Edibles That Strengthen Your Hair


It’s no secret that the majority of women damage and slowly destroys their hair on a regular basis. Everyday styling measures, including straightening, curling, and even blow-drying all cause havoc on the hair, and still many women wonder why their hair isn’t longer, thicker, or stronger. Apologies to those who feel that they’re oblivious bubble has just been popped, but C’mon! Hair, just like skin, can only take so much heat and chemical manipulation before it loses its luster. It can be easy to forget to apply a heat protectant when short on time – in fact, some people choose to bypass this curtail product with no idea of the damage they’re causing their locks. Fortunately, science and beauty experts paired up and found a variety of foods which straighten the hair from the inside out. Please keep in mind the information provided below should not be used in place of, but rather in conjunction with proper external heat repair and protection measures, which include, but are not limited to heat protection, leave in conditioner. Without further ado, read on to learn more about the foods to eat for healthy, resilient hair.

This pitted island fruit is packed with all kinds of healthy vitamins, a major one being vitamin E. Not only can a mashed avocado be applied as an effective external treatment, but it will also fortify the hair by ramping up the moisture.

Brown rice
Many individuals have made the switch from white, bleached carbs to whole wheat versions, but don’t stop with bread and pasta! Switching from white rice to brown rice has been found to increase hair’s strength and durability. This is due to the high amounts of zinc within the composition of brown rice.


These crunchy sticks aren’t only a great snack for eye and skin health, they are also a hair healthy snack! Full of vitamin A, munching on carrots will have a direct effect on the hair by building up the hair follicle to strengthen every strand.

Over the years oils have gotten a pretty bad rap. There isn’t anything wrong with consuming oils as long as they are considered healthy sources, such as omega 3’s and fatty acids. In fact, omega 3’s and fatty acids are a triple threat to the hair; the properties of oils work to hydrate, thicken, and strengthen hair. Foods that have particularly high levels of these good oils include salmon, broccoli, flaxseed, and spinach.

Red meat
Believe it or not, red meat can actually work wonders to revive hair. Loaded with a range of vitamins and nutrients, the red meat had been found to make hair stronger, as well as help it maintain a sleek and shiny luster. Keep in mind that over-consumption of beef has been found to have a fair amount of negative effects on the body. To get the most out of the meat and keep a healthy balance, try to limit consumption to once or twice per week.

Haircuts That Stand Up To Humidity

woman with long bob

Beach season may be nearing its end, but the humid and muggy days are far from over. If you’re and early raiser you know that early fall mornings are for dew filled grass, foggy windshields, and humidity-ridden hair. Depending where you live in the U.S., the hair troubles don’t stop when the humid mornings are over. When the dew on the grass turns to frost, many women are fighting with static-y tresses. If you feel like you just can’t catch a break, know that you’re not alone. Instead of letting the weather changes get the best of you, opt for a new style. Below you’ll see a selection of haircuts that stand up to humidity, decide which one works best for you and call the salon to make an appointment!

Long Bob/Lob
Oh yes, this look is sticking around, in fact, it’s one of the hottest styles at the moment. The lob is not only stylish, but it’s also ideal for a variety of hair types. Those who have limp and lifeless hair will experience an instant volume boost from the sassy cut. When adding long layers to the look the lob is almost un-phased by heat and humidity. The reason for this is because the layers provide the hair with additional texture, which means that the natural movement of the strands still appear relaxed when humidity happens.

Girl outdoors layered hair

Lavish Locks of Layers
At first thought, long hair may seem like the least humid-friendly style around, but it’s actually one of the most clever ways to beat the heat. Whether you have curly tresses or a thick wavy mane, long layers and angles are the way to go. The science is long hair weighs more than short hair. When the humid weather hits, curls and waves have a natural tendency to tighten and coil, but if your hair is long, it will resist the urge to tighten due to the weight pulling it down. Plus, the layers and angles add movement so that if there is some tightening, it looks more like intentional texture.

Perfect Pixie
Whether you prefer a more delicate pixie (such as Emma Watson’s) or a rock star chop (much like Riri’s) a short pixie cut is one of the most magical ways to prevent humidity from taking over your hair. Have your stylist snip your strands so that you have a short and sweet cut that is particularly asymmetrical. being sure to have longer strands at the top. Not only is this ‘do low maintenance but you’ll also have less worry on humid days. The reason being longer pieces on the top section of your head will curl downward, rather than frizz up.

