Transitioning from Chemically Treated Hair

Woman holding her hair

A study conducted in the year 2008 offered two results that stuck out to us; the first major result was that 75 percent of women in the US dye their hair on a regular basis. The second statistic which caught our attention as that a whopping 88 percent of American women feel that their hair has an effect on their confidence levels!

If you’re like the majority of women in the country, you’ve colored your hair for all kinds of reasons. Whether you’ve done so to hide a few grays or you just generally enjoy the ability to change the color of your hair, you may have finally decided that you’re ready to go chemical free and let your natural locks grow free. Many people find themselves at this point for a variety of reasons. Whatever your reason, we’re here to help; read on to find out how you can successfully transition from chemically treated hair.

Do you highlight your hair on the regular?
If so, your transition away from chemically treated hair is arguably the easiest. Simply work on growing out those locks without coloring them, keeping in mind that you’ll have to rock different colored roots for a few weeks. The roots aren’t all bad, though! Since the ombre look is in, you should totally embrace the look of your grown out dye job. If you can’t stand the outgrown look, that’s okay too. You can have low lights placed in, reaping the chemical benefits just once or twice more. The lowlights will give you more of a natural look as you let the color grow out.

Do you color your hair a darker shade?
If you darken your hair on your own, it is probably worth your while to visit a professional for this transition. You should allow your hair to grow out for about two-to-three months, this way the stylist is able to get a goof idea of your natural hair color. Depending how dark you typically dye your hair, the stylist will with lighten the color or strip the color, either way, they have the goal of “lifting” the color. Once the color has been listed, they will re-color your hair by applying a solution that will produce your natural color. After that, your hair will continue to grow out and match the dye-job.

Have you been hiding grays?
If you’re ready to embrace your natural silver streaks, understand that the process may involve a bit more their the first two. Unfortunately, there isn’t a magic gray shade that works for everyone because believe it or not, everyone’s shade of gray is different. That said, here are a few options for you to consider when transitioning from chemically treated hair.

– Depending on your current hairstyle, you will benefit from frequent, shortcuts. Obviously, your natural hair color will fully grow out much faster if you’re rocking a pixie cut.

– Assuming that your hair isn’t totally gray yet, you can have your stylist put in some highlights or lowlights (whichever suit the color of your natural hair) to help with the transition until your natural hair has grown all the way out.

– Instead of coloring your hair with a permeate color, use a demi- permeate. Demi colors don’t completely cover grays and they fade rather quick. Although many people avoid demi’s for these reasons, it makes them a great choice to cover your new-growth roots with, since they will allow the gray to shine through and over time all will fade to your natural color.

Shortcuts to Beautiful, Bright Hair

If you have a special cosmetic or costume look coming up, perhaps for a fantasy costume or cosplay look, you might be thinking about creating a beautiful, bright hair look. When it comes to creating this style, though, what is the best course of action to take to get bright colored hair when you don’t really want to add this style permanently? Lionesse has the answers here!

Woman getting hair extensions inserted in a salon.

Add Hair Extensions
Hair extensions can add a lot of color and dimension to a look, and are really a great option because they are perfect for a quick fix when it comes to bright, beautiful hair. Simple clip in extensions offer ease of use, and usually come in small strands or larger wafts which can be applied and removed with ease. If you were to want a more permanent hair extension, those are also available at salons.

Woman wearing red wig.

Use a Wig
Wigs are a great way to really go all out with your bright hair look. Whether you want somewhat of a neon color, a bright red, or another bright, bold color, wigs can add the style, length, or shortness you desire while giving you a simple easy on, easy off approach. It cuts the time in styling way down as the wig is usually already styled – and also, there is no damage caused to your hair due to dying of any sort. It’s a win-win situation – except, when you’re done with using it, you will need to figure out what to do with it next!

Close up of hair spray being used by a stylist.

Colored Hair Spray
Colored hair spray adds a great pop of color and can look really beautiful if done right. There are many different colors available to achieve any look you want, and the spray is available online, in costume stores, or in large box stores. The best way to apply colored hair spray is to spray the strands in whatever fashion you want to – whether its piece by piece or section by section, or even the tips of your hair – while using a piece of paper underneath to catch the color which might otherwise stain your clothes. From there, allow the spray to dry for a minute, and then brush the hair where the spray was applied. You can then spray the hair again to get a brighter look, and again, brush the hair through to make it nice and soft, yet vibrantly colored. You will want to use a disposable comb for combing through the colored hair as you will otherwise stain your brush, and also, be sure to do the spraying in a well ventilated area as the fumes are quite strong. This hair color can easily be washed out with shampoo in the shower.

Woman with dip dye hair.

Dip Dye Strands
If you want to go for a more permanent approach, you can always dip dye strands in vibrant colors. Manic Panic offers some of the wildest hair colors available and makes it easy to dip dye using a disposable container or cup. The dip dye method will usually last for 4-6 weeks, sometimes longer, depending on your current hair color and the shade you use.