Experimenting With Dip-Dyed Hair

woman with dip-dyed hair

Dip-dye and ombre colored hair have been quite popular for a few years now. The looks can be seen in both hi-fashion and street-style, and now you’re ready to give the trend a try too. You may be wondering what the difference is between dip-dyed and ombre colored hair; some of you might not have even known that there was a difference. Well, ladies, there is indeed a difference between dip-died and ombre hair! The easiest way to differentiate between the two is recognizing that ombre-colored-anything is the gradual process of once color smoothly blending into another. So when you look at ombre hair, you will notice that the chemically colored ends of the hair get gradually get lighter and lighter along the strands. Dip-dye, on the other hand, offers more of a solid transition from one color to the next – almost like a color block.

If you’re interested in dip-dyed hair, but aren’t ready to call your stylist and take the plunge at the salon that’s totally understandable. This bold look can be…well, bold. Which is why we’ve put together this step by step tutorial for you to experiment with dip-dyed hair at home. In doing so you should be able to get a good idea of how you feel about the look and if you think it’s something you’d want to consider more permanently.

  1. Before you go coloring your hair all shades of the rainbow, take the time to get inspired and figure out the color that you want. Even though this tutorial is only going to give you temporary color, it’s still going to stay put for a few weeks, so you’ll want to make sure that it’s a color you’ll be happy with.
  2. Once you’ve settled on a color, you’ll need to purchase a product that is labeled as “semi-permeate.” This will ensure that the color doesn’t last for months.
  3. In addition to the coloring product, those with darker hair may need to purchase a  lightening or bleaching product. The reason being that light colored tips is the key to achieving the actual color that you want; bleaching out the dark color from your hair allows the colored dye to set.
  4. When preparing to dip-dye, you should purchase more color than you think you need. It may seem silly, but the last thing you want to do is run out of color before you’ve completed coloring your hair. You should also purchase a pair of gloves, to avoid skin irritation and some sort of plastic cover-all for your counters.
  5. Be sure that you’re wearing an old shirt that you wouldn’t mind throwing out. Additionally, wrap your neck with an equally old towel to protect your skin from stain and irritation.
  6. Brush or comb hair that it already completely dry and set up all your products in front of you on the countertop. It’s easiest to do this in the bathroom that way you have a mirror right where you need it.
  7. Section by section, bleach the hair where you want the finished color to be. Because every bleaching product is different, it’s best that you follow the instructions for the product that you purchased.
  8. After you’ve rinsed out the bleach, repeat the same process with the color, directly on top of the bleached hair. You can either use a brush and paint it on, or you can literally dip each section of hair into the dye bowl and use your fingers to spread the color.
  9. After you’ve applied the color to each section wrap it in foil. This will help the product cure faster. Again, to ensure the best possible results from the product you purchased, follow the instructions on how long to let the product sit on the hair.
  10. Once the product has had enough time to color your locks, remove the foil wrappings and rinse the product out of your hair until the water runs clear. After the product is rinsed out wash your entire head of hair with conditioner only. Keep in mind that the more frequently that you wash your hair, the sooner the color will fade.

Removing Brassy Hair Tones

Any woman who’s ever colored or highlighted her hair blonde knows that the fresh-from-the-salon color doesn’t stay along for all that long. All it takes is a week’s worth of showers before your light and ashy strands start to lose their luster. Only a few short days-to-weeks later (depending on your lifestyle and environment) your highlights that were once as blonde as Brittany Spears’ are now yellow and brassy. Some women are okay with the brassier tinted shades, specifically those who go with a darker or caramel shade of blonde because the shifting of shades isn’t as noticeable. However, those who prefer a beachy bleach blonde shade, or even silver shade, will notice the color change almost immediately. Although the yellow hue is annoying, it’s almost guaranteed to happen. Luckily, it’s also easily to fix and prevent! Read on to find out what causes brassy hair tones and how to remove them!

Woman with brassy hair.

