Haute Hair Colors For 2017

As we get ready to celebrate and welcome a new year, we have to acknowledge the fact that a new year means we’re going to be graced with new trends.  You already know how quickly and consistently the hair and beauty world change with trends.  Every season and every year is filled with new and exciting trends that we get to adapt in a way that’s unique to us and feels fun.  Since we’re exciting to welcome 2017, we thought it was the perfect time to share some of the haute hair colors for 2017 that we already see being pretty popular.

Tigers eye hair color

Tigers Eye
This hair color trend is pulling some inspiration from the gemstone, tigers eye.  It’s filled with a mix of brown and blonde tones, and that’s exactly what the hair color trend does.  For this hair color trend it’s similar to a mix of ombre and bayalage that we’ve seen in recent years, but with quite different shades used.  Typically the other hair color trends have been more natural in the blending of different colors, but with tigers eye it’s really about having distinct brown and distinct blonde tones mixed into the hair.  It’s a really fresh and unique take on a hair color, a great way to add a unique twist and add some fun detailing to your hair color.

Defined Lavender
You’re probably noticed that the past year (2016, that is) has been filled with vibrant and exciting hair colors.  Well it already looks like we’re going to carry over some of that colorfulness into 2017 because we’ve seen a ton of defined lavender hair happening.  Some are referring to this as a smokey lavender hair, whatever you like to call it – it’s pretty gorgeous.  Essentially it’s incorporating different tones into an all over lavender hair color that creates a lot of definition and dimension to the hair look.  Many of these hair color looks go from deep purple tones to very light and everything in between to really create a range of shades.

light blonde hair color

Light Blonde
Blonde hair colors are always popular, but in 2017 it looks like it’s really going to be about the super light blonde hair.  In addition, experts are saying it’s going to be more about blonde hair that’s more of one solid shade than a lot of different blonde tones mixed in to kind of create a unique twist on the blonde hair color trend.

Chocolate Mauve
Another super fun and unique hair color trend the experts are saying is going to be major in 2017 is the chocolate mauve hair color.  It’s stunning and a statement maker, making it super haute.  Essentially it’s having an all over chocolate hair color, but adding in mauve highlights to the mix in an ombre or bayalage type of technique.  The mauve is typically added throughout the hair to create a subtly dimensional hair color.  Since the mauve is a bit more subtle, it mixes in well with the chocolate brown color, but still gives the ability to add color into your hair.

Look Great With These Winter Hair Colors

The beginning of the winter season means a different climate…and different trends!  One of the more exciting aspects of the change of seasons has to be the fact that they come filled with new and exciting trends for us to try out and adapt.  You already know that the hair world is filled with new trends and ideas all the time, and this winter is no different.  We thought it would be fun to do a little focus on some of the unique hair colors that we’re seeing this winter season.  They’re different than many hair colors we’ve seen in the past, so while you may be hesitant  – we’re going to chat about how you can look great with these winter hair colors

Woman with silver hair

Silver/ Grey
The bold and vibrant hair colors have been growing in popularity in the past year, and this winter season really is no different.  One of the hair colors that stood out to us initially for this winter season has to be that we’ve seen so many beauties coloring their hair this gorgeous silver/grey color.  Essentially it’s a pastel tone of grey, with some silver aspects thrown in.  While so often we hear about women wanting to cover up their grey, it’s being celebrated this season.  And ladies of ALL ages are rocking this hair color.  One way to really look great with this winter hair color is to ask your colorist to add some depth to the color, so that your hair isn’t all just one flat color but something that has definition and different tones mixed in.

Shades of Blue
Another one of the gorgeous hair colors we’re seeing for the winter months is shades of blue.  We’ve seen quite a few ladies on social media with the bold blue shades, but ironically this winter it’s more about the pastel tones of blue.  Ironically speaking, because typically pastel shades are synonymous with the spring season.  But rocking a pastel shade in your hair is super fresh and fun, and such a great way to give you a little color during the gloomy winter months.  Similar to the silver hair, adding different tones of blue throughout your hair is a great way to add definition to your hair look.  The really fun part about a pastel blue hair color is truly no matter how you style your hair with this color it’s going to look extra special – because the color is so stunning!  If you don’t want to be full blue, try just adding it to the ends of your hair for a different ombre effect.

