Hair Mistakes That Lead To Split Ends

Split ends

We all dread split ends, we all know it can be difficult to really work with your hair when you start to accumulate too many split ends. What you may not realize is that there are some common hair mistakes that lead to split ends.  The thing is, they’re mistakes and you don’t know what you don’t know – but we do know that you probably want to find out how to avoid making those mistakes so you don’t have to deal with split ends as often anymore, right?

Washing Your Hair Too Often
Most of us grew up being told to wash our hair on a daily basis, for cleanliness purposes.  We want you to be clean, but it’s a common mistake that can lead to split ends.  Sound odd?  The thing about washing our hair is it strips our hair of its natural oils and when we strip our hair of its oils too often (every day or too often for your hair type) it can cause your hair to become dry and brittle.  And when your hair is dry and brittle…split ends can begin to form on the ends of your hair.  So think about how often you wash your hair, if you’re washing every day you’re going to want to reconsider and ask your hair stylist what they suggest your hair washing routine should be for your hair type.

You’re Rough on Your Hair When It’s Wet
We know that we all tend to be in a rush when washing and drying our hair, we all live in such a busy world we feel like we need to rush through the process.  However, when we do that it often leads to causing damage to our hair and causing split ends.  The thing is, when our hair is wet it’s in its most vulnerable state.  That being said we need to make sure we’re being gentle on our hair when its wet.  Avoid rubbing your wet hair with a towel when it’s wet, don’t use a brush when your hair is wet and try not to fuss too much with wet hair.  All of these things put additional stress on already vulnerable wet hair.  Instead, make sure you’re taking your time and really being as gentle as possible.  Instead of brushes, use wide toothed combs when you have wet hair and make sure you’re not just ripping through your hair.

Using Too Much Heat
We’re all about having fun with hair styling products and techniques and using heated styling tools to do your hair.  However, one thing that many experts have found is that the average person tends to use these heated styling tools too often.  Even when practicing safe habits with heated styling tools, heat can put a lot of stress on your hair when you use it too often.  Additionally, not using these tools correctly can put a lot of trauma on the hair.  All of these things can lead to split ends forming.  Make sure you give your hair a break from the heat when possible, and do your research on safe heated tool practices.

Summer Hair Colors That Work Well

Woman with red hair

So many of us are gearing up and itching for the summer weather to kick in. Of course, with the start of summer also comes the start of summer hair. Every time the seasons change so many of us are eager to switch up our hair color to accommodate the change in seasons with our hair. Plus, who doesn’t love an excuse to change your hair color and embrace something new into your life. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut with your hair, so changing the color is a great way to update your look easily. We always hear about hair color trends, but we wanted to focus on summer hair colors that work for women of color.

Pop of Blue
You’ve probably noticed that bold, bright hair colors are kind of a thing these days. This summer, we definitely have quite a few bright hair color trends happening, one of the colors that some experts suggest work best for women of color are blue and purple tones. Since these hair colors tend to take a LOT to get your hair to hold the color, the best way to incorporate the trend without having to deal with constantly touching it up every couple of days (or putting too much stress on your hair) is to choose an area of your hair to add the color. Adding a streak or chunk of hair with the color is a great way to add the color, but not have to constantly deal with the excessive maintenance if you were to color your entire head of hair with the color.

Woman with blue hair

Golden Blonde
When we think of the summer months, we tend to be drawn to lighter and bright colors… even with our hair. If you’re interested in something drastic for a change of pace with your hair, one of the super gorgeous hair colors that work for women of color this summer has to be the addition of golden blonde hues. It’s often quite a change of hair color, but when you have your hair colorist add a lot of golden undertones to the blonde hue it can look stunning. Beyonce is a woman who has rocked this type of hair color for a while, but this summer season we’re expecting to see more and more of it. It’s a total shift, but perfect for the summer months.

Red Hot
Red hair is definitely having a moment, for women of all color. We love the edginess that you can achieve by incorporating some red tones to your hair. Typically, the darker shades of red work best for women of color and similar to the blue/purple tones the darker the red the easier it’s going to be to maintain such a bold color. With red, you can really incorporate as much or as little as you like or resonate with for yourself. Just adding in a few pieces of red, or a haze of red can be great if you don’t want to go for the full effect.  But if you’re feeling really red – try going for a full head of dark red.

Be The Woman In Red

Woman in red

We always hear about blondes and brunettes, but why not be the woman in red? Red hair is always a stunner, regardless of the actual shade of red it is. We’ve noticed that red locks have become more and more popular recently, and we thought you may be curious about what some of the popular shades of red we can expect to see in the next year or so. You may even be considering going for a change in hair color yourself, and stepping outside your comfort zone and into something like red. Regardless, we’re sharing some of the popular red hair colors we’re excited to see.

