Show Off Your Victory Roll

Victory rolls hairstyle

Oh darling, don’t you love a little vintage? A little rust here, a little tarnish there, it’s no matter. It’s remarkable how a few pieces of chipped china and weathered wood can have so much charisma. Certainly, when one thinks of vintage, they think of worn down furniture and faded clothing; styles of which often make their way back around with a bit of a modern twist. On the contrary, one vintage detail that has charmed its way into the hearts of the fashion and beauty world is the classic 1950’s hairstyle, victory roll.

Once worn by American women during the World War II era, this twisted ‘do has been spotted on celebrities such as Katy Perry, Jada Pinkett Smith, Gwen Stefani and more. Not only does this vintage-chic style flatter your face shape, but it’s ultra-glam and bound to get you a few compliments. When you’re ready to rock the victory roll, check out the steps below.

Keep in mind, there are many variations of the look, this tutorial will guide you through the steps of creating a single asymmetrical victory roll. Should you be interested in having a set of victory rolls, you should follow the proceeding steps, then simply repeat the processes on opposite side of your head.

  1. You’ll want to begin with clean, dry, detangled hair. You’ll want to use a comb to create a straight part on the top on your scalp. How/Where you part your hair will depend on whether you plan on creating a pair of victory rolls, or a single asymmetrical victory roll. If you want to create a pair of victory rolls, you will part your hair right down the middle, this way you have the same amount of hair to work with on each side, allowing the rolls to be symmetrical. Likewise, if you want to style a single victory roll you should use the comb to part your hair off-centered, allowing there to be more hair on one side – the further away from the center the part is, the more dramatic the final look.
  2.  Now you’ll want to section off a chunk of hair on the thicker side. You’ll want it to be the top section of hair, that which is “connected” to that part. It should be about two or three times more than the amount of hair that you would take to create a side bang.
  3. Use a clip to hold that section together and secure the remaining hair into a low ponytail so that it is out of your way.
  4. Assuming your hair is out if it’s normal part, it may have a mind of its own. To keep the look tight, slide a bobby pin horizontally into the top of the ponytailed hair where the loosely clipped section begins. Then do the same thing, this time sliding the bobby pin into the roots of the clipped section, positioning the bobby pin where you want the base of your victory roll to lay.
  5. Unclip the section of hair and use both hands to roll it onto itself, being sure to create an O shape as you roll the hair up towards the scalp. Once you’ve rolled the O all the way to the top, hold it in place (easiest done by holding down the inside of the roll) and slip a bobby pin into the base of the O so that it is secured to your scalp.
  6. Use your thumb and index fingers to loosen backside of the O so that it falls into the base of your head – you shouldn’t be able to see through it like you would a tunnel.
  7. Give your victory roll a good bout of hairspray before releasing the elastic and adding just a bit more for that extra hold.

The Many Ways To Wear Bobs and Baby Bangs

The beauty world’s fear of having too-short hair is long gone. With bobs and baby bangs hotter than ever more and more women are wondering if they can pull off a short ‘do. If you too are contemplating a chop, but wondering what your style options will look like, look no further. Below is a handful of ways to style both bobs and baby bangs.

The Many Ways to Wear Bobs

Bob haircuts


  • The Classic Bob: The blunt cut that your teenage-self said you would never wear, well now you can rock it. To imagine the size, think of model Karlie Kloss’s fresh cut bob.
  • The Baby Bob: For the women who want to go short, but not that short, the baby bob is a perfect choice. The ends of your hair should be grazing your chin so that it is too long to be considered a bob but too short to be considered a lob. Think of singer Julianne Hough’s short cut.
  • The Lob: The perfect cut when you want to assert your maturity, but still want that extra feminine oomph. The ends of the hair usually fall somewhere between just-above-the-shoulder and just below the collarbone. T.v. personality Khloe Kardashian, singer Nicki Minaj, and actress Ashley Benson have all been seen rocking this length.

