Easy Half-Up, Half-Down Styles

Woman getting her hair styled

Doing your hair can be… frustrating, to say the very least. If you’re like us, you get in a routine of wearing your hair in the same few hairstyles over and over. But that can get a little old after a while, and hair should be fun! The great thing about switching up how you wear your hair is it’s not permanent but can be a refreshing change. One of our favorite hairstyles lately is the half up, half down look. We don’t know about you, but many have definitely gotten into the routine of wearing our half up, half down hairstyles the same way every time they rock this look. We’re sharing some easy half up, half down styles to give you some inspiration for this ever-classic style.

The Top French Braid
In case you haven’t already noticed, braids are kind of everywhere lately in the hair and beauty worlds. Personally, we’re all about the French braids and rocking them in totally unique ways. We’ve recently seen some ladies wearing their hair in a French braid, done in the traditional sense but just back about half way through your hair – until you reach the area that you like to create that half up, half down area. It’s an edgy take on a classic hairstyle that’s sure to be gorgeous and give you a totally different vibe to your hair.

Woman with topknot hairstyle

The Half Topknot
Topknots have been all the rage for a few years now, thanks to the Kardashians you really can’t go anywhere without seeing a woman rocking a topknot somewhere. But we’re all about changing and adapting, especially with hairstyles we love as much as the topknot. If you’re with us on this, you’re in luck because the half up, half down hairstyle is merging with the topknot! Yep, it’s really as easy as pulling your hair back in that half up, half down way but instead of leaving the ponytail part down secure it in a topknot style bun.

The Braid Crown – Reversed
You may have seen ladies rocking the braided crown hairstyle before, it’s a gorgeous look that’s always a statement maker. But if you want to give that look an updated twist, and really stick with the half up, half down style it’s all about the reversed version. Basically, what you do is create two braids from the hair just above your ears. Once you’ve created the braids simply bring them to the back of your head and around to the other ear (or around there) and secure them. It creates a total update on the half up, half down look.

Woman with a crisscross hairstyle

The Crisscross Look
This half up, half down hairstyle has been popping up on the internet lately, and we’re kind of obsessed with it! It’s really easy to achieve, too (total bonus if you ask us). All you do to achieve this hairstyle is take small sections of hair from the front and bring them to the back and across the back of your head, and just secure them in place. Do this rotating from one side to the other to create a crisscross pattern in your hair. Easy to do, but a total game changing way to rock the half up half down hairstyle!

Show Off Your Victory Roll

Victory rolls hairstyle

Oh darling, don’t you love a little vintage? A little rust here, a little tarnish there, it’s no matter. It’s remarkable how a few pieces of chipped china and weathered wood can have so much charisma. Certainly, when one thinks of vintage, they think of worn down furniture and faded clothing; styles of which often make their way back around with a bit of a modern twist. On the contrary, one vintage detail that has charmed its way into the hearts of the fashion and beauty world is the classic 1950’s hairstyle, victory roll.

Once worn by American women during the World War II era, this twisted ‘do has been spotted on celebrities such as Katy Perry, Jada Pinkett Smith, Gwen Stefani and more. Not only does this vintage-chic style flatter your face shape, but it’s ultra-glam and bound to get you a few compliments. When you’re ready to rock the victory roll, check out the steps below.

Keep in mind, there are many variations of the look, this tutorial will guide you through the steps of creating a single asymmetrical victory roll. Should you be interested in having a set of victory rolls, you should follow the proceeding steps, then simply repeat the processes on opposite side of your head.

