From Thick and Unruly to Wavy and Soft

Ever feel like your hair is just continuously unruly?  We’ve definitely all been in phases where it seems like we just can’t get a good handle on our hair looking the way we want it to.  We’re always about problem solving in the beauty department and realized that some ladies with thick, unruly hair are struggling to get their hair looking wavy and soft…the way they want it to look.  So, we’re sharing some of our favorite tips to help you go from thick and unruly to wavy and soft.

woman with curly hair

Don’t Wash Your Hair Too Often
The thing about thick hair is it doesn’t need to be washed as often as fine hair.  In fact, it can do damage to it which could be causing it to become too unruly.  If you’re washing your hair every day, it’s time to back off on that.  To have your hair looking wavy and soft, you’re going to need to make sure your hair is healthy and moisturized.  When we wash our hair too often it tends to strip the hair of its natural oils, causing it to become unruly and damaged.  Since you have thick hair, most experts suggest you can go a couple days between washes, and your hair will likely flourish by doing so.

Add Layers
Often ladies (and men) with thick hair tend to notice that their hair can get unruly pretty easily, but having the right haircut can make the world of a difference in this type of situation.  Many experts suggest that adding layers to thick, unruly hair can make it much more manageable and help you get that wavy, soft hair you want.  Since adding layers can take out some of the weight of your hair, and allow more natural movement you’ll likely notice that your hair will help you manage your hair much more easily.

woman spraying hair

Add Moisture
Unruly hair is often unruly also because it’s lacking some of the moisture it needs.  Thick hair (and all hair really) needs moisture, and to really get that wavy, soft hair you want, you’re going to need to make sure that your hair has the moisture it needs.  Opt for using products that really focus on adding moisture and softness to your hair.  Yes, this means your shampoo, conditioner and other styling products should be focused around adding moisture and softness to your hair.

Avoid Adding Too Much Weight
If your hair is thick and unruly, the last thing you need is to add more weight.  But we realize that you also want to add products to your hair to hold certain hair styles.  If you really want to go from thick and unruly to wavy and soft you’re going to need to focus on using hair care products that don’t add too much weight.  Opting more so for spray based products tend to help you get results from hair care products like hair spray and gels, without adding too much additional weight.