Dark Garnet Locks
Think that red hair is all about the lighter colors? Not anymore! Recently, we’ve been seeing ladies bringing red hues into their locks with a dark twist. Dark garnet hues are being seen on locks everywhere, and we’re not expecting it to go anywhere anytime soon. It’s a fresh take on the red hair color, something that’s a bit edgier and different for those that like red but want to step outside the norm a bit. Typically, the dark garnet hair is blended in with darker roots (almost close to a black color) to add some dimension to the color and an even edgier twist.

You may have heard about the blorange hair color trend that’s pretty popular this year already, which is the combination of blonde and orange hues. If you’re not really about the orange mix, but you really want something a bit different and to embrace the red hues the blonde-red color may be the perfect fit for you. Essentially, this is a blonde shade of hair that’s mixed in with a tint of red. So it’s a real mix between the two. Giving you the lightness that comes with blonde hair, but adding a unique twist with the red hue mixed in that can really give you a nice update and be the woman in red everyone takes note of.

Copper hair

Of course, we can’t forget the popularity of the copper red hair color. It’s what many of us tend to think of when we think of a natural red head, but this year we’re seeing copper amped up a bit in the trend world. So many ladies are rocking copper hair, with extra shine. The super shiny element of the copper color really gives it a gorgeous pop that emphasizes the natural hair color in a way that’s incredibly natural but different from blonde and brunette hues. Which is why it’s so stunning!

Bright Red
You’ve probably noticed that the past year has been a year filled with super bright hair color trends. Well, that trend doesn’t stop with the red tones, in fact it’s one of the more popular ways ladies are rocking red hair this year and we kind of love it. If you really want to be a lady in red, you may even think about going for a super bright/bold red hair color for a total change.

Hair Care Products That Make Your Curls Bounce

Woman with curly hair

Ever feel like you struggle to get that bounce in your curls that so many beauty bloggers and celebs get?  Those bouncy curls are admired by us all, if we’re really honest.  There’s something about bouncy curls that looks so effortless (even if it isn’t) that’s always stunning.  You’ve likely tried a ton of different curling techniques and some teasing to try to get those bouncy curls without as much luck as you’d like.  Truthfully, it could be because of the hair care products you’re using…or aren’t using.  We’ve discovered some great hair care products that make your curls bounce, so if you want those bouncy curls you’re going to want to keep on reading.

Did you think when we said hair care products we were just going to talk about gels and creams?  Nope!  Experts swear by using a diffuser attachment to hair dryers to help get that bounce in your curls.  Diffusers are great to enhance the natural curl in your hair without adding any frizz to your locks.  Diffusers essentially help your hair hold the natural curl shape while you dry your hair – so it really helps to give you some natural bounce.

Special Hair Towels
Another hair care product that may surprise you, but can work wonders to make your curls bounce.  So often when we dry our hair with towels we tend to be pretty rough on our hair.  When our hair is wet it’s in it’s most vulnerable state which can cause damage when we aren’t careful.  And when our hair gets damaged or roughed around in the towel it can prevent us from getting those bouncy curls.

Woman with curly hair outdoors

Using a special hair towel is great to hold your hair up in while it does a bit of drying.  It’s a nice option instead of squeezing and rubbing your hair with your towel, but soaks up the water in your hair.  Another nice bonus?  Many people find that using these types of hair towels means they spend less time using a hair dryer to get their hair dry – meaning that your hair will be healthier and bouncier.

Curl Enhancing Products
Of course, we can’t forget to mention the importance of utilizing curl enhancing/specific hair care products.  There are quite a few different gels, creams, and such that are specifically formulated to help with curls in your hair.  These are really great because they’re enhancing the shape of the curls, allowing you to have more natural bounce in your hair.

Embracing Hair Masks
Hair masks are highly underrated among women, and it’s unfortunate because they really can work wonders on your hair.  If you want truly bouncy curls, you want to make sure you’re also focusing on getting your hair healthy.  One of the best steps to healthy hair and scalp treatment is to make use of hair masks.  If your curls aren’t bouncy it can be because your hair and scalp are dry and brittle.  Make use of a moisturizing hair masks to get your hair the moisture it’s craving and get some bounce back.

Hairstyles That Stand Up To Heat and Humidity

The weather is going to be changing soon as we get ready to welcome the spring and summer seasons here rather shortly.  While so many of us are really excited to get ready for the warmer weather, we also know that the heat and humidity can cause us to have less than amazing hair days.  We don’t know if you’re like us, but we’re tired of letting the heat and humidity keep us from rocking gorgeous hair styles.  So, we did a bit of searching and found some great hairstyles that stand up to heat and humidity.  Seriously, you CAN have gorgeous hair even when it’s hot and humid out.