From Ashy to Brassy
Even though we use the name of one color to describe the color of our hair (i.e., brown, blonde, red), it’s actually a variety of warm and cool tones which alternate to create a dimensional appearance. Regardless of your hair color, the warm tones contribute to the hair’s appearance by giving it depth or darkness. The cool tones, on the other hand, balance the warm tones to give it the neutral color you see when you look in the mirror.

Of course, everyone’s hair color is a bit different from the next person’s; you could have 100 brunettes in the same room and have difficulty finding two people with the exact same shade of brown. If these 100 women bleached their hair to become blonde, however, those with naturally darker hair would be more susceptible to brassiness. The reason being that dark hair needs to go through a lightening process which changes the hair from brown to deep red, then to a pale yellow. When the hair becomes yellow it will then be toned with a dye to reach a natural looking ashy blonde color.

Now, take a moment to consider what happens after a naturally blonde haired woman dyes her hair brown, and then takes a few showers…the brown dye will ultimately start to fade. This is exactly what is happening to natural brunets when their blonde turns brassy – the toning dye is fading, but the result of the bleaching remains. Thus turning ashy blonde strands to golden and brassy yellow.

Woman with ashy blond hair.

From Brassy to Ashy
Knowing that bright blonde tresses dull due to the fading of toning hair color, wouldn’t it make sense to recolor the blonde strands? Well, it’s just that simple! When you tone, (a.k.a. add a toning color) to brassy hair, you are adding cool dimensions to your hair. This works to neutralize the hair by ridding copper and brassy tones and replacing them with silver ashy tones.

If your hair is already very brassy, the best thing you can do to cool the warm tones is to get a toning treatment. Whether you make an appointment to get it done at the salon, or you purchase an at home tonight treatment, you’ll get similar results. If you go to a salon, they are likely to use a gentle semi-permanent color which deposits the needed pigment into your strands to prevent damaging already weak hair. If you prefer to perform this process at home and are confident in your hair’s strength and stability, then you can find a brass-eliminating treatment where you would typically buy an at-home hair coloring kit.

If your hair is only slightly brassy, or even if it still has the majority of its ash, you can prevent the copper hue from ever making an appearance by investing in a high-quality toning shampoo. These shampoos are typically a bright purple or violet color. The purple color works to neutralize brassiness in its tracks. When using a toning shampoo one should take extra care to use an ultra-repairing and hydrating conditioner, the reason being that even the best purple shampoos are known to dry out healthy and hydrated strands.

Are You A Cool Or A Warm Blonde?

Blonde woman

Have you ever had your hair colored to perfection, only to look into the mirror a few weeks later and notice that your hair had a strange yellow tint to it? If so, this yellow tint that you noticed is actually a Brassy tone. Brassy tones are probably the top complaint of those with blonde hair. That said, brassy tones are the result of extra blonde warm tones.

If you’re unsure of what all of this hair color mumbo jumbo means, check this out: When your stylist is creating the formula to color your hair, he or she is using a color wheel to determine which chemicals will make for the best color. Before mixing up the color, during the consulting part of the appointment you might hear her use the terms brassy and ashy. When referring to the entire color wheel, brassy or warm tones include the colors red, orange, and yellow, while ashy or cool tones include green, blue, and violet. However, when speaking only of the blonde spectrum it is easiest to think of a scale that goes from 1 to 15. Imagine the beginning of this scale being a warm yellow mustard color, but as the numbers on the scale progress to the center of the scale (say 7 or 8) it lightens to a neutral cream color. Because you can’t get much lighter than cream or white, the remainder of the scale will go from white to gray. Remember, yellow is at the start of the spectrum, and is considered a brassy color, which means it’s warm; thus the opposite side of the scale is cool. What does all this mean for you? Simply those whose blonde hair is more of a sweet sunny color are warm blondes. Of course, this means that those who have silver or platinum colored hair are cool blondes.

