Look Like A Model

beautiful woman

“Girls can be all kinds of beautiful – from the thin, plus-sized,
short, very tall, ebony to porcelain-skinned;
the quirky, clumsy, shy, outgoing, and all in between.”
– Source: Tyra Banks    –

Admit it! There’ve been moments when you’ve been just as shocked as the next person in the supermarket when your Sunday-morning-shopping-eyes glance up at the line in front of you. Just as you grab the customer pile separation stick-thingy you notice the titles on the tabloid covers.

“Is she PREGO or does she NEED TO HIT THE GYM?”

“She’s a WRECK since the split!!”

“Did her makeup artist call in sick today?”

It’s no secret that the media can be cruel and aggressive, but the bold yellow Ariel font is printed beside the three-time Grammy winner who is a forty-year-old mother of four. I’d kill to look like that again, you think to yourself. The “WRECK” looks better than the majority of women look when they’re at the gym. Pshh, she still looks fabulous without makeup, you think as you question if they put the wrong picture on the cover.

The tabloids have published content like this for years and it seems to work for them somehow, it’s truly nothing new, and probably the reason you stopped spending money on them when your allowance became a paycheck. Still, you look at the glossy covers today and the same question comes to your mind: how do models look so stunning on and off duty?

Makeup artist to the stars, Kristen Arnett explains that while all woman are their own kind of beautiful, it takes and effort to look like a supermodel. Here are some of Arnett’s top three tips on how to look like a model.

  • Always, always wash your face: Arnett explains that even the slightest bit of leftover product from yesterday will make the difference between dull looking or glowing makeup today. This means that even in the morning it is a good idea to give your face a quick cleanse. Now, there’s no need for a full on scrub, oil cleansing or which hazel are both good options.
  • Let your facial moisturizer do it’s duty and moisturize: A major mistake that many women make is glopping on a pump of moisturizer right before they start loading on the cosmetics. The problem with the lighting fast application is that the lotion sits on top of the skin; not only is it not going to moisturize, but it’s going to slide down the skin and take all the primer, concealer, foundation, and powder down with it! Have you ever looked in the mirror an hour after getting ready and felt that it looked like you didn’t even put makeup on this morning? This is why! When you apply moisturizer you should be using the pads of your fingers to massage the product into the skin until it is fully absorbed.
  • Be prepared for quick touchup… and another one later: Arnett explains that touchups are essential to looking like a model. The truth is that unless your makeup is tattooed on (ouch!) it’s going to need to be touched up here and there. This doesn’t mean that you need to make room for your entire makeup bag in your purse, but it’s a good idea to have a mascara, lip gloss and translucent powder tucked away behind your wallet.

Trend Alert – Hair Burning?

Hair burning, otherwise known as Velaterapia, is a Brazilian hair treatment in which fire is utilized through means of a candlestick to burn or singe away split ends from the hair, resulting in healthy hair free of split ends. Most women who deal with having very long hair will undoubtedly experience the unfortunate event of a few split ends, to say the least. Today, Lionesse would like to delve further into Velaterapia, and what exactly takes place during the process. We will also elaborate on whether or not it is a recommended treatment of choice for split ends, as per some of the best hair professionals in the world.

Woman getting a Velaterapia treatment in a salon.

Velaterapia – What is Is
As stated above, Velaterapia is the act of burning away split ends from the hair. Is it safe? Some say yes, while others believe it can cause more damage than good. For the women who despise getting their hair trimmed and adore their length, this is a welcome option to treat their split ends rather than head out to the salon for a chop of any sort. Hair is spiraled into a tight twist, and the portions which stick out of the twist (usually a hair or a few) will then have a lit candle run over the area quickly, singeing away any split hairs from the healthy hair. It is not a practice which is recommended by any means to complete yourself at home, and something of this magnitude should always be left to the professionals for safety concerns. The practice actually began in Brazil in the 1960’s, but didn’t gain popularity anywhere else in the world up until very recently, when the trend made its way to the United States and began being utilized by high-end salons throughout the country.

Supermodel and Victorias Secret Angel Alessandra Ambrosio believes in this hair treatment and gets it done on a regular basis.

More and more, it seems as though the trend is growing, and many women are trusting their salon professional to complete this treatment on their hair – but it comes with a hefty price tag as it does require quite a great deal of time and care, depending on your hair length and hair type.

One question: Can you even imagine fathoming the smell for an extended period of time? For those who have never smelled burnt hair, it’s quite unpleasant, to say the least.

Woman getting a hair treatment in a salon.

Is it Safe?
Many stylists agree that this treatment is completely safe when practiced by a true professional, but others would argue that it’s just too risky of a procedure for the client, and can cause color fading and damage healthy hair.  One can only guess the ramifications if something were to go terribly wrong…after all, the main component in this treatment is fire.

It’s safe to say this trend may stick around for a while, due to the popularity it’s getting through the media and by use of various celebrities. Fans of said celebrities want to look like their fave celebs, and therefore are opting for the treatment as well. Always be sure to seek out a certified professional with any type of risky hair treatment, and never try it at home yourself.