Simple Updos You Can Style at Home

One of the best things about social media today is the encouragement of sharing and using all kinds of DIY tips; from baking to cleaning, makeup to hair, the internet has an indefinite amount of tips and trick. Of course, this is all fine and dandy, even more exciting when you find a new hack and it actually works! However, we’ve all experienced the anticipation in the promise that a specific hack will work, only to be let down. We noticed that a particularly large amount of hack-let-downs are owed to the disappointment of DIY updos. The problem isn’t necessarily in the updo itself, rather, it’s the amount of skill required to create the updo – which many people confirm they don’t have after a few attempts – that can drive a DIYer crazy. Fortunately, we understand that the majority of you aren’t hair stylists. Although we also understand that you also want to the independence of creating an elegant updo without having to make an appointment at the salon. For this reason, we have selected some simple, yet stunning updos that you can easily style at home.

Disclaimer: It is important to keep in mind, before starting any hairstyle, to have an open and accepting mind of your final ‘do. Seldom do hairstyles turn out exactly as they are shown in pictures (even when professional stylists attempt them), which is why it’s important to find the beauty in your work and any imperfection. Oh, and one more thing: don’t wash your hair… styling clean hair can be a major pain! Whether you skip the shampoo or add a good amount of product to your hair, it’ll be much easier than attempting to style squeaky clean stands.

woman with twisted bun

Flirty twisted updo
Separate your hair into two even sections. Select a small section by your temple and begin to twist it away from your face. Once you’ve twisted a few inches, grab another small section from the hair below it and marry the two by twisting them together. Continue the process until the entire side of your hair is twisted, at which point you should keep twisting until the hair starts to coil and pull itself into the scalp. Secure the twist with a few hair pins, then repeat the process on the other side.

French twist
For this ‘do, it’s important to begin with a volumizing product. Then you’ll want to separate your hair into a horizontal part, which is basically like creating a half-ponytail, but instead of using your thumbs to separate your hair, you’re going to use a comb to create a part that goes straight across from one ear to another. For extra volume, tease this top section, then twist it just a few times and secure the “tail” against your head. Gather together all the hair of the bottom section, starting at the nape of the neck, twist all the hair upwards. Once it’s twisted all the way up you can start to incorporate the ends of top section with the twisted section. Finally, tuck the ends of the hair underneath itself, be sure to secure it with hair pins and some strong hold spray.

woman with bun

Chic Chignon
Start with a low side part that is parallel to your eyebrow. Bring all your to whichever side of your head is opposite of your part and create a low side ponytail. Divide the pony in half, then create a rope braid. To do this you’ll want to twist both sections in the same direction, once their twisted to the bottom twist them over each other in the opposite direction. Continue twisting in the opposite direction until you’ve reached the bottom, and secure the rope braid with a small clear elastic. Now wrap the rope braid around itself, similar to the way a cinnamon is wrapped. Slip in a few bobby pins to hold everything in place and finish with some hair spray!


5 Minute Elegant Styles for Europe

Europe is one of those places that truly takes our breath away. From the medieval architecture of the churches and steeples, to the picture-perfect landscape of the wine regions, to the many amazing people one could come across every day – Europe permeates the air with beauty. When it comes to hairstyles, it’s easy to see that along with the landscape and architecture of such a beautiful place, one would also want to wear a stunning hairstyle while visiting this amazing location. Today, Lionesse fills you in on some of the quickest and most beautiful elegant hairstyles for your trip to Europe. Yes, beautiful hair can be accomplished in 5 minutes or less!

Woman with a loose curls hairstyle.

Loose Curled Style
Wearing loose curls is one of the most fantastic ways to look your best throughout the day – and the best part is, anyone can complete the look. There is nothing difficult or time-consuming about it – and the simplicity of it all is intriguing in itself. This look is perfect for a day out shopping, or taking in some of the local museums. To get a loose curled style in under 5 minutes, put all of your hair into a high ponytail and curl small sections of hair by wrapping around a curling wand, flat iron, or curling iron. Once all of the hair has been curled, spray with hairspray and tousle. Gently remove your hair elastic and allow your hair to gently come down. Tousle gently and spray again with a little more hairspray to set the style in place for the day.

Woman with a simple updo

Simple Updo
Updo’s are usually a painstaking, time-consuming process – but not anymore! With this simple updo style, you will look like you fit in and belong among the locals in Europe. Create a simple chignon style, which is a soft looking, elegant bun, by taking all of your hair and holding it as if you were going to put it into a ponytail. From there, twist all of the hair from root to tip and begin wrapping around the base of the head. Be sure the style stays flush (or flat) to the head, and secure with bobby pins. Allow a few whisps of hair to fall around your face to frame it, and spray your hair with some mega hold hairspray.

Woman with a headband updo

Headband Chignon
A different take on the lovely chignon hair style is the headband chignon. If you’re super pressed for time but want a gorgeous style, this is the one you should opt for! Put an elastic headband on your head as you normally would. From there, separate the back of your hair into two sections. Twist the hair as you would with a typical chignon, and roll it up, tucking it into the headband. Complete the same on the other section. This style doesn’t even require any bobby pins unless you have stray hair you can’t really stand to leave alone! This also works very well for women with short bob length hair.

Create a Simple Updo for Prom

Lionesse knows how important prom night is for you, and that’s why we have come together with featured guest blogger, Sarah McCormick, on how you can create a simple, easy to achieve updo that looks cute and stylish in a snap. It doesn’t have to be complicated to achieve a stylish look, and that’s where Sarah’s easy to follow tutorial below comes in. Prom hair styles vary for each individual, but if you want something quick and easy, this will be a simple go-to look for you. Now, we turn the article over to Sarah so that she can explain how it’s done.

How to Create a Simple Prom Updo
Hi everybody. Today, I will be demonstrating how simple and easy it is for you to create this prom updo that you can do at home. It’s about as simple as it gets, and it looks cute and lasts for the entire night. You don’t have to worry about it falling down, because if you use enough bobby pins, your style should hold in place. And even if you do get some fall down – that’s okay, because it will just add to the style. Let’s get started!

Curl your hair with your favorite flat iron.

Step 1: Curl your hair with your favorite flat iron. You will only want to do this from the middle of the hair downwards, and you can create tighter curls, or waves – whatever you like better. I chose to do waves mixed with curls.

Gather the hair on the crown and twist into a French twist from front to back.

Step 2: Gather the hair on the crown of the head as if you were going to do a half-up, half-down style, twisting into a sort of French twist from front to back. Secure with bobby pins to hold in place.

Step 3: Gather all of your hair onto the back of your head as if you were going to do a ponytail. Twist the hair upwards as if you were creating a French twist, and then once the hair is piled on top of your head, sort of twist the hair into a bun like structure – but do this loosely. You want curls to hang out and droop a bit.

Step 4: Secure the hair to the head with bobby pins, allowing curls to drape freely where they may. Give your hair a quick once over with hair spray. If there are any areas that are bumpy or that you would like to fix, simply secure them with bobby pins to hide.

Finished Look.

Step 5: Your style is officially finished! Simple, easy, and gorgeous, this is a look you can feel confident about achieving – and you will only need bobby pins and hair spray, along with your flat iron, to get the look. It only requires about 5 minutes time total, saving you precious time for other things – like makeup application.

I hope this tutorial was entertaining and gets you in the spirit of creating your own personal style for prom. I look forward to my next guest blogging opportunity with Lionesse! Thanks for reading.