Avoid These Hair Extension Disasters

Hair extensions have definitely grown to be a widely accepted beauty ritual.  While it was once taboo to openly share that you have hair extensions, in today’s world women are proud to share that they’ve added some hair extensions to their look.  There are so many great things that can be done with hair extensions, and they’re such an easy way to change your look.  But, with all good things, there’s always a few things that you want to make sure you’re aware of.  You know we’re always about keeping you well informed so we thought we would discuss some of the disasters that we’ve seen with hair extensions.  Avoid these hair extension disasters….

hair etensions

Visible Scalp/Base Extensions
Back in the late 90’s and early 00’s when hair extensions started to gain some momentum in popularity, there were definitely some disasters that we can’t forget.  Namely, visible scalp and base of the extensions popping up.  This is a definite no-no with hair extensions that we want to make sure you’re avoiding.  If you’re getting your hair extensions done by a professional make sure that the expert is someone who’s been trained properly in hair extensions.  If you’re opting for clip in extensions, make sure that you’re able to blend and cover the base and clip of the extensions so that it’s not visible.

Color that Doesn’t Blend
While we realize that you may be using extensions to add in a different color to your natural hair, we can’t stress enough how much of a disaster, it is when the color doesn’t look blended in with your natural color.  Even if you’re adding purple (or some other color) extensions to your hair, it’s important to make sure that the extension’s color looks like it’s blended seamlessly with your natural color.  While even though the purple (for example) isn’t your natural color, you don’t want the color to look too choppy.  If you are looking to use hair extensions to blend with your natural color, either make sure that they’ve been colored by an expert to match or match well to your natural color.

The Length Being Choppy
Similar to the hair color, you want your hair extensions to look blended in well with your natural hair.  If the extensions are a drastically different length from your natural hair’s length you want to ask your hair stylist to cut them in a way that will give them layers to naturally blend with your hair.  Typically, when adding in extensions we want them to look as natural as possible.  Since they’re typically all one length you’re going to need to ensure that they’re cut to the length that you want and need to really get the natural look you want.

Anytime you’re dealing with extensions, whether clip ins or professional – make sure that you’re using a product/service that’s of high quality.  We know you don’t want to have a hair extension disaster, so make sure you avoid some of these common disasters we’ve seen in the past.

Keeping Your Extensions Under Wraps

woman getting extensions

Whether you have long locks or short trimmed tresses, chances are you’ve gotten yourself a set of hair extensions at one point, or at the very least, you’ve considered doing so. If you fall in the latter group, it’s likely due to the fear of how to style them. Those of you who’ve purchased extensions can probably confirm that the styling-extensions fear is very real. While we’re being honest, it’s fair to give credit where credits due and say that extensions are unarguably the ultimate hair accessory. They can be used for just about everything; whether you need to add instant volume to your otherwise flat hair, want to have temporary long locks, or even just want to change up your look within a matter of minutes! Not to mention, a good set of extensions can make all of this possible while still looking like it’s your own, natural hair! Because we totally understand the desire to flaunt extensions, we’ve asked the pros for the top three tips to ensure effortless extension styling. Check it out!

Limit The Length
There’s no denying that we’ve all wished for Princess Rapunzel length hair at one point or another, but the fact of the matter is that extra-long extensions are just unrealistic (not to mention they look super unnatural. The trick is to pick the length of your extensions based on the length of your natural hair. If your hair is at or around shoulder length, then you should go for a set of extensions that’s about 16-18 inches long. If your hair is a bit longer, perhaps falling somewhere in between your upper and mid, then you can opt for extensions that are around 20-24 inches long. Another thing that many people don’t consider is matching the thickness of the extensions to your natural hair’s texture. This means that ladies with fine or thin hair would want to go for a set that’s around 160-180 grams. Those with normal or medium hair would do best with a 180-200 gram set, and those with thick hair could go for a 220 gram set.

Cut and Camouflage
When you go to the nail salon and have a set of acrylic or gel nails put on, the nail-tech files and shapes them to match and enhance the shape of your natural nail. It’s important to keep this same idea in mind when you get a new set of extensions; almost all extensions come standard with crisp, blunt ends. Most honestly, this will be very noticeable. What you can do is make an appointment for a dry trim with your stylist. Be sure that you wear your extensions to the appointment and then explain that you want your extensions to be trimmed up so that they blend with your natural locks.