Woman tying up her hair

High Bun With Headband
When it comes to creating a hair style that stands up to heat and humidity it’s all about keeping your hair contained from a lot of the elements – or at least in a way where they can be effected by these weather elements.  This is why another one of our favorite hair styles for heat and humid weather is the texturized high bun hair style (that can be effortless, don’t worry about making it perfect!) with the addition of your favorite headband.  The headband works as a great hair accessory, but also functionally keeps your hair in place when it’s exposed to heat and humidity in any way.  For this type of hair look, it’s best when you add some texture to your hair with dry shampoo or sea salt spray – it’ adds to the effortless vibe that’s gorgeous and also not effected by the weather.

Low Bun Updo
So often when we think of updo hair styles we think that they need to be super complicated and you need a cosmetology license to actually achieve them.  But the truth is, you can create an updo hair style that looks gorgeous and is perfect for any daily life occasion.  Furthermore, it’s a hair style that you can rock and know it will stand up to heat and humidity.  Ok, ok it’s the low bun updo!  Truly, all you need to do is tie your hair back into a low bun place – either straight back or off to one side.  To change things up you can twist little sections in the hair and tie them into the bun to create a different look.  Tying it back into the low bun will keep it from really being effected by the heat and humidity, and it’s a super chic look!

Side braid

Side Braid
Again, it’s clearly about keeping your hair as contained as possible.  Fortunately for us, braids are chic and a really great way to contain your hair from these types of weather elements.  There are so many different ways to incorporate a side braid in a functional way here.  One of our favorites has to be starting at the top of your head and creating a French braid that then leads into a low ponytail braid.  It’s cute, chic and will definitely keep your hair from being negatively affected by the heat and humidity.

Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice

woman with dark hair holding coffee

It’s officially pumpkin spice season – in case you weren’t already aware.  Every year when fall officially hits the calendar it seems like it’s pumpkin-spice-everything between food and drinks to pumpkin color clothes you sure can’t miss the pumpkin spice infusion.  Of course, when we think of pumpkin, we also think warm, rich colors that we all tend to associate with the fall season.  You may be itching to color your hair and you may not be sure what colors are in for this season.  Since we’re always all about keeping you updated and on trend, we’re talking about some of the hottest hair colors this fall season.

Black With a Hint of Spice
Most of us tend to go towards the darker hair colors in the fall and winter months, our makeup gets darker and hair follows suit.  This season there’s a lot of dark brown/black hair with hints of auburn shining through.  It’s a fun way to add a little dimension to black hair that also feels very appropriate for the fall season, because we’re all about pumpkin spice – why not add a little spiciness to our hair?  Generally a solid brown or black hair color can be a bit harsh, so the auburn hints is also a great element to soften the look.

blonde woman in fall weather

Multi-dimension Blonde
If you’re more of a blonde girl, this fall is all about adding different dimensions of blonde throughout the hair to create a more fall like look.  Think blonde with hints of warmer tones woven throughout the hair.  It’s a great way to also add depth and warmth to the hair, and just feel more appropriate for fall.  Typically we feel a little odd being a really bright/light blonde during the summer months so this is a great transition.

Dark Roots and Lighter Ends
We’re really talking about the ombre look here, because it’s still around and we still love it.  JLo and Ciara have been rocking this hair color look for a while and we can’t get enough of it for fall.  To bring it into the fall season, adding more dark/brown tones to the root area is a great way to add that dimension to your hair and just not going quite as light at the ends.  We’re all about adding those caramels and different brown tones throughout the hair to really have fun with the layers of color.

Brunette in fall leaves

Gorgeous Brown
There’s something about brown hair in the fall season that just feels right.  If you’re looking for something different, yet classic, we’re all about the lighter brown hair color this season.  It feels fresh and updated, but still allows you to feel appropriate for the season (without being TOO trendy).  Make sure whatever color brown(s) you get with this look that your hairstylist is adding warmth to really add to that fall feel for you.

There are SO many gorgeous hair color trends happening this fall season, it can be hard to pick just a few!  Do you have any favorites?


Subtle Changes In Hair Texture

Woman brushing hair

One thing that we may not always realize is that our hair changes as we age. Think about what your hair was like ten years ago…it was likely at least a little different than it is today. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just part of life. When you take a moment to think about the fact that our hair does change, it makes sense because our bodies as a whole change over time as well – it’s really only natural that our hair follows suit. We’re talking about subtle changes in hair textures that we experience, so that you’re prepared for when these changes start to develop in your hair.

