Be The Woman In Red

Woman in red

We always hear about blondes and brunettes, but why not be the woman in red? Red hair is always a stunner, regardless of the actual shade of red it is. We’ve noticed that red locks have become more and more popular recently, and we thought you may be curious about what some of the popular shades of red we can expect to see in the next year or so. You may even be considering going for a change in hair color yourself, and stepping outside your comfort zone and into something like red. Regardless, we’re sharing some of the popular red hair colors we’re excited to see.

Dark Garnet Locks
Think that red hair is all about the lighter colors? Not anymore! Recently, we’ve been seeing ladies bringing red hues into their locks with a dark twist. Dark garnet hues are being seen on locks everywhere, and we’re not expecting it to go anywhere anytime soon. It’s a fresh take on the red hair color, something that’s a bit edgier and different for those that like red but want to step outside the norm a bit. Typically, the dark garnet hair is blended in with darker roots (almost close to a black color) to add some dimension to the color and an even edgier twist.

You may have heard about the blorange hair color trend that’s pretty popular this year already, which is the combination of blonde and orange hues. If you’re not really about the orange mix, but you really want something a bit different and to embrace the red hues the blonde-red color may be the perfect fit for you. Essentially, this is a blonde shade of hair that’s mixed in with a tint of red. So it’s a real mix between the two. Giving you the lightness that comes with blonde hair, but adding a unique twist with the red hue mixed in that can really give you a nice update and be the woman in red everyone takes note of.

Copper hair

Of course, we can’t forget the popularity of the copper red hair color. It’s what many of us tend to think of when we think of a natural red head, but this year we’re seeing copper amped up a bit in the trend world. So many ladies are rocking copper hair, with extra shine. The super shiny element of the copper color really gives it a gorgeous pop that emphasizes the natural hair color in a way that’s incredibly natural but different from blonde and brunette hues. Which is why it’s so stunning!

Bright Red
You’ve probably noticed that the past year has been a year filled with super bright hair color trends. Well, that trend doesn’t stop with the red tones, in fact it’s one of the more popular ways ladies are rocking red hair this year and we kind of love it. If you really want to be a lady in red, you may even think about going for a super bright/bold red hair color for a total change.

Pastel Goth, Modern Trend

Pastel goth look

Some fashion trends come and go, and others simply grow and evolve. Such is the case with goth. One of the newest goth styles is called pastel goth, or modern trend goth. As you can tell from the name, it’s a little bit less dark than what you probably picture as regular goth, which is heavily built around the color black. Pastel goth incorporates (you guessed it) pastels!  This trend has its roots in Japanese fashion, or Kawaii fashion, which means “cute”.

A mainstay in the pastel goth scene is the chalky, pastel-dyed hair. Pinks, blues, purples, yellows and greens are common hair colors, and are often times mixed together for a unique one-of-a-kind look. Think Easter on drugs, and you get a great idea of what this look is about. Other influences come from imagery of princesses and Harajuku girls. If you don’t want to commit to dying your hair, wigs or extensions are a less permanent, but just as effective style. Floral crowns in pastel colors can also be worn on your natural colored hair if wigs are extensions are even a little too much.

As for clothing, the pastel look continues down from the hair into the rest of your outfit. Instead of black jeans, light colored cutoffs are often dyed with light pastel dyes, and sometimes can be bedazzled with spikes, studs, or sequins.

Touches of Black
To keep the goth look in the style, touches of black can be added anywhere from makeup to accessories to the clothes themselves. Black lipstick or eye shadow with a pastel blush looks great, as does a black leather jacket over a pastel shirt, or even a black leather purse or boots. A pastel tie-dye shirt or leggings can also tie the look together.

Some symbols that Pastel Goth incorporates skulls, crosses, Ouija boards, unicorns, etc. These can be worn as necklaces, graphic tees, charms, earrings, and other accessories. There are also a multitude of bags and backpacks with great designs that fit perfectly into the Pastel Goth theme. Hello Kitty, unicorns, cute dolls, Japanese Anime characters, as well as other more traditional goth symbols are all readily available and fit the look.

For footwear, you can go with a classic goth patent leather boot, be it short or knee-high, or something a bit cuter like pastel high heels or tie-dye Converse All Stars.

One thing to remember when getting your pastel goth look together is that it’s a very “do it yourself” look. You can throw things together without too much worry, and most pastel colors tend to match with any other pastel, so you can mix and match your wardrobe without much worry. Remember, you don’t want to seem like you’re trying too hard, right?

70’s Hair Style Look

Women in the 1970’s had some of the coolest hair styles this generation has ever seen. From the ever beautiful feathered look, to the shag, to long, flowing hair, this era definitely knew their stuff when it came to style. Today, Lionesse has a treat for our wonderful readers – a guest post from beauty blogger Sarah McCormick, a Florida girl who knows a thing or two about a thing or two, who is going to teach you how you can get a 70’s style that’s simple and easy to do – and all you need is a flat iron and a little hairspray.  Over to you, Sarah!


Here’s how to get my 70’s inspired hair look, and it’s super easy and simple to do. Here’s what you’ll need to get the look:

  • Lionesse Hair Serum Bottle (If you’ve got thick, frizzy hair)
  • Lionesse Silk Ceramic Flat Iron
  • Lionesse Hair Spray

Now, for the fun part! You will want to begin with clean, dry hair that is ready to be completely straightened.

Beauty blogger Sarah.

Step 1 – Use the flat iron to straighten the hair from root to tip. Complete this step on all of your hair until it’s perfectly straight.

Beauty Blogger Sarah 1970s Hairstyle

Step 2 – Part the hair down the middle for that true 70’s feel.

Sarah McCormick

Step 3 – Begin by placing about an inch section of hair between the flat iron, and tilting the flat iron backwards, pulling down gently as the flat iron goes to work curling and waving your hair. I began with the parts framing my face; you can do whatever feels comfortable to you. Some people like to begin at the back of the hair, but for me, I like the visual of working from front to back. Make sure when you begin this step, you aren’t curling from root downwards, but about halfway down the hair shaft downwards. We don’t want to wave/curl the full head, we want to curl/wave and add volume to the mid-section downwards. Complete this on the full head. I recommend giving the hair a light spray on each section you work on after it’s finished, so the curl won’t fade. This is especially important to those with thin hair.

Sarah's hair before toussle for 1970s hairstyle

Step 4 – Go back in and touch up any areas which seem to have fallen flat, or have lost the wave or curl.

Sarah McCormick tousling hair.

Step 5 – Tousle the hair with your fingers all over, loosening the curl and creating softer looking waves. The pieces of hair framing your face should have an almost flared out, feathery look to them. If you have angles that frame the face, this will be an awesome look for you as it will give the hair more dimension and detail.

1970s hairstyle

Step 6 – Spray all of your hair with hairspray, tousling while you spray.

Sarah McCormick 1970s look

Step 7 -Enjoy your new 70’s inspired look!

As you can see, it is fairly simple to complete this look yourself, and it doesn’t require much but a flat iron, hair spray, and a little bit of time and patience. I completed the look in about 10 minutes. I hope you loved my tutorial!