Now that you have a better idea of the difference between warm and cool blondes, you certainly have an understanding of why your bleach blonde isn’t as bleach colored as it once was – because for one reason or another the cool, ashy tones have faded to warm, brassy ones. Some ladies may be okay with the warmer tones but others can’t stand it! If you find that you’re one of those who isn’t a fan of the warmer tones, check out the tips below to reverse and prevent them!

  • Use a violet shampoo for regular maintenance. Since violet and yellow are on opposite sides of the color wheel, the purple color works to neutralize the brassy color. Sometimes violet or purple shampoos can be extremely drying, which is the last thing that vulnerable, bleached hair needs. Protract your hairs integrity while preventing brassiness by alternating violet shampoo with your regular shampoo every other day.
  • Use a violet conditioning treatment on a semi-regular basis. This is a great option if you are a fan of conditioning treatments and are able to find the time do them every-so-often.
  • Schedule a toning treatment with your stylist in-between root touch-up appointments. If you notice that the brassiness acts up during the summer it’s because the sand and salt water tend to do some serious damage to cool tones. It can be annoying, but it is also super easy for your stylist to take care of with a toning treatment.

Over the Rainbow

Rainbow hairstyle

Rainbow colored hair is one of the hottest trends in the beauty world right now! If you’re like the majority of women interested in the look, chances are you have no clue of how to go about the vibrant style. If you are feeling a bit lost in the clouds over the rainbow look – but that’s okay! Read on to gather the info of everything you need to know for rocking the rainbow.

Color and Incorporation
If you’re reading this article, chances are more than likely that you’ve already begun looking into the different colors and styles that fall under the umbrella term of Rainbow Hair. It seems that there are more and more options everyplace you look. If you know you want to go for the look, but are looking for some extra inspiration, here are a just a few of our favorite color palettes and a handful of ways to incorporate the color into your hair:

  • Standard Rainbow: Just as it sounds, standard rainbow uses the six elementary rainbow colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple).
  • Electric Rainbow: This selection of colors is just a bit different from the standard rainbow in that instead of sticking to the typical rainbow shades, the colors are amplified; think of using highlighters to color a rainbow, rather than crayons.
  • Unicorn: This theme is super delicate and ultimately favored by those who typically stick to lighter color palettes. Colors in the unicorn rainbow include silver and very light blue and pink.
  • Watermelon: The daring watermelon rainbow includes the two main colors of the juicy fruit, pink and green.

Keep in mind that the color themes mentioned above make a very limited list. There are many, many more rainbow hair colors including electric watermelon, sherbet, mermaid, and more; the color options are endless. Once you’ve chosen the colors for your new look, you’ll need to decide how you’re going to incorporate the color into your hair.

  • A (very) full set of highlights: this will give you multi-colored streaks evenly throughout your hair.
  • Rainbow Roots: With this method, the rainbow color will not be visible when your hair is styled straight and left down, however as soon as you curl your hair, put it up, or even run your fingers through it, the rainbow color will pop.
  • Under Lights: This is very similar to rainbow roots, the variance being that there is less color and it is more of a streaky color than a chunky root color.
  • Under Layer: this is similar to getting a partial set of highlights; instead of getting the color on top of your head it will be under layers of hair and only visible when you pull your hair up into a ponytail or bun.

When the Trend Ends…
Just like any other bright beauty trend, this one will one day come to an end, which is why it’s important to keep in mind that rainbow hair is a pretty hefty commitment. If you’re not sure you can handle the commitment, there are a number of ways to rock the rainbow with lesser commitment, such as semi-color, hair chalk, and colored hair spray. That said, if you’re up for the commitment, here are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind during the heat of the trend, as well as when the trend starts to die down:

