Red Carpet Hair Looks for Prom

Prom season has finally arrived this year and girls everywhere are contemplating the decision of how to style their hair for the magical evening. With so many options, it can be hard for a girl to choose the perfect look. It seems that the one place young ladies rarely think to look for prom hairdo inspiration is the red carpet, but we here at Lionesse think that the red carpet might just be the perfect place to look.

Think about it: beautiful women of all ages strut their stuff down the red carpet wearing the most elegant gowns, flawless makeup, and stunning hairstyles. Often times, the dresses worn by women walking the red carpet are extremely similar – if not identical – to the dresses worn by high school girls on prom night; so why not gather inspiration from these looks?

Bellow is a collection of our favorite red carpet hair looks for prom, in addition, we have told you where and when the lovely Hollywood ladies rocked their hair styles, that way you are able to look up pictures to for a better idea of what the look you want to wear on prom night.

Olivia Wilde

Tinseltown /

Who: Olivia Wilde
Where and When: Oscars, 2016
Olivia always manages to make every look of hers effortless, no matter how much detail and attention was put into her look and her 2016 hairstyle does not disappoint. You can copy the look by creating a 1-2 inch thick braid starting at the beginning of your hairline, and then pull it back into a ponytail. Now that your hair is secure, go ahead and create a braid. Once you’re finished, wrap the braid around itself and secure it with lots of hairpins and some high-quality hairspray.

Who: Blake Lively
Where and When: Age of Adaline movie premiere, 2015
Blake’s entire red carpet look was killer, and her hairdo could not have been more picturesque. This look is perfect for those who want to wear their hair down on prom night but still want a special look. Start by creating a deep side part, then pull all your hair the side opposite of the part. Now use a curling wand to create loose waves. To ensure that all of your hair stays on one side, you may need to use a few bobby pins, and extra hairspray, but you will look stunning all night.

Who: Lucy Liu
Where and When: Golden Globes, 2013
Lucy’s red carpet is a fabulous option for prom, and it is super easy! Once your hair is completely dry, apply some shine serum and go ahead and create two side fishtails along your hairline, then merge them together into one. Continue fishtailing your hair to the very end and secure it with an elastic. You can use bobby pins to tuck in any stray pieces that made their way out of the fish tail.

Selena Gomez

s_bukley /

Who: Selena Gomez
Where and When: Met Gala, 2014
Selena is never one to disappoint when it comes to beauty and she left onlookers speechless as she made her way down the red carpet. To show off her plum colored dress she wore a classy up-do. This one is actually pretty simple and you could probably even do it yourself. All you need to do is separate your hair into three pigtails, one on top of the other. Before rolling up each section and pinning it, give your hair volume by teasing it. Finish the look with some strong hold hairspray so you are able to dance the night away.

Who: Nina Dobroev
Where and When: Oscar Viewing Party, 2014
Nina’s was flawless. For those of you who are less than interested in the elaborate updo’s Nina’s red carpet ponytail is the perfect prom hair look for you. Start by teasing the top of your hair, just as you would for a hair poof, then pull all your hair back into a ponytail (use a comb to be sure that you get every last strand of hair). With a reliable elastic, secure your ponytail, then take a small section of hair from the ponytail and wrap it up to completely cover your elastic. Use some hairpins to hold it in place and finish the look with some hairspray!

Edgy Prom Accessories

Woman getting ready for prom

Stereotypically, prom is often thought to be just for the girly-girls. The thing is, this high school ball is enjoyed by all girls, no matter what their style. Edgy girls will tell you that one of the most difficult parts about prom season is finding accessories that fit their taste for the big night.

Fortunately, we have put together a list for all the edgy gal’s who need some help finding the perfect prom accessories for their magical day – have a look:

Studded Platforms
A pair of studded platform heels are the ultimate edgy prom accessories! Regardless of the color or cut of your dance gown, the platform heel will help you stand with grace and poise, in addition the studs will give the impression that you are a BA girl that should not be messed with. Studded platform heels are available in a variety of heights and colors, and are made by tons of different brands.

