Subtle Changes In Hair Texture

Woman brushing hair

One thing that we may not always realize is that our hair changes as we age. Think about what your hair was like ten years ago…it was likely at least a little different than it is today. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just part of life. When you take a moment to think about the fact that our hair does change, it makes sense because our bodies as a whole change over time as well – it’s really only natural that our hair follows suit. We’re talking about subtle changes in hair textures that we experience, so that you’re prepared for when these changes start to develop in your hair.

The Teen Years
Let’s face it, during anyone’s teen years we’re all going through a lot of changes… both with personality and hormonal. There’s just a lot going on during that teen phase of life. It’s said that because teens are dealing with a lot of hormones in their bodies, it has a major effect on the hair and its texture. In fact, experts suggest that during these teen years, because of the hormones that are being produced, hair grows faster and tends to be a lot thicker at this time in our lives. While that’s an awesome benefit of hormones, hormones also develop sebum more rapidly. The downside of this increased sebum production is the fact that it can lead to hair and the scalp overall to appear more oily and/or greasy.

The 20’s
Ahhh the 20’s… experts suggest this is the time where your hair is likely going to be its best ever. While this is great to know…it can also be affected by some things texture wise that can negatively impact our hair’s appearance. In general, experts have said that many women begin or have been coloring their hair in the 20’s. While there’s nothing wrong with coloring your hair, if you don’t take proper care of your hair it can begin to get very dry from the coloring treatments. In addition, your hair can become dry if you’re struggling with hormonal problems or not getting enough of the essential vitamins in your daily diet. Often the result of lack of vitamins/dryness occurring in the hair it can become dry looking and even begin to lose its natural shine.

The 30’s
Ok, so not to scare you… but experts have said that our bodies begin to shed hair more after the age of 20. This means that by the time we reach our 30’s the increased shedding of hair can become more noticeable and increase even more. Many women begin to notice their hair becoming thinner and more fragile in their 30’s because of the increased shedding as well as hormones that occur after having children (as many do at this point in time). This is a common hair texture change that often leads into the 50’s…some women experience it at different times but typically happens between the 30’s and 50’s.

The 60’s
After many experience thinning hair after their 30’s, once reaching your 60’s those who had/have curly hair will begin to notice their hair becoming straighter. Much of this is a result of thinning hair texture.