Mid-Length Hair Styles for Fall

woman braiding hair

The cool, crisp season of autumn is among us. While the leaves are transitioning from green to gold, you too can switch up your style. Look through the mid-length styles below for some fun and easy looks that are fabulous for the season.

Reverse French Twist:

  1. Begin with your hair at a strong center part. Try using a comb to make sure that the part is as bold as it can be.
  2. Use your thumbs to slide all your hair back into a mid or center ponytail.
  3. Before securing it twist the base of the pony in a clockwise motion.
  4. If you twist all the hair at once and make sure you’re pulling it tight, you will be able to secure the twist with just a few hair and bobby pins. Finish the look with some strong hold hair spray.

woman with bun

Wrapped Top Knot:

  1. With your hair totally tangle-less, use a brush to pull all of it up into a high ponytail at the crown on your head.
  2. Secure it with a sturdy elastic so that it doesn’t come loose throughout out the day.
  3. Wrap all the hair from the pony around the base of the hair tie. Once it’s all wrapped up, use hair pins to hold every strand in place.
  4. Before adding hair spray, use your fingers or the end of a comb to relieve a few strands from the ponytail to frame your face.

woman with braided bun

The waterfall, Dutch style, French braided bun is a bit more challenging, however, once you can master the look, it’s a perfect way to get every last static-y flyaway out of your face. Follow the steps below to get the look:

  1. With your hair in a low side part, grab a section of hair from the top the top of your head and separate it into three pieces.
  2. Beginning braiding as usual, then transition to a waterfall braid by dropping the lowest outer strand and replacing it with a new, similar-sized section of hair small section of hair.
  3. Incorporate the new section of hair into the braid, then drop the next lowest section and replace it with a new section, just as you did with the last strand.
  4. Continue to braid in the fashion until the waterfall braid reaches your neck. At this point use the remaining three sections of hair to braid as you normally would. Once you reach the end use a small elastic to secure the braid from coming loose.
  5. Directly below the waterfall braid you have just created, craft another waterfall braid, this time incorporating the “dropped” pieces from the first braid as the new pieces in the second. This is now your your Dutch braid.
  6. Once you’re no longer able to incorporate “dropped” pieces,  incorporate the tail of the waterfall braid into a regular braid with the reaming hair of the Dutch braid. Be sure that to secure the braid with an elastic.
  7. Now, grab a section of hair on the other side of your head, divide it into three sections and make a French braid. Continue on until you’ve reached the bottom and secure it with an elastic.
  8. Finally, take any remaining hair that’s in the back of your head and the tails of the braids and twist it all together into a bun. Hold it in place with a few hairpins, add some hair spray, and you’re good to go!

Take Your Braid Skills to the Next Level

Braids can be seen everywhere this season, from teenage girls, to children, to grown women – everyone wants to sport the coolest new braid around. With so many braid designs and options to choose from, there are styles to last every day of the week and beyond. If you only have simple three strand braid skills, or perhaps you aren’t even there yet – this article is for you. Lionesse would like to touch on a few of the more popular braid styles and what they look like to give you some cool new braid ideas to try the next time you’re bored and have spare time on your hands.

The Inside Out Braid Hairstyle

Inside Out Braid
Inside out braids are a popular new innovation in the braid world. These braids provide the look of a regular braid – just flipped inside out or upside down, depending upon how you look at it. They’re one of the simpler braid designs to learn to do. This is a cross between the simple three strand braid and a dutch braid. You can see these all over the internet, and they’ve become a popular, simple to create favorite.

The Dutch Braid Hairstyle

Dutch Braid
The dutch braid is generally big and fluffy type of plait braid which sits anchored to the top of the head. It’s considered to be a French braid that’s exposed to the outside. These types of braids are beautiful and can be worn with any style clothes you can imagine. They look especially adorable with jean jackets and dresses. This braid can be worn as a side braid, wrapped around the head similar to a milkmaid braid, or o the back of the head like a traditional braid.

The Fishtail Braid Hairstyle

Fishtail Braid
The fishtail braid is likened to the bones of a fish tail because of its interwoven pattern. It’s built up over a central portion of the braid with small or fine strands of hair, and is considered to be an intermediate level braid that requires a bit more skill. Once you have mastered the two braids above, it may be time for you to give this baby a try. You will absolutely adore the end results!

The Waterfall Braid with Flower.

Waterfall Braid
Waterfall braids are absolutely stunning and usually consist of a basket-weaving type of pattern that goes around the head from the frontal sides to the back. This pattern looks amazing with long hair or highlighted hair, and for added effect you can curl the ends of your hair to add something special to make this braid really pop. This is another simple style that anyone can achieve.

The Ladder Braid Hairstyle

Ladder Braid
The ladder braid is simply two waterfall braids on top of one another, yet spaced apart by a couple of inches. This style looks fantastic when made to look crooked and cascade across the back of the hair like falling water. Again, curls or waves can be added to the bottom of the hair for extra effect, or a waved look or straight look will also appear beautiful with this style.

The Five Strand Braid Hairstyle

Five Strand Braid
This amazing braided style got its beginning while being seen at many different music festivals around the country – namely Coachella, for starters – and has become a hit sensation among Instagram and Pinterest. The look has also been seen across many beauty blog channels across the internet. With such a popular style, it seems only right to offer this one to you in hopes you’ll give it a try. It’s got a basket weave look to it, and looks fantastic with boho apparel.