  • More likely than not, your stylist will have to bleach your hair prior to adding in a multiplicity of colors. This means that your hair will be extremely fragile as it will have gone through a double process to get where you want it. To maintain your hair’s integrity, it’s a good idea to use a deep conditioning treatment once a week or so. Another way to care for your newly colored hair is to wash it less frequently, this way it has a chance to absorb all those natural oils before they get washed out.
  • Keep in mind the typical fading time for the colors you’ve chosen; you may have residual hair color when the rainbow trend begins to die down. The best thing you can do in this case is to let the color fade naturally. By doing so, you are prolonging any re-damaging of the hair that may happen when you choose to dye your hair again. Typically, green, blue, and purple take the longest to fade.
  • No matter what color you dye your hair, new growth will appear, giving you those oh-so-dreaded-roots. With a “typical” color, you can simply visit your stylist to re-high light the new-growth and solve the problem, but it doesn’t work quite the same with rainbow colored hair. Eventually, you will be waiting for your color to fade, as your roots grow in and the trend has ended. You don’t want to color the roots, as this would only defeat the purpose to letting the color fade. But, remember you did a double process, which means under all that color, the hair cuticle is much lighter than the root, which makes things difficult. The best way to avoid awkward roots is to allow your hair to go through the natural fading process and have your stylist help you get your hair color where you want it.

Summer 2016 Hair Hues

Women have been changing up their hairstyles for summer ever since new hair hues and fancy cuts became an option. Now that beach season is finally here, you may be yearning for the perfect new ‘do. This summer, its all about going lighter, brighter, and intense with those locks. Check out our list of summer 2016 hair hues, and get ready to heat up your look!

When it comes to fashion and makeup, nude tones are all the rage right now; it was only a matter of time before nude hair started gaining popularity. Nude is created through a balance of warm and cool tones. The opposing tones sort of “cancel” each other out and create a flattering natural color that looks great on all skin tones.

Pewter Blonde

DFree / Shutterstock.com

Pewter Blonde
Blonde is always a safe summer color but this summer, light blonde is turning up a notch! Pewter blonde is great for those who are already rocking beach-bum colored locks. Your stylist will likely make this look work for you by adding a full set of platinum highlights, then throwing in a few silver streaks. You can even request that your stylist to add in some honey or gold streaks in the front to help frame the face.

That’s right, your favorite summer snack might just be your favorite hair hue of summer 2016. Perhaps the most adventurous color trend of the season, watermelon hair is created through a double process. Your stylist will start by lifting or bleaching the hair so that it a ready for color, then (s)he will combine vivid greens  in the upper two-thirds, which will melt into sweet flirty pinks in the bottom portion of the hair.

creamy blonde hair hue

Creamy Blonde
For those of you who love blonde hues, but aren’t digging the rock ‘n’ roll vibe of pewter blonde, you might be interested in going for a creamy blonde color. Your stylist will add a mix of golden hues and white blonde hues, for a sexy, sophisticated, creamy blonde look that flatters just about every skin tone.

Color Bleed
The color bleed trend can be done with virtually any two hair colors, although we think the trend looks best on those with already-dark hair. Similar to an ombre, your stylist will gradually blend the vibrant color of your choice from the roots all the way down. When done correctly, it should not look like over-due new growth, rather the colors should just melt into each other.

Snowlights highlighting

Snow Lights
The trend of “snowlight” highlights began this spring and is getting more and more popular.  This new trend that every blonde girl should try is easy to achieve. Your stylist will take your hair to the next level by adding pale blonde highlights all throughout your hair, creating the illusion of lifted, shimmering locks.

Auburn Balayage
For all the girls who are in-love with Selena Gomez’s hair, but not to sure why, here’s your answer! Selena has been rocking her layered auburn balayage, and you can rock this look too! Ideal for longer-layered styles, your stylist will add dimension to already dark hair by strategically placing auburn colored streaks throughout the middle and end portions of the hair. You’ll leave the salon with locks that look like they’ve been kissed by sun.

Creating Summer Highlights

Woman with long hair

The summer season and highlighted hair have had a close relationship for longer than we can remember; for some reason, the sun just seems to inspire us to lighten up our locks. More than likely you’ve ended up here, reading this very article, because summertime has got you interested in a lighter do. In previous years the decision to “highlighting your hair” left you to choose between two options: thick and chunky highlights, or thin and piece-y streaks. Thankfully, artist of the beauty world has provided us with more than a few choices today.

