The Benefits of A Blast of Cold Water

woman showering

Let’s face it, there’s nothing quite like warm water when it’s cold outside.  However, while the temps are lower during the winter season you may want to start doing your hair and skin a favor by embracing a blast of cold water when taking a shower.  We know, we know it sounds a bit out there during the winter months, but there are actually some great things that can come from incorporating this into your shower routine.  You know we’re all about telling you the reasoning behind things, so we’re sharing the benefits of a blast of cold water for your hair and skin.

Helps to Seal Your Pores
You may not even realize this, but when your skin is in hot water, it actually opens up your pores.  That’s not a bad thing, and opening your pores is great to help get your skin thoroughly cleansed.  However, once you’re done cleansing your skin you don’t want your pores to remain open or be open much longer.  Giving your skin a blast of cold water after you’ve cleansed your skin really helps to seal your pores much more thoroughly, which can also help to prevent too much dirt and oil from clogging your pores when they’re open.

Helps With Reducing Frizz
Similar to what we said above, when we just use hot or warm water our hair tends to be stripped of the natural oils.  When our hair is stripped from the natural oils they become dry and brittle (as mentioned above), which can also cause our hair to become frizzy in appearance and texture.  To eliminate and prevent a lot of frizziness from occurring in our hair, blasting it with a dose of cold water helps to lock in the oil and actually closes the hair cuticles.  Similar to like we said about the skin’s pores, the hair works in a similar way.  So the cold water helps avoid frizz, and has even been found to help hair look shinier and healthier because of the cuticles being closed and protected.

womans hands and nails

Helps the Natural Oils in Your Skin and Nails
Our skin and nails have a natural oil that helps to protect them, using too much hot water has been found to strip that oil from the skin and hair.  Sealing our skin and hair with a blast of cold water has been found to help protect and maintain those natural oils in our hair and skin.  Stripping these oils from our skin and hair often cause them to become dry and brittle, so sealing them with that cold water helps to keep more moisture and hydration.

Helps With Swelling
So often we end up with puffiness, swelling and inflammation in some form or another with our skin.  If you have some swelling in your skin, blasting your skin with some cold water can do wonders for you.  The cold water has been found to help reduce swelling and puffiness in the skin – even helping to minimize the appearance of under –eye circles (which are typically caused by swelling).

How To Make Your Wax Job Last Longer

woman getting legs waxed

Are you a regular waxer?  Waxing has definitely grown to become a very mainstream beauty service among women, and men.  It’s pretty standard for people to get some area of their body waxed on a regular basis.  If you get waxed pretty regularly, you’re probably always eager to find ways to elongate your time between appointments.  Because let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to be able to go longer periods of time before heading back into the salon for another wax appointment?  Well, you may be in luck, because we’ve discovered some tips on how to make your wax job last longer – and we’re sharing them, now!

Make Sure Your Hair Is The Right Length
We get it, the point of getting a wax is to eliminate any unwanted hair you have on your body.  But the thing is, if your hair isn’t the length that’s suggested by the experts in that area of the body the wax will actually miss some of the hair – causing you to need to get your wax appointments more often.  So, instead of rushing to get an appointment scheduled as soon as your hair starts to grow a bit, resist the urge and really make sure that it’s the length that’s suggested for that area of the body before heading in.  This will help to ensure that ALL of the hair will be waxed off and prevent you from needing to make appointments as often.

woman applying lotion

Exfoliate and Moisturize Before you Wax
So often we just head into our wax appointment not really thinking much about any prep that we should do for our skin prior to the appointment.  Experts suggest that you exfoliate your skin before your appointment, this helps to get rid of any dead skin cells.  In addition to exfoliating your skin, make sure your skin is well moisturized before heading into your appointment.  Why is this so important?  Well, when our skin isn’t exfoliated or moisturized, it tends to be pretty dry.  When our skin is too dry it can affect the waxing process and actually prevent the wax from fully taking out the hair and instead the hair just breaking – causing you to need to head into the salon more often.  Keeping the routine of exfoliating and moisturizing helps to ensure that your skin is hydrated to allow the wax to do its thing much more effectively.

See an Expert
As tempting as it can be to do your waxing yourself at home, it’s really best to see an expert for this type of service.  Experts understand how to work with your skin in the best way, and can help to make sure you’re keeping yourself in a solid schedule for your waxing.  In general, when you get your hair waxed you will begin to notice a typical cycle that’s established.  Keep up with that schedule for the best results long-term and avoid shaving, plucking or threading between to help your hair get into a more consistent schedule.

Hairstyles That Hide Blemishes

woman with faux bang hairstyle
One of the biggest skin related misconceptions is that once you’ve made it through puberty, you shouldn’t get a blemish ever again. While some individuals are lucky enough to have the complexion of a porcelain doll, the vast majority of us still experience blackhead breakouts, cystic flare-ups, and pesky pimples. Some women find that blemishes occur when they’re under a lot of stress, others may notice these imperfections at certain times of the month, and some women can’t pinpoint a single cause of their blemishes. But let’s face it, pimples aren’t fun for anyone – no matter what the reason! Whether you’re just not into caking on the cover-up or you’re sick of reapplying it every few hours, you’ll be delighted to know that there are indeed hairstyles that hide blemishes. Below you will find two different hairstyles, each a bit different from the other, but both equally suitable to cover up the imperfection that has made its mark on your face. Browse through the blemish hiding hairstyles below and show that sucker who’s boss!

Braided Crown
This artsy blemish masking hairdo is perfect for covering those pesky pimples that run along the hair line, as well as those unsightly forehead zits that make you cringe every time you wash your face. After your hair has been washed and died, go ahead and cover your blemish with the treatment of your choice, then allow it to dry for a few moments. When you’re ready, grab a small section of hair behind your ear, separate it into three sections and begin a French braid. As you move along draw pieces from the back to pull to the front and incorporate into the braid. You want to be sure that you’re leading the braid along the top of your forehead, this way it ends right around the opposite ear. Use a small elastic to secure the end, then use your fingers to flatten and widen the braid. Then lay it across the top of your forehead so that there’s no visible space between your hairline and the braid, then secure it behind the ear with some bobby pins.

Faux Side Bangs
This style is also commonly referred to as “the swoop.” This style is perfect for hiding any imperfections that pop up on your forehead, brows, and even the temple area. Simply start by creating a deep side part, so that about three-quarters of your hair is pulled to one side. Also, when creating your side part, keep in mind that you’ll want the side with more hair to be the side that your blemish is on. If you typically need extra volume, go ahead and give your hair a good tease now. You’ll notice that there are strands of hair falling into your face, trying to make it back to the natural part. Swoop those strands so that they lay diagonally across your forehead. Bring the remaining hair behind your ear and slip in some bobby pins to keep it all in place.