Add Texture and Shine to Healthy Hair

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Want healthy hair?  Of course you do!  While many of us want healthy hair that has great texture and shine, it doesn’t always seem like it’s all that easy to achieve.  Not sure how to add texture and shine to healthy hair?  You’re in the right place because we’ve uncovered some great tips to accomplishing that yourself.  No, you don’t have to be a hair professional to achieve your hair goals and they don’t have to be that difficult either.  Seriously!  So many women feel like having healthy, gorgeous hair is only for the celebs and professionals of the world but it’s just not the case.

Add More Moisture Into Your Hair
Here’s the deal, you know how your skin needs moisture to really be healthy and glowing?  Well, the same rule applies to your hair.  So often when we don’t have hair that’s shiny and full of great texture it’s because it’s lacking moisture.  That being said, we need to add moisture into our hair ourselves.  One of the best ways to do that is by utilizing conditioning treatments like leave-in conditioners, condition balms, and even through the use of hair masks.  Focus on adding more moisture into your hair, it’s likely craving it and you’ll notice that your hair will bring out its natural texture and shine as you start to give it more of the moisture it needs.

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Give Your Hair a Break Sometimes
We’re all about having fun with styling your hair and trying different hair styles through the use of styling tools and products.  However, to really keep our hair health and add that texture and shine we want we need to make sure we’re giving our hair a break every once in a while.  When we apply heat to our hair every single day it can cause our hair to be put under stress, taking away some of the texture and shine we’re working towards.  Make it a point to give your hair a break and allow it to just be at least one day a week.  Your hair will thank you and be more willing to give you that texture and shine you’re so eager to achieve.

Don’t Add Too Much Product
Listen, we’re all about utilizing hair care products to help you get healthy hair that shines and has great texture.  However, there is such a thing as applying too much product to our hair.  While we encourage you to make use of quality hair care products that are specifically formulated to work with your hair type, make sure you’re not adding too much of the products you’re using and don’t add every single product under the sun to your hair.  Having too much product in your hair can negatively affect your hair’s shine and texture.  Often times it can cause your hair to be too weighed down and create too much product build up on your scalp and hair – keeping the shine away.

Summer Cut, Color and Style

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With summer nearing its end some women may find themselves reminiscing on all the events (birthday bashes, wedding showers), milestones (graduation, job promotions), and changes (moving into a new house, making new friends) that have taken place this past season. Isn’t it funny how all these events happen and we don’t even notice all the change that’s taken place in our lives until we look back and notice just how different things are? Life changes are one thing, but hair changes are another. It’s known that even small changes to one’s hairdo can make a major difference. If you feel like your hair needs a bit of a summer update to coincide with the rest of your life, look no further. Below are the hottest cuts, colors, and styles of the summer, lucky for you there’s still enough time left in the season for you to pull ‘em off!

Women with bob hairstyle

One of the season’s hottest trends is the bob; whether you’re into a lob or a classic bob you’re sure to turn heads with this look. This style is perfect for those who feel like they are constantly flipping, tossing, and touching their hair – feel like you’re throwing your hair into a bun before you’ve even made it to your morning meeting? This style is ideal for you as well. Not only does it get the hair off of your neck, shoulders, and back, but it also provides allows for a bit of cool relief around your upper body as you battle through the dog days of summer.

If you’re one of those who jokes about being “cold blooded” chances are you love the summer and all the heat it brings. Maybe wearing your hair down has become a mere habit simply to keep your ears, neck, and cheeks warm in the winter. If this sounds familiar, a bob might not be the small change you’re looking for, however, long layers might tickle your fancy. Rather than having your ends lay in a straight blunt line, have your stylist create long, yet soft layers. This sexy style gives hair some extra volume and texture which is perfect for all your favorite updos and downdos.

Women with stylish bangs

Baby bangs are the bomb this summer. It may seem strange that we’re proposing bangs immediately after suggesting a bob, but give the idea a chance. Baby bangs are only about half as long as regular bangs, so they do require some extra maintenance, but it’s nothing too major. They’re best for those who have large foreheads (a.k.a. all the five-head beauties out there), otherwise, they look a tad bit awkward. Although, if you have the space and are looking for a small change for summer, baby bangs are a perfect choice.

