Summer Cut, Color and Style

Woman wearing sunglasses enjoying the summer months

With summer nearing its end some women may find themselves reminiscing on all the events (birthday bashes, wedding showers), milestones (graduation, job promotions), and changes (moving into a new house, making new friends) that have taken place this past season. Isn’t it funny how all these events happen and we don’t even notice all the change that’s taken place in our lives until we look back and notice just how different things are? Life changes are one thing, but hair changes are another. It’s known that even small changes to one’s hairdo can make a major difference. If you feel like your hair needs a bit of a summer update to coincide with the rest of your life, look no further. Below are the hottest cuts, colors, and styles of the summer, lucky for you there’s still enough time left in the season for you to pull ‘em off!

Women with bob hairstyle

One of the season’s hottest trends is the bob; whether you’re into a lob or a classic bob you’re sure to turn heads with this look. This style is perfect for those who feel like they are constantly flipping, tossing, and touching their hair – feel like you’re throwing your hair into a bun before you’ve even made it to your morning meeting? This style is ideal for you as well. Not only does it get the hair off of your neck, shoulders, and back, but it also provides allows for a bit of cool relief around your upper body as you battle through the dog days of summer.

If you’re one of those who jokes about being “cold blooded” chances are you love the summer and all the heat it brings. Maybe wearing your hair down has become a mere habit simply to keep your ears, neck, and cheeks warm in the winter. If this sounds familiar, a bob might not be the small change you’re looking for, however, long layers might tickle your fancy. Rather than having your ends lay in a straight blunt line, have your stylist create long, yet soft layers. This sexy style gives hair some extra volume and texture which is perfect for all your favorite updos and downdos.

Women with stylish bangs

Baby bangs are the bomb this summer. It may seem strange that we’re proposing bangs immediately after suggesting a bob, but give the idea a chance. Baby bangs are only about half as long as regular bangs, so they do require some extra maintenance, but it’s nothing too major. They’re best for those who have large foreheads (a.k.a. all the five-head beauties out there), otherwise, they look a tad bit awkward. Although, if you have the space and are looking for a small change for summer, baby bangs are a perfect choice.

Already content with your hair cut, but dying to change the color? You’re not alone. We’ve turned to celeb stylists to find out what colors are sizzling up this summer, here’s what we found. If you’re looking to update your blonde mane check out the following color options: pale flaxen blonde, platinum gray, or soft butter highlights. If you’re considering updating your red roots check out rose gold red highlights or gradient copper. If your brown locks are looking more blah than anything else lately check out these color options: cool mocha, dark walnut, three-dimensional brunette, or mahogany.

Summer Hair Care Tips

Woman with beautiful hair

There’s no better way to spend the sweet summertime days and nights than in the great outdoors. The summer welcomes comfy clothing, minimal makeup, and natural hair. It may be impossible to fall out of love with summer ways, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t health and beauty conflicts throughout the season. Many of us have been versed a time or two on the proper way to care for and protect out skin during the warmer months, but few of us have taken into consideration the necessary measures that should be taken to safeguard those tresses. Since the sun has been putting in the overtime, we thought we should shed some light on some tried and true summer hair care tips. 

Hit Snooze and Skip the Shampoo
As you may have heard, scrubbing your scalp with shampoo doesn’t just cleanse your locks, but it has been found to strip the hair of its healthy natural oils. Naturally, it seems ideal to rid the hair of oil, but the thing is, hair that is over washed compensates for the continual oil loss by amping up oil production, leaving your hair more and more greasy looking over time. Instead of  washing your hair with shampoo in the shower, simply sleep in a bit later and skip your shower every few days. If you absolutely need to shower, try rinsing your hair directly under the shower head for a few minutes to help reduce the excess oil.

Woman applying conditioner

Conditioner is Key
We’re true believers that saltwater and all day pool days are good for the soul, but sadly, all the sodium and chlorine isn’t the best thing for your tresses. Reverse the damage caused by the elements by using a deep conditioning treatment on a regular basis.

Better Safe than Sorry, Use Protection
Often times we overlook the fact that out scalp is just as susceptible to sunburn as is our skin. Not only that, but our hair is not able to provide the adequate UVA and UVB protection. There are a few different options to prevent your scalp from burning this summer:

  • Look into shampoos and conditioners that contain sunblock
  • Mix a small amount of oil-free sunscreen in the palm of your hand with your regular hair product. This way you’re killing two birds with one stone in mere seconds.
  • Whenever possible, sport a cute baseball cap or floppy monogrammed sun hat.

Give Your Blowdryer a Day Off
It’s no secret that applying continual heat to the hair on a regular basis isn’t hair-healthy. Chances are that the temperature outside is as high as the low or medium setting on your blow-dryer, so why not let your hair dry naturally? Of course, there are days when the time commitment to air-drying isn’t realistic, but the take home point here is that whenever possible, you should give all heat tools a day off.