  1. You’ll want to begin with clean, dry, detangled hair. You’ll want to use a comb to create a straight part on the top on your scalp. How/Where you part your hair will depend on whether you plan on creating a pair of victory rolls, or a single asymmetrical victory roll. If you want to create a pair of victory rolls, you will part your hair right down the middle, this way you have the same amount of hair to work with on each side, allowing the rolls to be symmetrical. Likewise, if you want to style a single victory roll you should use the comb to part your hair off-centered, allowing there to be more hair on one side – the further away from the center the part is, the more dramatic the final look.
  2.  Now you’ll want to section off a chunk of hair on the thicker side. You’ll want it to be the top section of hair, that which is “connected” to that part. It should be about two or three times more than the amount of hair that you would take to create a side bang.
  3. Use a clip to hold that section together and secure the remaining hair into a low ponytail so that it is out of your way.
  4. Assuming your hair is out if it’s normal part, it may have a mind of its own. To keep the look tight, slide a bobby pin horizontally into the top of the ponytailed hair where the loosely clipped section begins. Then do the same thing, this time sliding the bobby pin into the roots of the clipped section, positioning the bobby pin where you want the base of your victory roll to lay.
  5. Unclip the section of hair and use both hands to roll it onto itself, being sure to create an O shape as you roll the hair up towards the scalp. Once you’ve rolled the O all the way to the top, hold it in place (easiest done by holding down the inside of the roll) and slip a bobby pin into the base of the O so that it is secured to your scalp.
  6. Use your thumb and index fingers to loosen backside of the O so that it falls into the base of your head – you shouldn’t be able to see through it like you would a tunnel.
  7. Give your victory roll a good bout of hairspray before releasing the elastic and adding just a bit more for that extra hold.

Faux & Half Hawks

The faux hawk trend has taken the hair industry by storm; Like clothing, it is typical for hair styles to go in and out of fashion, but it seems that faux hawks and half hawks are here to stay. The term itself, faux hawk, does have a sort of intimidating ring to it. In fact, a simple Google search on the beauty term brings up the following definition: a hairstyle in which a section of hair running from the front to the back of the head stands erect, intended to resemble a Mohawk haircut (in which the sides of the head are shaved). After giving the definition some attention it’s understandable as to why many women were apprehensive about trying the look at first, giving it a slow climb to popularity. However, with the faux hawk on top we have put together two very easy to follow tutorials: the first one for a classic, all up faux hawk, and the second for a flirty, half hawk.

Faux hawk hairstyle

The Faux Hawk:

  1. Using your thumbs, pull the center front section of your hair back to create a poof, then secure with two bobby pins.
  2. Now, slide your fingers into your both sides of your hair so that you are pulling back the hair which is about halfway between your poof and your ears. Merge the hair you’ve gathered on both sides together, securing it directly under your poof with an elastic.
  3. Use a hair large hair clip to move that ponytail away from the rest of your hair. As in step 2, slide your fingers into your hair, this time grabbing the sections of hair which are right above the ears, then pull them together and secure them with a loop right under the first pony.
  4. Continue to make ponytails that are the same or similar thickness as the first two, depending on your hair type you should finish with about 5-7 individual ponytails. As you pull the hair back, it may be helpful to use a brush to smooth out the hair so that it doesn’t have any unkempt-looking hair bumps. Do your best to keep each ponytail the same distance from the previous. Once you’ve finished gave the sides of your head a spritz of hair spray.
  5. Use a medium-to-large barrel curling iron to curl each section of hair, being sure to curl each pony in multiple sections, not all at once.
  6. Starting back at the top, wrap the curled pony loosely around itself, then secure it to your scalp with hair pins. Spray it with some strong hold hairspray before moving onto the next one. Continue on until all your hair is pinned up and you have yourself a faux hawk.
Rihanna with a half hawk hairstyle

Everett Collection / Shutterstock.com

The Half Hawk:

  1. If your hair is not already naturally curly or wavy, it would be beneficial to distribute hair texturizer to your locks before styling.
  2. Slide your fingers on either side of your hair so that you are gathering all the hair parallel to your brows (about an inch-or-so above your ear) to the crown of your head.
  3. As you bring the hair from each side together, use your thumbs to tuck the outer pieces of hair under the center pieces to create body.
  4. Have bobby pins ready to go as you use one hand to hold the hair in place, pinching the tucked hair under. With the other hand slide a few bobby pins (at least three, if not more) on each side so that you are securing those outer-underneath pieces. It’s best to alternate which side you insert the bobby pin so that you create an X with them.
  5. Once you gave the hair secured with hidden bobby pins, you can release your grip and let that half hawk flow. Don’t forget to mist on some strong hold hairspray!