There you have it! Three totally different looks with the same purpose: to stand up to humidity. However, it’s totally understandable if you aren’t willing to chop your locks just because mother nature is having a bad day. If this is the case, remember to put use to your basics: the classic French braid; the sassy and creative head wrap; the perfect messy bun.

Transitional Hair Care


After years of chemical hair treatments, including coloring, dyeing, bleaching, relaxing, perming, and the like, many women choose to embrace their natural beauty and make the transition from chemically treated to natural hair. Making the transition can be tricky; women may find themselves wondering how long to wait until the chop off the damaged hair, others might be unsure of how to care for their hair during this time. To help with the confusion, this article tells of all the tips and tricks when embarking on transitional hair care.

  • Go big or go home: Plenty of women have multiple chemical treatments done throughout the course of a few months or years. For example, one woman may highlight her hair and get regular body waves, while another may color her hair and be a hair-relaxer regular. While there is nothing wrong with using beauty advancements to their fullest, when making the transition to natural hair, it’s important to stop all chemical treatments. Seriously, all of them.
  • Practice patience over prescience: When transitioning hair from treated to natural, it’s important to give the hair time to grow out and reclaim its natural shape. It takes an average of four-to-six months to let the natural hair grow out. With that said, it’s bound to take more or less time depending on the person. Remember to be patient; show your hair love by allowing it to do its own thing.
  • Chill out: Chemical treatments are known for damaging hair, unfortunately, so is the heat. With the hair in such a fragile and manipulative sate, heat tools (such as blow dryers and flat irons) are likely to cause more damage, and even prevents healthy regrowth. Instead, opt for air drying styles or absorbent hair towels.
  • Snip the snapped: As new healthy hair begins to grow, split and snapped ends will become more apparent. If they are bothersome, visit the salon for a trim. A stylist will be able to assess the hair, cut off whatever is dry and excessive, and suggest the best growth and trim timeline.
  • Start at the bottom: Brushing and combing through transitioning hair can be a pain, to say the least. Rather than starting at the crown of the head and pulling the brush down, start at the bottom. Begin by brushing the lowest three-to-six inches, once detangled, work on the above few inches. This makes the brushing process easier and less painful.
  • Take care when wet: It’s no secret that hair is easier to detangle when it’s clean and wet, this doesn’t change whether hair is chemically treated, natural, transitioning. It’s important to apply nourishing conditioners while in the shower. After letting the conditioner sit for a while, it is also an optimal time to comb through the hair with a wide-toothed comb. This helps to work the nourishing ingredients throughout every last strand.
  • Repair and prevent: As chemically treated hair is growing out, it’s important to continue caring for and showing it live. This will make the process much easier for a multitude of reasons. Additionally, it’s important to protect the new growth with leave in conditioners.

Safe Options For Tinting Your Eyebrows

Woman applying eyebrow powder

It seems that girls and women everywhere are obsessing over facial hair. No, not the jawline peach fuzz (which each and every one of us has, by the way), rather ladies are going crazy over stepping up their eyebrow game. Not only do defined brows give a woman a powerful demeanor, but they also frame the face, which means that defined brows will help you look pulled together even on your no-makeup days. Not only are there countless ways to groom and maintain your brows, but there are umpteen different ways to color your brows. With so many options to choose from, this article provides you with the information you need to know about the safe options for tinting your brows.

Eyebrow Dye
The beauty technique hitting the market these days is eyebrow dye. When the brows are dyed you are likely to have not only darker brows, but you will also have thicker, fuller looking eyebrows. The majority of women who dye their brows are looking for a darker, more dramatic look. However, some women will use this method to give their brows natural looking full appearance. The thing to remember about eyebrow dye is that it may not be totally safe. Over the past few years’ salons started  dyeing client’s brows with an untested and non-FDA approved method and product. Today there are umpteen DIY eyebrow dye tutorials on the internet – which by the way are the furthest thing from FDA approved. The one way to make sure that you are safe when having your brows dyed is to not do it. There are dangers when drying your brows, which is why this method – as great as it seems – is not approved. With that said, there are other options to tint your brows which are both safe and FDA approved.

