A Bun For Work, The Weekend & In-Between

Bun hair styles are great for so many different occasions, which is likely why so many ladies go to the trusted bun hair look for so many occasions.  While buns are so great for different situations in your life, we know that it can be difficult to know how to take this versatile type of hair style and make it appropriate for different occasions.  We’re sharing tips for helping you to achieve a bun for work, the weekend and in-between.  Because, yes!  Buns can be worn for ALL of these occasions.

woman at cafe bun

Don’t Over Think It
The thing about buns that often tends to get ladies tripped up is over thinking the styling process.  Keep in mind that regardless of the occasion, the less ‘perfect’ it is the more unique the bun style looks.  While there are bun styles that are great when done in a slicked back manner – if that’s a style that’s really difficult for you to achieve, don’t feel like that’s your only option.

Add Texture
Adding texture too your bun hair style is a great way to add some uniqueness to your look that can make it perfect for so many different occasions.  It gives it that effortless chic look – and who doesn’t love that?  You can add texture to your bun by FIRST applying dry shampoo to your hair, and then styling your hair in the bun hair style you desire.  The dry shampoo gives your hair that natural texture look that also makes your hair much easier to manage and style in a bun.

Add a Braid to the Mix
Braids are kind of everything right now in the hair world, and they’re a great way to add some extra style to your favorite bun hair style.  Once you get into the routine of styling your hair in buns, you can have the longing for a change to your favorite hair style – braids are a great way to do that.  You can add braids in so many different ways, too.  Whether you choose to add a braid to the side of your hair leading into the bun, or actually braiding the ponytail portion of your hair and wrapping it into a bun – you can’t lose when you add a braid into the mix.

woman with high bun

Play with Different Bun Heights
While it may seem like a bun hair style is a bun hair style, there are so many different ways to mix up a bun.  Playing around with different heights as to wear you style the bun is one of the easiest ways to mix things up.  Low buns, high buns, and buns in the middle of your head are all great – it really gives you the opportunity to create a style that you feel is perfect for the occasion you’re styling your hair for.  Try mixing up the heights you wear your buns for different occasions – we’re going to bet you’re shocked at just how different the same hair style feels based on the height alone.

Try These Japanese Hairstyles

The country of Japan is recognized worldwide for lush, inimitable culture. The people of Japan are known for their fun, yet modish style. Notorious for following all the latest beauty trends, Japanese women frequently sport unique and head-turning hairstyles. Many have wider foreheads that they prefer to hide with bangs; they also believe that bangs, which just barely reach the eyes, alude a sort of desirable-mystery about them. Generally speaking, Japanese women often keep their hair at a healthy, medium to long length. That said, those who prefer to keep their hair on the shorter side tend to have a layered look. In addition to their unique cuts, Japanese women are no strangers to wearing the latest hair color trends, as hair dye often complements their fair skin tone. Check out the popular Japanese hairstyles below and give them a try for yourself!  

Japanese hairstyle

Glam Doll
This look is directly inspired Barbie. In fact, there are a group of women who idolize Barbie, and for this reason, dress up like Barbie regularly. If you want to show off your young and fun side, this look is perfect for you. The Glam Doll leaves plenty of room for personalization, simply because it includes anything that Barbie herself would approve of – the one must-have in the look is thick, full bangs (bonus points is they’re styled with a large barrel round brush). Other than that, you can make the look your own with long, pin-straight locks or large, perfectly placed, bouncy curls. Master the look by adding hair clips, bows, and more!

Roller Buns
This style has reminded popular for more than a few years now. Most often worn by those with shorter cuts or those who belong to the younger generations, the look is super easy to achieve. Begin by creating a center part all the way through your hair, then use an elastic to secure a semi-messy bun on each side of your head. The buns are typically placed up higher on the head, but you can add your own personality to the style be securing them as high or low as you’d like. If you need the look to appear more polished, secure two pigtails, then use two small hair donuts to create buns.

Beautiful woman wearing glasses

Kitty Ears
This look is for anyone who likes to be the center of attention. What you’re going to do is create two tiny pigtails that should line up diagonally above your eyes. Use a regular sized hair tie to secure the pigtail, then twist it around and around just until it starts to coil on itself. Next, wrap the twisted pony completely around the hair tie. Once all the hair is wound up, stick two bobby pins at the base of the kitty ear, so that they are crossing over each other like an X. Once secured with bobby pins, use your finger to pull the center of the wrapped hair up just a bit, in order to create the classic pointy kitty ear.