Try These Japanese Hairstyles

The country of Japan is recognized worldwide for lush, inimitable culture. The people of Japan are known for their fun, yet modish style. Notorious for following all the latest beauty trends, Japanese women frequently sport unique and head-turning hairstyles. Many have wider foreheads that they prefer to hide with bangs; they also believe that bangs, which just barely reach the eyes, alude a sort of desirable-mystery about them. Generally speaking, Japanese women often keep their hair at a healthy, medium to long length. That said, those who prefer to keep their hair on the shorter side tend to have a layered look. In addition to their unique cuts, Japanese women are no strangers to wearing the latest hair color trends, as hair dye often complements their fair skin tone. Check out the popular Japanese hairstyles below and give them a try for yourself!  

Japanese hairstyle

Glam Doll
This look is directly inspired Barbie. In fact, there are a group of women who idolize Barbie, and for this reason, dress up like Barbie regularly. If you want to show off your young and fun side, this look is perfect for you. The Glam Doll leaves plenty of room for personalization, simply because it includes anything that Barbie herself would approve of – the one must-have in the look is thick, full bangs (bonus points is they’re styled with a large barrel round brush). Other than that, you can make the look your own with long, pin-straight locks or large, perfectly placed, bouncy curls. Master the look by adding hair clips, bows, and more!

Roller Buns
This style has reminded popular for more than a few years now. Most often worn by those with shorter cuts or those who belong to the younger generations, the look is super easy to achieve. Begin by creating a center part all the way through your hair, then use an elastic to secure a semi-messy bun on each side of your head. The buns are typically placed up higher on the head, but you can add your own personality to the style be securing them as high or low as you’d like. If you need the look to appear more polished, secure two pigtails, then use two small hair donuts to create buns.

Beautiful woman wearing glasses

Kitty Ears
This look is for anyone who likes to be the center of attention. What you’re going to do is create two tiny pigtails that should line up diagonally above your eyes. Use a regular sized hair tie to secure the pigtail, then twist it around and around just until it starts to coil on itself. Next, wrap the twisted pony completely around the hair tie. Once all the hair is wound up, stick two bobby pins at the base of the kitty ear, so that they are crossing over each other like an X. Once secured with bobby pins, use your finger to pull the center of the wrapped hair up just a bit, in order to create the classic pointy kitty ear.

Twisted Bouffant
This half-up-half-down style looks stunning on those with medium length layered hair, plus it takes almost no effort at all! Simply start by pulling your hair into a loose half pony and use the tip of a comb to pull out just a few small sections of hair. Rather than just securing the pony right away, use our fingers to twist the pony atop itself. Once it’s as twisted as you like, slip a few bobby pins in the top and the bottom of the twist. You can even heat the look up a bit by curling the loose hair – perfect for date night.

Hair Styles for Lion’s Manes

Everyone knows that most Leos tend to have what is considered to be lion’s mane hair – and rightfully so. Leo is signified by the Lion, and therefore it seems only fitting. Most Leos are blessed with a thick, long head of hair. It can be very difficult to find new and creative ways to wear your hair style when your hair is extremely thick and long – but the two of them together can really wreak havoc on your styling capabilities. Today, though, Lionesse is here to the rescue – we have some cute styles that work really well for long, thick hair and they are easily completed by anybody.

The big bun with curly hair.

Big Bun
When you’re pressed for time, have way too much hair to even know what to do with, or you decide you just don’t want to deal with it too much today, you can opt for a big, high bun. This will keep your hair off your shoulders and out of your face- and we all know how awesome that feels during the hot, humid summer months.

Woman with a pinned back curls with volume hairstyle for lion's mane.

Pinned Back Curls with Volume
A great, simplified style to try for super big lion’s mane hair is to bring the hair on the sides of the head inwards, as if you were going to create a ponytail, but pin the hair up and under on the sides of the head, so that the hair creates sort of a Mohawk style, but prettier. This allows you to rock your curls while keeping it out of your way at the same time.

