Fun Ways To Style Your Wavy Hair

Wavy hair

Do you have wavy hair? Lucky you! Women everywhere would love to have wavy hair like you. It’s one of those things, isn’t it? When it comes to our hair we always want what we don’t have. But this year it’s all about embracing the natural texture of your hair so we thought we would focus on the wavy haired ladies for a minute. You probably feel like you only wear your wavy locks in the same few hair styles, huh? We’ve done a little searching and found some fun ways to style your wavy hair to give you some inspiration, and appreciation for the natural wavy texture you have.

Half Up with Braids
Wavy hair is so great because you already have gorgeous, natural texture in your hair. One of the fun hair styles we’ve come across that love for wavy hair ladies has to be half up with braids. This really is an easy hair style, promise! First, add some volume to the crown of your head by teasing a bit. Once you’ve done that create two braids at the side of your hair starting near the temple area of your face and bringing the braid almost all the way to the end of your locks. After you’ve done that, you’re going to begin creating the half up style. Pull your hair back into a half-up style and secure, then pull the two braids back and secure them–it’s an updated twist to an old classic half up hair style that’s perfect for wavy hair.

low bun

Low Bun
There’s something about wavy hair that can really make even the most simple hair styles look like something extra special. If you’re looking for a great, chic hair style that gets all your hair off your neck–this is perfect for you. Really emphasize the natural waviness of your hair by adding in some texturizing product and tease your hair a bit to add some extra volume. Once you’ve done all that just pull your hair down and to the side and secure in an off to the side ponytail. Then wrap it up in a messy bun–it’s really that easy. The best part is it doesn’t have to be perfect, and a great way to emphasize your natural texture.

Half Up Top Knot
We can’t get enough of the half up hair styles, and top knots have been a favorite go-to for the past couple of years. So why not just combine them? Again, this is a great hair style when you have natural texture in your hair because you can really just add the top knot and let your waves do their thing. Pulling your hair back into a half up hair style, and adding a top knot addition to the mix is as easy as it sounds. While it’s super easy, don’t think it’s lacking any style! This is a hair style that has major 90’s vibes, which is perfect for this upcoming season where 90’s are still holding on in the trend department. Plus, it looks a lot more complicated than it actually is to achieve–win-win!

Tips for Growing Out Your Roots

Woman checking hair roots

Roots are the struggle every one that enjoys coloring their hair dreads. However, if you’re in a place where you’re actually trying to grow out the hair color you currently have those roots can be even more frustrating. Let’s face it, when you’re trying to grow out the hair color you have all the way out, it’s not a particularly fun or good-looking process. However, if you want to grow out your roots in a way that’s not quite as irritating we’ve got some great tips for growing out your roots to share with you. Yep, we can eliminate some of the pain for you.

Keep Up with Your Hair Trims
Here’s the thing, when you’re growing out your roots you probably want to speed up the process. One of the best ways to do that is to keep your hair healthy and essentially to keep it moving. How can you do that? Keep up with your frequent hair trims!

Hair trimming

Trimming your hair consistently is going to encourage its growth and really help your hair stay healthy throughout the process. So as much as you probably don’t want to head into the salon as often as you should–it has been found to help speed up that growing out your roots process.

Turn It Into an Ombre Look
One of the best tips in the book has to be to make the best of your growing out your roots by actually turning it into a look. How can you do that? Enter: ombre hair color. Ombre hair coloring techniques are perfect for that phase when you’re growing out your roots because that’s kind of what the look is all about–well, it’s can be turned into that anyways. Have your hair stylist blend your natural color in with some other shades to create a more ombre type of look. The colors can be subtle, but it’s a way to actually help you feel better about the process since you’re able to create more of a real hair color ‘look’ when growing those pesky roots out. It will help to make the look appear to be more natural and not have that choppy coloring that tends to happen when growing out your roots.

Conditioning hair

Keep Your Hair Conditioned
If you’re growing out your roots, we’re willing to assume a lot of that decision is to give your hair a break from the coloring aspect of it. As your hair has been colored, and you’re wanting to grow it out–it’s important to keep your hair’s health a top priority. Maintaining hydration and moisture in your hair is essential in all of this. Applying a deep conditioning treatment, or hydrating mask is a great way to help your hair gain strength and health–both of which will help to encourage hair growth, speeding up the growing out process. Make it a point to apply a hair treatment product to your hair at least once a week.

