Add Texture and Shine to Healthy Hair

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Want healthy hair?  Of course you do!  While many of us want healthy hair that has great texture and shine, it doesn’t always seem like it’s all that easy to achieve.  Not sure how to add texture and shine to healthy hair?  You’re in the right place because we’ve uncovered some great tips to accomplishing that yourself.  No, you don’t have to be a hair professional to achieve your hair goals and they don’t have to be that difficult either.  Seriously!  So many women feel like having healthy, gorgeous hair is only for the celebs and professionals of the world but it’s just not the case.

Add More Moisture Into Your Hair
Here’s the deal, you know how your skin needs moisture to really be healthy and glowing?  Well, the same rule applies to your hair.  So often when we don’t have hair that’s shiny and full of great texture it’s because it’s lacking moisture.  That being said, we need to add moisture into our hair ourselves.  One of the best ways to do that is by utilizing conditioning treatments like leave-in conditioners, condition balms, and even through the use of hair masks.  Focus on adding more moisture into your hair, it’s likely craving it and you’ll notice that your hair will bring out its natural texture and shine as you start to give it more of the moisture it needs.

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Give Your Hair a Break Sometimes
We’re all about having fun with styling your hair and trying different hair styles through the use of styling tools and products.  However, to really keep our hair health and add that texture and shine we want we need to make sure we’re giving our hair a break every once in a while.  When we apply heat to our hair every single day it can cause our hair to be put under stress, taking away some of the texture and shine we’re working towards.  Make it a point to give your hair a break and allow it to just be at least one day a week.  Your hair will thank you and be more willing to give you that texture and shine you’re so eager to achieve.

Don’t Add Too Much Product
Listen, we’re all about utilizing hair care products to help you get healthy hair that shines and has great texture.  However, there is such a thing as applying too much product to our hair.  While we encourage you to make use of quality hair care products that are specifically formulated to work with your hair type, make sure you’re not adding too much of the products you’re using and don’t add every single product under the sun to your hair.  Having too much product in your hair can negatively affect your hair’s shine and texture.  Often times it can cause your hair to be too weighed down and create too much product build up on your scalp and hair – keeping the shine away.

The Link Between Vitamin Deficiency and Hair Loss

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Hair loss is something that NO ONE wants to have to experience in their lives, it can be incredibly frustrating and even negatively impact your confidence.  While there are quite a few different factors that can play into hair loss occurring, there’s been a major link between vitamin deficiency and hair loss recently.  That’s right, if you’re deficient in certain vitamins experts have found that the result can be hair loss!  Not so fun, right?  We didn’t think so either which is why we wanted to give you the scoop so you’re in the know.

The two major vitamins that have been found to be linked to hair loss when you’re not consuming enough are vitamin D and iron.  There have been a number of studies and research around the topic of hair loss in relation to vitamin deficiency, showing that iron and vitamin D were the main components.  Both vitamins play major roles in our health overall, but are becoming widely known as being deficient through hair loss.  Of course, hair loss isn’t something to take lightly so if you are experiencing hair loss make sure you’re serious about the condition and getting your health back on track.


Both vitamin D and iron contribute to your body developing healthy hair, as well as many other health benefits.  The good news is, even if you are experiencing hair loss due to vitamin deficiency you can reverse it easily.  Naturally, one of the most common ways to help any vitamin deficiency is…eat more foods with those vitamins in them!  If you start to incorporate more food into your daily diet that have vitamin D and iron in them, and still feel like it’s not quite cutting it experts suggest adding supplements with both of these vitamins as well.  Supplements are great ways for you to get a higher dosage of the vitamins and really ensure that you’re getting the suggested amount.  This can be really helpful when your body is in a place that is deficient in these vitamins, to help you truly get back on track and get your body the vitamins its craving.

While vitamin D and iron are two of the most commonly linked vitamin deficiencies to hair loss, biotin and vitamin C (among other vitamins) can also show up as hair loss when your body is deficient in them.  It’s important to make sure that you’re getting all the essential nutrients and vitamins your body needs, not just when you experience a problem but also every other time.  Keeping up with your health in this way gives you the opportunity to keep your health at a more positive place so you don’t end up dealing with things like hair loss.

