Taming Fly-Away Tresses

Woman brushing hair

We’ve all experienced those pesky fly away tresses. It sometimes seems like just when you’ve done your hair and you’re happy with the result, you see pictures of yourself with fly-aways galore peeking up. It’s frustrating to try to tame those fly-aways on your hair, because it can seem like adding too much hairspray or other products can just make your hair heavy and crusty. Let’s face it…no one wants crusty hair. We’re talking about taming fly away tresses, with some real life tips to help you truly tame them!

Conditioner Matters
Experts suggest that conditioned hair is much easier to style and create the look you want. It makes sense, because when our hair is dry and brittle it’s much more difficult to style and can sometimes feel like it’s impossible to get to work with us. Keeping your hair thoroughly conditioned is going to make a major difference in taming fly-away hair. If your typical shampoo/conditioner duo doesn’t seem to be giving you enough conditioning treatment, try adding in a leave-in conditioner OR getting serious about doing a deep conditioning treatment regularly.

Comb, Don’t Brush
If you find/feel you’re especially prone to fly-away hair, experts suggest that you skip using a brush when your hair is wet at all. This is actually a hair care tip everyone should follow, but especially crucial if you’re prone to flyaway hair. Instead of using a brush on wet/damp hair, it’s suggested to use a wide toothed comb. Doing this will help you eliminate causing any breakage or damage to the hair, and when our hair has a lot of breakage it tends to result in more fly-aways.

Use Products
Hair care products have come a LONG way, and we live in a world where there are countless options in hair care products. Fortunately, there are some really amazing anti-frizz hair care products that can really do wonders when it comes to taming fly away tresses. In addition, if you’re looking to use hair care products make sure that you use products that are formulated to work with your hair’s type and the weight of your hair. Using a hair care product that’s too heavy on your hair can result in it looking oily or greasy, and while you probably won’t have flyaways – no one wants oily looking hair.

Unexpected Quick Fixes
While the tips mentioned above are great for taming fly-away tresses in general, we understand that sometimes you have flyaway tresses that you need to be tamed immediately. The good news is you likely have some products that can fix these fly away tresses right away. Some people have actually found that running a dryer sheet over your hair can immediately fix a fly away issue. Yes, we said a dryer sheet! Hand lotion is another quick fix option. Experts suggest applying your hand lotion to your hands (just like you normally do), once you’ve done that gently run your hands over your hair – it will tame those fly-aways easily. The important thing is to make sure you don’t have too much lotion on your hands, as it can also weigh your hair down.