Being that a girl’s highlighting choices aren’t as limited as they once were, we have pulled together a few different highlighting style options. Take your time reading through the highlighting possibilities, that way you know exactly what you want when you make your next salon appointment.

A Summertime Balayaged Lob
What better way to rock the hottest haircut of the moment, the l(ong b)ob, than to bring in some added dimension with a tortoiseshell balayage to lighten things up?! Tell your stylist that you’re interested in an ecaille balayage, let him/her take the rest from there.

Light and Long Summertime Hair
If you’re the person who wants highlight your hair as much as possible, without actually going all-blonde, you’ll love the idea of light and long highlights. This works best on hair that is a natural light brown, but can be achieved in the double process as well for those of you who have darker hair. Either way, explain to your stylist that you want a full set of dimensional blonde highlights.

Heavy Highs and Lows
For those of you that love the look of thick, chunky highlights, you should opt for a partial set of highlights mixed with a partial set of lowlights. Make your look stand out every once and a while a by curling your hair to revile each and every low and highlight.

Long hair highlights

Subtle and Strong Summer Highlights
If you know you want highlights, but are scared that you’ll look too blonde, this is the perfect look for you. Your stylist will create somewhat of a hybrid ombre; your highlights will start ¼ to ½ the way down your hair shaft. Some streaks will be thick and rather subtle, while others will be a bit stronger. The alternating pattern creates an illusion of natural sunkissed highlights, the only difference is the highlights are right where you want them.

Brown + Blonde + Honey hues
If you’re interested in a dimensional look, but don’t necessarily want the look of artificial highlights, you are the perfect candidate for tai-colored highlights. Tell your stylist that you’re in light brown lowlights, blonde highlights and honey highlights. Did we mention that this look looks radiant on just about every skin tone?

Frosted in the Summertime
Do you already have blonde hair, but find that you still wish to go lighter for the summer? That’s okay! This can easily be done with a partial highlight, just a few shades lighter than your base blonde, and a total toning treatment. A week or so later you may notice the silver or frosted tones begin to fade, to keep your hair just as silver and vibrant as the day you walk out of the salon, go ahead and buy a high-quality toning shampoo.

Hair Colour: Jet-Black is Back

Megan Fox

s_bukley / Shutterstock.com

Sharpie Strong
Selena Gomez, Megan Fox, Demi Lovato, Ciara, Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner. What one thing do all these beautiful ladies have in common? Gorgeous, jet-black hair. Yes, it is true, black hair has made a comeback.

But as with any hair colour change, black is one that should defiantly be considered, and most certainly not done on a whim. We spoke to Madison, a multi-talented hairstylist and makeup artist who works at ritzy, high-class salon and day spa. Madison told us that nine out of ten times when a customer with coloured black hair walks in, they made the appointment because they accidentally died their hair black. What a lot of women do not seem to recognize, she explained, is that there is a major difference between super-duper dark brown, and black.

The thing with colouring your hair jet black, is that you really can not go back. Just like sharpie on your favorite blouse, it leaves a stain that is utterly resistant from removal. Madison explains that black hair dye is just as permanent and damaging as that permanent marker that your kids are banned from playing with.

Undo the Damage to the ‘Do
Many young women colour their hair jet-black using box dye at home. The thing is, box dye of any shade is not the best decision, and black box dye is one of the hardest hair colours to strip. Madison explains when women come to the salon to fix black, they end up spending the entire day there. It is a long process that does quite a bit of damage to your hair. From that point on, your hair will be thin, dry and brittle. How can you prevent this? Be sure that you want black hair before making the change.

Ready for the Change?
If you are absolutely sure you are ready for the change, Madison suggests that instead of going to a flat, dimensionless, jet black, you should schedule a color and low light. Have your stylist dye your hair a dark down shade. Then, add in tons and tons of darker brown low lights and black lowlights. When enough black low lights are put in, Madison explains, you will give you a jet-black look with lots of light-catching dimensions. Not sure if it will work? Ask someone you know who has blonde hair. Chances are they have been alternating getting a full set and partial set of highlights, giving them a dimensional blonde look. The same thing works with low lights!