Woman getting eyebrows done in salon

Eyebrow Pencil
Yes, that’s right, the classic eyebrow pencil is still the safest and most used eyebrow tinting method today. When choosing an eyebrow pencil, there are a few things which you should keep in mind: first, be sure to choose a color which will match your hair color, with that said, most eyebrow pencils are only manufactured in a few different colors. If you are unsure, bring a friend with you to help you out, if you alone, ask an employee at the beauty counter. Second, opt for a roll/twist up pencil, rather than one that you have to sharpen. When applying eyebrow pencil, it’s best to outline the brow first, then go back and fill everything in. Finally, use a round eyebrow brush to brush the brows out in a feathering motion, giving it a natural look.

Eyebrow Powder
For those who wish to have more of a build-able color when coloring brows, eyebrow powder is the way to go. Just as with an eyebrow pencil, you’ll want to choose a color that coincides with your hair color. If you’re blonde, choose a light brown shade. The key to proper eyebrow powder application is the brush; it should be a small brush, almost like a lip or eye lining brush, except it the bristles will be flat against one another and be positioned at an angle. Look at reviews of brushes online if you’re contemplating which one to get.


Your Dream Color Is In A Box


Women dying her hair

While we almost always recommend that you see a professional when you’re in need (or in want) of a new dye job, we totally understand that there are instances that occur from time to time that leave you no other choice than to make a trip to the drugstore and journey down the boxed hair color isle. Since we know how difficult DIY dying seems, we’ve provided you with the necessary information you need to achieve your dream color when using boxed, at home color.

Before we get into it, it is important to understand that extreme color changes should not be attempted over the bathroom sink. If you are hoping to go from chocolate brown to bombshell blonde, we sincerely hope that you won’t attempt such a transformation at home. However, if you’re hoping to go only a few shades lighter or darker, then you’ve totally got this!

Know Your Natural Color
It’s essential that you know your natural color when deciding which boxed color to go with. You know the panel of colors on the side of the box? It shows the starting color next to the adjusted color after it’s been dyed. They think that many people don’t know that the starting color is what you should be basing that panel off of, not your current color of dyed hair. Choosing the box based on your natural color will increase your chances the dye doing exactly what you want it to do.

Play Dress Up
Have you ever seen a friend all dressed up in a Hallowed costume, wig and everything, and noticed how great they looked with the wig on? It happens more than you might think. While some people may notice how great a color looks on them by accident, that doesn’t mean you can’t figure out on purpose. If you’re thinking about changing the color of your locks, but scared that even a small change will make you look totally different, pay a visit to your local wig shop. Not only are you guaranteed to have fun trying out a plethora of hairstyles, but you’ll also get the opportunity to see exactly how the color you’re thinking about will look on you!

When In Doubt, Lighten Up
Even if you want your color to be a deep, vibrant shade, you should always buy the boxed color that’s a bit lighter than your desired shade. It doesn’t take a professional to know that boxed color doesn’t always come out as planned. Not to mention, the times that the color disappoints typically happen when it comes out darker than planned. It is this very reason that you should choose the color that is a bit lighter than what you actually want. If it turns out that you still want to go darker, it will be much easier than trying to lighten up.

Double Up
The longer hair you have, the more color you need. Many boxes give the suggested amount of dye that you will need in correspondence with hair length, which is undoubtedly every helpful. However, if you have a heavy hand or thicker hair than average, you may find that you’ll need more than the recommended amount. Make sure that you don’t run out of color by buying an extra box. If you don’t end up using it, you can keep in on hand to care for your roots or you can return it.

Creating Cute Ponytails, Pigtails, & Buns

Put your hair up in a bun, drink some coffee and handle it.
|Source: Unknown|

We all have those days. You know, the ones where you think you’ve gotten back into your back to school sleep routine, so you feel confident that staying up late to watch the season premiere of Modern Family won’t change your ability to wake up at six a.m. Except, you find yourself rolling out of bed at a quarter after seven rushing around the house getting ready, hoping you’ll make it to your eight a.m. class in time. We’re all human – things like this happen. It’s time’s like these that you don’t need to apply your extra-long falsies, or curl your hair to perfection. All you need to do is slather on some CC cream, throw your hair up, and make sure the lid is screwed on to your coffee mug tight because you’re about to slay the day.

A major miss conception about the term “throwing your hair up” is that the resulting hairstyle will be a major messy bun or sideways ponytail. But this isn’t always the case! There are plenty of other ways to quickly style your hair so that it looks fab. Whether you’re running late, or just like your hair out of your face, check out the mini tutorials below on how to create cute ponytails, pigtails, and buns in just a few moments!

