Look Like A Model

beautiful woman

“Girls can be all kinds of beautiful – from the thin, plus-sized,
short, very tall, ebony to porcelain-skinned;
the quirky, clumsy, shy, outgoing, and all in between.”
– Source: Tyra Banks    –

Admit it! There’ve been moments when you’ve been just as shocked as the next person in the supermarket when your Sunday-morning-shopping-eyes glance up at the line in front of you. Just as you grab the customer pile separation stick-thingy you notice the titles on the tabloid covers.

“Is she PREGO or does she NEED TO HIT THE GYM?”

“She’s a WRECK since the split!!”

“Did her makeup artist call in sick today?”

It’s no secret that the media can be cruel and aggressive, but the bold yellow Ariel font is printed beside the three-time Grammy winner who is a forty-year-old mother of four. I’d kill to look like that again, you think to yourself. The “WRECK” looks better than the majority of women look when they’re at the gym. Pshh, she still looks fabulous without makeup, you think as you question if they put the wrong picture on the cover.

The tabloids have published content like this for years and it seems to work for them somehow, it’s truly nothing new, and probably the reason you stopped spending money on them when your allowance became a paycheck. Still, you look at the glossy covers today and the same question comes to your mind: how do models look so stunning on and off duty?

Makeup artist to the stars, Kristen Arnett explains that while all woman are their own kind of beautiful, it takes and effort to look like a supermodel. Here are some of Arnett’s top three tips on how to look like a model.

  • Always, always wash your face: Arnett explains that even the slightest bit of leftover product from yesterday will make the difference between dull looking or glowing makeup today. This means that even in the morning it is a good idea to give your face a quick cleanse. Now, there’s no need for a full on scrub, oil cleansing or which hazel are both good options.
  • Let your facial moisturizer do it’s duty and moisturize: A major mistake that many women make is glopping on a pump of moisturizer right before they start loading on the cosmetics. The problem with the lighting fast application is that the lotion sits on top of the skin; not only is it not going to moisturize, but it’s going to slide down the skin and take all the primer, concealer, foundation, and powder down with it! Have you ever looked in the mirror an hour after getting ready and felt that it looked like you didn’t even put makeup on this morning? This is why! When you apply moisturizer you should be using the pads of your fingers to massage the product into the skin until it is fully absorbed.
  • Be prepared for quick touchup… and another one later: Arnett explains that touchups are essential to looking like a model. The truth is that unless your makeup is tattooed on (ouch!) it’s going to need to be touched up here and there. This doesn’t mean that you need to make room for your entire makeup bag in your purse, but it’s a good idea to have a mascara, lip gloss and translucent powder tucked away behind your wallet.

Makeup For YOUR Hair Color

Whether you are a woman who changes her hair color and cut just as soon as any new trend is announced, or alternately of the persuasion that it’s best to stick with one color and style all the time–never changing a thing–have you ever wondered if your makeup matches your hair? While it’s always been important, there is more attention being devoted to the manner in which one affects the other, in the general process of creating or reducing a beautiful look. Obviously, you apply makeup with the same intent that you style and color your hair–to look fabulous–so there’s more to learn, for a new savvy makeup pairing. Here are some hair guidelines to print out and stick to the mirror where you apply your makeup:

Makeup ideas for blondes

For Blondes
All tones of blonde to light brown look best with soft, pastel shades. Pale pinks and peach tones are your best blush colors, and go with light pinks and peaches to medium roses. Mascara and liner in browns lighten you up, and even pink eyeshadows rock this hair color. Other good color matching shades for shadow include bone and ash tones. For bold nightlife, bolder colors are fine, but be careful not to go overboard. Brows: light to medium ash blonde to sable.

Makeup ideas for dark hair color.

Dark Hair Colors
Moving into darker browns and black, avoid pastels and introduce some non-pale color, especially to your lips and cheeks. Deeper pinks, rose-infused browns and mauves are your best lip and cheek colors. Cooler undertones of blue effects give reds the trick your hair coloring will love. Only black for mascara and liner can be a little lighter, but not much. Dark browns and charcoal liners are the lightest to try. Mocha and gold shimmery shadows complete the lids. Dark tones for neutrals will always be your best bet. Brows should either match or be a couple shades lighter. Brown brows–mahogany, and black brows–never black: smokey.

Makeup ideas for redheads.

For You Redheads
Your choice of warm toned hair color desires a nice warm shade of makeup. Medium to rosy browns make your best blush colors, and some subtle shades of orange undertones are fine. Same goes for lips: peach tones, brown-undertoned pinks and you can rock that red, Girlfriend. Lid shades are fun, with greens fun to play with. Bones, taupes and muted pinks are bliss here. Taupes to red-infused browns are your go-to colors for brows and lids.

Makeup ideas for white hair

Gray Hair Beauty
Of all the colors, Gray hair rocks the passion of deeper makeup shades like no other. Try out those brilliant reds, pinks and oranges–lipsticks and blushes. Go softer on blush tones, though. Stay clear of real colors on your lids–whites and grays are your go-to shades. Dark to medium gray eyeliner, please. Brows: from slate to taupe.

makeup ideas for your hairstyle.

Makeup for Your Hair Style 

  • Bangs: Bangs–especially the voluminous ones naturally draw attention to your eyes. Play it up with some metallics, but stick to the golds and more muted tones here, so you’ll look exotic without looking foreign. Don’t forget the liner, and keep your lips on the nude side, for balance. Bangs that come with those adorable pixie cuts will draw attention to your eyebrows, too, so make sure to keep them in tip-top shape and color with complementary one shade lighter colors.
  • Braids: Long hair, swept up in today’s gorgeous braids call for soft, romantic shades and pastel lips and blushes–nothing dark. We’re calling attention to the hair in this case. Don’t add makeup that fights this effort.
  • Bobs: Perfect style to mute the eye effect and do up those lips–fun, bold colors rock the bob.