Simple Updos You Can Style at Home

One of the best things about social media today is the encouragement of sharing and using all kinds of DIY tips; from baking to cleaning, makeup to hair, the internet has an indefinite amount of tips and trick. Of course, this is all fine and dandy, even more exciting when you find a new hack and it actually works! However, we’ve all experienced the anticipation in the promise that a specific hack will work, only to be let down. We noticed that a particularly large amount of hack-let-downs are owed to the disappointment of DIY updos. The problem isn’t necessarily in the updo itself, rather, it’s the amount of skill required to create the updo – which many people confirm they don’t have after a few attempts – that can drive a DIYer crazy. Fortunately, we understand that the majority of you aren’t hair stylists. Although we also understand that you also want to the independence of creating an elegant updo without having to make an appointment at the salon. For this reason, we have selected some simple, yet stunning updos that you can easily style at home.

Disclaimer: It is important to keep in mind, before starting any hairstyle, to have an open and accepting mind of your final ‘do. Seldom do hairstyles turn out exactly as they are shown in pictures (even when professional stylists attempt them), which is why it’s important to find the beauty in your work and any imperfection. Oh, and one more thing: don’t wash your hair… styling clean hair can be a major pain! Whether you skip the shampoo or add a good amount of product to your hair, it’ll be much easier than attempting to style squeaky clean stands.

woman with twisted bun

Flirty twisted updo
Separate your hair into two even sections. Select a small section by your temple and begin to twist it away from your face. Once you’ve twisted a few inches, grab another small section from the hair below it and marry the two by twisting them together. Continue the process until the entire side of your hair is twisted, at which point you should keep twisting until the hair starts to coil and pull itself into the scalp. Secure the twist with a few hair pins, then repeat the process on the other side.

French twist
For this ‘do, it’s important to begin with a volumizing product. Then you’ll want to separate your hair into a horizontal part, which is basically like creating a half-ponytail, but instead of using your thumbs to separate your hair, you’re going to use a comb to create a part that goes straight across from one ear to another. For extra volume, tease this top section, then twist it just a few times and secure the “tail” against your head. Gather together all the hair of the bottom section, starting at the nape of the neck, twist all the hair upwards. Once it’s twisted all the way up you can start to incorporate the ends of top section with the twisted section. Finally, tuck the ends of the hair underneath itself, be sure to secure it with hair pins and some strong hold spray.

woman with bun

Chic Chignon
Start with a low side part that is parallel to your eyebrow. Bring all your to whichever side of your head is opposite of your part and create a low side ponytail. Divide the pony in half, then create a rope braid. To do this you’ll want to twist both sections in the same direction, once their twisted to the bottom twist them over each other in the opposite direction. Continue twisting in the opposite direction until you’ve reached the bottom, and secure the rope braid with a small clear elastic. Now wrap the rope braid around itself, similar to the way a cinnamon is wrapped. Slip in a few bobby pins to hold everything in place and finish with some hair spray!


Overnight Waves and Curls

Women with beautiful curls

For decades now straight haired women have depended on curled styles to add a lavish touch to their style. Of course, the means of transforming straight hair to classy curls has evolved over the year, one thing has remained the same: curling a full head of head can be a pain in the you-know-what. As pretty as your curls look, let’s face it, either they don’t hold their bounce for more than an hour, or you have to use half a can of extra strong hold hairspray to make sure they hold. Although the curls held, your hair then hates you because of how dry it is. Oh, did we mention how long it takes a nonprofessional to curl an entire head of hair? No matter what method you use to do you it’s a fact that you must plan on spending at the very least thirty plus minutes to achieve a fully curled look. Not to mention, if you have long, thick hair, you can probably count getting ready as an arm workout.

While we could keep going on about the trials and tribulations of curling your hair, we are about to tell you that all your hair curling struggles can stop right now. There will be no more bathroom mirror arm workouts and definitely no more curse-word-worthy burns due to your faulty curler.

Women with beachy curls

For Loose Beachy Tresses:

  • Begin by washing and conditioning your hair as you normally do. Brush out all the tangles and use only a towel to absorb any moisture that your hair is holding on to.
  • Use a comb to separate your hair into three vertical sections. Use a small elastic to secure two of the three sections, as it’s much easier to control one section at a time.
  • Tightly French braid each section from the tepidity top to the very bottom. Secure the end of the braid with a small elastic.
  • To be sure that you wake up with completely dry tresses, lay a dry towel over your pillow. When you wake up in the morning gently use your fingers to loosen the braid, then add a few spritz of hairspray.