Woman sitting in a park

Pink Tones
This is another favorite, and a hair color you can expect to see quite a bit of this winter season.  Adding touches of pink to the hair is such a fun winter hair color.  Some are going for a full pastel pink shade, while others are going for more of a rose gold look (pink mixed in with blonde hues).  Similar to the blue shades, you can add as little or as much of the pink shade to your hair as you like.  You’re sure to look great and have a little Barbie inspiration with the pink.

Summer 2016 Hair Hues

Women have been changing up their hairstyles for summer ever since new hair hues and fancy cuts became an option. Now that beach season is finally here, you may be yearning for the perfect new ‘do. This summer, its all about going lighter, brighter, and intense with those locks. Check out our list of summer 2016 hair hues, and get ready to heat up your look!

When it comes to fashion and makeup, nude tones are all the rage right now; it was only a matter of time before nude hair started gaining popularity. Nude is created through a balance of warm and cool tones. The opposing tones sort of “cancel” each other out and create a flattering natural color that looks great on all skin tones.

Pewter Blonde

DFree / Shutterstock.com

Pewter Blonde
Blonde is always a safe summer color but this summer, light blonde is turning up a notch! Pewter blonde is great for those who are already rocking beach-bum colored locks. Your stylist will likely make this look work for you by adding a full set of platinum highlights, then throwing in a few silver streaks. You can even request that your stylist to add in some honey or gold streaks in the front to help frame the face.

That’s right, your favorite summer snack might just be your favorite hair hue of summer 2016. Perhaps the most adventurous color trend of the season, watermelon hair is created through a double process. Your stylist will start by lifting or bleaching the hair so that it a ready for color, then (s)he will combine vivid greens  in the upper two-thirds, which will melt into sweet flirty pinks in the bottom portion of the hair.

creamy blonde hair hue

Creamy Blonde
For those of you who love blonde hues, but aren’t digging the rock ‘n’ roll vibe of pewter blonde, you might be interested in going for a creamy blonde color. Your stylist will add a mix of golden hues and white blonde hues, for a sexy, sophisticated, creamy blonde look that flatters just about every skin tone.

Color Bleed
The color bleed trend can be done with virtually any two hair colors, although we think the trend looks best on those with already-dark hair. Similar to an ombre, your stylist will gradually blend the vibrant color of your choice from the roots all the way down. When done correctly, it should not look like over-due new growth, rather the colors should just melt into each other.

Snowlights highlighting

Snow Lights
The trend of “snowlight” highlights began this spring and is getting more and more popular.  This new trend that every blonde girl should try is easy to achieve. Your stylist will take your hair to the next level by adding pale blonde highlights all throughout your hair, creating the illusion of lifted, shimmering locks.

Auburn Balayage
For all the girls who are in-love with Selena Gomez’s hair, but not to sure why, here’s your answer! Selena has been rocking her layered auburn balayage, and you can rock this look too! Ideal for longer-layered styles, your stylist will add dimension to already dark hair by strategically placing auburn colored streaks throughout the middle and end portions of the hair. You’ll leave the salon with locks that look like they’ve been kissed by sun.

Color Perfect: Hair Colors for the Holidays

While you’re putting together the best holiday outfits, why not make some changes to the rest of your look, as well? A new hair color can be like the gift you give yourself that will last all season long. You may just like to have the new color for the winter, or you may decide that you’ve found your perfect new do.

Here are a few of the hottest hair color trends you might want to try out for the holidays:

Ronze hair color.

No, that’s not a typo. Ronze is a hot new creation that combines bronze, red and brunette tones to create a beautiful color that will brighten up any complexion during the dreary winter. Ronze will look great on anyone, but you need to tweak the shade to match your specific complexion.

Darker skin tones should opt for a deeper shade of ronze that has more prominent brunette tones. Choose golden ronze tones for medium complexions, and go for a brighter red shade for pale complexions. Not only will a ronze hair color brighten up your complexion, but if you have cool coloring, the ronze hair color will warm you up. Consult with your colorist to get the exact right shade.

Sombre hair

Remember when ombre was all the rage? Maybe you didn’t want to try it because you didn’t like the harsh lines that the style created, making the look too disconnected for your taste. You may want to give sombre a try.

