Red Carpet Hair Looks for Prom

Prom season has finally arrived this year and girls everywhere are contemplating the decision of how to style their hair for the magical evening. With so many options, it can be hard for a girl to choose the perfect look. It seems that the one place young ladies rarely think to look for prom hairdo inspiration is the red carpet, but we here at Lionesse think that the red carpet might just be the perfect place to look.

Think about it: beautiful women of all ages strut their stuff down the red carpet wearing the most elegant gowns, flawless makeup, and stunning hairstyles. Often times, the dresses worn by women walking the red carpet are extremely similar – if not identical – to the dresses worn by high school girls on prom night; so why not gather inspiration from these looks?

Bellow is a collection of our favorite red carpet hair looks for prom, in addition, we have told you where and when the lovely Hollywood ladies rocked their hair styles, that way you are able to look up pictures to for a better idea of what the look you want to wear on prom night.

Olivia Wilde

Tinseltown /

Who: Olivia Wilde
Where and When: Oscars, 2016
Olivia always manages to make every look of hers effortless, no matter how much detail and attention was put into her look and her 2016 hairstyle does not disappoint. You can copy the look by creating a 1-2 inch thick braid starting at the beginning of your hairline, and then pull it back into a ponytail. Now that your hair is secure, go ahead and create a braid. Once you’re finished, wrap the braid around itself and secure it with lots of hairpins and some high-quality hairspray.

Who: Blake Lively
Where and When: Age of Adaline movie premiere, 2015
Blake’s entire red carpet look was killer, and her hairdo could not have been more picturesque. This look is perfect for those who want to wear their hair down on prom night but still want a special look. Start by creating a deep side part, then pull all your hair the side opposite of the part. Now use a curling wand to create loose waves. To ensure that all of your hair stays on one side, you may need to use a few bobby pins, and extra hairspray, but you will look stunning all night.

Who: Lucy Liu
Where and When: Golden Globes, 2013
Lucy’s red carpet is a fabulous option for prom, and it is super easy! Once your hair is completely dry, apply some shine serum and go ahead and create two side fishtails along your hairline, then merge them together into one. Continue fishtailing your hair to the very end and secure it with an elastic. You can use bobby pins to tuck in any stray pieces that made their way out of the fish tail.

Selena Gomez

s_bukley /

Who: Selena Gomez
Where and When: Met Gala, 2014
Selena is never one to disappoint when it comes to beauty and she left onlookers speechless as she made her way down the red carpet. To show off her plum colored dress she wore a classy up-do. This one is actually pretty simple and you could probably even do it yourself. All you need to do is separate your hair into three pigtails, one on top of the other. Before rolling up each section and pinning it, give your hair volume by teasing it. Finish the look with some strong hold hairspray so you are able to dance the night away.

Who: Nina Dobroev
Where and When: Oscar Viewing Party, 2014
Nina’s was flawless. For those of you who are less than interested in the elaborate updo’s Nina’s red carpet ponytail is the perfect prom hair look for you. Start by teasing the top of your hair, just as you would for a hair poof, then pull all your hair back into a ponytail (use a comb to be sure that you get every last strand of hair). With a reliable elastic, secure your ponytail, then take a small section of hair from the ponytail and wrap it up to completely cover your elastic. Use some hairpins to hold it in place and finish the look with some hairspray!

Create a Simple Updo for Prom

Lionesse knows how important prom night is for you, and that’s why we have come together with featured guest blogger, Sarah McCormick, on how you can create a simple, easy to achieve updo that looks cute and stylish in a snap. It doesn’t have to be complicated to achieve a stylish look, and that’s where Sarah’s easy to follow tutorial below comes in. Prom hair styles vary for each individual, but if you want something quick and easy, this will be a simple go-to look for you. Now, we turn the article over to Sarah so that she can explain how it’s done.

How to Create a Simple Prom Updo
Hi everybody. Today, I will be demonstrating how simple and easy it is for you to create this prom updo that you can do at home. It’s about as simple as it gets, and it looks cute and lasts for the entire night. You don’t have to worry about it falling down, because if you use enough bobby pins, your style should hold in place. And even if you do get some fall down – that’s okay, because it will just add to the style. Let’s get started!

Curl your hair with your favorite flat iron.

Step 1: Curl your hair with your favorite flat iron. You will only want to do this from the middle of the hair downwards, and you can create tighter curls, or waves – whatever you like better. I chose to do waves mixed with curls.

Gather the hair on the crown and twist into a French twist from front to back.

Step 2: Gather the hair on the crown of the head as if you were going to do a half-up, half-down style, twisting into a sort of French twist from front to back. Secure with bobby pins to hold in place.

Step 3: Gather all of your hair onto the back of your head as if you were going to do a ponytail. Twist the hair upwards as if you were creating a French twist, and then once the hair is piled on top of your head, sort of twist the hair into a bun like structure – but do this loosely. You want curls to hang out and droop a bit.

Step 4: Secure the hair to the head with bobby pins, allowing curls to drape freely where they may. Give your hair a quick once over with hair spray. If there are any areas that are bumpy or that you would like to fix, simply secure them with bobby pins to hide.

Finished Look.

Step 5: Your style is officially finished! Simple, easy, and gorgeous, this is a look you can feel confident about achieving – and you will only need bobby pins and hair spray, along with your flat iron, to get the look. It only requires about 5 minutes time total, saving you precious time for other things – like makeup application.

I hope this tutorial was entertaining and gets you in the spirit of creating your own personal style for prom. I look forward to my next guest blogging opportunity with Lionesse! Thanks for reading.