Don’t Crack Under Pressure
We’ve all done it before: gathered our hair into the perfect style, secured it with elastics and bobby pins only to realize that a single strand of hair was being pulled so much that it was causing an uncomfortable painful sensation. Remember, pain is the body’s way to tell us something is wrong! When you’re experiencing hair-pulling scalp-pain, it’s because those locks are being pulled so tight that they are about to split and snap. You hair is already in a vulnerable state in the summer, simply avoid splitting due to too-tight styles by opting for loose braids and messy buns.

Heat Free Hairstyles for Summer

Pigtails hairstyle

While in the midst of the dog days of summer, the last thing anyone wants to do post-shower is to spend countless minutes blowing hair-dryer heat directly onto our head. Sure, hair-dryers have s purpose, but with summer temperatures in the 90’s any and all unnecessary heat is simply unwanted. If you’re ready to put your high-heat hair-dryer away until cooler days recommence, check out the uber-cute hairstyles below; they’re heat free making them perfect for summer!

Fishtail Pigtails
Bring out your inner mermaid this summer by rocking a set of fishtail pigtails. Simply part your hair down the center, and start the fishtail pattern around the ear area. Keep the pattern going all the way down to the tips of your hair and secure it with a tiny elastic. As you might have already guessed you’ll go ahead and do the same fishtail pattern on the other side, and secure it with an elastic, and completing the fishtail pigtail look.

Headband Twist and Wrap
You may have seen this ‘do elsewhere on Lionesse, that’s because it’s one of our favorite five-minute hairstyles! It’s super cute, beyond easy, and requires no heat at all! The best thing about the headband twist and wrap is that you can create the look with just-out-of-the-shower hair. Simply slip your headband atop your head as you normally would, then grab small sections of the hair, twist them around your finger and wrap them under and around the headband. Keep taking, twisting, and wrapping new sections of hair until all your hair is away from your face and off your neck, snugly tucked into the headband.

Wavy hair

Effortless Waves
If you are already a fan of the headband twist and wrap you’re about to love it even more. Get two looks out of the twisted look by wearing keeping your hair wrapped in the headband the throughout the night. If you’re worried that your will hair will fall out of the headband in the middle of the night, just add a bit of strong hold hairspray. When you wake up in the morning, take the headband out and your hair will fall into loose waves that took close to no effort at all.

Bubble Ponytail
This look is popping up all over Instagram and Tumblr, probably because so many young ladies are realizing just how easy this no heat hair style is! You use freshly-washed air-dried hair, or second-day dry shampooed hair, either way, you’ll being by gathering all your hair together into a mid-high positioned ponytail. Secure it with a thin, but sturdy elastic. Take a small section of the pony and wrap it around the elastic. Dampen your fingers with some strong hold hairspray, and use your fingers to smooth down and hold the wrapped hair in place. Tease the remaining ponytail hair, then about three-or-so inches down the pony, take bother section of hair and wrap it around. This time, use a small, clear elastic to secure it. Keep doing this same thing every few inches down the ponytail until you’ve reached the bottom.


Creating Beachy Boho Waves

Beachy waves

Summertime is finally here, and more beach trips mean more flawless flowing beachy waves. But what about those days when you can’t exactly make it to the shore, but really want the beachy ‘do? Don’t fuss, wishing that you lived closer to the beach, and envying those born with a natural no-beach-needed wave. Since we know all straight haired beauties have felt this way before, we have dedicated this article to creating beachy boho waves, easily at home!

Now, there are a few different ways to create beachy boho waves, sans beach, but this one seems to be the easiest; all you need is your hair, a towel, and a bottle of sea salt spray. There are some really great options out there, Bumble and Bumble’s Surf Spray is extremely popular (and for good reason). Another fab option is Sedu’s Beach Beauty Salt Spray. However, for those of you who are reading this last minute and don’t have the time to purchase a bottle of sea salt spray, you can easily make your own concoction by adding a small handful of salt and to a cup or so of water, then pouring the mixture into an empty spray bottle.

Also, keep in mind that this is meant to be done at night, giving you the beachy waves first thing in the morning, however, if you have a few hours to let your hair dry and don’t need your ‘do done until the afternoon, that’s totally fine too!

Step 1: Begin with damp hair, start by selecting a 1 ½ to 3-inch chunk of hair from the crown of your head and use your fingers to twist the hair around itself. For those of you who want a curlier wave, stick grab a smaller section; on the contrary, those of you who are looking for a looser wave will appreciate the result of a 3-inch section.

Step 2: Use one hand to do the grabbing and twisting and use your other hand to hold a handful of finished twists at the ends.

Step 3: Use the hand that was grabbing and twisting to spray your twists with your sea spray.

Step 4: Clip the sprayed section to the side using a long stylists clip.

Step 5: Repeat steps one through four until all your hair has been twisted and sprayed.

Step 6: Flip your head over to gather all of your hair, and twist it into the twisty-ist topknot you’ve ever seen, then secure it with a loose elastic. If you are prepping your beachy boho waves at night, wrap a towel around your head to draw out the moisture.

Once your hair is totally dry, either in the morning or in a few hours, take your hair tie out and give your head a shake to let those locks loose. For separated strands that look like they’re straight from the sea, rub the tiniest amount of coconut oil or smoothing serum between your hands and fingertips; once they’re nice and smooth, use your fingers to comb through and separate your beachy boho waves to perfection.

