only a few hair accessories. Separate the top half of your hair as if you were going to do a half-up-half-down ponytail, but instead of a ponytail, you’re going to braid it. Secure the end of the braid with a small elastic, and loosen it just a bit with your fingers. Now wrap the braid like a cinnamon bun around itself. Once you can’t wrap anything more, use a few hair pins to secure your braided bun in place.

Simple Hairstyles for On-the-Go Girls

Sometimes it seems like life is so busy that it would be best to just start wearing a turban every day, as it would give you a good amount of time to spend on another rushed aspect of getting ready every morning. Sure, if you spent more time at home and had less to do, you might have sufficient time to play and explore the best hairstyle for every specific day, but this is real life, and it is what it is. With all of the really luxe hairstyles and braiding effects that keep evolving, it would be a real luxury to try one out from time to time, but time is not there to explore these options on your schedule. While you’re thinking that there has got to be something more than giving your hair a quick brush-through and you’re done, you’re right. Actually, there is more than one method for producing great hair in a hurry. Having little to no time doesn’t mean that your hair has to go undone, consequently making your look suffer and ultimately becoming a downer for the day.

bedhead bun hairstyle

Messy Bedhead Bun Fun
The day of the messy bun is here, and you can rock this one easily. All you’ll need is one of those cool over-sized bun donuts. Make a high (unsecured) ponytail and slip the bun onto it where you’ll then, on the top side of the bun, secure the ponytail by using a covered elastic band or hair tie. Next, wrap the ends somewhat loosely over and under the donut, in a kind of haphazard fashion, allowing a certain number of errant strands to escape your grip. Before fully securing and spraying, pull out a few wispy pieces around your face and using hairspray, form these wisps to your liking.

Tied on the Side Bun
This has got to be the forever easiest go-to “do” ever! This one does require your hair being long enough to work, though. Begin by pulling your hair all to one side, and twist it all together, relatively securely. Next, loop the twisted hair around one full pass and loop remaining twisted hair through the center hole made by the loop. It’s OK if any hair remains sticking out, but finish this one by securing with bobby pins and go.

Hair knot

Knot Your Hair
A really cool effect: This one begins with your dividing your hair into two sections at the nape of your neck. Give each side a slight twist, and then loop one side up, over, down and back up through. Secure with bobby pins, or if your hair is long enough, you can continue to make successive knots, securing with bobby pins as you create each one. Finish off with an elastic stretchy band that is covered with your own hair and secured by bobby pins.

Twisted Ponytail
Another fast and super easy one, you start by making a low ponytail and securing it with an elastic band, at the nape of your neck. In the space between your scalp and the elastic band, find the point that is at the center of your head, and with your finger, create a hole there in your hair. Next, take the ends of the ponytail upward and stick them down, through the hole. This will cause the hair leading from your face back to the ponytail to twist inward, creating a nice roll effect. You can work both sides to roll more, as desired. Light spray and you’re set!