If you want something more edgy or grungy, Madison suggests doing a brown to black ombre, balayage or colour melt! There are so many options to get the jet-black grunge look without totally killing your hair, the stylist explains.

As always, no matter what colour you dye your hair, be sure to use an ultra-hydrating conditioning masque weekly to keep those locks strong and beautiful.

Top Hair Trends of 2015

As fashionistas everywhere trail blaze ahead into the unknown direction of 2016 hair trends, there needs to be a healthy summary of what came before, in the interest of wisdom to avoid making the same mistakes while taking the most impressive aspects and building upon them. 2015 was definitely a year for breaking the mold and venturing far away from traditional, with impressive new expertise in braiding techniques and some amazing new products that paved the way for new control and new hair health. We learned new techniques for advanced hair care, and we celebrated the messy bun with great affection. While everyone found their own particular likings based on their hair types, condition and the time involved–the following hair trends won out, across the board, for five stars, in all the right categories, which can be broken down as follows: cuts, styles, colors and products.

Natalie Portman

Everett Collection / Shutterstock.com

Top Haircuts of 2015
2015 was the year of going short, with pixies and bobs leading the way. The fade haircut was among the most popular salon requests, followed by layered cuts and a significant variety of bangs. Lead star from Orange is the New Black series Ruby Rose developed a huge following, from her share with the world on how so many processes and products caused her hair to begin falling out in clumps. She inspired an avalanche of cuts, along with another movement toward Ruby Rose Long Hair.

Fishtail braid

Top Styles in 2015
Bantu knots were big, big in 2015, with across-the-board effects that proved to be all about hair being a statement representing a woman’s ability to rock any style, without the need for outside anything. Braids broke through to new ground, with effects including box, crochet, waterfall, French, Dutch and fishtail. Then, add to each technique a myriad of wildly creative configurations that blended braids with full-downs to intrigue and inspire. The Senegalese twist rocked the world of hair in 2015.

Our 2015 Hairstyle Product Support
Waiting a couple days or more between shampoos finally received the go-ahead in 2015, as it was determined that freshly washed hair is nobody’s business–and does its own thing–while day or two-old hair behaves, and can be formed for staying power into the trendiest of modern styles. We found more styling ability with dry shampoo, discovering how we could even spray our hair clips and bobby pins with it to add securing power. Flat irons didn’t disappear, but gave way to curling wands. There was a hunt for anything ionic, and we learned how to exfoliate our scalps to recharge our follicles and produce the healthiest-ever hair.

Purple hair

Hair Colors for 2015
There could not have been more incredible advancements in color in 2015–with each new trend becoming a step up to the next, bold move. Ombre met balayage, and color strobing was introduced. Trending colors were impressive and indicative of every woman’s innate need to express her inner passion and wear it proudly. Let’s hear it for burgundy, purple and even silver entering into the realm of lovely possibilities. Blonde highlights reached new heights, with more precision and multidimensional effects that rocked hair effects with unsurpassed elegance. We became avid fans of dark roots, and how they add a visual effect of hair being thicker, fuller and more voluminous.


Color Perfect: Hair Colors for the Holidays

While you’re putting together the best holiday outfits, why not make some changes to the rest of your look, as well? A new hair color can be like the gift you give yourself that will last all season long. You may just like to have the new color for the winter, or you may decide that you’ve found your perfect new do.

Here are a few of the hottest hair color trends you might want to try out for the holidays:

Ronze hair color.

No, that’s not a typo. Ronze is a hot new creation that combines bronze, red and brunette tones to create a beautiful color that will brighten up any complexion during the dreary winter. Ronze will look great on anyone, but you need to tweak the shade to match your specific complexion.