Be The Woman In Red

Woman in red

We always hear about blondes and brunettes, but why not be the woman in red? Red hair is always a stunner, regardless of the actual shade of red it is. We’ve noticed that red locks have become more and more popular recently, and we thought you may be curious about what some of the popular shades of red we can expect to see in the next year or so. You may even be considering going for a change in hair color yourself, and stepping outside your comfort zone and into something like red. Regardless, we’re sharing some of the popular red hair colors we’re excited to see.

Dark Garnet Locks
Think that red hair is all about the lighter colors? Not anymore! Recently, we’ve been seeing ladies bringing red hues into their locks with a dark twist. Dark garnet hues are being seen on locks everywhere, and we’re not expecting it to go anywhere anytime soon. It’s a fresh take on the red hair color, something that’s a bit edgier and different for those that like red but want to step outside the norm a bit. Typically, the dark garnet hair is blended in with darker roots (almost close to a black color) to add some dimension to the color and an even edgier twist.

You may have heard about the blorange hair color trend that’s pretty popular this year already, which is the combination of blonde and orange hues. If you’re not really about the orange mix, but you really want something a bit different and to embrace the red hues the blonde-red color may be the perfect fit for you. Essentially, this is a blonde shade of hair that’s mixed in with a tint of red. So it’s a real mix between the two. Giving you the lightness that comes with blonde hair, but adding a unique twist with the red hue mixed in that can really give you a nice update and be the woman in red everyone takes note of.

Copper hair

Of course, we can’t forget the popularity of the copper red hair color. It’s what many of us tend to think of when we think of a natural red head, but this year we’re seeing copper amped up a bit in the trend world. So many ladies are rocking copper hair, with extra shine. The super shiny element of the copper color really gives it a gorgeous pop that emphasizes the natural hair color in a way that’s incredibly natural but different from blonde and brunette hues. Which is why it’s so stunning!

Bright Red
You’ve probably noticed that the past year has been a year filled with super bright hair color trends. Well, that trend doesn’t stop with the red tones, in fact it’s one of the more popular ways ladies are rocking red hair this year and we kind of love it. If you really want to be a lady in red, you may even think about going for a super bright/bold red hair color for a total change.

Add Texture and Shine to Healthy Hair

Woman outdoors

Want healthy hair?  Of course you do!  While many of us want healthy hair that has great texture and shine, it doesn’t always seem like it’s all that easy to achieve.  Not sure how to add texture and shine to healthy hair?  You’re in the right place because we’ve uncovered some great tips to accomplishing that yourself.  No, you don’t have to be a hair professional to achieve your hair goals and they don’t have to be that difficult either.  Seriously!  So many women feel like having healthy, gorgeous hair is only for the celebs and professionals of the world but it’s just not the case.

Add More Moisture Into Your Hair
Here’s the deal, you know how your skin needs moisture to really be healthy and glowing?  Well, the same rule applies to your hair.  So often when we don’t have hair that’s shiny and full of great texture it’s because it’s lacking moisture.  That being said, we need to add moisture into our hair ourselves.  One of the best ways to do that is by utilizing conditioning treatments like leave-in conditioners, condition balms, and even through the use of hair masks.  Focus on adding more moisture into your hair, it’s likely craving it and you’ll notice that your hair will bring out its natural texture and shine as you start to give it more of the moisture it needs.

Woman combing hair

Give Your Hair a Break Sometimes
We’re all about having fun with styling your hair and trying different hair styles through the use of styling tools and products.  However, to really keep our hair health and add that texture and shine we want we need to make sure we’re giving our hair a break every once in a while.  When we apply heat to our hair every single day it can cause our hair to be put under stress, taking away some of the texture and shine we’re working towards.  Make it a point to give your hair a break and allow it to just be at least one day a week.  Your hair will thank you and be more willing to give you that texture and shine you’re so eager to achieve.

Don’t Add Too Much Product
Listen, we’re all about utilizing hair care products to help you get healthy hair that shines and has great texture.  However, there is such a thing as applying too much product to our hair.  While we encourage you to make use of quality hair care products that are specifically formulated to work with your hair type, make sure you’re not adding too much of the products you’re using and don’t add every single product under the sun to your hair.  Having too much product in your hair can negatively affect your hair’s shine and texture.  Often times it can cause your hair to be too weighed down and create too much product build up on your scalp and hair – keeping the shine away.

