Show Off Your Victory Roll

Victory rolls hairstyle

Oh darling, don’t you love a little vintage? A little rust here, a little tarnish there, it’s no matter. It’s remarkable how a few pieces of chipped china and weathered wood can have so much charisma. Certainly, when one thinks of vintage, they think of worn down furniture and faded clothing; styles of which often make their way back around with a bit of a modern twist. On the contrary, one vintage detail that has charmed its way into the hearts of the fashion and beauty world is the classic 1950’s hairstyle, victory roll.

Once worn by American women during the World War II era, this twisted ‘do has been spotted on celebrities such as Katy Perry, Jada Pinkett Smith, Gwen Stefani and more. Not only does this vintage-chic style flatter your face shape, but it’s ultra-glam and bound to get you a few compliments. When you’re ready to rock the victory roll, check out the steps below.

Keep in mind, there are many variations of the look, this tutorial will guide you through the steps of creating a single asymmetrical victory roll. Should you be interested in having a set of victory rolls, you should follow the proceeding steps, then simply repeat the processes on opposite side of your head.

  1. You’ll want to begin with clean, dry, detangled hair. You’ll want to use a comb to create a straight part on the top on your scalp. How/Where you part your hair will depend on whether you plan on creating a pair of victory rolls, or a single asymmetrical victory roll. If you want to create a pair of victory rolls, you will part your hair right down the middle, this way you have the same amount of hair to work with on each side, allowing the rolls to be symmetrical. Likewise, if you want to style a single victory roll you should use the comb to part your hair off-centered, allowing there to be more hair on one side – the further away from the center the part is, the more dramatic the final look.
  2.  Now you’ll want to section off a chunk of hair on the thicker side. You’ll want it to be the top section of hair, that which is “connected” to that part. It should be about two or three times more than the amount of hair that you would take to create a side bang.
  3. Use a clip to hold that section together and secure the remaining hair into a low ponytail so that it is out of your way.
  4. Assuming your hair is out if it’s normal part, it may have a mind of its own. To keep the look tight, slide a bobby pin horizontally into the top of the ponytailed hair where the loosely clipped section begins. Then do the same thing, this time sliding the bobby pin into the roots of the clipped section, positioning the bobby pin where you want the base of your victory roll to lay.
  5. Unclip the section of hair and use both hands to roll it onto itself, being sure to create an O shape as you roll the hair up towards the scalp. Once you’ve rolled the O all the way to the top, hold it in place (easiest done by holding down the inside of the roll) and slip a bobby pin into the base of the O so that it is secured to your scalp.
  6. Use your thumb and index fingers to loosen backside of the O so that it falls into the base of your head – you shouldn’t be able to see through it like you would a tunnel.
  7. Give your victory roll a good bout of hairspray before releasing the elastic and adding just a bit more for that extra hold.

Two Super Easy and Glam Holiday Hairstyles

There is something extra, tucked within the holiday season that begs for taking extra measures in putting together our signature looks, regardless of whether we’re preparing to go to “just another day at same-old” work or to run errands. Dressing for the holidays is just as nice when you’re doing it to perform your required duties as a class mom for your daughter’s class party as it is to do, when you help serve hot meals to displaced holiday celebrants through a local community effort. It could even be a killing designer find that you strategically selected for accompanying your significant other to an important holiday happening. Dressing for the holidays is certainly a major aspect of “representing”–but it doesn’t cover everything. There are accessioning issues to be detailed, and most everyone knows to include belts, scarves, belts, necklaces, wrist-wear like bangles and cute fringy flair, earrings and a sizeable array of holiday-specific ornamentation for accessorizing-up holiday hair. Got it all covered? Check. Have you left something out? Check again.

Woman at a hairstylists.

Don’t Forget Your Holiday Hair
One of the most commonly neglected personal aspects that are eligible for being targeted for holiday up-fixing is in how we style our hair. It is a prevalent oversight among women everywhere, to finish off our efforts to achieve the holiday look by mindlessly “doing” our typical, go-to hairstyle, and we’re off. The head area is respectfully the most prominent and first area that others notice about us, and yet we tend to resort to sameness when it comes to how we arrange our hair most of the time–and even during the holidays. Often, women cite lack of time or opportunity along with a list of more prominent holiday responsibilities as the reason for the lack of attention to glam up their hair with some holiday ambience. The good news is that there are more than a couple of easy and fast ways in which any woman can give her hair a little extra something for the holidays.

Holiday Hair Suggestions for Everyone
You may have been tempted to toss a rather generic Santa hat into your shopping cart on a few shopping expeditions, envisioning the ease by which you could cover your head–along with a sub-par hairstyling effort–and all at the same time. STOP!  With these easy hacks, you can leave that Santa Hat on the shelf for the next holiday hopeful to buy. You’re going to have holiday hair this year, and be thankful that you did!

Bun hairstyle.

The Classic Ballerina Bun–Revisited for the Holidays
Somewhat inspired by the hairstyle in which a Breakfast at Tiffany’s Audrey Hepburn rocked every scene, this bun is simpler but every bit as lovely. Start with clean hair that is straight, and distribute your hair by running your fingers through it. For a volumizing effect, add hair-gripping texture by spraying a little dry shampoo in the key areas where staying volume is most needed.

  • Gather your hair sort of loosely into a high ponytail and secure with clear elastic. Leave bangs to hang freely. Keeping a side part is fine.
  • Pull out a small section of hair from either side of the ponytail. Twist these and clip out of the way.
  • Working in sections, take manageably-sized sections of hair and form into an under-roll, securing each securely with hidden pins as you go. When completed, you will have fashioned a full looking bun effect.
  • Unclip the two previously separated sections and separate. Twist each one and bring it across the bun’s base–visibly, and secure with pins.
  • Rock this do with some smallish holiday dangling earrings.

Roll up hairstyle.

The Elegant Roll-Up for the Holidays
Available through Ulta, the Sarahpotempa Half-Up ($9,) provides you the foundation upon which this style is formed. This piece of flexible foam measures 3 inches in length, with a slit in the middle:

  • Gather the ends of your hair together, behind your head.
  • Slide the ends of all gathered hair (about one inch total,) into the center slit.
  • With the foam positioned horizontally, carefully roll the foam upwards, stopping at the nape of your neck.
  • Secure with bobby pins.

Finish off with a large hair comb, embellished with a delicate sprig of holly, mistletoe or another seasonal representation.