Be The Woman In Red

Woman in red

We always hear about blondes and brunettes, but why not be the woman in red? Red hair is always a stunner, regardless of the actual shade of red it is. We’ve noticed that red locks have become more and more popular recently, and we thought you may be curious about what some of the popular shades of red we can expect to see in the next year or so. You may even be considering going for a change in hair color yourself, and stepping outside your comfort zone and into something like red. Regardless, we’re sharing some of the popular red hair colors we’re excited to see.

Dark Garnet Locks
Think that red hair is all about the lighter colors? Not anymore! Recently, we’ve been seeing ladies bringing red hues into their locks with a dark twist. Dark garnet hues are being seen on locks everywhere, and we’re not expecting it to go anywhere anytime soon. It’s a fresh take on the red hair color, something that’s a bit edgier and different for those that like red but want to step outside the norm a bit. Typically, the dark garnet hair is blended in with darker roots (almost close to a black color) to add some dimension to the color and an even edgier twist.

You may have heard about the blorange hair color trend that’s pretty popular this year already, which is the combination of blonde and orange hues. If you’re not really about the orange mix, but you really want something a bit different and to embrace the red hues the blonde-red color may be the perfect fit for you. Essentially, this is a blonde shade of hair that’s mixed in with a tint of red. So it’s a real mix between the two. Giving you the lightness that comes with blonde hair, but adding a unique twist with the red hue mixed in that can really give you a nice update and be the woman in red everyone takes note of.

Copper hair

Of course, we can’t forget the popularity of the copper red hair color. It’s what many of us tend to think of when we think of a natural red head, but this year we’re seeing copper amped up a bit in the trend world. So many ladies are rocking copper hair, with extra shine. The super shiny element of the copper color really gives it a gorgeous pop that emphasizes the natural hair color in a way that’s incredibly natural but different from blonde and brunette hues. Which is why it’s so stunning!

Bright Red
You’ve probably noticed that the past year has been a year filled with super bright hair color trends. Well, that trend doesn’t stop with the red tones, in fact it’s one of the more popular ways ladies are rocking red hair this year and we kind of love it. If you really want to be a lady in red, you may even think about going for a super bright/bold red hair color for a total change.

Keep Red Hair Color Fresh

This is a post for those with that gorgeous, red hair that every woman is envious of. Whether your color is natural or comes from a bottle, there’s just something about red hair that almost every woman adores. Lionesse is here with some helpful tricks on keeping your gorgeous red locks in check, and looking perfect and fresh throughout the day, every day.

Woman with red hair sporting a beautiful braided hairstyle.

Opt for No Heat Styling
Heat styling, no matter your hair color, can really do a number on your tresses. Rather than opt for blow drying or flat ironing your hair, look for ways to style your hair without the heat. Braids are a cute way to add style to your hair, and once your hair dries, you’ll be left with pretty, crimped looking tresses that you can wear in a new fashion the next day. Air drying is always best.

Woman with shiny red hair.

Keep Your Hair Shiny
Using a serum or shine spray, you can keep your hair beautiful and shiny while also looking stylish and sleek. Red hair benefits from shine because it helps catch the light, showing the true dimension and intensity of the color within each strand. By keeping your hair shiny, you will do your hair many favors.

Woman washing her hair.

Opt for Minimal Hair Washing
When it comes down to washing your hair, opt for washing 1-2 times per week, maximum. This gives the hair plenty of time to build up enough sebum to coat the hair strands, helping them to appear shiny and beautiful, while keeping your hair from becoming overdried due to excess washing.

Woman getting a hair treatment at a salonn.

Go Sulfate-Free
When choosing a shampoo or any other hair products, opt for sulfate free products which can cause frizz, dull the hair, and make the hair appear unhealthy. It can also cause excess product buildup, which is obviously unattractive and unhealthy.

Woman with red hair holding a sunscreen in her hhands.

Protect with Sunscreen
Many women aren’t aware that they should be protecting their hair with sunscreen the same way they would protect their skin. Protect your strands with a good hair sunscreen is important to maintaining a color and helping it to last longer. You can liken this to setting an article of clothing with color on it out in the sun and watching the effect the sun has on it throughout the day. All it takes is just one day in the sun, and a clothing item can be stripped of its color. Hair sunscreen usually comes in the form of a spray or cream that you will work through the hair, and it will especially protect color treated hair throughout the summer. The sun has a way of modifying color treated hair into an unhealthy hue, and changing the natural components in natural red hair to brassy tones. Avoid these by taking proper care of your locks with sunscreen.

It’s not especially difficult to maintain your red hair, and with a little love and TLC, you will ensure your color stays true and sticks around for as long as it’s supposed to.