Darker skin tones should opt for a deeper shade of ronze that has more prominent brunette tones. Choose golden ronze tones for medium complexions, and go for a brighter red shade for pale complexions. Not only will a ronze hair color brighten up your complexion, but if you have cool coloring, the ronze hair color will warm you up. Consult with your colorist to get the exact right shade.

Sombre hair

Remember when ombre was all the rage? Maybe you didn’t want to try it because you didn’t like the harsh lines that the style created, making the look too disconnected for your taste. You may want to give sombre a try.

Sombre is like ombre, but the gradient is much more subtle — thus the name, which stands for “subtle ombre.” The gradient is very gradual, going from dark to light in a way that looks natural.

Bronde hair color

This season’s hair color trends are all about combinations. Bronde is a combination of blonde and brunette hair, which creates a sandy, sun-kissed look. Just think of celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Cara Delevingne to get an idea of how this looks. It’s a naturally beautiful style that will warm up your look for the winter. It’s also effortless to maintain.

Platinum hair color.

If you want to go full ice princess, get a dramatic look with platinum hair. Your icy white locks will be perfect for the season, and you’ll be channeling style icons like Gwen Stefani and even Marilyn Monroe. Who wouldn’t want to look like these beauties?

Platinum hair is harder to maintain since your roots will show up starkly against your hair in a matter of a couple of weeks. This is also a look you should not try yourself since you can quickly damage your hair with the bleach. Always go to a stylist to have the hair bleached, and ask for the right products to protect your hair.

Have fun with your look this holiday season. Try out one of these fresh new colors to get a new look and to brighten up your holidays. You may discover that the color creates your favorite look yet.

We would love to hear from you! Tell us about YOUR favorite hair colors for the holidays!

Newest Hair Coloring Trends

Hair coloring trends

Somewhere during the life of any popular anything, there can appear some distinctive elements found within that anything which simply offer a greater degree of staying power, ably sustaining the popularity and life of what started out as a trend, so that ultimately the trend migrated to the status of being textbook worthy as a design, or style. With a wave (excuse the pun,) of so many glamorous coloring effects from which to choose, there appear to be many trends poised to make the transition from being just too good to totally ditch. What may have started out as one trend in coloring now just continues to evolve into another form of application by means of tweaking, to another, and another and so forth. These stunning trends are remaining, but more with the distinction of evolving, rather than remaining as unchanged and flatly accepted styles. One such coloring technique more or less began with the highly popular ombre, which manages to continue in a number of different forms.

Know Before You Go
Anyone considering a color change has never before had such an impressive variety of wonderful choices before them. It’s good to know exactly what each method entails, as some defining differences among them are slight, while others are jump off the page bold. With the basic question beginning identically, here are the most current trending forms of hair color, broken down. So, what is…

Ombre Hair?
Methods of application of this process bearing a French moniker can vary slightly, but the result is a move to somewhat darker and more natural looking tones for the root area, and a gradual progression of lightening that increases on its way down to the ends.

Sombre Hair?
Ombre, with a softer result, and a more gradual progression, featuring a more natural effect with less contrast than Ombre.

Ombre, gone a whole lot bolder. With several edgy to natural color options – this one rocks color.

Luxe Blur?
This technique involves blending of luminous colors to produce multi-tonal depths of dimension. A bolder technique with silver, deep colors and gold shimmer effects.

A very natural, handpainted lightning technique that is performed foil less and capless.

Ecaille, or tortoiseshell?
A way to go darker and deeper with ombre, while holding onto the blonde highlights. Provides an enrichment to overall hair color with a strong focus on creating a vivid sheen.

Lived-In Hair?
Unofficially the 2015 version of ombre, this one allows a full 6 months between redos, and it is a rather tedious and time-consuming process, taking up to 3 hours to complete, but oh so worth every second of eloquent hand painting technique.

Remember to check with your stylist BEFORE trying out these newer methods of hair coloring if you are going to do it yourself. It’s always better to get a professional’s help before attempting something new, than after. Prevention is way easy than fixing (and less expensive!)

We would love to hear from you – what are some of YOUR favorite new hair coloring techniques?