Sombre is like ombre, but the gradient is much more subtle — thus the name, which stands for “subtle ombre.” The gradient is very gradual, going from dark to light in a way that looks natural.

Bronde hair color

This season’s hair color trends are all about combinations. Bronde is a combination of blonde and brunette hair, which creates a sandy, sun-kissed look. Just think of celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Cara Delevingne to get an idea of how this looks. It’s a naturally beautiful style that will warm up your look for the winter. It’s also effortless to maintain.

Platinum hair color.

If you want to go full ice princess, get a dramatic look with platinum hair. Your icy white locks will be perfect for the season, and you’ll be channeling style icons like Gwen Stefani and even Marilyn Monroe. Who wouldn’t want to look like these beauties?

Platinum hair is harder to maintain since your roots will show up starkly against your hair in a matter of a couple of weeks. This is also a look you should not try yourself since you can quickly damage your hair with the bleach. Always go to a stylist to have the hair bleached, and ask for the right products to protect your hair.

Have fun with your look this holiday season. Try out one of these fresh new colors to get a new look and to brighten up your holidays. You may discover that the color creates your favorite look yet.

We would love to hear from you! Tell us about YOUR favorite hair colors for the holidays!

Celebrity Inspired Hair Colors

When we are thinking about changing our hair colors, sometimes we need to turn and look for a bit of inspiration from the stars – and we aren’t talking about astrology, here. Celebrity hairstyles are one of the most searched things on Google, and it’s no wonder – everywhere, every day, there’s someone looking to replicate a style from their favorite stars. Today, Lionesse points out a few celebrities whose color we love and believe you should check out as well.

Olivia Wilde

Tinseltown / Shutterstock.com

Olivia Wilde – Ombre Brown to Golden
Olivia Wilde always looks stunning, and has a gorgeous face that everyone loves – but can we just for a second talk about the fabulous hair she’s donning currently? If anybody thought the ombre hair style was over, think again. Ms. Wilde currently has a lovely brown hue, which could be likened to a medium brown, with plenty of golden ends and tips as the hair fades to an ombre style about midway down. It looks stunning for the summer! Get the look yourself with golden ombre tips and a brown hue throughout.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Featureflash / Shutterstock.com

Sarah Jessica Parker – Chocolate Brown with Golden Highlights
Ms. Parker looks beautiful this summer as she can be seen spotted with her new chocolate brown locks and golden highlights (which we have to wonder, is it foliyage instead?) to debut as the new face of Jordache jeans. This bubbly, sweet star looks oh-so-summery this season with this hair look. Get the same look to be right on trend for summer.

Sharon Osbourne

Jaguar PS / Shutterstock.com

Sharon Osbourne – Cranberry Red
Sharon Osbourne is one of those who has been around for quite some time, but we have to love and respect her for the person that she is. She’s also had the same color hair for quite some time, sometimes changing it up between red and black. Her bright, vivid cranberry-red hair color is perfect for her loud personality – but it’s toned down enough to be sweet at the same time.

Salma Hayek

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

Salma Hayek – Black
Salma Hayek isn’t a name we hear too often, but we have to give her credit where it’s due – she is absolutely beautiful, and she has quite the head of hair, if we do say so ourselves! Her gorgeous, rich black hair always looks so flawless. We wonder if she needs to touch it up, or does it naturally stay so black even still? Nonetheless, opt for a rich black hue to get her look.

Lindsay Lohan

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

Lindsay Lohan – Auburn
Though Lindsay Lohan hasn’t been in the media much lately (shocking, but maybe it’s a good thing), we still love to follow her style, beauty, and of course, her gorgeous hair. Lindsay’s gorgeous natural reddened auburn hair has always been beautiful – and we love when we see her play it up with a nice style for the evening. Medium auburns work best to recreate the look of Ms. Lohan if you were to create the style yourself.

Christina Aguilera

Joe Seer / Shutterstock.com

Christina Aguilera – Platinum Blonde with Rainbow Colors
Christina has been seen sporting many different hair colors over the course of her career, from platinum, to green, to purple, to pink, to brown, to black and beyond. Currently, this judge from ‘The Voice’ is rocking a platinum style with rainbow colored dip dyed ends to her hair. It looks so incredibly summery, bright and beautiful, it just may be one of our summer favorites!