Wash Up
If you haven’t already noticed, brand new extensions have a high-gloss finish. Granted, everyone wants silky, shiny hair, but this takes it to the Barbie-Doll level of shine. Luckily, there’s an easy fix to ensure the clip ins have a natural looking finish. All you need to do is give them a good wash. The best way to go about doing so is with a gentle, moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, then let them air dry overnight. By doing so you will rid the glossy look and have natural looking extensions!

Au Natural: The Beauty of Unprocessed Hair

Woman looking in the mirror

Alopecia, specifically Traction Alopecia is the slow and steady process of hair loss, which is most often the result of the continual pulling of the hair. Common causes of the gradual hair loss include: frequently sporting tight ponytails, pigtails, or braids; tight cornrows, weaves or braids with or without extensions; over-rolling hair rollers or curlers to the point of painful pulling.

Unfortunately, once the hair has been tightly tugged to frequently, the hair loss itself is extremely hard to reverse. This is typically when women consider ordering extensions or wigs. However, it goes without saying that younger women are reaping the beauty benefits of hair extensions. Regardless of your situation, chances are you’ve been overwhelmed at one point or another when noticing that buying a set of hair extensions isn’t that simple. Virgin and nonvirgin hair, processed and unprocessed hair, remy and non-remy hair, what does all this mean?

Unprocessed or Virgin Hair
The to save you any future confusion, the terms “unprocessed” and “virgin” can be used in place of one another, as they hold the same meaning; for the purpose of this article, we will stick with “unprocessed.” Most typically, the term “unprocessed” applies to hair is that have never been processed, thus, it is unprocessed. For a wig or set of extensions to dawn the unprocessed label, it must meet demanding standards, which, for the most part, remain the same across a variety of companies. Typically, these standards require that the hair has not been permed, colored, bleached, or endured any sort of chemical process. Further, it is a prerequisite for all unprocessed hair products to present the hair with all cuticles intact and all organized in the same direction. In addition, it is standard for a set of unprocessed hair extensions to come from just one donor.

Woman shampooing hair

If gentle, regular maintenance and proper care are taken, unprocessed hair can be expected to last around a year. To assure you get the full 365 days out of a wig or set of extensions follow these tips:

  • Just as you would your natural tresses, unprocessed hair replacements should be brushed frequently.
  • Because chemicals have not tainted the integrity unprocessed hair, it is important that you shampoo and condition the hair on a regular basis.
  • Regular hair hygiene happens to be imperative for those of you who you use a substantial amount product. If not washed, the hair product will likely leave product deposits which will ultimately damage the quality of the hair.
  • Just as heat tools can damage your hair, they will, at the very least, leave the unprocessed hair feeling less smoother over time; if you can cut down on heat time, you will enjoy its “brand new” look and feel for much longer.

The Unprocessed Benefits
As with all beauty products, there are both advantages and disadvantages that accompany unprocessed hair. By far, the key advantage to unprocessed hair is that, because it has not previously faced chemicals, it much stronger when compared to processed hair, which is more than likely already partially damaged. Additionally, it is much easier to style your unprocessed hair piece with heat tools because there is no keratin treatment or perm defying change. The main disadvantage of unprocessed hair is that specific colors and styles are not readily available.

Shortcuts to Beautiful, Bright Hair

If you have a special cosmetic or costume look coming up, perhaps for a fantasy costume or cosplay look, you might be thinking about creating a beautiful, bright hair look. When it comes to creating this style, though, what is the best course of action to take to get bright colored hair when you don’t really want to add this style permanently? Lionesse has the answers here!

Woman getting hair extensions inserted in a salon.

Add Hair Extensions
Hair extensions can add a lot of color and dimension to a look, and are really a great option because they are perfect for a quick fix when it comes to bright, beautiful hair. Simple clip in extensions offer ease of use, and usually come in small strands or larger wafts which can be applied and removed with ease. If you were to want a more permanent hair extension, those are also available at salons.

Woman wearing red wig.

