Experimenting With Dip-Dyed Hair

woman with dip-dyed hair

Dip-dye and ombre colored hair have been quite popular for a few years now. The looks can be seen in both hi-fashion and street-style, and now you’re ready to give the trend a try too. You may be wondering what the difference is between dip-dyed and ombre colored hair; some of you might not have even known that there was a difference. Well, ladies, there is indeed a difference between dip-died and ombre hair! The easiest way to differentiate between the two is recognizing that ombre-colored-anything is the gradual process of once color smoothly blending into another. So when you look at ombre hair, you will notice that the chemically colored ends of the hair get gradually get lighter and lighter along the strands. Dip-dye, on the other hand, offers more of a solid transition from one color to the next – almost like a color block.

If you’re interested in dip-dyed hair, but aren’t ready to call your stylist and take the plunge at the salon that’s totally understandable. This bold look can be…well, bold. Which is why we’ve put together this step by step tutorial for you to experiment with dip-dyed hair at home. In doing so you should be able to get a good idea of how you feel about the look and if you think it’s something you’d want to consider more permanently.

  1. Before you go coloring your hair all shades of the rainbow, take the time to get inspired and figure out the color that you want. Even though this tutorial is only going to give you temporary color, it’s still going to stay put for a few weeks, so you’ll want to make sure that it’s a color you’ll be happy with.
  2. Once you’ve settled on a color, you’ll need to purchase a product that is labeled as “semi-permeate.” This will ensure that the color doesn’t last for months.
  3. In addition to the coloring product, those with darker hair may need to purchase a  lightening or bleaching product. The reason being that light colored tips is the key to achieving the actual color that you want; bleaching out the dark color from your hair allows the colored dye to set.
  4. When preparing to dip-dye, you should purchase more color than you think you need. It may seem silly, but the last thing you want to do is run out of color before you’ve completed coloring your hair. You should also purchase a pair of gloves, to avoid skin irritation and some sort of plastic cover-all for your counters.
  5. Be sure that you’re wearing an old shirt that you wouldn’t mind throwing out. Additionally, wrap your neck with an equally old towel to protect your skin from stain and irritation.
  6. Brush or comb hair that it already completely dry and set up all your products in front of you on the countertop. It’s easiest to do this in the bathroom that way you have a mirror right where you need it.
  7. Section by section, bleach the hair where you want the finished color to be. Because every bleaching product is different, it’s best that you follow the instructions for the product that you purchased.
  8. After you’ve rinsed out the bleach, repeat the same process with the color, directly on top of the bleached hair. You can either use a brush and paint it on, or you can literally dip each section of hair into the dye bowl and use your fingers to spread the color.
  9. After you’ve applied the color to each section wrap it in foil. This will help the product cure faster. Again, to ensure the best possible results from the product you purchased, follow the instructions on how long to let the product sit on the hair.
  10. Once the product has had enough time to color your locks, remove the foil wrappings and rinse the product out of your hair until the water runs clear. After the product is rinsed out wash your entire head of hair with conditioner only. Keep in mind that the more frequently that you wash your hair, the sooner the color will fade.

Lionesse Hair Dyeing Trends

There are many trends in the fashion world that are forever changing and evolving. When it comes to hair trends, they tend to stick around a while longer than fashion itself. In 2014, some of the most sought after hairstyles and hair coloring techniques are basically just new spins off of old styles. Creativity is never lacking when it comes to new and emerging hair dyeing techniques and trends. Let’s talk about some of the current hair dying trends, and what they look like.

Ombre hair in curls, back view

Ombre Effect
If you haven’t heard of the Ombre hair dyeing trend, you must be living under a rock. The Ombre hair style is one of the coolest trends on the market right now, which is why we chose it as number one to discuss. It is extremely versatile, and creates an entirely new look for the consumer, while introducing minimal chemicals to the hair as only the tips of the hair are dyed, thus eliminating absorption of the hair dye through the pores on the scalp. This method is huge in pop culture right now, and is popular among teenage girls and young women in their 20’s and even 30’s.

