Hair Mistakes That Lead To Split Ends

Split ends

We all dread split ends, we all know it can be difficult to really work with your hair when you start to accumulate too many split ends. What you may not realize is that there are some common hair mistakes that lead to split ends.  The thing is, they’re mistakes and you don’t know what you don’t know – but we do know that you probably want to find out how to avoid making those mistakes so you don’t have to deal with split ends as often anymore, right?

Washing Your Hair Too Often
Most of us grew up being told to wash our hair on a daily basis, for cleanliness purposes.  We want you to be clean, but it’s a common mistake that can lead to split ends.  Sound odd?  The thing about washing our hair is it strips our hair of its natural oils and when we strip our hair of its oils too often (every day or too often for your hair type) it can cause your hair to become dry and brittle.  And when your hair is dry and brittle…split ends can begin to form on the ends of your hair.  So think about how often you wash your hair, if you’re washing every day you’re going to want to reconsider and ask your hair stylist what they suggest your hair washing routine should be for your hair type.

You’re Rough on Your Hair When It’s Wet
We know that we all tend to be in a rush when washing and drying our hair, we all live in such a busy world we feel like we need to rush through the process.  However, when we do that it often leads to causing damage to our hair and causing split ends.  The thing is, when our hair is wet it’s in its most vulnerable state.  That being said we need to make sure we’re being gentle on our hair when its wet.  Avoid rubbing your wet hair with a towel when it’s wet, don’t use a brush when your hair is wet and try not to fuss too much with wet hair.  All of these things put additional stress on already vulnerable wet hair.  Instead, make sure you’re taking your time and really being as gentle as possible.  Instead of brushes, use wide toothed combs when you have wet hair and make sure you’re not just ripping through your hair.

Using Too Much Heat
We’re all about having fun with hair styling products and techniques and using heated styling tools to do your hair.  However, one thing that many experts have found is that the average person tends to use these heated styling tools too often.  Even when practicing safe habits with heated styling tools, heat can put a lot of stress on your hair when you use it too often.  Additionally, not using these tools correctly can put a lot of trauma on the hair.  All of these things can lead to split ends forming.  Make sure you give your hair a break from the heat when possible, and do your research on safe heated tool practices.

Trending: Hair Dusting for Tiny Split Ends

Trending: hair dusting for tiny split ends.  Split ends are always a ‘thing’ that we all have to deal with on a fairly regular basis.  But if we’re all pretty honest with ourselves, we try to drag out actually dealing with our split ends for as long as possible.  Sometimes getting a full hair cut for tiny split ends can seem like a big task…until now.  Hair dusting has become a pretty big trend in the hair world.  If you’re an avid social media user, you may have seen some videos of hair dusting and it’s pretty fascinating.  We’re loving the hair dusting trend so thought we would share a bit more about it in case you’re not familiar, or you’re curious about this hair trend.

woman cutting hair

So often when we think of getting rid of split ends we think we need to schedule a hair cut with our hair stylist of choice.  However, with hair dusting, making waves in the hair world that may not necessarily be the only option anymore.  Hair experts have said that hair dusting is a legitimate hair cutting technique that can do wonders for split ends.  One of the reasons so many of us put off getting our split ends cut off is because we don’t necessarily want to lose a lot of length.  The bonus of hair dusting is experts say that it’s a technique that allows hair stylists to eliminate split ends in the hair, without taking much (really if any) length off of the hair.  It’s essentially a technique that allows them to just remove the unhealthy, split ends in the hair and leave the healthy hairs behind.

The thing about leaving split ends for too long is, it can cause our hair to become more damaged and brittle, causing more and more breakage to occur the longer we leave the split ends.  With hair dusting, we’re able to stop a lot of additional damage from occurring due to split ends.  So you may be wondering how they actually go about this hair dusting technique.  Basically, when a hair stylist provides a hair dusting technique to your hair they go from the bottom/ends of the hair and snip the tip of the hair.  This is what allows them to remove the split ends, without removing the length.  The key to the hair stylists to really get the best results with hair dusting, is the hair needs to be straight and smooth so they can really see the split ends well.

The downside of hair dusting?  Because it’s such a specific type of hair technique focusing on a lot of detail, it’s a pretty time consuming service.  Experts suggest that because it is a time consuming technique, it’s the reason you don’t see many hair stylists offering or doing it.  However, it does have many amazing benefits like keeping your hair healthy between appointments, and preventing your hair from getting a lot of damage from breakage and split ends.

Would you try hair dusting?  Or have you?

Trend Alert – Hair Burning?

Hair burning, otherwise known as Velaterapia, is a Brazilian hair treatment in which fire is utilized through means of a candlestick to burn or singe away split ends from the hair, resulting in healthy hair free of split ends. Most women who deal with having very long hair will undoubtedly experience the unfortunate event of a few split ends, to say the least. Today, Lionesse would like to delve further into Velaterapia, and what exactly takes place during the process. We will also elaborate on whether or not it is a recommended treatment of choice for split ends, as per some of the best hair professionals in the world.

Woman getting a Velaterapia treatment in a salon.

Velaterapia – What is Is
As stated above, Velaterapia is the act of burning away split ends from the hair. Is it safe? Some say yes, while others believe it can cause more damage than good. For the women who despise getting their hair trimmed and adore their length, this is a welcome option to treat their split ends rather than head out to the salon for a chop of any sort. Hair is spiraled into a tight twist, and the portions which stick out of the twist (usually a hair or a few) will then have a lit candle run over the area quickly, singeing away any split hairs from the healthy hair. It is not a practice which is recommended by any means to complete yourself at home, and something of this magnitude should always be left to the professionals for safety concerns. The practice actually began in Brazil in the 1960’s, but didn’t gain popularity anywhere else in the world up until very recently, when the trend made its way to the United States and began being utilized by high-end salons throughout the country.

Supermodel and Victorias Secret Angel Alessandra Ambrosio believes in this hair treatment and gets it done on a regular basis.

More and more, it seems as though the trend is growing, and many women are trusting their salon professional to complete this treatment on their hair – but it comes with a hefty price tag as it does require quite a great deal of time and care, depending on your hair length and hair type.

One question: Can you even imagine fathoming the smell for an extended period of time? For those who have never smelled burnt hair, it’s quite unpleasant, to say the least.

Woman getting a hair treatment in a salon.

Is it Safe?
Many stylists agree that this treatment is completely safe when practiced by a true professional, but others would argue that it’s just too risky of a procedure for the client, and can cause color fading and damage healthy hair.  One can only guess the ramifications if something were to go terribly wrong…after all, the main component in this treatment is fire.

It’s safe to say this trend may stick around for a while, due to the popularity it’s getting through the media and by use of various celebrities. Fans of said celebrities want to look like their fave celebs, and therefore are opting for the treatment as well. Always be sure to seek out a certified professional with any type of risky hair treatment, and never try it at home yourself.