Already content with your hair cut, but dying to change the color? You’re not alone. We’ve turned to celeb stylists to find out what colors are sizzling up this summer, here’s what we found. If you’re looking to update your blonde mane check out the following color options: pale flaxen blonde, platinum gray, or soft butter highlights. If you’re considering updating your red roots check out rose gold red highlights or gradient copper. If your brown locks are looking more blah than anything else lately check out these color options: cool mocha, dark walnut, three-dimensional brunette, or mahogany.

Faux & Half Hawks

The faux hawk trend has taken the hair industry by storm; Like clothing, it is typical for hair styles to go in and out of fashion, but it seems that faux hawks and half hawks are here to stay. The term itself, faux hawk, does have a sort of intimidating ring to it. In fact, a simple Google search on the beauty term brings up the following definition: a hairstyle in which a section of hair running from the front to the back of the head stands erect, intended to resemble a Mohawk haircut (in which the sides of the head are shaved). After giving the definition some attention it’s understandable as to why many women were apprehensive about trying the look at first, giving it a slow climb to popularity. However, with the faux hawk on top we have put together two very easy to follow tutorials: the first one for a classic, all up faux hawk, and the second for a flirty, half hawk.

Faux hawk hairstyle

The Faux Hawk:

  1. Using your thumbs, pull the center front section of your hair back to create a poof, then secure with two bobby pins.
  2. Now, slide your fingers into your both sides of your hair so that you are pulling back the hair which is about halfway between your poof and your ears. Merge the hair you’ve gathered on both sides together, securing it directly under your poof with an elastic.
  3. Use a hair large hair clip to move that ponytail away from the rest of your hair. As in step 2, slide your fingers into your hair, this time grabbing the sections of hair which are right above the ears, then pull them together and secure them with a loop right under the first pony.
  4. Continue to make ponytails that are the same or similar thickness as the first two, depending on your hair type you should finish with about 5-7 individual ponytails. As you pull the hair back, it may be helpful to use a brush to smooth out the hair so that it doesn’t have any unkempt-looking hair bumps. Do your best to keep each ponytail the same distance from the previous. Once you’ve finished gave the sides of your head a spritz of hair spray.
  5. Use a medium-to-large barrel curling iron to curl each section of hair, being sure to curl each pony in multiple sections, not all at once.
  6. Starting back at the top, wrap the curled pony loosely around itself, then secure it to your scalp with hair pins. Spray it with some strong hold hairspray before moving onto the next one. Continue on until all your hair is pinned up and you have yourself a faux hawk.
Rihanna with a half hawk hairstyle

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The Half Hawk:

  1. If your hair is not already naturally curly or wavy, it would be beneficial to distribute hair texturizer to your locks before styling.
  2. Slide your fingers on either side of your hair so that you are gathering all the hair parallel to your brows (about an inch-or-so above your ear) to the crown of your head.
  3. As you bring the hair from each side together, use your thumbs to tuck the outer pieces of hair under the center pieces to create body.
  4. Have bobby pins ready to go as you use one hand to hold the hair in place, pinching the tucked hair under. With the other hand slide a few bobby pins (at least three, if not more) on each side so that you are securing those outer-underneath pieces. It’s best to alternate which side you insert the bobby pin so that you create an X with them.
  5. Once you gave the hair secured with hidden bobby pins, you can release your grip and let that half hawk flow. Don’t forget to mist on some strong hold hairspray!

Different Ways to Wear Your Pony

The ponytail is a classic. It is the easiest way to style your hair when you’re in a rush, when you are looking for something casual, or when you just don’t feel like spending an hour blowing out and styling your hair. An elegant pony can even be used for formal looks. These are a few ways you can dress up the pony to get the casual look you want with a bit more style:

Woman with ponytail holding a hand bag.