Women with a stylish side ponytail

Double Twisted Side Ponytail
This pony is super stylish and beyond easy. All you need is a single hair elastic and maybe some hairspray if your hair is thin and tends to slide out of style throughout the day. Start by twisting the hair on one side of your head along the hairline. Keep twisting, grabbing more hair as you go along. Once your twisted hair reaches the back of your ear, use the elastic you have on hand to secure it. Now repeat the same twisting method on the other side of your head. Take the elastic out of the first twist and use it to secure the two twists together into a single ponytail.

Dutch Braid Ponytail
Who doesn’t love the charm of a loose Dutch braid? Not only are they cute, but we thank the style gods because they’re super easy! If you don’t already know how to do a Dutch braid, it may be wise to practice ahead of time, however, as we said they are very easy: it’s very much like a French braid, the only difference being that you cross the outer sections under the center section, instead of over. To create the Dutch braid ponytail, begin by taking a small section of hair a few inches above the ear and creating a side Dutch braid. Secure the end of the braid with a small elastic. Next, use your thumb and index finger to pinch and loosen the braid giving it a full, boho look. Then pull all of your hair (including the braid) to the center of the back of your head, and secure it with an elastic that matches the color of your locks.

Women with stylish pigtails.

Phish Tails
Some people say pigtails are just for children, we disagree! Rock a set of modern and mature pigtails by separating your hair into two sections. Then do a fishtail style braid into each pigtail. Once you’ve secured each pigtail with an elastic, use your fingers to loosen them up for a fuller look.

Braid -Up Bun
This super cute look takes no more than ten minutes and only a few hair accessories. Separate the top half of your hair as if you were going to do a half-up-half-down ponytail, but instead of a ponytail, you’re going to braid it. Secure the end of the braid with a small elastic, and loosen it just a bit with your fingers. Now wrap the braid like a cinnamon bun around itself. Once you can’t wrap anything more, use a few hair pins to secure your braided bun in place.

Transforming From Drabby To Glammy

women looking in mirror

Whether it’s a friend’s dramatic weight loss, or a beauty bloggers makeup process, it seems like before and after pictures are popping up all over social media outlets today. Looking at other’s before and after pictures can make the average woman feel a bit conscious about herself. Maybe that naughty voice inside your head asks “why don’t I look that good? I spend the same amount of time at the gym” or maybe something like “I wish my makeup looked that good for once.” If your jealous side comes out when admiring others you’re not alone. But instead of nagging and dwelling on how good someone else looks, we are encouraging you to take matters into your own hands (okay…your makeup bag in this case). Read on to find out a few quick and easy tips for transforming your look from drabby into fabby within moments!

Contouring has gained a bad rap within the recent years due to teens and young adults being a bit too generous with their bronzer and highlighter. The makeup technique that is ideal for bringing out one’s natural glow has turned into a game of how dark can I make my cheekbones look without looking too drag; we like to think of it as this naïve young ladies giving themselves pictures to look back on and laugh at. With that said, when applied correctly, you can transform your skin from dull to glow in minutes. Here’s how to do so without over doing it: start by applying bronzer on your corners of your  forehead along your hairline. From there draw a C shape to your cheekbone, and then another C-shape from your cheekbone to your jaw line. Once you get used to it, you’ll develop more of a 3 shape formation, rather than two C’s. If you’re unsure of what color bronzer to use, ask the attendant at the makeup counter (she also may be able to point you towards the best brush for the job). Finally, remember to start light, build the color as you go, but only if its needed.

Every woman has beautiful eyes – yes even you! Some take the time to accentuate their lookers by applying falsies, but we have a much easier way to share with you. In just moments you transform your eyes from boring to bright with just dusting of eyeshadow or even a few swipes of eyeliner. The disclaimer on this one: just choose one of the eye emphasizing products, not both. Whichever product you choose, use the following color based on the color of your eyes:

  • If you have brown eyes, reach for blue tones along the spectrum of teal to violet.
  • If you have blue eyes, select earth tones ranging from rust to gold.
  • If you have green eyes, choose from a palette of plum or copper.
  • If you have hazel eyes, you can follow the suggestion for EITHER brown or green eyes, however, champagne colors would look spectacular.