As we said, hair loss is a very serious thing and not something you should take lightly.  If you feel that your hair loss condition is serious and not getting any better, go see your medical professional to get a medical exam to determine if you have any other medical condition going on.


Healthy Hair: Scalp Massage

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Have you ever seen someone who’s stressed take a deep breath? You know, like a really stressed out kind of deep breath, when they inhale only to lean forward and to bring their temple to the tips of their fingers, and as they exhale they apply pleasure to their forehead? Maybe your mom does this or a coworker of yours; maybe you even do this yourself. Did you know that this is one of our body’s innate reactions to stress? It’s true! Scalp massages, just as many other types of massage, are known to bring the body to ease after a stressful saturation. Believe it or not, stress relief isn’t the only benefit of a scalp massage; here are eight more benefits of a noggin rub:

  1. Regular scalp massage will enhance blood circulation, which in turn promotes new hair growth. When the scalp is tight due to stress studies have found that there is poor circulation and minimal hair growth.
  2. Massaging the scalp will also strengthen hair roots and foster healthy hair-shafts. This means there current hair is strengthened and new hair growth is promoted.
  3. A scalp massage will lubricate and condition the scalp, which prevents flaky, dry scalp without the use of punitive dandruff shampoos.
  4. Keeping the preceding in mind, scalp massages are also known to be miracle workers for dry and damaged hair. This is because massaging the scalp prevents excessive brittleness and split-ends.
  5. As you may have figured out by now, massaging the scalp disperses the natural oils, which promotes a healthy, natural luster.
  6. Additionally, sense scalp massages soften and condition the hair, the hair becomes more manageable.
  7. Scalp massage also improves the integrity of the hair by protecting the hair from the results of the harmful sun, as well as damaging winds.
  8. Routine scalp massage has been found to foster regular sound sleep.

Woman getting scalp massage

Now that you are well aware of the healthy hair benefits of scalp massage, changes are you are wondering how to go about it. So, without further adieu, here are the steps to an amazing scalp massage.

  1. You’ll want to warm up the oil. The best way to do this is to add a small amount of oil into a sturdy plastic bowl, then warm the oil by putting the bowl with oil into a larger bowl filled with hot water. Keep in mind, you’ll want the oil to be warm, not hot.
  2. Once the oil is warm, use your fingertips to apply the oil to various parts of your scalp. There really is no rhyme or reason to this as long as you’re sure it is evenly distributed. While you’re doing so, is also recommended to smooth some oil down and throughout the rest of your hair.
  3. Next, use your fingers to work the oil into your scalp. The best way to go about doing to is to move your fingers in circular motions throughout your scalp. Remember, this should be relaxing, so do not feel the need to rush.
  4. Continue to work the oil on your entire scalp. This means from your front hairline, downs to your ears, and even further to your neck.
  5. Once every part of every piece of hair has been nourished with oil, let the oil sit for 30-60 minutes. For the very best results, wrap a wrung out, hot towel around your head while you let the oil do its work.

Keeping Hair Healthy Through Working Out

Anyone who regularly engages in working out should know that they’re consequently giving their hair a superior advantage, simply by engaging in a form of a health-gaining pursuit. There are actually numerous benefits to the health of your hair, which are produced when engaging in exercise. The best exercise for your hair is any kind that gets your body circulating blood more effectively, causes you to breathe more deeply and gets you to sweat a bit.

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Improve Your Body’s Sebum Production and Quality
When you are involved in activities that require the increased support of your cardiovascular system, one very real plus comes from how your body responds by spewing out toxins more quickly, before they have time to produce adverse effects. Additionally, sweating increases your body’s production of sebum to the hair, and the quality of that sebum is improved when toxins aren’t allowed to stick around for long. Sebum is an oily substance that is secreted from your skin’s glands. It’s your body’s natural conditioner that works wonderfully for preventing your hair from becoming too dry. Steam rooms are top for hair health, but you can even nourish your hair in the potentially harmful-to-hair hot and dry environment of a sauna. Take advantage of sauna time to counteract dryness problems by performing healing restoration by doubling your sauna time with a top quality deep conditioning mask richly coating your tender tresses.