The Teen Years
Let’s face it, during anyone’s teen years we’re all going through a lot of changes… both with personality and hormonal. There’s just a lot going on during that teen phase of life. It’s said that because teens are dealing with a lot of hormones in their bodies, it has a major effect on the hair and its texture. In fact, experts suggest that during these teen years, because of the hormones that are being produced, hair grows faster and tends to be a lot thicker at this time in our lives. While that’s an awesome benefit of hormones, hormones also develop sebum more rapidly. The downside of this increased sebum production is the fact that it can lead to hair and the scalp overall to appear more oily and/or greasy.

The 20’s
Ahhh the 20’s… experts suggest this is the time where your hair is likely going to be its best ever. While this is great to know…it can also be affected by some things texture wise that can negatively impact our hair’s appearance. In general, experts have said that many women begin or have been coloring their hair in the 20’s. While there’s nothing wrong with coloring your hair, if you don’t take proper care of your hair it can begin to get very dry from the coloring treatments. In addition, your hair can become dry if you’re struggling with hormonal problems or not getting enough of the essential vitamins in your daily diet. Often the result of lack of vitamins/dryness occurring in the hair it can become dry looking and even begin to lose its natural shine.

The 30’s
Ok, so not to scare you… but experts have said that our bodies begin to shed hair more after the age of 20. This means that by the time we reach our 30’s the increased shedding of hair can become more noticeable and increase even more. Many women begin to notice their hair becoming thinner and more fragile in their 30’s because of the increased shedding as well as hormones that occur after having children (as many do at this point in time). This is a common hair texture change that often leads into the 50’s…some women experience it at different times but typically happens between the 30’s and 50’s.

The 60’s
After many experience thinning hair after their 30’s, once reaching your 60’s those who had/have curly hair will begin to notice their hair becoming straighter. Much of this is a result of thinning hair texture.

Easy Half-Up, Half-Down Styles

Woman getting her hair styled

Doing your hair can be… frustrating, to say the very least. If you’re like us, you get in a routine of wearing your hair in the same few hairstyles over and over. But that can get a little old after a while, and hair should be fun! The great thing about switching up how you wear your hair is it’s not permanent but can be a refreshing change. One of our favorite hairstyles lately is the half up, half down look. We don’t know about you, but many have definitely gotten into the routine of wearing our half up, half down hairstyles the same way every time they rock this look. We’re sharing some easy half up, half down styles to give you some inspiration for this ever-classic style.

The Top French Braid
In case you haven’t already noticed, braids are kind of everywhere lately in the hair and beauty worlds. Personally, we’re all about the French braids and rocking them in totally unique ways. We’ve recently seen some ladies wearing their hair in a French braid, done in the traditional sense but just back about half way through your hair – until you reach the area that you like to create that half up, half down area. It’s an edgy take on a classic hairstyle that’s sure to be gorgeous and give you a totally different vibe to your hair.

Woman with topknot hairstyle

The Half Topknot
Topknots have been all the rage for a few years now, thanks to the Kardashians you really can’t go anywhere without seeing a woman rocking a topknot somewhere. But we’re all about changing and adapting, especially with hairstyles we love as much as the topknot. If you’re with us on this, you’re in luck because the half up, half down hairstyle is merging with the topknot! Yep, it’s really as easy as pulling your hair back in that half up, half down way but instead of leaving the ponytail part down secure it in a topknot style bun.

The Braid Crown – Reversed
You may have seen ladies rocking the braided crown hairstyle before, it’s a gorgeous look that’s always a statement maker. But if you want to give that look an updated twist, and really stick with the half up, half down style it’s all about the reversed version. Basically, what you do is create two braids from the hair just above your ears. Once you’ve created the braids simply bring them to the back of your head and around to the other ear (or around there) and secure them. It creates a total update on the half up, half down look.

Woman with a crisscross hairstyle

The Crisscross Look
This half up, half down hairstyle has been popping up on the internet lately, and we’re kind of obsessed with it! It’s really easy to achieve, too (total bonus if you ask us). All you do to achieve this hairstyle is take small sections of hair from the front and bring them to the back and across the back of your head, and just secure them in place. Do this rotating from one side to the other to create a crisscross pattern in your hair. Easy to do, but a total game changing way to rock the half up half down hairstyle!