Hair Care Products That Make Your Curls Bounce

Woman with curly hair

Ever feel like you struggle to get that bounce in your curls that so many beauty bloggers and celebs get?  Those bouncy curls are admired by us all, if we’re really honest.  There’s something about bouncy curls that looks so effortless (even if it isn’t) that’s always stunning.  You’ve likely tried a ton of different curling techniques and some teasing to try to get those bouncy curls without as much luck as you’d like.  Truthfully, it could be because of the hair care products you’re using…or aren’t using.  We’ve discovered some great hair care products that make your curls bounce, so if you want those bouncy curls you’re going to want to keep on reading.

Did you think when we said hair care products we were just going to talk about gels and creams?  Nope!  Experts swear by using a diffuser attachment to hair dryers to help get that bounce in your curls.  Diffusers are great to enhance the natural curl in your hair without adding any frizz to your locks.  Diffusers essentially help your hair hold the natural curl shape while you dry your hair – so it really helps to give you some natural bounce.

Special Hair Towels
Another hair care product that may surprise you, but can work wonders to make your curls bounce.  So often when we dry our hair with towels we tend to be pretty rough on our hair.  When our hair is wet it’s in it’s most vulnerable state which can cause damage when we aren’t careful.  And when our hair gets damaged or roughed around in the towel it can prevent us from getting those bouncy curls.

Woman with curly hair outdoors

Using a special hair towel is great to hold your hair up in while it does a bit of drying.  It’s a nice option instead of squeezing and rubbing your hair with your towel, but soaks up the water in your hair.  Another nice bonus?  Many people find that using these types of hair towels means they spend less time using a hair dryer to get their hair dry – meaning that your hair will be healthier and bouncier.

Curl Enhancing Products
Of course, we can’t forget to mention the importance of utilizing curl enhancing/specific hair care products.  There are quite a few different gels, creams, and such that are specifically formulated to help with curls in your hair.  These are really great because they’re enhancing the shape of the curls, allowing you to have more natural bounce in your hair.

Embracing Hair Masks
Hair masks are highly underrated among women, and it’s unfortunate because they really can work wonders on your hair.  If you want truly bouncy curls, you want to make sure you’re also focusing on getting your hair healthy.  One of the best steps to healthy hair and scalp treatment is to make use of hair masks.  If your curls aren’t bouncy it can be because your hair and scalp are dry and brittle.  Make use of a moisturizing hair masks to get your hair the moisture it’s craving and get some bounce back.

Will Green Locks Be Trending This Summer?

Woman with green hair putting on sunglasses

So far in 2017, we’ve been seeing some pretty bold and different hair color trends popping up on the locks of ladies everywhere.  The past couple of years, hair colors trends have changed from the traditional blonde and brunette shades to incorporating more bold hues.  You know what?  We kind of love it!  It’s fresh and exciting, we have to say.  We’ve seen colors ranging in a lot of different hues and we noticed some green hues popping up already.  It got us thinking…will green locks be trending this summer?  We did a little internet searching and found some forecasts from the experts on this topic…

Ok, so will green locks be trending this summer?  Throughout our searching on the trends to expect for 2017, it looks like YES green will be trending this summer season.  Green hues may not be the most expected hue to take place in the locks of ladies, but thanks to social media sites like Instagram ladies are getting more experimental and bold with their hair color choices.  Some of the bold colors in hair have been starting for the past year or so, with the start of blue and purple tones making their way into the galaxy inspired hair color.  While we’ve seen a lot of blue and purple tones, it was probably a natural progression to start to see some green hues making their way into locks of ladies.

Woman with green hair

Much like some of the other bold color hues that we’ve seen in hair trends recently, the green locks we’re expecting to see (according to some of the experts in the industry) are going to range in different brightness depending on the person.  Pastel and bold hair colors are pretty popular right now, with no sign of them slowing down.  One thing that you may find is fairly consistent with the addition of green locks for some ladies this summer season is adding green mixed in with some other fun colors for their locks.  From what we’ve seen already, many ladies that are making the bold green hair color switch are adding green in with purple, pink and blue tones as well.  Making for a super fun, multi-dimensional hair color look.  We’ve been seeing multi-dimensional hair colors made popular since the start of the ombre hair color trend – so it only makes sense that ladies are incorporating that same coloring technique and applying it with bolder hues.

While we’re all about making a statement and having fun with your hair color, if you’re thinking about making a switch to something like a green hair color for yourself it’s super important to make sure that you’re going to an expert colorist to do so.  Coloring anyone’s hair such bold and different colors can be a process, and it can be damaging to the hair if it’s not done the right way.  Ask around for referrals on what colorists are respected in your area and ask what their experiences are with coloring bold hues before booking your appointment.