Creating Summer Highlights

Woman with long hair

The summer season and highlighted hair have had a close relationship for longer than we can remember; for some reason, the sun just seems to inspire us to lighten up our locks. More than likely you’ve ended up here, reading this very article, because summertime has got you interested in a lighter do. In previous years the decision to “highlighting your hair” left you to choose between two options: thick and chunky highlights, or thin and piece-y streaks. Thankfully, artist of the beauty world has provided us with more than a few choices today.

Being that a girl’s highlighting choices aren’t as limited as they once were, we have pulled together a few different highlighting style options. Take your time reading through the highlighting possibilities, that way you know exactly what you want when you make your next salon appointment.

A Summertime Balayaged Lob
What better way to rock the hottest haircut of the moment, the l(ong b)ob, than to bring in some added dimension with a tortoiseshell balayage to lighten things up?! Tell your stylist that you’re interested in an ecaille balayage, let him/her take the rest from there.

Light and Long Summertime Hair
If you’re the person who wants highlight your hair as much as possible, without actually going all-blonde, you’ll love the idea of light and long highlights. This works best on hair that is a natural light brown, but can be achieved in the double process as well for those of you who have darker hair. Either way, explain to your stylist that you want a full set of dimensional blonde highlights.

Heavy Highs and Lows
For those of you that love the look of thick, chunky highlights, you should opt for a partial set of highlights mixed with a partial set of lowlights. Make your look stand out every once and a while a by curling your hair to revile each and every low and highlight.

Long hair highlights

Subtle and Strong Summer Highlights
If you know you want highlights, but are scared that you’ll look too blonde, this is the perfect look for you. Your stylist will create somewhat of a hybrid ombre; your highlights will start ¼ to ½ the way down your hair shaft. Some streaks will be thick and rather subtle, while others will be a bit stronger. The alternating pattern creates an illusion of natural sunkissed highlights, the only difference is the highlights are right where you want them.

Brown + Blonde + Honey hues
If you’re interested in a dimensional look, but don’t necessarily want the look of artificial highlights, you are the perfect candidate for tai-colored highlights. Tell your stylist that you’re in light brown lowlights, blonde highlights and honey highlights. Did we mention that this look looks radiant on just about every skin tone?

Frosted in the Summertime
Do you already have blonde hair, but find that you still wish to go lighter for the summer? That’s okay! This can easily be done with a partial highlight, just a few shades lighter than your base blonde, and a total toning treatment. A week or so later you may notice the silver or frosted tones begin to fade, to keep your hair just as silver and vibrant as the day you walk out of the salon, go ahead and buy a high-quality toning shampoo.

Easy Campout Hair

Woman camping

Ahh, festival season – yes, it is finally here. While some of you pack your bags full of festival necessities for Lollapalooza, the rest of you may be checking out the set list for Bonnaroo, ensuring that you strategically plan the day, making sure that you will make it to all of the best stages. However, regardless of the festival, you will be spending your summer days at, there is one thing that will cross every young woman’s mind as she gets ready to go: “What about my hair?”

It is this same question that gets ladies bogged down and stressed out over and over again. But, we have good news! You no longer have to worry about the distance between you and your favorite heat tools and trifold mirror. The last thing you are going to want to do is to spend hours on a hairdo, which will probably fall out sooner than later.

We have taken a few tips from active ladies who have spent countless summers camping. With the help of a few wood-sy regulars, we have put together a list of cute and easy hairstyles, that are perfect for those who are spending the night on festival grounds.

Before we get started on how to style your I-woke-up-at-a-festival-like-this hair, it is worth mentioning that you should plan on bringing along some dry shampoo or root lifting powder; chances are between the long lines and low water temperatures, you will opt out of your usual thirty-minute shower.

That being said, it is best to leave the hair spray at home. While it might seem like a good idea to give your hair the extra hold, you will regret it when the weekend is over and your hair is unmanageably tangled, sticky and impossible to brush through. Below are two of the best summer hairstyles, inspired by festival regulars and frequent-campground-overnighters.

Creative braid hairstyle

Pulled Back Fishtail Tiara
This look is one that you have seen many times before, but never had the chance to try out. Luckily, it is beyond simple (seriously, some of you may not even need a mirror for this one)! Start the look by a gathering a one-inch section of hair, across from the arc of your brow, on both sides. Now simply braid both sections into a fishtail, before pulling them to the back of your head. At this point, you have the option of joining and securing the two fishtails with an elastic, and leaving the remainder of your hair down, or gathering the rest of your hair and pulling it all back into a ponytail.

Crown braid

Bohemian Braids
This look might actually be easier than the fist one. What you are going to do is start a french braid like usual, being certain to leave out two sections of hair near your temples. When your french braid incorporates hair from behind your ears, stop making it a french braid, and continue braiding it as a normal braid, securing the end with an elastic. Now, pull the two front sections to meet behind your head, and create a fishtail braid. Essentially you will have two loose braids overlapping one another.