Vintage Pony
Section off the crown of your hair and pull the rest back into a standard pony. Back comb the sectioned hair to get some volume then pull the hair back toward the pony. Smooth out the top with a light combing, and then add the teased hair to the rest of the pony with a second hair tie. Curl the ends of the hair for a finished look. Trick of the trade: take a ¼ inch strand of hair that is already in the ponytail holder, wrap it around the ponytail band a few times and secure it underneath the ponytail with a booby pin. Spray for a little extra hold – this not only completes the look, but gives it a professional, more finished appearance too!

Knotted Pony
Pull your hair to the base of your head, and divide it into two sections. Now use these sections like ropes to tie them into a knot. Tie them a second time for security then pin the hair to stay in place. You can pull out a few pieces of hair for a more messy look, or you can leave it as is.

Woman with braided pony

Braided Pony
Not all braids are for kid styles anymore! Grown-ups have adopted these child-like looks as their own and they are becoming more acceptable in the workplace. Section off hair on one side of your crown. Pull the rest of your hair into a traditional pony. Pull the hair from the crown to the side and braid it like a traditional braid or a French braid. Braid the hair all the way to the end and wrap the braid around the pony tail. Pin it in place.

Ponytail Bow
THIS has become one of the hottest hair trends of 2015! You’ll need long hair for this one. Pull your hair into a regular pony. Grab two small sections of hair from the side of the pony and use them like strands of rope to tie into a bow on top of the pony. Pin it in place. You’ll have a feminine pony with a little twist.

What other ways do you like to dress up a standard pony? Try out some of these styles for a new look.

Braiding Tricks

Learning how to create the perfect French braid or other type of braid is a bit difficult when you don’t really know what you’re doing. Lionesse would like to offer up a few helpful tips and tricks to make the process a little less painful and stressful, and provide you with some easy-to-do ideas to make your braids as stand out pretty and gorgeous as possible.

Blonde woman applying hair spray on her hair.

Adding Texture and Volume
Use dry shampoo to add texture to hair before creating braids to get the look you desire. By adding dry shampoo, you will add texture. By adding a volumizing mousse or spray, you will give the hair lift and give it the appearance of being thicker, giving the braid a thicker appearance in turn. Always use these products before completing the braid. Also, reserve the hairspray to finish the look – don’t use it during the braiding process, as it can leave hair stiff and sticky – and that never looks good on a braid.

Don’t Overuse Products
No matter what product you plan on using, don’t overdo it. Whether its hairspray, volume spray, mousse, or dry shampoo, you don’t want to overuse any type of product to complete a braid. It can be difficult to run the fingers through the hair to complete the actual braid itself if your hair is filled with product, so stay on the lighter side.

Woman with a two strand braid.

Two Strand Braid Simplified
If creating any sort of three strand or more braid is proving to be a bit too difficult, a simple trick to get the look of a braid is to take your hair, twist it into two separate pieces, intertwine them in different directions, and secure with a clear elastic pony tail holder. Simple, easy, and very braid like, this look is a quick fix for a bad hair day in a snap.

Turn Clean Braids Messy
You never want to create a braid messy, but create a messy braid from a clean braid. All you need to do is create the braided look you want, and mess the hair up by pulling sections looser after the braid is completed. You can get this look by using bobby pins, and we will tell you how in a few minutes.

Drying beautiful hair using a hairdryer in a salon.

Always Work With Dry Hair
Anytime you create a braid, you want to work with dry hair. Working with wet hair may be easier to braid, however; it can cause damage to the hair itself by causing the hair to break as it’s at its most elastic point. Whether you work with hair that has been blow dried, air dried, or not recently washed, your best bet is to use dry hair.

Use Bobby Pins to Pull Hair Loose
If you are trying to opt for a messy braid, a fun, easy way to give your braid a bit of a messy, loose look is to take a bobby pin and pull upwards on sections of the braid, causing them to become looser and more dramatic. This is a fantastic trick and doesn’t leave the hair looking bumpy, as fingers can do.