Hairstyles That Work For Corporate Types

business woman braid

We recently realized some of the hair style suggestions we’ve been sharing may not be appealing to the corporate types.  But hopefully by now you know that we’re all about making sure to share tips that resonate with everyone as much as possible – we want to make sure we’re covering all our bases!  If you’re a corporate woman, you may feel like you have to be a bit exclusive to certain hair styles to be appropriate for the office.  It can get a bit routine to wear your hair in the same way all the time, so we’re sharing some of our favorite hairstyles that work for corporate types.

Side Braids
Similar to the above hair style, we’re all about ways to create a half up type of hair style in a whole new way.  One of our other favorite ways to change up this type of hair style is to create a French braid to the front section of the hair when you have it parted on the side.  You can secure the braid around your ear or pin it back to towards the back of your head.  There are so many different ways to rock a side braid like this, whether you have wavy hair or straight hair it’s fun and professional at the same time.

The Twisted Half Up Do
If you’re a corporate woman, you’ve probably rocked the half up hair style a time or two (or more) to the office.  It’s a great go to hair style, but wearing it in the traditional way can get a bit old after a while.  After all, it’s fun to change things up a bit.  One of our favorite twists (pun intended) to this traditional hair style is to create a side part in your hair.  Once you’ve done that take the front section on each side of the part and create a twist (similar to a braid by grabbing hair as you work your way down).  Once you’ve create the twist to about your ear area twist the end of the hair and tie it to the back of your head.  It’s a fun take on an old classic, but gives a completely different look.  The bonus is it’s a classic look that’s perfect for a corporate environment.

business woman ponytail

Sleek Ponytail
Ponytails aren’t new, but they’re also a great go to hair style for a corporate environment.  One of our favorite ways to create a modern twist to a ponytail look is to first create some volume by teasing the crown of your head.  Of course, starting with either straight or wavy/textured hair.  Once you’ve added some volume to the back/crown of the head add a middle or side part and leave a few pieces near your face to frame it nicely when the rest is pulled back.  Then just go ahead and tie your hair back in the ponytail, emphasizing some volume at the back.  When tying the hair back leave a small section near where you tie it loose from the ponytail.  Once you’ve secured the hair take the small section you left out to wrap around the rubber band of the ponytail to create a sophisticated twist.

Treatments For Over Processed Hair

woman adding oil to hair

Our hair gets put through quite a few elements on a consistent basis.  If we’re really honest, it takes a bit of a hit when it comes to TLC.  We’re all eager to have that gorgeous, healthy hair but when we use a lot of chemical treatments and other hair care elements on our hair it can be difficult to really achieve.  We don’t want that to discourage you, though.  Because there are some great treatments for over processed hair that you can do at home.  Yep, there are some really great DIY hair care treatments that can work wonders for over processed hair.

Amp Up The Shine
When our hair gets overly processed it can begin to appear dull and lacking a lot of that gorgeous shine we all want to have.  Many hair experts suggest that when your hair is dull and lacking a lot of shine, it can benefit from an olive oil mask on a consistent basis.  Typically, when your hair is lacking the shine it needs more moisture as the moisture and hydration has been stripped from the hair due to being over processed.  Olive oil is great at adding natural moisture back into the hair.  To really make the most of using olive oil on your hair to add shine, you’ll want to make sure to apply the olive oil at your scalp all the way down to the roots and leave it on for 45-60 minutes to allow the oil to really get a boost of moisture to the hair.

Help Dry Scalp
Dry scalp is another indication that can be the result of overly processed hair.  But without a healthy, moisturized scalp it can be really difficult to have gorgeous hair.  Since our hair really starts at the scalp, you want to make sure that you’re also taking care of the scalp.  Fortunately there’s a pretty easy way that you can get a boost of moisture to your scalp with an at home treatment.  Experts suggest that using a cotton ball with witch hazel on it to run across your hairline and scalp can be a really powerful way to get the moisture back into the scalp.  Additionally, some experts suggest adding tea tree oil to your daily hair care products to get the moisture to your scalp consistently.

woman hair treatment

Get More Volume
Another sign of overly processed hair can be when your hair begins to lack any natural volume.  Often when our hair has been processed too much it an begin to appear and feel lifeless – aka not having any volume and that can be pretty frustrating.  Finding that you’re lacking volume in your hair?  You’re in luck because there’s a pretty easy way to get volume back into your hair with an at home treatment.  All you need is some avocado, olive oil, honey and an egg yolk.  Mixing the combination together and applying it to your hair has been found to add a lot of great conditioning and moisturizing benefits to your hair giving it the nutrients it needs to get you more volume back.

