Hair Mistakes That Lead To Split Ends

Split ends

We all dread split ends, we all know it can be difficult to really work with your hair when you start to accumulate too many split ends. What you may not realize is that there are some common hair mistakes that lead to split ends.  The thing is, they’re mistakes and you don’t know what you don’t know – but we do know that you probably want to find out how to avoid making those mistakes so you don’t have to deal with split ends as often anymore, right?

Washing Your Hair Too Often
Most of us grew up being told to wash our hair on a daily basis, for cleanliness purposes.  We want you to be clean, but it’s a common mistake that can lead to split ends.  Sound odd?  The thing about washing our hair is it strips our hair of its natural oils and when we strip our hair of its oils too often (every day or too often for your hair type) it can cause your hair to become dry and brittle.  And when your hair is dry and brittle…split ends can begin to form on the ends of your hair.  So think about how often you wash your hair, if you’re washing every day you’re going to want to reconsider and ask your hair stylist what they suggest your hair washing routine should be for your hair type.

You’re Rough on Your Hair When It’s Wet
We know that we all tend to be in a rush when washing and drying our hair, we all live in such a busy world we feel like we need to rush through the process.  However, when we do that it often leads to causing damage to our hair and causing split ends.  The thing is, when our hair is wet it’s in its most vulnerable state.  That being said we need to make sure we’re being gentle on our hair when its wet.  Avoid rubbing your wet hair with a towel when it’s wet, don’t use a brush when your hair is wet and try not to fuss too much with wet hair.  All of these things put additional stress on already vulnerable wet hair.  Instead, make sure you’re taking your time and really being as gentle as possible.  Instead of brushes, use wide toothed combs when you have wet hair and make sure you’re not just ripping through your hair.

Using Too Much Heat
We’re all about having fun with hair styling products and techniques and using heated styling tools to do your hair.  However, one thing that many experts have found is that the average person tends to use these heated styling tools too often.  Even when practicing safe habits with heated styling tools, heat can put a lot of stress on your hair when you use it too often.  Additionally, not using these tools correctly can put a lot of trauma on the hair.  All of these things can lead to split ends forming.  Make sure you give your hair a break from the heat when possible, and do your research on safe heated tool practices.

5 Curly Hair Mistakes Not to Make

If you have naturally curly hair, count yourself lucky. You have hair that others try to emulate with all kinds of curling irons, chemical products, and trips to the salon. You wake up with that hair every day. Yet you also have to take special care of your curly hair to keep it looking its best. You can care for your hair the way many articles advice, because your hair has special needs. Here are a few common mistakes you might be making with your curly hair:

Woman brushing curly hair.

Brushing Hair
Brushing your curly hair will only pull out the curls and either make them look limp and lackluster or make them frizz out, depending on the type of curls you have. Instead, you should get in the habit of “brushing” out any knots with your fingers or a very wide toothed pic or comb. Never “dig in” large sections of hair – always break up hair into small sections to prevent major frizzing. If your hair starts to get tangled and knotty, you may be neglecting your finger combing or the hair may be too dry. You can then get out a brush or a comb for a deep de-tangling.

Straightening Hair
Straightening hair isn’t necessarily a mistake, but it can be if you don’t do it right or if you do it excessively. Too much heat can damage your curly hair and cause it to become dry and frizzy. Keep the straightening to a minimum, and always use heat-protecting products on your hair when you do. Never apply chemical straightener without consulting a professional, to avoid doing major damage that could result in spending hundreds of dollars to correct.

Cutting Hair
Cutting curly hair too short can cause it to poof up and make you look like a poodle fresh from the groomers. Give your hair enough length to lie in a soft and beautiful cascade. Also make sure that you have enough layers in your hair when you cut it. Otherwise, the ends will stack on top of each other, forming the dreaded “triangle head.”

Woman blow drying curly hair

Blow Drying
Blow drying your curly hair is a recipe for a frizzy disaster. The heat will strip your hair of its essential, natural moisture. Consider towel drying and then either using a large house fan or even riding around with your windows down in your car! If you must blow dry your hair, always do so with a diffuser and use a cool setting. Otherwise, it is best to let your hair air dry after showering.

Using the Wrong Products
Not all products are designed for curly hair, even if they say so on the label. You may need to do a lot of trial and error before you find exactly the right products for your particular curls. Look for products that nourish hair and moisturize it. Avoid products with sulfates, which can strip the hair.

Avoid making these mistakes, and you’ll have beautiful, curly hair that you love to show off to everyone.