A Bun For Work, The Weekend & In-Between

Bun hair styles are great for so many different occasions, which is likely why so many ladies go to the trusted bun hair look for so many occasions.  While buns are so great for different situations in your life, we know that it can be difficult to know how to take this versatile type of hair style and make it appropriate for different occasions.  We’re sharing tips for helping you to achieve a bun for work, the weekend and in-between.  Because, yes!  Buns can be worn for ALL of these occasions.

woman at cafe bun

Don’t Over Think It
The thing about buns that often tends to get ladies tripped up is over thinking the styling process.  Keep in mind that regardless of the occasion, the less ‘perfect’ it is the more unique the bun style looks.  While there are bun styles that are great when done in a slicked back manner – if that’s a style that’s really difficult for you to achieve, don’t feel like that’s your only option.

Add Texture
Adding texture too your bun hair style is a great way to add some uniqueness to your look that can make it perfect for so many different occasions.  It gives it that effortless chic look – and who doesn’t love that?  You can add texture to your bun by FIRST applying dry shampoo to your hair, and then styling your hair in the bun hair style you desire.  The dry shampoo gives your hair that natural texture look that also makes your hair much easier to manage and style in a bun.

Add a Braid to the Mix
Braids are kind of everything right now in the hair world, and they’re a great way to add some extra style to your favorite bun hair style.  Once you get into the routine of styling your hair in buns, you can have the longing for a change to your favorite hair style – braids are a great way to do that.  You can add braids in so many different ways, too.  Whether you choose to add a braid to the side of your hair leading into the bun, or actually braiding the ponytail portion of your hair and wrapping it into a bun – you can’t lose when you add a braid into the mix.

woman with high bun

Play with Different Bun Heights
While it may seem like a bun hair style is a bun hair style, there are so many different ways to mix up a bun.  Playing around with different heights as to wear you style the bun is one of the easiest ways to mix things up.  Low buns, high buns, and buns in the middle of your head are all great – it really gives you the opportunity to create a style that you feel is perfect for the occasion you’re styling your hair for.  Try mixing up the heights you wear your buns for different occasions – we’re going to bet you’re shocked at just how different the same hair style feels based on the height alone.

Hair Styles for Little Girls

Young girl blow drying her hair

There’s probably nothing cuter than a little girl with an adorable, perfect hair style for her age. That’s why we at Lionesse wanted to give you some tips on what styles look great for little girls, for those who are not in the know. Check out the article below to gain some helpful insight on how easy it can be to help your little girl look her best.

Young girl with a braided hairstyle.

Braided Styles
With so many braided styles and options to choose from, moms just can’t get enough of incorporating these styles into their little girl’s hair care routine. From waterfall braids, to dutch braids, and pigtail three strand braids galore, the possibilities are absolutely endless. You could create a braid for every day of the week and still have braided styles leftover to use the following week. Get creative, and watch some videos on YouTube to help you learn the tricks to creating the perfect braid. It’s not that difficult to do, and the styles look awesome.

Cute grumpy little girl with ponytails.

Ponytails are so simple, anyone can do them. You could even teach her to do one herself! Ponytails are fun because there are many different types of ponytail styles you can create. From the use of one simple hair elastic, the possibilities are endless. Try a simple pony, or once you create one, wrap a small section of hair around the pony to give the appearance of the hair tied in a knot look. You could also add in flower accents, jewel studded bobby pins, waves to the pony itself, or even colored extensions that you clip in.

Teenager with pigtails smiling into the camera.

Pigtails are a fun way to let her look like a little girl – and who doesn’t want her to look little for as long as possible? High pigtails are another great way to keep her hair off her face, and you can even incorporate those awesome large balled ponytail holders we all loved and adored in the 80’s and 90’s into the style to make it even more fun.

Young girl with wavy hair.

Remember those awesome braided styles we spoke of just a few minutes ago? Well, here’s a great way to use what’s left over after you remove the braids. If you braided your child’s hair yesterday, today she can wear her style fresh out of the braids down and wavy and look right on trend for summer. Spray some sea salt spray into the waves, scrunch, and go! It’s an awesome trendy look for any season, but since its summertime, this style is where it’s at!

Young girl with a hair bun

Buns are always a cute way to style your little girls’ hair – and they also help her beat the heat during the deathly hot summer months. Keeping her hair off of her neck in a cute updo style will not only look stylish, but feel great to her as well. You can opt for a high bun or a low bun – and if you’re not the greatest at creating buns, that’s okay – there’s a kit for that.


Bobby Pins as Hair Accessories

Every woman in the history of women for as long as bobby pins have existed have relied on these handy dandy little contraptions to tame flyaways, pin back unruly bangs, create updo’s and much more. Bobby pins, for most women, are lifesaving devices – at least, in the beauty world. Today, Lionesse would like to talk about some of the different ways to use bobby pins as hair accessories – and yes, it can be done!

Decorative bobby pin

Decorative Bobby Pins
The most beautiful types of bobby pins that you won’t mind showing off or that you won’t mind showing through your style are the kind designed to do just that. The ones that have diamond or jewel studded embellishments on the pins, or glittery appearances, or maybe even metallic will always look fantastic showing through the hair style. Opt for these for fancy occasions, such as prom, a wedding, an evening out on the town, or even for a date night out to dinner.

Collection of beads.

Customize Your Own Bobby Pins
You can create your own bobby pin style with a hot glue gun and some beads. Choose whatever kind of bobby pins you like and bead colors that contrast with each other, or colors you just absolutely adore. Hot glue them to your bobby pins and allow the glue to dry completely before use. This is a fun afternoon project, and in the end, you’ll have tons of gorgeous bobby pins that you won’t mind sharing or wearing and being seen in. Use these for casual hair styles like buns, to pin back hair on the side of your face, or even in twists and to pin back the bangs.

Different types of bobby pins

Choose Varying Styles
There are many different styles of bobby pins in which you could choose to use to decorate your hair with, such as:

  • Jumbo bobby pins which are good for those with thick hair or for updo styles
  • Regular bobby pins which are good for average thickness and for simple styles like pinning back small braids, bangs, or keeping hair out of the face
  • Mini bobby pins, which are great for those with thin hair, children, and for dainty accessories to the hair
  • Hair pins – not to be confused as a regular bobby pin, hair pins are mainly used for loose hold styles and for buns and roll type styles

Varying the style of your pin in different colors and designs is always a good idea when it comes to switching up your hair style and looking for something different to accent your hair with. It also keeps things interesting with every new style you create and choosing the right pins for the job can help your style stay more secure all day – or night – long.

Lionesse believes every woman should have a bobby pin arsenal, so if you don’t, it’s time to get on the ball! Have some fun creating your own pins, switching up colors and styles, and learning about the different tips and tricks you can accomplish with bobby pins.