Transitioning from Chemically Treated Hair

Woman holding her hair

A study conducted in the year 2008 offered two results that stuck out to us; the first major result was that 75 percent of women in the US dye their hair on a regular basis. The second statistic which caught our attention as that a whopping 88 percent of American women feel that their hair has an effect on their confidence levels!

If you’re like the majority of women in the country, you’ve colored your hair for all kinds of reasons. Whether you’ve done so to hide a few grays or you just generally enjoy the ability to change the color of your hair, you may have finally decided that you’re ready to go chemical free and let your natural locks grow free. Many people find themselves at this point for a variety of reasons. Whatever your reason, we’re here to help; read on to find out how you can successfully transition from chemically treated hair.

Do you highlight your hair on the regular?
If so, your transition away from chemically treated hair is arguably the easiest. Simply work on growing out those locks without coloring them, keeping in mind that you’ll have to rock different colored roots for a few weeks. The roots aren’t all bad, though! Since the ombre look is in, you should totally embrace the look of your grown out dye job. If you can’t stand the outgrown look, that’s okay too. You can have low lights placed in, reaping the chemical benefits just once or twice more. The lowlights will give you more of a natural look as you let the color grow out.

Do you color your hair a darker shade?
If you darken your hair on your own, it is probably worth your while to visit a professional for this transition. You should allow your hair to grow out for about two-to-three months, this way the stylist is able to get a goof idea of your natural hair color. Depending how dark you typically dye your hair, the stylist will with lighten the color or strip the color, either way, they have the goal of “lifting” the color. Once the color has been listed, they will re-color your hair by applying a solution that will produce your natural color. After that, your hair will continue to grow out and match the dye-job.

Have you been hiding grays?
If you’re ready to embrace your natural silver streaks, understand that the process may involve a bit more their the first two. Unfortunately, there isn’t a magic gray shade that works for everyone because believe it or not, everyone’s shade of gray is different. That said, here are a few options for you to consider when transitioning from chemically treated hair.

– Depending on your current hairstyle, you will benefit from frequent, shortcuts. Obviously, your natural hair color will fully grow out much faster if you’re rocking a pixie cut.

– Assuming that your hair isn’t totally gray yet, you can have your stylist put in some highlights or lowlights (whichever suit the color of your natural hair) to help with the transition until your natural hair has grown all the way out.

– Instead of coloring your hair with a permeate color, use a demi- permeate. Demi colors don’t completely cover grays and they fade rather quick. Although many people avoid demi’s for these reasons, it makes them a great choice to cover your new-growth roots with, since they will allow the gray to shine through and over time all will fade to your natural color.

Celebrity Inspired Hair Colors

When we are thinking about changing our hair colors, sometimes we need to turn and look for a bit of inspiration from the stars – and we aren’t talking about astrology, here. Celebrity hairstyles are one of the most searched things on Google, and it’s no wonder – everywhere, every day, there’s someone looking to replicate a style from their favorite stars. Today, Lionesse points out a few celebrities whose color we love and believe you should check out as well.

Olivia Wilde

Tinseltown /

Olivia Wilde – Ombre Brown to Golden
Olivia Wilde always looks stunning, and has a gorgeous face that everyone loves – but can we just for a second talk about the fabulous hair she’s donning currently? If anybody thought the ombre hair style was over, think again. Ms. Wilde currently has a lovely brown hue, which could be likened to a medium brown, with plenty of golden ends and tips as the hair fades to an ombre style about midway down. It looks stunning for the summer! Get the look yourself with golden ombre tips and a brown hue throughout.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Featureflash /

Sarah Jessica Parker – Chocolate Brown with Golden Highlights
Ms. Parker looks beautiful this summer as she can be seen spotted with her new chocolate brown locks and golden highlights (which we have to wonder, is it foliyage instead?) to debut as the new face of Jordache jeans. This bubbly, sweet star looks oh-so-summery this season with this hair look. Get the same look to be right on trend for summer.

Sharon Osbourne

Jaguar PS /

Sharon Osbourne – Cranberry Red
Sharon Osbourne is one of those who has been around for quite some time, but we have to love and respect her for the person that she is. She’s also had the same color hair for quite some time, sometimes changing it up between red and black. Her bright, vivid cranberry-red hair color is perfect for her loud personality – but it’s toned down enough to be sweet at the same time.

Salma Hayek

Helga Esteb /

Salma Hayek – Black
Salma Hayek isn’t a name we hear too often, but we have to give her credit where it’s due – she is absolutely beautiful, and she has quite the head of hair, if we do say so ourselves! Her gorgeous, rich black hair always looks so flawless. We wonder if she needs to touch it up, or does it naturally stay so black even still? Nonetheless, opt for a rich black hue to get her look.

Lindsay Lohan

Helga Esteb /

Lindsay Lohan – Auburn
Though Lindsay Lohan hasn’t been in the media much lately (shocking, but maybe it’s a good thing), we still love to follow her style, beauty, and of course, her gorgeous hair. Lindsay’s gorgeous natural reddened auburn hair has always been beautiful – and we love when we see her play it up with a nice style for the evening. Medium auburns work best to recreate the look of Ms. Lohan if you were to create the style yourself.

Christina Aguilera

Joe Seer /

Christina Aguilera – Platinum Blonde with Rainbow Colors
Christina has been seen sporting many different hair colors over the course of her career, from platinum, to green, to purple, to pink, to brown, to black and beyond. Currently, this judge from ‘The Voice’ is rocking a platinum style with rainbow colored dip dyed ends to her hair. It looks so incredibly summery, bright and beautiful, it just may be one of our summer favorites!