Lip products are no longer limited to lipsticks, lip balms, and chap sticks. Today pucker related products include lip stains, lip chubbies, and lip tattoos just to name a few. With a plethora of colors on the market you should absolutely take a few seconds to turn your pout from lacking to luscious. If you’re familiar with the strategic lip coloring process, then you should go ahead with a lip stick or lip stain. However, if your skills are lacking in the area, stick to a high pigmented lip balm or even a lip chubby. Draw attention to your kisser by following the suggestions below based on skin tone:

  • Fair skin tones look best with muted shades such as light pink, light peach, beige, and golden brown.
  • Medium skin tones look paramount with intermediate colors such as medium pink, orange-peach, apricot, and red
  • Olive skin tones look stunning with statement colors including dark rose, dark red, raspberry, and dark apricot.
  • Dark skin tones look supreme with deep shades including rusty-red, dark fuchsia, cranberry, or honey.

Creating A Chic Braid

No matter what the season, where the event takes place, or the time of day, a chic braid is always appropriate. Going to and evening wedding at the Ritz? A braided updo is a perfect choice. Meeting your crush for an early morning coffee date? A messy braid will complete your yoga and hoodie ensemble. The best part about braided hairstyles is that many of them are actually easy to do! Granted, there are plenty of braided styles that stump even the most talented of stylists, but the majority of them look much more intimidating than they actually are… seriously. Below are step by step tutorials for two different chic braids, check it out!

Women with braid

The Fab and Faux Fishtail

  1. Begin by pulling all of your hair to the back of your heady and securing it into a low pony. For the best-finished result, we recommend securing it with a sturdy clear elastic (or two-to-three of tiny clear ones so that they provide a stronger hold) or a regular hair tie that matches your hair color.
  2. Stick your thumb under the elastic and up through the center of the hair above the elastic. If you’ve done it correct you should be about to pull the half section of your hair apart from the other half by using your thumb and index finder.
  3.  With your free hand grab the “tail” of the ponytail, flip it up and tuck it through the opening that you’ve just made with your thumb. You’ll pull the hair all the way through. It should look as if you have a few inches of a fishtail above your ponytail.
  4. Three-or-so inches below the original elastic, wrap another clear or color-matching elastic around the hair and use your fingers to separate the section of hair between the two elastics (the same way you did in step 2).
  5. Just as you did in step 3, flip and tuck the “tail” of the ponytail through the opening.
  6. Repeat septs 4 and 5, adding as many sections as the length of your hair permits.

Women with triple braided knot hairstyle

Triple Braided Knot

  1. The first thing you’ll want to do is back comb or tease a wide section of hair that runs along your hairline which lies at the crown of your hair. This will create the volume you need to slay this sexy updo.
  2. Divide your hair into three even sections. Secure each section with a tiny clear elastic.
  3.  Braid each of the sections moderately tight, then secure them at the end with another elastic.
  4. Even though you braided each braid moderately tight, use your pointer finger and thumb to pull the hair apart, this way the braid becomes wider and appears a bit fuller.
  5. Twist each braid around itself until it coils on itself. At this point, it should be twisted all the way to the base of the section. Secure it to your scalp by inserting color matching bobby pins.
  6. Repeat the previous step to the remaining two braids, then give your updo a bit of extra hold with some hairspray.

Hair Cuts To Try In Fall 2016

There’s something so fresh about a new season that encourages us to make a change; some get the urge to redecorate the soap room, others aim to switch up their eating habits, we here at Lionesse find ourselves yearning to change our look. With fall nearly upon us (sorry for stating that reality, on the bright side there’s still one more month of summer left!) we’ve found ourselves browsing the internet for haircut inspiration and calling our stylists’ with the hope of getting in for an appointment sooner than later. After some friendly conversation and some social media observation, we’ve noticed that tons of women across the country feel the same way. We hope you enjoy the last few beach days of the season to their fullest; We know you’ll be stress-free – as far as your hair contemplations are concerned – after browsing through our favorite haircuts that will be “in” this fall. In no particular order, here are the must-try haircuts of fall 2016:

Dakota Johnson

Twocoms / Shutterstock.com

Dakota Johnson is our first celeb inspiration. She effortlessly rocks a long cut that is filled with angles, long layers, and bangs. This cut is perfect for those long-haired girls who want a small change. Also, if you want to make the look even more versatile, you can have your stylist give you longer bangs so that you can sweep them into side-bangs or spread them out into full on bangs. Of course, this in-between bang length is pretty particular so you should be prepared to stop by the salon ever few weeks or (if you’re confident in your ability, be prepared to trim them yourself. With total uncertainty of who wears this next haircut better, we turn to Gwyneth Paltrow and Jessica Alba as celeb hair-spiration. While layers, angles, and uneven texture can be fun and flirty, these to women slay with the chest-length, simple center-parted, one length haircut. If you hair is medium to full in thickness then this look is a perfect choice for you this fall. If you follow any one of Kylie Jenner’s social media accounts you’ve probably come to notice that she experiments with trends just before they make it mainstream. Of course, she is one who changes her look up before the pictures make it to the press, but her look that we love for this fall is the straight and smooth one-length lob. Her ends were long enough to bush her chin, which makes it the perfect lazy-girl hairstyle.

Victora Beckhams bob hairstyle

Anton_Ivanov / Shutterstock.com

For this next cut, we turn to super model Victoria Beckham and her fabulous A-line bob. If you have a round-shaped face, then this cut is absolutely perfect for you. If you like the idea of an A-line cut but aren’t ready for such a short look, then you may like Jenifer Lawrence’s A-line lob, this Hunger Games actress gives the look a sexy update by adding in loose, voluminous waves. Finally, if you spent last year on the fence about getting a pixie cut, now’s the time to go for it! Yes, the pixie cut is still in, and with stars like Anne Hathaway, Tyra Banks, and Scarlett Johansson still rocking the look, we have a feeling this cut will become more popular for seasons to come.

Eighties HairStyle Makeovers

Women rocking a 80s inspired hairdo.

“Whatever happened to chivalry? Does it only exist in 80’s movies? I want John Cusack holding a boombox outside my window, I wanna to ride off on a lawnmower with Patrick Dempsey. I want Jake from Sixteen Candles waiting outside for me. I want Judd Nelson thrusting his fist into the air because he knows he got me. Just once I want my life to be like an 80’s movie.”
|Source: Easy A, 2010|

Ahh yes, the days when strategically folded notes were passed across the classroom, Ferris Bueller and his squad we’re the only people you could imagine fitting in with, and neon eyeshadow and acid wash jeans were, like, totally cool. Okay, so maybe actress Emma Stone hits it right on the mark in her 2010 film as she talks about the beloved eighties films that remain the best representation of the era. There’s no shame in still wanting and wishing for that John Cusack moment, even if the guy you’re interested in has so clue where to find a boombox, much less how to play music on it. But very much unlike Sixteen Candles star Jake Ryan, there are a few things which we thought were better left in the past. Yes, we’re talking about those awful eighties hairdos. However, as all trends do, those eighties hairstyles have come full circle and those eighties hairstyles are back again, this time with a totally wearable and non-embarrassing twist. Check in out!

Women with stylish 80s inspired high ponytail.

High Ponytails
Oh yes, these puppies have made there come back, and even celebs (such as Queen B) are taking a liking to the updated look. Simply secure your hair into an ultra-high, sleeked back ponytail. Then take a small section of hair and wrap it around the elastic so that it’s no longer to be found. Use bobby pins to secure the wrapped hair to the base of the pony. Then add in a few loose curls throughout the ponytail, give it a good dose of high-shine, strong-hold hairspray, and you’re good to go. We think DJ Tanner would be very proud.

While neon sweatbands remain a thing of the past, bright colored highlights are showing up in girl’s hair all over the country. If you want to pay homage to the hi-hue neon days, but don’t want to commit, neon colored hair chalk or spray is a great way to rock the newly modern look.

Women with trendy side ponytail hairstyle

Side Ponies
As if this trend ever died, girls have been rocking the side pony to pilates and hot yoga for years, but only recently has it been re-accepted to wear this look outside of the gym. Lazy girls, dry shampoo lovers, and wake up late rushers, this style is back and it may even be here to stay.

Sassy Shaved Patterns
Maybe your beau-thang rocked these in the eighties, but this time around women are sporting the sexy fade accented with geometric patterns. We think Riri had something to do with jump-start of this trend.

January Jones with the latest headband hairstyle

Everett Collection / Shutterstock.com

The fashion and beauty world it a bit torn about when or who brought this style back, but if you ask us, we think the popularity is owed to Gossip Girl’s leading lady Blair Waldorf, as her headband was her crown. Although the show ended a few years back, the fan following continues to grow and so does the popularity of the headband.