Twisted Bouffant
This half-up-half-down style looks stunning on those with medium length layered hair, plus it takes almost no effort at all! Simply start by pulling your hair into a loose half pony and use the tip of a comb to pull out just a few small sections of hair. Rather than just securing the pony right away, use our fingers to twist the pony atop itself. Once it’s as twisted as you like, slip a few bobby pins in the top and the bottom of the twist. You can even heat the look up a bit by curling the loose hair – perfect for date night.

Cowgirl Hair

Woman with ponytail braids wearing a hat

From their cowgirl boots to their toned bums, which they seem to effortlessly flaunt in their Daisy Duke cut-offs, to their seemingly perfect messy buns, a cowgirl’s style is always on point. As the temperature begins to rise and summer sets itself in full swing, the last thing anyone of us wants is our long hair getting icky and sticky on the back of our necks. So, we decided to take a few hair styling tips from the sassy cowgirls of today, and figure out how to create the perfect, summertime, sexy, cowgirl hairdo (a.k.a a chic farm girl messy bun).

Since we understand that the messy bun, has taken on a whole new meaning over the past few years, we have provided you with two different, cowgirl approved, hairstyles. The first cowgirl hairdo takes minimal effort and is perfect for those days when you are running behind and are okay with your messy bun getting a bit…well, messy. The second cowgirl hairstyle takes a bit more effort, as it begins at the top of your head with a Dutch side braid and works its way down to a low, messy bun. Take a few moments to read over the steps involved in each look and decide which cowgirl style works for you!

The Simple, Less Effort Required, Cowgirl Hairdo
Begin the look with either freshly washed and dried hair, or day old washed hair. If you choose the ladder of the two, go ahead and sprinkle some root lifting powder in your roots to give your hair some extra oomph. Next, apply some high-quality heat protectant to your locks – the Lionesses Hair Serum is a perfect choice – and give your hair some cowgirl texture with a large barrel curling iron or clipless wand, being sure to follow up with a few spritz of movable hairspray. Now, pull back the hair on the crown of your head first, and create a low profile poof, being sure to secure it with a bobby pin or two. When you’re ready, pull the rest of your hair to the center back of your head and secure it into a ponytail. Now, with bobby pins at the ready, take sections from the ponytail, use your fingers to shape the section into large and small ringlets, and pin the ringlet close to the base of the ponytail. Finally, secure it all with some medium to strong hold hairspray and you won’t have to worry about you hair falling down all day!

The Sassy, More Elaborate, Cowgirl Hairdo
Just as with the first look, you whether your hair is freshly washed and dried hair, or day old washed hair is totally up to you. Begin this look by creating a right-side part. Now, grab a section of your hair on the more-hair side of your part (which should be the left side). Okay, next you will separate the section of hair that you just grabbed into three equally smaller sections. Those of you who have never attempted a Dutch braid may need some practice with the braiding part of this do.

Now, cross the back section under the middle section. Then simply bring the front section under the middle section. Now, move the back section under the middle and pull in a new section of hair to incorporate into the braid, just as you would with a French braid. Go ahead and cross the front section under the middle, and then just like before, incorporate another section. Keep up this pattern of crossing under and incorporating new hair into the braid until the braid reaches your ear. At this point, continue the braiding pattern, without incorporating new hair and secure it with a small elastic.

Once you’ve tied off the first braid, do the same thing to the other side, with a slightly smaller amount of hair. Again, secure the end of the braid with a clear elastic. Now pull all your braided and unbraided hair into a mid-to-low ponytail, pulling the all of the hair through a hair tie once, then as you would with a bun, warp the hair around again, but only pull the hair half way through. Now, use a few bobby pins to redirect any untamed ends and finish the look with some medium-to-strong hold hairspray.

