Four Ways to Update Your Look for Spring

woman spring earrings

The spring season is right around the corner – can you believe it?  We’re willing to assume you’re just as excited as we are for the spring season.  With the change of seasons, comes the change in the way we dress and develop our look.  It’s always fun to change and transform our looks with the seasons, and as new trends come into the mix.  Since many of us are starting to have spring on our minds, we thought it was the perfect time to share four ways to update your look for spring.  Because after the winter months, we can all use a little update.

Try a New Hair Color
Often times during the winter season we tend to be drawn to darker colors, especially when it comes to our hair.  But if you’re looking for a little update as we approach spring, you may want to consider switching up your hair color.  It’s a great way to get a little update to your entire look, and lighten up your hair’s look as the temperatures start to rise and the weather becomes lighter.  There are so many fun and exciting hair color trends happening this spring season, too – so you’re sure to find a color option that fits in well with your personal style.  Bronde, Blorange and tigers eye to name a few!

Bold Earrings
One of the hottest trends that was seen on the spring runways shows for this upcoming spring season was the use of super bold earrings.  If you’re slowly starting to incorporate some spring elements into your wardrobe, bold earrings can be a great way to do that.  Adding new accessories is an easy way to update any look and while it’s a small detail because these accessories are pretty bold it will completely transform your look and give you that updated feel pretty instantly.

Incorporate Some 80’s Flair
You may not have noticed, but the 80’s are going to be having a major moment in the spring season.  Yep, we’re talking one-shoulder fabulousness and bold colors/prints – giving us all sorts of 80’s vibes.  If you’re looking for an update for the spring season, find a way to incorporate some 80’s vibes into your look.  If you don’t want to go full on 80’s glam, you can incorporate just a touch with a fun one-shouldered top to wear with your favorite pair of skinny jeans (for example).  Or try incorporating some bold colors into your eye makeup – you can’t go wrong with a little 80’s flair.

woman in striped shirt

Add Stripes
The runway shows for the spring season were filled with stripes.  Stripes of all colors, widths and styles – and even mixing stripe prints!  Basically, it’s definitely a season where you’re going to be seeing a lot of stripes.  But it’s refreshing because we really haven’t seen stripes in the trend world for quite some time – making it the perfect way to add a little update to your look.  Try incorporating a fun striped garment to your wardrobe and pair it in ways that you may not normally.  It’s all about wearing stripes in a unique way this season.

Hair Trend Report: What’s Happening for Spring

Now that spring is here, it’s time to begin thinking about a spring-like hairstyle to change up your style. You might be wondering what the look is this season, and what the best option may be for your particular style. Lionesse has put together a guide of some of the most trendy hairstyles for the season that would look good on every woman, with every hair type, no matter your age. Yes, we’ve thought of everything. Read on to get some ideas and develop a look or style that’s right for you.

Beautiful woman wearing her hair down sitting in an outdoor setting.

Current IN looks for spring months:

  • Wearing the hair down and loose with lots of texture
  • Waves or beach waves
  • Big bangs
  • Shorter bobs and lobs
  • Low ponytails in various styles
  • Low resting buns; messy is best

Here are some of the looks that are outdated and need to be replaced:

  • Extensions or super long hair
  • Super perfect curls
  • Sculpted styles that scream perfection
  • Super straight hair
  • High buns
  • High ponytails in any style
  • Waves that are overdone or too elaborate

With all of that being said, here is a guide to some great looks for any lady that would help her style be the best it can be this spring.

Woman with thin hair in an attractive blue dress.

Ladies with Thin Hair
Those with thin hair can benefit from the wavy, textured look this spring. Using dry shampoo or a texturizing pomade can add plenty of volume where there previously was none, giving the hair a tousled, messy, fuller look. Blow drying the hair upside down whilst using a dry shampoo can add extra volume to the hair. Beach waves are easy to achieve with some sea salt spray and dry shampoo, and won’t require a lot of time. Simply spritz damp hair with sea salt spray, scrunch, and blow dry upside down.

Those with thin hair can also benefit from a shorter bob, which would look fantastic when using dry shampoo to add volume and texture. Add some bangs to change up the look to the face and add some depth from the frontal point, and possibly some highlights to accent the bangs area.

Beautiful woman with thick hair posing for a photograph.

Ladies with Thick Hair
Ladies with thick hair can benefit from a shoulder length cut this season, and although you may not need to add any volume, dry shampoo can help you get the textured look you’re after. Beach waves work well for shoulder length hair, and can be attained through use of sea salt spray and a blow dryer. Those with thick hair should avoid drying the hair all the way to avoid frizz. Simply spritz the hair with the sea salt spray throughout, flip upside down and scrunch, and take a blow dryer to the hair for a few minutes to sculpt a messy, wavy look. You can also put your wavy locks into a low pony tail, messing it up a bit to give it the ‘in’ look for the season.

Bangs can look especially fantastic on ladies with thick hair as it adds a lot of volume and dimension to the overall look of the hair. Opt for longer bangs to set your style off.