Woman wearing a jacket

Pleather Jackets
When you walk back out to the limo with your date at the end of the night, chances are you will be pretty chilly. Of course, you could steal your date’s suit coat, or you could end the night in perfect edgy fashion by wearing a chic pleather jacket… we like the second idea much better.

Black Tennis Shoes
For the edgy girls who have no interest in pulling off heals, the next best edgy option is a pair of black tennis shoes. The most common shoes of this kind the classic converse, you can even take the edginess up a notch by going with the high-topped shoes.

Triangle Ear Jackets
Ear jackets are all the rage right now, and why not? They are beyond adorable and even versatile! Admittedly, the majority of ear jackets do have a peppier, Jackie Kennedy feel to them, however, if you spend some time looking around there are a few different edgy ear jacket options. Our favorite edgy ear jackets for prom season are the triangle/spike shaped ones. Chances are you will be able to find a matching triangle necklace.

Pleather Wrap Bracelets
Every girl needs a bracelet to wear opposite of her corsage, and the pleather wrap bracelets are the perfect edgy option! Often times you can find these wrap bracelets accented with gold and silver chains, colored pearls, zippers and studs. If you find one that you really love, chances are you can even ask your florist to use this bracelet to make your corsage!

Woman wearing a bracelet

Chain Bracelets
The layered accessory look is totally in, and what better way to rock it at prom then with an edgy twist? Look for a chain bracelet that is loaded with thin and chunky chains, giving the impression that you have tons and tons of bracelets on, when it is really only one. For an even edgier look opt for the bracelets that have the black colored chains, skulls or metal fringe.

Black Cosmetics
Okay, so cosmetics are not actually an accessory, but like accessories, cosmetics can totally make or break an outfit (in this case, your prom dress). For an edgy makeup look, there are plenty of options: heavy black mascara, an ultra dark smoky eye, sassy black lips, (and for those who want a darker look but do not necessarily want to go with back), dark red lips or even navy lips.

Your Guide to 2015 Prom Hair Styles

So, prom season is here, and you have your dress picked out, your makeup look chosen, got the cutest pair of shoes, and now all that’s left to do is to decide what type of hairstyle you are going to go with. With so much to choose from, it can be stressful trying to decide what look is right for you. One of the most important things you can do is to choose a style that will complement your face shape, and complement the look you are going for. Lionesse is here to help offer you some advice for you to choose the right type of hair style for the 2015 prom season.

Messy Updo with Curls or Braids

The Messy Updo with Curls or Braids
This messy updo look is a surefire hit when it comes to the prom of 2015. The messy look has extended far beyond prom into everyday hair styling, and it only makes sense to incorporate something so simple into something so glamorous. Choose a style that has braids on the sides, curls, or both! Use your imagination to develop and create your very own style.

Braided Updo Look

The Braided Updo
The braided updo is a beautiful rendition of the typical updo. It offers class, style, and elegance all rolled into one – and it looks absolutely breathtaking in nearly any style. Opt for a fishtail braid for something a bit more intricate, or something as simple as a dutch braid for something a bit less over the top, but still beautiful and well formed.

Prom Hair

The Chignon or Bun
The Chignon is a bit more of a formal, yet messy, looking bun that twists more tightly than a typical bun would. On the other hand, the bun can be formed to include curls, which can really give something special to the overall look. Either of these styles is sure to look stunning on prom night. For something special, have your stylist incorporate some hair jewels or pearls into the style to really give it something elegant. As pictured here, the rose bun looks absolutely elegant and would work for any special occasion.

Hair Style for Prom 2015

Half Up – Half Down
This is not your typical half up, half down hair style. This is the prom look, after all! The half-up half down style for prom 2015 is all about incorporating braiding techniques and curls or waves into the mix, adding dimension, layers, volume, and of course, appeal. The half up, half down style looks beautiful with flowers added in, or even some colored hair spray for an added something special.

These are just some of the many hair trends for this 2015 prom season. Lionesse hopes we have inspired you to find your prom style, and take it to the next level by customizing it and making it your very own. Remember to ask your stylist what style would work best for your face shape, hair color, or dress choice. They have the ability to pair you with the perfect style for you, so take their advice and you can’t go wrong.