Beach Worthy Hair Accessories

“Palm trees, ocean breeze
Salty air, sun kissed hair
Endless summer, take me there” 
– Author: unknown. Source: Pinterest –

The weather is warm and the sky is clear, atlas summer is here! Those who live in a coastal state will undoubtedly make their way to the beach – if they haven’t already that is. Whether you leave your beach blanket in the trunk of your car because you head to the beach every weekend, or you are excitedly planning ahead for the beach trip you have this summer, you should most definitely test out the waters with some of the super cute beach worthy hair accessories below!

Starfish hair pin

Starfish Hairpins
These are perfect for the days when you want nothing other than to throw your hair in a messy bun, find your favorite pair of flip flops, and set your sights straight to the shore. When you crave the beach this badly, you probably aren’t too interested in how your makeup and hair look, but that’s no reason to skip these delicate hairpins! Not only will your inner mermaid be subtly on display, but you won’t have to repeatedly re-do your bun because the hairpins will hold everything in place.

Jeweled Barrettes
For those who are all about the bling, but chose to leave your glam accessories at home with the understanding (and maybe past experience?) that jewelry can leave some pretty strange tan lines you should absolutely get yourself some jeweled barrettes. You can use them to pull your hair out of your eyes, and you’ll be thrilled that you’re rocking your glam style at the beach!

Seashell Bobby Pins
No matter what your hair length or type, bobby pins always manage to make themselves useful. Why not accessorize your tresses with seashell accented bobby pins?! If you can’t find them at a local boutique or hair salon, you can easily DIY in less than five minutes! All you need to do is use a hot glue gun to adhere a tiny seashell (or a few) the end of a clean bobby pin. Just be careful not to glue it too close to the rounded edge, as the shells are more likely to fall off when they’re on that edge.

Woman wearing a sun hat

Big Floppy Sun Hat
Floppy sun hats are not just cute, but they are totally in right now! If you are worried about the sun getting to your hair color, or if your just having a bad beach-hair day, grab a big floppy sun hat!

Minimalism Inspired Broach
Gilded inspired accessories are super hot this season. The simplicity of a bronze or brushed silver broach allows the accessories to match virtually anything. A cute way to wear this is by securing it slightly above your ponytail holder.

Cuff Ponytail Holder
Similar to a minimalist broach, cuff ponytail holders can be worked into any style, from preppy to boho. Simply pull your hair up into a ponytail. Then slip your hair through the cuff, and slide it all the way up until the accessory hides the elastic holding your ponytail in place.

Romantic Pony Bow
Perfect for a moonlit beach walk, a romantic ponytail bow is simply made by tying a long piece of ribbon around a pony or half pony.

Best Celeb Boho Hairstyles

Celebrity hairstyles are always something women tend to follow, generally speaking. But, there are just some hairstyles that seem to stand out and take the internet and media by storm – such as those of the boho style. Below, we will take a look at some of the most fantastic boho hairstyles known to Hollywood, and they’re styles anyone could wear – celebrity or not.

Vanessa Hudgens with a wavy hairstyle.

Featureflash /

Vanessa Hudgens – Long Waves
Vanessa Hudgens’ awesome boho locks are in pictures that span the internet, in various outfits and styled clothing. One thing’s for certain when it comes to this lovely lady and her luscious locks – her hair is unmistakably gorgeous, especially in the boho style. She loves to wear long, beachy waves and curly styles with hair accessories such as headbands and hair jewelry. Coachella is where we got our first glimpse of her boho hairstyle – and she has been making waves (no pun intended) since then. We love her style, and we think it’s attainable by any lady who’d like to give it a whirl!

Taylor Swift – Curly with Headband
Taylor Swift’s curls are adorable and so boho chic when paired with a headwrap or jewel studded headband. She rocks the style well – as can any girl with natural curls and permed hair. Boho isn’t just for wavy haired girls – it is for every girl! Taylor loves the natural looking boho style, but you can bet on always finding her with a bold, statement lip to contrast against her natural hair and fair skin. She also looks great in the boho chic fashion paired with her lovely curls.

Nicole Richie with wavy hair.

Everett Collection /

Nicole Richie – Long Beach Waves and Hair Accessory
Nicole Richie’s long blond locks always look chic, but she makes boho look awesome with her slight waves and head chain seen in pictures across the internet. She pairs it with some boho styled and themed clothes such as flowy tanks and skirts, as well as dresses, and looks fabulous. We love it!

Kesha – Waves and Long Braids
Blonde singer/party girl Kesha is always seen with boho hair. Her blonde wavy locks look stellar with long small braids intermixed between a head full of luscious, thick waves. She can usually be spotted with beads, rhinestones, and other adornments in her hair. Many times, we see her with hair accessories such as hair chains, and headbands, to complete her look.

Kim Kardashian with a side braid hairstyle.

Helga Esteb /

Kim Kardashian – Braided Headband
Kim Kardashian is generally thought of to be one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, and her gorgeous hair is an inspiration to all women. The thick, black (or blonde, depending upon what her mood might be that day) locks always look perfectly curled and waved. We spotted a few pictures of her rocking an awesome side braided look on both sides of the hair, with the remainder of her hair falling naturally. We love this look on her!

Boho hair is inspiring, beautiful, and feminine and nearly any woman can get the look. It’s not just for women with long hair, either – there are many celebrity women in Hollywood with shorter hair that rock the style well with hair accessories! So don’t be shy to give it a try – get inspired and get styling.