Summer Hair Care Tips

Woman with beautiful hair

There’s no better way to spend the sweet summertime days and nights than in the great outdoors. The summer welcomes comfy clothing, minimal makeup, and natural hair. It may be impossible to fall out of love with summer ways, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t health and beauty conflicts throughout the season. Many of us have been versed a time or two on the proper way to care for and protect out skin during the warmer months, but few of us have taken into consideration the necessary measures that should be taken to safeguard those tresses. Since the sun has been putting in the overtime, we thought we should shed some light on some tried and true summer hair care tips. 

Hit Snooze and Skip the Shampoo
As you may have heard, scrubbing your scalp with shampoo doesn’t just cleanse your locks, but it has been found to strip the hair of its healthy natural oils. Naturally, it seems ideal to rid the hair of oil, but the thing is, hair that is over washed compensates for the continual oil loss by amping up oil production, leaving your hair more and more greasy looking over time. Instead of  washing your hair with shampoo in the shower, simply sleep in a bit later and skip your shower every few days. If you absolutely need to shower, try rinsing your hair directly under the shower head for a few minutes to help reduce the excess oil.

Woman applying conditioner

Conditioner is Key
We’re true believers that saltwater and all day pool days are good for the soul, but sadly, all the sodium and chlorine isn’t the best thing for your tresses. Reverse the damage caused by the elements by using a deep conditioning treatment on a regular basis.

Better Safe than Sorry, Use Protection
Often times we overlook the fact that out scalp is just as susceptible to sunburn as is our skin. Not only that, but our hair is not able to provide the adequate UVA and UVB protection. There are a few different options to prevent your scalp from burning this summer:

  • Look into shampoos and conditioners that contain sunblock
  • Mix a small amount of oil-free sunscreen in the palm of your hand with your regular hair product. This way you’re killing two birds with one stone in mere seconds.
  • Whenever possible, sport a cute baseball cap or floppy monogrammed sun hat.

Give Your Blowdryer a Day Off
It’s no secret that applying continual heat to the hair on a regular basis isn’t hair-healthy. Chances are that the temperature outside is as high as the low or medium setting on your blow-dryer, so why not let your hair dry naturally? Of course, there are days when the time commitment to air-drying isn’t realistic, but the take home point here is that whenever possible, you should give all heat tools a day off.

Don’t Crack Under Pressure
We’ve all done it before: gathered our hair into the perfect style, secured it with elastics and bobby pins only to realize that a single strand of hair was being pulled so much that it was causing an uncomfortable painful sensation. Remember, pain is the body’s way to tell us something is wrong! When you’re experiencing hair-pulling scalp-pain, it’s because those locks are being pulled so tight that they are about to split and snap. You hair is already in a vulnerable state in the summer, simply avoid splitting due to too-tight styles by opting for loose braids and messy buns.

Tips to Protect Your Hair from the Sun

Spending time in the sun can really make you feel great. Vitamin D, absorbed from the sunlight, can help your overall body feel amazing and give you some much-needed energy and boost your mood. Using sun protection for our skin is so important, now more than ever, as the risk for skin cancer from the sun is at an all time high.

Many men, women and children aren’t aware that there are other things that need to be protected as well, such as eyes and hair. Have you ever noticed after spending time in the sun, your hair tends to look a bit lighter? Perhaps it’s even taken on natural highlights or somewhat of an ombre effect. This could be all or in part due to time spent in the sun. Below, find some helpful tips on protecting your hair from the sun, exclusively from Lionesse.

Woman applying hair sunscreen.

Sunscreen for Hair
Using a hair sunscreen will provide your hair with the protection it needs to be beautiful throughout the entire summer – and won’t allow harmful rays to screw with your ‘do.

Woman wearing a fashionable hat.

Wear Sun Hats
Wearing a gorgeous floppy hat can now serve two purposes. Not only do they look gorgeous, but they will also protect your scalp and hair from the damage that can be caused by spending too much time in the sun.

Woman shampooing her hair.

Color Protective Products
Color protective shampoos will help to keep artificial hair colors intact throughout the summer. You should still, of course, use a hair sunscreen and protect your hair with a hat of some sort if you intend on spending a significant amount of time in the sun.

Woman getting a hair treatment in a salon.

Deep Conditioning Mask
After spending a while outdoors and exposing your tresses to the elements, whether at home in the yard, or out at the beach, or perhaps taking a walk through the city and spending the day shopping – your hair will need a little TLC. That’s when you should opt for a deep conditioning mask will also help to protect the hair from the sun’s rays with a built in SPF. This nifty product also protects color fading as well.

Blonde woman posing.

Remove Yellow or Brassy Tones
Any blonde will tell you that after spending a day in the sun, they begin noticing a difference in their color – and it’s not for the better. Sometimes, blondes tend to turn a bit yellow – and that’s when you should give your hair a wash with a purple based shampoo to cancel out all yellow tones found within the hair from sun exposure. On the flip side, if you are a brunette, you know all too well the effects the sun can have on your hair, such as brassy tones. In this case, you will want to use something to tone down the brass and give you back your gorgeous dark hair.