A Bun For Work, The Weekend & In-Between

Bun hair styles are great for so many different occasions, which is likely why so many ladies go to the trusted bun hair look for so many occasions.  While buns are so great for different situations in your life, we know that it can be difficult to know how to take this versatile type of hair style and make it appropriate for different occasions.  We’re sharing tips for helping you to achieve a bun for work, the weekend and in-between.  Because, yes!  Buns can be worn for ALL of these occasions.

woman at cafe bun

Don’t Over Think It
The thing about buns that often tends to get ladies tripped up is over thinking the styling process.  Keep in mind that regardless of the occasion, the less ‘perfect’ it is the more unique the bun style looks.  While there are bun styles that are great when done in a slicked back manner – if that’s a style that’s really difficult for you to achieve, don’t feel like that’s your only option.

Add Texture
Adding texture too your bun hair style is a great way to add some uniqueness to your look that can make it perfect for so many different occasions.  It gives it that effortless chic look – and who doesn’t love that?  You can add texture to your bun by FIRST applying dry shampoo to your hair, and then styling your hair in the bun hair style you desire.  The dry shampoo gives your hair that natural texture look that also makes your hair much easier to manage and style in a bun.

Add a Braid to the Mix
Braids are kind of everything right now in the hair world, and they’re a great way to add some extra style to your favorite bun hair style.  Once you get into the routine of styling your hair in buns, you can have the longing for a change to your favorite hair style – braids are a great way to do that.  You can add braids in so many different ways, too.  Whether you choose to add a braid to the side of your hair leading into the bun, or actually braiding the ponytail portion of your hair and wrapping it into a bun – you can’t lose when you add a braid into the mix.

woman with high bun

Play with Different Bun Heights
While it may seem like a bun hair style is a bun hair style, there are so many different ways to mix up a bun.  Playing around with different heights as to wear you style the bun is one of the easiest ways to mix things up.  Low buns, high buns, and buns in the middle of your head are all great – it really gives you the opportunity to create a style that you feel is perfect for the occasion you’re styling your hair for.  Try mixing up the heights you wear your buns for different occasions – we’re going to bet you’re shocked at just how different the same hair style feels based on the height alone.

Tips For Applying At Home Hair Color

Woman coloring hair

Have you been wanting to try some at home hair color?  Or maybe you’ve tried it and it didn’t turn out quite as great as you hoped.  Regardless, applying at home hair color can be a bit tricky and there are some key tips to know and apply to make sure that you get the results you’re looking for.  You know we always want to make sure we’re giving you the best beauty content possible, and if at home hair color is something that you want to do for yourself – we wanted to be sure to share some of these tips for applying at home hair color, so you succeed in your efforts!

Get Two Boxes of Color
While it may often seem as though you only need one box to fully process the color you’re looking to achieve, many experts suggest making sure that you have two boxes before you start the process.  While you may not necessarily need the second one, if you should find yourself needing to open it – you won’t be stuck with half of your head in color and half without.  Finding out that you need a second box when you’ve already started to apply the color to your hair is not fun, and can lead to some problems in your hair color developing properly.  Do yourself a favor and plan ahead, it’s better to be over prepared than under!

Woman applying hair color

Test the Color First
We get it, it kind of seems like a lot to do a test strip on your hair before actually applying the color to your hair.  But testing out the color can save you from finding out that the color didn’t work for you and won’t change any crazy colors (we’ve all heard the stories).  The best way to do this is to choose a small piece of hair that’s a bit hidden under the rest of your hair (the nape of the neck can be a great place) and apply the color to that small piece of hair first to see how your hair adapts to the color, and how it processes on your hair.  Once you find the result you’re looking for with the test piece, go about the typical process with the rest of your hair.

Use Clear Lip Balm on Your Forehead
There are different products that are said to help avoid any streaking from occurring from the color on your forehead, but experts suggest that you can get the same (if not better) result by simply applying clear lip balm to your forehead area.  It will prevent the color from sticking and streaking to your forehead and also allow you to get really close to your hairline because lip balm is such a small applicator.

Woman with purple hair

Lay Out All the Tools
Being prepared before you get started with coloring your hair is essential to your success.  Before doing anything, lay out all the tools you’re going to need for the process so they’re easy to reach and all together.  This will prevent you from needing to go around your house searching, and you can quickly and easily apply the product.