Hairstyles That Work For Corporate Types

business woman braid

We recently realized some of the hair style suggestions we’ve been sharing may not be appealing to the corporate types.  But hopefully by now you know that we’re all about making sure to share tips that resonate with everyone as much as possible – we want to make sure we’re covering all our bases!  If you’re a corporate woman, you may feel like you have to be a bit exclusive to certain hair styles to be appropriate for the office.  It can get a bit routine to wear your hair in the same way all the time, so we’re sharing some of our favorite hairstyles that work for corporate types.

Side Braids
Similar to the above hair style, we’re all about ways to create a half up type of hair style in a whole new way.  One of our other favorite ways to change up this type of hair style is to create a French braid to the front section of the hair when you have it parted on the side.  You can secure the braid around your ear or pin it back to towards the back of your head.  There are so many different ways to rock a side braid like this, whether you have wavy hair or straight hair it’s fun and professional at the same time.

The Twisted Half Up Do
If you’re a corporate woman, you’ve probably rocked the half up hair style a time or two (or more) to the office.  It’s a great go to hair style, but wearing it in the traditional way can get a bit old after a while.  After all, it’s fun to change things up a bit.  One of our favorite twists (pun intended) to this traditional hair style is to create a side part in your hair.  Once you’ve done that take the front section on each side of the part and create a twist (similar to a braid by grabbing hair as you work your way down).  Once you’ve create the twist to about your ear area twist the end of the hair and tie it to the back of your head.  It’s a fun take on an old classic, but gives a completely different look.  The bonus is it’s a classic look that’s perfect for a corporate environment.

business woman ponytail

Sleek Ponytail
Ponytails aren’t new, but they’re also a great go to hair style for a corporate environment.  One of our favorite ways to create a modern twist to a ponytail look is to first create some volume by teasing the crown of your head.  Of course, starting with either straight or wavy/textured hair.  Once you’ve added some volume to the back/crown of the head add a middle or side part and leave a few pieces near your face to frame it nicely when the rest is pulled back.  Then just go ahead and tie your hair back in the ponytail, emphasizing some volume at the back.  When tying the hair back leave a small section near where you tie it loose from the ponytail.  Once you’ve secured the hair take the small section you left out to wrap around the rubber band of the ponytail to create a sophisticated twist.