Hair Care Products That Make Your Curls Bounce

Woman with curly hair

Ever feel like you struggle to get that bounce in your curls that so many beauty bloggers and celebs get?  Those bouncy curls are admired by us all, if we’re really honest.  There’s something about bouncy curls that looks so effortless (even if it isn’t) that’s always stunning.  You’ve likely tried a ton of different curling techniques and some teasing to try to get those bouncy curls without as much luck as you’d like.  Truthfully, it could be because of the hair care products you’re using…or aren’t using.  We’ve discovered some great hair care products that make your curls bounce, so if you want those bouncy curls you’re going to want to keep on reading.

Did you think when we said hair care products we were just going to talk about gels and creams?  Nope!  Experts swear by using a diffuser attachment to hair dryers to help get that bounce in your curls.  Diffusers are great to enhance the natural curl in your hair without adding any frizz to your locks.  Diffusers essentially help your hair hold the natural curl shape while you dry your hair – so it really helps to give you some natural bounce.

Special Hair Towels
Another hair care product that may surprise you, but can work wonders to make your curls bounce.  So often when we dry our hair with towels we tend to be pretty rough on our hair.  When our hair is wet it’s in it’s most vulnerable state which can cause damage when we aren’t careful.  And when our hair gets damaged or roughed around in the towel it can prevent us from getting those bouncy curls.

Woman with curly hair outdoors

Using a special hair towel is great to hold your hair up in while it does a bit of drying.  It’s a nice option instead of squeezing and rubbing your hair with your towel, but soaks up the water in your hair.  Another nice bonus?  Many people find that using these types of hair towels means they spend less time using a hair dryer to get their hair dry – meaning that your hair will be healthier and bouncier.

Curl Enhancing Products
Of course, we can’t forget to mention the importance of utilizing curl enhancing/specific hair care products.  There are quite a few different gels, creams, and such that are specifically formulated to help with curls in your hair.  These are really great because they’re enhancing the shape of the curls, allowing you to have more natural bounce in your hair.

Embracing Hair Masks
Hair masks are highly underrated among women, and it’s unfortunate because they really can work wonders on your hair.  If you want truly bouncy curls, you want to make sure you’re also focusing on getting your hair healthy.  One of the best steps to healthy hair and scalp treatment is to make use of hair masks.  If your curls aren’t bouncy it can be because your hair and scalp are dry and brittle.  Make use of a moisturizing hair masks to get your hair the moisture it’s craving and get some bounce back.

Rocking Natural Curls

Woman with curly hair

The Original Love / Hate Relationship
Oh yes, before your bad guy phase, before you had your first bite of cheesecake, and before Netflix Binging was a thing, women developed the first ever love / hate relationship with their curly hair.

For as long as you can remember, people have been commenting on your tresses; you just think to yourself how you would give just about anything to tame the monstrous mane.

Remember in high school when all your straight-haired friends would get perms and tease their hair for hours? You, on the other hand, weren’t too sure why. It was almost as if they wanted your “I Woke Up Like This” style. Whether you have tight ethnic ringlets or frizzy rounds, curly hair can really be a pain.

So how do celebs like Taylor Swift, Zendaya, and Queen B embrace their natural curls and actually rock them? These popular ladies may have stylists performing magic on their natural locks, but lucky for you, we have scrounged up a few tricks of the trade, so you too can rock your natural curls.

Get It, Girl!
It’s true, a head of healthy, sexy curls is not the easiest mane to maintain. Not to mention, if you have those cray curls, you may have already tried some of these tricks – since everyone’s hair is different not all these tricks will work for everyone, but go ahead and give them a try!

  • From the inside out: Incase there aren’t already enough reasons to stay hydrated and take your vitamins, here’s another one for you! Along with drinking ample amounts of water on a day-to-day basis, you can also try taking Biotin and Omega3 supplements. This will help keep your hair hydrated and promote your new growth to be healthy, strong, and frizz free.
  • Use protection: For heat that is! You should always be protecting your ringlets from the heat when using any kind of styling tool. Even when you straighten your hair, you need to apply a good heat protector to ensure that you don’t cause damage to your hair, which you will notice when rocking your natural curls.
  • Pick your products wisely: A top tip that any stylist will tell you is to use shampoo and conditioner lines that are sulfate free. No exceptions. Sodium lauryl sulfate, SELS, or its most common name, sulfate, is a very inexpensive and extremely effective foaming agent. While George Washington shower hair can be fun, it has been found to have a few cosmetic dangers. Without getting too scientific, it is important to understand that sulfate can strip the hair from its natural oils which will leave your hair naturally frizzy. Repetitive use will make frizz a regular thing, which is certainty not what you want.
  • Keep your hands to yourself: If you have the option, always chose to air dry your locks. This allows for the least amount of manipulation to your hair, which, you guessed it, prevents frizz. Also, while you’re letting your hair dry, continue to remind yourself that you mustn’t touch your curls! If you are short on time and you need the heat tools, apply that heat protectant and use a diffuser on a low or medium setting.