Simple Hairstyles for On-the-Go Girls

Sometimes it seems like life is so busy that it would be best to just start wearing a turban every day, as it would give you a good amount of time to spend on another rushed aspect of getting ready every morning. Sure, if you spent more time at home and had less to do, you might have sufficient time to play and explore the best hairstyle for every specific day, but this is real life, and it is what it is. With all of the really luxe hairstyles and braiding effects that keep evolving, it would be a real luxury to try one out from time to time, but time is not there to explore these options on your schedule. While you’re thinking that there has got to be something more than giving your hair a quick brush-through and you’re done, you’re right. Actually, there is more than one method for producing great hair in a hurry. Having little to no time doesn’t mean that your hair has to go undone, consequently making your look suffer and ultimately becoming a downer for the day.

bedhead bun hairstyle

Messy Bedhead Bun Fun
The day of the messy bun is here, and you can rock this one easily. All you’ll need is one of those cool over-sized bun donuts. Make a high (unsecured) ponytail and slip the bun onto it where you’ll then, on the top side of the bun, secure the ponytail by using a covered elastic band or hair tie. Next, wrap the ends somewhat loosely over and under the donut, in a kind of haphazard fashion, allowing a certain number of errant strands to escape your grip. Before fully securing and spraying, pull out a few wispy pieces around your face and using hairspray, form these wisps to your liking.

Tied on the Side Bun
This has got to be the forever easiest go-to “do” ever! This one does require your hair being long enough to work, though. Begin by pulling your hair all to one side, and twist it all together, relatively securely. Next, loop the twisted hair around one full pass and loop remaining twisted hair through the center hole made by the loop. It’s OK if any hair remains sticking out, but finish this one by securing with bobby pins and go.

Hair knot

Knot Your Hair
A really cool effect: This one begins with your dividing your hair into two sections at the nape of your neck. Give each side a slight twist, and then loop one side up, over, down and back up through. Secure with bobby pins, or if your hair is long enough, you can continue to make successive knots, securing with bobby pins as you create each one. Finish off with an elastic stretchy band that is covered with your own hair and secured by bobby pins.

Twisted Ponytail
Another fast and super easy one, you start by making a low ponytail and securing it with an elastic band, at the nape of your neck. In the space between your scalp and the elastic band, find the point that is at the center of your head, and with your finger, create a hole there in your hair. Next, take the ends of the ponytail upward and stick them down, through the hole. This will cause the hair leading from your face back to the ponytail to twist inward, creating a nice roll effect. You can work both sides to roll more, as desired. Light spray and you’re set!


Back to School Hair Styles

Girl with braided hair going to school.

It’s that time of year again, the summer is winding down, the weather is getting cooler and school is starting back up. It can be a bit tough to get back into the swing of things and to get excited about summer ending and school beginning, but these seven hairstyles are bound to get you excited to walk into school with you head held high and ready to rock the day.

Messy bun.

Messy Bun
It’s always nice to be able to rely on an old favorite, even though this style has the word messy in it doesn’t mean there isn’t an art to it.

Fauxhawk hairstyle.

If you’re feeling edgy, this style is for you. It’s also perfect if you’re in the process of growing out your hair and want to rock a short style while you can. And don’t worry, whether your hair is naturally straight or wavy or curly, you can still rock this style.

Fluffy high ponytail.

Fluffy High Pony
This style is perfect for our natural girls who may not have a lot of time to style their hair. If you’re looking to mimic this style, but with straight hair or wavy hair, the process is still the same, the results will just reflect your hair texture. For more volume, you can tease the hair.

Fishtail braids.

Fishtail Braid
Braids have become a staple alternative for keeping hair out of the face and a fishtail braid looks great peeking out from a floppy fall hat. This style takes some practice, but no worries, we’ve got you covered… check back for a tutorial on our blog.

Model with straight and sleek hair.

Straight and Sleek
Sometimes going back to basics is exactly what you need to make a statement. For this look, straighten your hair and seal it with hairspray to keep the flyaways at bay. To finish off this look, part it down the middle and to keep it overnight, wrap it. Doing so will keep the hair straight and free from tangles while you sleep.

Woman with curly hair.

Wand Curls
If you find yourself missing the beach when you wake up in the morning for school, grab a curling wand (or a regular curling iron) to create big bouncy curls, it’s a great way to switch up your hair if you normally wear it straight and want to create the look of effortless beachy waves. Not sure where to start when it comes to curling your hair? Check out our blog posts which explain how to curl hair.

Woman dyeing hair

When in doubt, switch it up. Maybe you’ve never dyed your hair before, but always wanted to, or maybe you love your hair shape and just want to spice it up with some highlights or lowlights, whatever your reasoning, dying your ‘do is sure to shake up your looks and turn heads!

While you may not be ecstatic about school starting again, it isn’t all bad and doesn’t have to be something you dread. You’ll get to see your friends and catch up, learn new material and now you have an excuse to switch up your hair. So go ahead and give one of these styles a try, you won’t regret it!