Half-up, half-down hairstyle.

Half-Up, Half-Down
The half-up, half-down style is timeless classic, and we think it works especially well for those with thick, long hair. If you’re looking for a simple, feminine style in a flash, this is a super easy to achieve style. Simply gather the hair from the crown of the head and secure with a hair tie, barrette, pins, or clip. This style looks good for any outfit, occasion, or weather.

Woman with a curly bob hairstle.

Short Bob with Curls
Short bobs aren’t typically adorned with super curly hair – but if you’ve got tight spirals, it’s your chance to work it. Just because you have curly hair doesn’t mean you can’t opt for a short style. This look tends to be fabulous on any woman with any face shape, no matter if her face is chunky or skinny, and no matter how short you may want your hair to be. Rock your curls and let the wild animal loose!

Au naturel curly hairstyle.

Au Naturel
Sometimes, you’ve just gotta release the wild child inside and be yourself. If you just don’t feel like doing your hair today – by all means, let it hang out au naturel style. Your curls and thick locks will thank you for giving them time to rest, and you’ll feel awesome just being yourself. This is the perfect look when just hanging around at home on your day off.

Woman with a pinned updo lion's mane hairstyle.

Pinned Updo
If you’ve got something special coming you, chances are you’re probably freaking out wondering how you will wear your hair, and what clothes you’ll wear. Well, we’ve got half of that covered for you – try the pinned updo look you see here. It’s simple, easy and classy – all it requires is a hair tie and bobby pins. You can get the look by completing a messy bun and letting some pieces of hair fall where they may, and pin the sides of the front up tightly with bobby pins, holding the style in place. Simple and easy!

Your Guide to 2015 Prom Hair Styles

So, prom season is here, and you have your dress picked out, your makeup look chosen, got the cutest pair of shoes, and now all that’s left to do is to decide what type of hairstyle you are going to go with. With so much to choose from, it can be stressful trying to decide what look is right for you. One of the most important things you can do is to choose a style that will complement your face shape, and complement the look you are going for. Lionesse is here to help offer you some advice for you to choose the right type of hair style for the 2015 prom season.

Messy Updo with Curls or Braids

The Messy Updo with Curls or Braids
This messy updo look is a surefire hit when it comes to the prom of 2015. The messy look has extended far beyond prom into everyday hair styling, and it only makes sense to incorporate something so simple into something so glamorous. Choose a style that has braids on the sides, curls, or both! Use your imagination to develop and create your very own style.

Braided Updo Look

The Braided Updo
The braided updo is a beautiful rendition of the typical updo. It offers class, style, and elegance all rolled into one – and it looks absolutely breathtaking in nearly any style. Opt for a fishtail braid for something a bit more intricate, or something as simple as a dutch braid for something a bit less over the top, but still beautiful and well formed.

Prom Hair

The Chignon or Bun
The Chignon is a bit more of a formal, yet messy, looking bun that twists more tightly than a typical bun would. On the other hand, the bun can be formed to include curls, which can really give something special to the overall look. Either of these styles is sure to look stunning on prom night. For something special, have your stylist incorporate some hair jewels or pearls into the style to really give it something elegant. As pictured here, the rose bun looks absolutely elegant and would work for any special occasion.

Hair Style for Prom 2015

Half Up – Half Down
This is not your typical half up, half down hair style. This is the prom look, after all! The half-up half down style for prom 2015 is all about incorporating braiding techniques and curls or waves into the mix, adding dimension, layers, volume, and of course, appeal. The half up, half down style looks beautiful with flowers added in, or even some colored hair spray for an added something special.

These are just some of the many hair trends for this 2015 prom season. Lionesse hopes we have inspired you to find your prom style, and take it to the next level by customizing it and making it your very own. Remember to ask your stylist what style would work best for your face shape, hair color, or dress choice. They have the ability to pair you with the perfect style for you, so take their advice and you can’t go wrong.