Bob haircuts


  • Messy Curls: The tousled look is a great option for any bob. All you have to do is curl your hair as you normally would, apply a spritz of hairspray, then use your fingers to loosen everything up. If you get some frizzies while doing so, simply rub some anti-frizz serum between your palms and smooth it back down.
  • Tight Curls: Whether you emphasize your natural curls or use a small-barreled curling iron, this classic look work day and night.
  • Twisted Bun: It’s exactly what it sounds like! Simply twist your hair back into a bun, using as many bobby pins as you need to hold it in place. This is great for date night, taking all the hair away from your face so that your fabulous bone structure is the main focus.
  • Bombshell Bump: Yes, the bump is back on the rise, and it’s the perfect way to style your bob. Simply pull back the hair between your temples, give it a quick tease and use pins to hold it back.

Baby bangs

The Many Ways to Wear Baby Bangs:

  • If you have the itch to totally change up your look, a super cute option is a pixie cut with wispy baby bangs. Not only is this look super easy to style in the morning but you’re bound to be bombarded with compliments.
  • If Beyonce has been the inspiration of baby bangs, then you should wear them just as effortlessly as she does. Go for that I-woke-up-like-this look by simply using your fingers to scruff up your bangs once they’re totally dry.
  • If you’re a bit punky like Miss Kelly Osbourne, use a curling iron to give them a tuck.

Hot Celeb Hairstyles to Steal: Short Bobs

Surely the hottest cut of the year, of the season, and of the celebs, the bob makes a comeback, and this time, it rocks, like never before, mostly from a whole new take on women’s hair in general. We’ve substantially loosened our corsets, shoelaces and matronly buns, and what resultingly emerges is a fabulously sexy, flirty, wild-child hairstyle which is so chic that if it came in a box, it would be flying off the store shelves–but since it’s not, all that can be said to describe its hotness is that all the celebs are rushing to their hairstylists to get this look. And a great aspect of the new bob is that there’s not just one way of cutting it, drying it, styling it, and even creating up or half-updos with it. Pretty exciting, huh?

Shop Before You Chop
So, you’re contemplating going for a makeover type of haircut and you may have already narrowed it down to getting a bob. There are details to know, before you “shop for a chop,” and before you get that “bob job.” You wanna make sure that the cut and details fit your form, flattering your best facial qualities and downplaying the rest, check out what the celebs choosing:

Alexa Chung
From her key position in the world of fashion, Alexa went for a wavy bob, cropped a few inches above her shoulders, which she alternates parting, from the center to a deep side part. Edgy and chic.

Jessica Alba bob hairstyle

Featureflash /

Jessica Alba
Jessica opted for a demure, sultry bob that is silky straight, all the way down to her slight underturned ends. Smooth and highly polished do will transition from day to night simply.

Jodie Foster
Jodie’s blonde bob is shorter, blunt cut with its longest part hitting just below her chin. Straight, sleek and stylish – she’s never not been!

Rose Byrne
Rose sports a nice thick crop of bangs to complement her just above the shoulders bob, adding a special measure of sophistication. She creates her signature elegance by keeping it simple, with a perfect side part and a smooth blowout.

Diane Keaton
Diane chose a bit of shag to surround her face, which draws nice attention to her two-toned colored hair. The shaggy layers point to her lovely cheekbones.

Reese Witherspoon bob hairstyle

Featureflash /

Reese Witherspoon
A bob gives Reese a fabulous spark, especially with her gorgeously blonde tresses. This one is superb for her naturally straight hair, as a sharp, blunt cut, swept to the side, with a few funky, free-form layers near her face.

Jessica Chastain
Leading Hollywood beauty Jessica Chastain has managed to even more beautify herself, with her ideal length bob, being long–due to that graceful, long neck of hers, but not touching her ivory shoulders. Mostly smooth tresses fall into some random and loosely formed waves.