For Voluminous Curls:

  • Wash, condition, and comb your hair. Be sure that you do not use any sort of detangler or leave in conditioner.
  • Have t-shirt strips ready. If you haven’t yet made t-shirt strips, they’re easy: find an old cotton t-shirt and begin by chopping off the sleeves and the shoulder/neck portion. You should have a t-shirt material tube. Now, cut each side of the shirt from top to bottom so that the front and the back are two separate pieces. Not cut across the used-to-be  t-shirt starting at the hem, so that you have tons of 1 ½ to 2 ½ inch strips.
  • Gather a small section of your hair, placing the ends of your hair in the center of the t-shirt strip, so that you make a sort of T shape.
  • Now roll your hair around and over the fabric, the same way you would if it was a foam or ceramic hair roller. Keep rolling your hair all the way to the root. Your hair should be almost like a cup holder around a coffee mug – right enough to hold its place in the center with a few inches of fabric extending from each end.
  • Tie the ends of the fabric together (it seems that tying it as if you are double knotting shoe laces seems to hold the best and be the easiest to remove).
  • Continue to section off, wrap, and tie your hair until every last strand is secured.
  • Again, you can lay a dry towel over your pillow to help your hair dry through the night.
  • When you wake up in the morning untie the t-shirt material and watch as your hair falls into natural looking curls. Use your fingers to loosen up the roots and finish with a few spritz of hairspray.

Simple Hairstyles for On-the-Go Girls

Sometimes it seems like life is so busy that it would be best to just start wearing a turban every day, as it would give you a good amount of time to spend on another rushed aspect of getting ready every morning. Sure, if you spent more time at home and had less to do, you might have sufficient time to play and explore the best hairstyle for every specific day, but this is real life, and it is what it is. With all of the really luxe hairstyles and braiding effects that keep evolving, it would be a real luxury to try one out from time to time, but time is not there to explore these options on your schedule. While you’re thinking that there has got to be something more than giving your hair a quick brush-through and you’re done, you’re right. Actually, there is more than one method for producing great hair in a hurry. Having little to no time doesn’t mean that your hair has to go undone, consequently making your look suffer and ultimately becoming a downer for the day.

bedhead bun hairstyle

Messy Bedhead Bun Fun
The day of the messy bun is here, and you can rock this one easily. All you’ll need is one of those cool over-sized bun donuts. Make a high (unsecured) ponytail and slip the bun onto it where you’ll then, on the top side of the bun, secure the ponytail by using a covered elastic band or hair tie. Next, wrap the ends somewhat loosely over and under the donut, in a kind of haphazard fashion, allowing a certain number of errant strands to escape your grip. Before fully securing and spraying, pull out a few wispy pieces around your face and using hairspray, form these wisps to your liking.

Tied on the Side Bun
This has got to be the forever easiest go-to “do” ever! This one does require your hair being long enough to work, though. Begin by pulling your hair all to one side, and twist it all together, relatively securely. Next, loop the twisted hair around one full pass and loop remaining twisted hair through the center hole made by the loop. It’s OK if any hair remains sticking out, but finish this one by securing with bobby pins and go.

Hair knot

Knot Your Hair
A really cool effect: This one begins with your dividing your hair into two sections at the nape of your neck. Give each side a slight twist, and then loop one side up, over, down and back up through. Secure with bobby pins, or if your hair is long enough, you can continue to make successive knots, securing with bobby pins as you create each one. Finish off with an elastic stretchy band that is covered with your own hair and secured by bobby pins.

Twisted Ponytail
Another fast and super easy one, you start by making a low ponytail and securing it with an elastic band, at the nape of your neck. In the space between your scalp and the elastic band, find the point that is at the center of your head, and with your finger, create a hole there in your hair. Next, take the ends of the ponytail upward and stick them down, through the hole. This will cause the hair leading from your face back to the ponytail to twist inward, creating a nice roll effect. You can work both sides to roll more, as desired. Light spray and you’re set!