Use a Wig
Wigs are a great way to really go all out with your bright hair look. Whether you want somewhat of a neon color, a bright red, or another bright, bold color, wigs can add the style, length, or shortness you desire while giving you a simple easy on, easy off approach. It cuts the time in styling way down as the wig is usually already styled – and also, there is no damage caused to your hair due to dying of any sort. It’s a win-win situation – except, when you’re done with using it, you will need to figure out what to do with it next!

Close up of hair spray being used by a stylist.

Colored Hair Spray
Colored hair spray adds a great pop of color and can look really beautiful if done right. There are many different colors available to achieve any look you want, and the spray is available online, in costume stores, or in large box stores. The best way to apply colored hair spray is to spray the strands in whatever fashion you want to – whether its piece by piece or section by section, or even the tips of your hair – while using a piece of paper underneath to catch the color which might otherwise stain your clothes. From there, allow the spray to dry for a minute, and then brush the hair where the spray was applied. You can then spray the hair again to get a brighter look, and again, brush the hair through to make it nice and soft, yet vibrantly colored. You will want to use a disposable comb for combing through the colored hair as you will otherwise stain your brush, and also, be sure to do the spraying in a well ventilated area as the fumes are quite strong. This hair color can easily be washed out with shampoo in the shower.

Woman with dip dye hair.

Dip Dye Strands
If you want to go for a more permanent approach, you can always dip dye strands in vibrant colors. Manic Panic offers some of the wildest hair colors available and makes it easy to dip dye using a disposable container or cup. The dip dye method will usually last for 4-6 weeks, sometimes longer, depending on your current hair color and the shade you use.

Wig Tips

Woman wearing a wig looking into the mirror.

When it comes to wearing wigs, many women are becoming more and more comfortable with giving them a try to change up their look. Some women need to wear them due to hair loss and health reasons, while others simply like the feeling of changing up their style. Others just don’t have time to sit and play with their style in the morning, so they opt for a wig.

Whatever the case may be, wigs do require some care and attention. They aren’t just an, open-up-the-package-throw-it-on-and-go type of deal. On the contrary, there are some things every woman who purchases and intends on wearing a wig should do before and during the use of said wigs. We went and scoured the internet to bring you some of the best and most practical wig tips available to make sure you look your beautiful best the next time you opt for a wig.

Wash Before Wear
If you buy a synthetic wig, chances are the hair is going to look very shiny and fake at first – but you can change that. Experts suggest washing the hair with dish liquid to remove the sheen – and to do this gently, not vigorously – and condition with fabric softener, as it is a fabric and not true hair. Rinse well, then hang to line dry. Once it’s fully dried, you will be amazed at how gorgeous and natural your wig will look. If you opt for a real hair wig, wash the wig with wig shampoo and conditioner prior to your first use, and hang to dry. Depending upon how often you wear the wig, you will need to wash the wig every week or so, whenever it becomes unruly or dirty.

Woman wearing a stylish wig.

Have Your Wig Styled
No matter what type of wig you buy, a great course of action is to head to your stylist and have them create a hair style while the wig is on your head that is modern and that you absolutely love. This way, your hair will look as natural as possible, and you will adore the style. You should do this with every wig you buy. 

Keep a Backup Wig
If you’re planning on making wigs a part of your everyday life, you will need to have at least two wigs to keep on rotation. That way, when you wash your wig and it’s hanging to dry, you will always have another one to wear when the time calls for it – and you won’t be left stranded without.

Proper Wear
Be sure to use a hair cap underneath your wig to secure all of your natural hair into place while wearing the wig. This will give you a flawless, natural look. Also, don’t wear the wig anywhere away from the natural hairline. Wear it at the natural hairline.

Woman wearing a wig posing for the camera.

Choose Longer Styles
Opting for a wig in a shorter style can be fun, but it can also age you by many years. As far as the best course of action is concerned, opt for a wig of at least chin length or longer to keep a youthful look. Always choose age appropriate wigs.

Steer Clear of Outrageous Colors
This is pretty self-explanatory in and of itself. If you want to have a realistic looking wig that you can be proud of showing off, stay away from outrageous colors like neon pink, green, blue or purple. Opt for natural colors, and you will most likely be very happy with the results.

Choose Wigs with Realistic Roots
Choosing wigs which appear to have realistic roots will give you the most natural looking wig experience possible.