Taming Fly-Away Tresses

Woman brushing hair

We’ve all experienced those pesky fly away tresses. It sometimes seems like just when you’ve done your hair and you’re happy with the result, you see pictures of yourself with fly-aways galore peeking up. It’s frustrating to try to tame those fly-aways on your hair, because it can seem like adding too much hairspray or other products can just make your hair heavy and crusty. Let’s face it…no one wants crusty hair. We’re talking about taming fly away tresses, with some real life tips to help you truly tame them!

Conditioner Matters
Experts suggest that conditioned hair is much easier to style and create the look you want. It makes sense, because when our hair is dry and brittle it’s much more difficult to style and can sometimes feel like it’s impossible to get to work with us. Keeping your hair thoroughly conditioned is going to make a major difference in taming fly-away hair. If your typical shampoo/conditioner duo doesn’t seem to be giving you enough conditioning treatment, try adding in a leave-in conditioner OR getting serious about doing a deep conditioning treatment regularly.

Comb, Don’t Brush
If you find/feel you’re especially prone to fly-away hair, experts suggest that you skip using a brush when your hair is wet at all. This is actually a hair care tip everyone should follow, but especially crucial if you’re prone to flyaway hair. Instead of using a brush on wet/damp hair, it’s suggested to use a wide toothed comb. Doing this will help you eliminate causing any breakage or damage to the hair, and when our hair has a lot of breakage it tends to result in more fly-aways.

Use Products
Hair care products have come a LONG way, and we live in a world where there are countless options in hair care products. Fortunately, there are some really amazing anti-frizz hair care products that can really do wonders when it comes to taming fly away tresses. In addition, if you’re looking to use hair care products make sure that you use products that are formulated to work with your hair’s type and the weight of your hair. Using a hair care product that’s too heavy on your hair can result in it looking oily or greasy, and while you probably won’t have flyaways – no one wants oily looking hair.

Unexpected Quick Fixes
While the tips mentioned above are great for taming fly-away tresses in general, we understand that sometimes you have flyaway tresses that you need to be tamed immediately. The good news is you likely have some products that can fix these fly away tresses right away. Some people have actually found that running a dryer sheet over your hair can immediately fix a fly away issue. Yes, we said a dryer sheet! Hand lotion is another quick fix option. Experts suggest applying your hand lotion to your hands (just like you normally do), once you’ve done that gently run your hands over your hair – it will tame those fly-aways easily. The important thing is to make sure you don’t have too much lotion on your hands, as it can also weigh your hair down.

Decoding Your Conditioners

You probably use a hair conditioner when you shower and wash your hair, and you’ve probably heard some chatter about other types of conditioner, but you may not be entirely sure what their purposes are.  Because there are a few different types of conditioners, we wanted to eliminate any confusion and help you with decoding your conditioners so you’re fully informed.  Conditioners are an essential part of your hair care routine, so it’s definitely something you want to make sure  you’re informed about so you can be sure that you’re using the types of conditioners your hair needs in order to be healthy and gorgeous.

woman washing hair

Regular Conditioner
Like we said, you’re likely using a regular conditioner every time you wash your hair.  The great thing about the regular conditioners is that they’re great for adding and locking in moisture for the hair.  They’re designed to be used on a pretty regular basis, so they’re not super heavy (or they shouldn’t be) and they don’t add TOO much moisture to your hair where it could leave you looking or feeling like your hair is oily.  This is the type of conditioner that you apply and rinse out basically right after you’ve applied and moisturized your hair with it.

Leave-In Conditioner
Generally speaking, leave in conditioners are very lightweight and thin in their consistency.  Leave in conditioners can be used in a few different ways, you can apply it to your hair after you’ve showered to add additional moisture to your hair.  OR you can use leave in conditioners to act as a detangler of sorts to help you with making combing your hair a little easier and not causing damage with knots.  In both cases, leave in conditioners are really being used to add moisture and hydration to the hair to keep it healthy.  Because you’re not actually rinsing out this type of conditioner it’s very light and you want to make sure you’re not applying too much – as it can make your hair heavy and almost look greasy if you apply too much of it.

Deep Conditioner
You may have heard your hair stylist or other hair experts mention deep conditioners.  Basically, deep conditioners are used to give your hair a, well…deeper condition.  Because the other two conditioning formulas are lighter and just giving you a little added moisture/hydration boost, it can be really beneficial to give your hair a deep conditioning treatment once in awhile.  Typically with a deep conditioner it’s an actual treatment, so you apply it to your hair, let it sit for a certain period of time and then wash it out.  Depending on your hair and the deep conditioner that you use, you can use a deep conditioning treatment on a weekly or monthly basis to get the results you’re looking for from the treatment.

One thing is for sure, all three types of conditioners have their benefits and definitely do wonders for those that use them on a regular basis.

Do you use all of these types of conditioners?