The Ombre hair style can be used to produce any color the consumer wants – from blond, to black, to pink, blue and any other color you can think of. The hair is divided into sections, and is then dyed according to the customer’s specifications on color, and how high they want their ombre. Most women choose to have theirs start around 3-4 inches from the tip of the hair, but this can vary. It usually takes about an hour and a half to two hours to complete the process, but this can vary. Once it’s finished, the Ombre effect looks fantastic, and lasts for a long while to come. This style is very low maintenance. The more it fades, the cooler it looks!

Woman with straight platinum blond hair

Platinum blonde hair has long been a favorite among women looking for something classy, sexy, and shocking. Even in 2014, you see it absolutely everywhere. It seems to be more popular on the West Coast of the USA than anywhere else in the country. Platinum is about as white as you can go in terms of using bleach, however it looks golden as opposed to white. It really is a very cool style; however it can greatly damage your hair due to the bleach usage, and also requires a lot of maintenance and upkeep. If you are willing to go to the salon every few weeks to a month and have your roots done, and be re-treated, you will more than likely love this style.

Platinum blonde hair comes from the process of bleaching the hair. Platinum hair typically looks better on those with darker or tanned skin, as it makes those with lighter skin look washed out. Use discretion when opting for something like platinum when you have a completely different hair color, as it can be quite a shock to your system when you see it. When women have this style done, they typically love it right away, or hate it. Be absolutely certain you want to live with the results and that you feel it would look good on you before making the decision to have it done. Remember: just because something looks good to you, doesn’t mean it will look good on you.

Woman with shoulder length blond hair with balayage highlights

Balayage is the process of instilling the most natural looking highlights onto one’s hair. Instead of using foils as is typically done with most highlighting processes, Balayage is done by using a rubber paddle and gives the stylist more freedom to move around and place the highlights wherever she/he wants to put them without imposing too much of a controlled environment on where the highlights go. There are typically more highlights throughout the hair as a result, and it looks extremely natural. Typically more natural looking blonde hues are used in this process.

Balayage has been around since the 1980’s, but is just now in 2014 gaining more popularity than ever before. Many celebrities wear this style, as do many regular women just like you. There are stylists who specialize in this type of style and look, and it’s always best to go to someone who has the experience to give you exactly what you’re looking – and paying – for.

Young woman with beautiful cascading brown hair


The timeless and classic Brunette look is back with a vengeance. Women who used to hate their brown hair are now embracing it, opting to color their hair with a richer, warmer brown tone like a chestnut brown hue. It looks classy, accentuates certain eye colors such as hazel or green, and is acceptable anywhere you may happen to work, whereas some other styles may not be.

There are many brunettes who choose to even incorporate some copper toned highlights in their hair to give it something extra, but many are opting to just go with an au natural coloration.

Kendall Jenner with dip dyed hair

Dip Dyed Hair

Dip dyed hair is much like the ombre effect, but instead of the fading look, dip dyed hair is just that – literally dipped into the hair color and not faded to blend at all. Women and men alike are opting for this style in 2014, and it’s not just for the teens! Adults are loving the look as well.

There are many colors in which someone might choose when they opt for dip dyeing methods, but usually the colors are eccentric – hues such as pink, blue, green, purple and other flamboyant, bright colors are used.

Christina Aguilera with kool aide hair

Kool Aid Hair Dye

Popular among teens and those who do not want the harsh chemicals of processed hair dye, Kool Aid hair dye is a DIY type of project which can be done at home, and takes about 30 minutes. Using the dip dye method, Kool Aid dyes the tips of your hair in 30 minutes or less, and leaves a result which can vary in duration of results. What this means is, someone who has light hair such as blonde may dye their hair with great results that will last with any color. Someone with darker hair may need to stick to certain colors, such as cherry or fruit punch flavors to ensure some of the color is applied, and therefore the results will not be as prominent or last as long. This is a safe alternative, and a fun one at that, to typical hair dye. It could be a fun experiment to do with friends with results which may or may not last for a long time.


Whatever method you decide to use for your hair, what’s important is whether or not you love it. Hair can always be modified and can always grow out or be changed or even cut, so don’t worry too much if you aren’t in love with the style you choose. Be sure you love the idea going into it, though, and you aren’t just doing it to fit in, be cool, or look like ‘everyone else’. Be yourself, and choose colors or trends that suit you, and you will be satisfied with the results in the end.