A Healthier Body Grows Healthier Hair
When you make regular exercise and proper stretching a priority of your life, you increase your overall strength and general fitness. When you engage in a healthier lifestyle, your body becomes healthier, which means that it will perform all that it’s designed to do with superior ability and more fluidity. Circulation is improved, resulting in better flow to extremities–head, hands and feet. The combo of deeper breathing along with enhanced circulation ensures the improved health of your hair at the cellular level–the most significant place where hair nourishment is possible.

Stick it to Stress
Among the myriad of malfunctions suffered by your body in responding to stress you’ll find hair loss to be a prevalent side effect. While the problem of thinning hair is rooted (forget the pun here,) to a variety of maladies that are directly related to stress, working out is the numero uno way to stop stress from robbing you of living well. You don’t need scientific statistics or industry data to tell you what you’ve already discovered, first hand: a major result that comes from working out is the dissipation of all the baddies–worry, anger, frustration, anxiety and even the blues. Funny how, even with such a direct correlation, working out can often land down at the very bottom of a lot of daily to-do lists. To take this further, working out => a clearer mind => better attitude => ability to see and transact improved everything. Eliminating stress makes you want to take better care of yourself, your hair and your life– and at the same time, there’s a physiological benefit as well. Being stressed literally strains everything in your neck, resulting in decreased circulation to your head/scalp/hair roots. A stress-free neck is a relaxed neck. While working out will not make your hair grow faster, not working out can certainly interfere with its proper growth.

Native American Hair Care Tips

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Have you ever found a Native American who had gone bald? Do you know why your answer most likely was “No?” When it comes to the secret behind why Native Americans rarely, if ever suffer from hair loss–and particularly male pattern baldness— is found in one place, and only one place–with the elders of the tribe, to whom these hair care rituals have been passed down by the elders, and follows this established method by which all ancient knowledge belonging to the tribe is preserved for all the generations to come. The good news is that by following the ancient hair care regimen prized and guarded by Native Americans, anyone can enjoy the same benefits, beginning today. What follows represents the top conclusions from dedicated scientific research to find a cure for baldness and thinning hair in humans.

Looking for Reasons–Genetic or Environmental?
There’s no wonder why, when thoughts turn to Native Americans as a whole, one of the first images that comes to mind is the long, thick, straight and jet black hair, sometimes braided in different patterns, sometimes beautifully unadorned. It has been the quality of hair that Natives have always sustained along with their apparent immunity protecting them from hair loss that has prompted hair loss research efforts to focus on finding out why. What emerges are many hair care methods employed by Natives that greatly contrast practically everything TV commercials, billboards and much Internet content advises us to follow for supreme full, shiny, sleek hair. While there is evidence to indicate that those Natives most likely to avoid male pattern baldness have a strong heritage within their tribe that stretches back generations, the Native hair care practices are responsible for the health, fullness and shine we all desire.

Hair’s Importance in Native Culture
We may never understand all of the ritualistic ways Native Americans include hair, we know it’s important, and traditionally Navajos would give their children only one haircut on their first birthday, after which it was to be uncut for the rest of their lives. There must be something further associated with the ability of the scalp to generate hair and how the once-standard practice of scalping enemies was prevalently performed. In looking at environmental causes, these are among the leading hair care tips we can learn from Natives:

Watch Those Products
Natives avoid commercial hair care products, including shampoos and conditioners that contain many ingredients that impair hormonal balance that actually causes thinning and baldness and brittle, split ends. Instead, water and herbal infusions replace harsh chemicals, and Natives swear by oiling, or greasing the hair, using a blend of natural extracts and some depend on Vaseline as their only hair product.

Woman getting a scalp massage.

Keep it Active
Frequent scalp massage is a practice of Natives. This is an excellent way to promote healthy blood flow to the scalp and follicles, and stimulate resulting healthy growth.

Eating for Hair Health
The Native American diet is rich in hair-supporting nutrients, packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory elements. They grow much of their food, and it tends to be organic and not chemically laden like what the foods sold in grocery store chains.

Topical and Internal Care
Topical hair care relies on natural ingredients blended and included in washes, potions and salves to benefit hair, scalp and hair-influencing hormones. The most commonly used are calendula, yarrow, sweet grass, creeping juniper, Saw palmetto, and yucca. While also used in topical preparations, there were many botanicals brewed as teas to be consumed for their hair benefits.