Styling Your Hair In Weekend Braids

woman with pigtail braids

Do you feel like your weekend hair needs a little update?  It’s so easy to get stuck in a bit of a rut when it comes to weekend hair.  Since braids have been all the rage the past few months, we don’t know about you, but we’ve been all about finding fun ways to style our hair with braids.  So, we got to thinking weekends and braids…seem like a pretty great combination.  We’re sharing some of our favorite ways to styling your hair in weekend braids to give you a little inspiration on how to rock braids this weekend and give your weekend ‘do a little update.

Pigtail French Braids
The Kardashian sisters really made a splash with the braids in the past year, and may be partly to credit for bringing braids back into the hair world so prominently.  Regardless of who did, we’re all about the pigtail French braids.  They really aren’t as difficult to style as you may think.  Start by separating your hair into two sections by creating a strong middle part.  We suggest pulling one side of the separated hair into a ponytail loosely so you’re free to braid the first half without having to worry about anything getting mixed in.  The great part about pigtail French braids is they’re a great way to keep a lot of your hair out of your face, making them perfect for the weekend so you’re free to go about your fun weekend activities without having to fuss with your hair.

French Braid Into Half-Up Style
Another favorite braided hairstyle we’ve been seeing lately that’s just perfect for the weekends has got to be the French braid that leads into a half up ponytail/bun look.  It’s fun and unique take on the traditional half up hair style, and what better style to combine it with than a braid?  Simply start by braiding your hair at the front back until about that half up hair style place and secure the hair in a rubber band – or add the bun detail if you want to do something a little bit different.  The thing about this particular braided hair style is it doesn’t have to be perfect…in fact it’s one of those hair styles that somehow looks better when it’s NOT perfect – making it another great weekend hair style, because you don’t have to worry about perfection on your days off.

runner with side braid

Side Braids
If you don’t want to have a lot of your hair pulled back into a hair style, this is a great alternative to still rock some braids in your hair on the weekend.  This can be done a number of ways, but really adding a braid by using your side swept bangs or to create that edgy look on the opposite side of your side swept bangs is a great way to style your hair in braids for the weekend.  You can add just one braid, or multiples.  But it’s a fun hair style to have a little fun trying different placements for the braids and an easy way to get a little hair out of your face but still be able to wear your hair down.

Over the Rainbow

Rainbow hairstyle

Rainbow colored hair is one of the hottest trends in the beauty world right now! If you’re like the majority of women interested in the look, chances are you have no clue of how to go about the vibrant style. If you are feeling a bit lost in the clouds over the rainbow look – but that’s okay! Read on to gather the info of everything you need to know for rocking the rainbow.

Color and Incorporation
If you’re reading this article, chances are more than likely that you’ve already begun looking into the different colors and styles that fall under the umbrella term of Rainbow Hair. It seems that there are more and more options everyplace you look. If you know you want to go for the look, but are looking for some extra inspiration, here are a just a few of our favorite color palettes and a handful of ways to incorporate the color into your hair:

  • Standard Rainbow: Just as it sounds, standard rainbow uses the six elementary rainbow colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple).
  • Electric Rainbow: This selection of colors is just a bit different from the standard rainbow in that instead of sticking to the typical rainbow shades, the colors are amplified; think of using highlighters to color a rainbow, rather than crayons.
  • Unicorn: This theme is super delicate and ultimately favored by those who typically stick to lighter color palettes. Colors in the unicorn rainbow include silver and very light blue and pink.
  • Watermelon: The daring watermelon rainbow includes the two main colors of the juicy fruit, pink and green.

Keep in mind that the color themes mentioned above make a very limited list. There are many, many more rainbow hair colors including electric watermelon, sherbet, mermaid, and more; the color options are endless. Once you’ve chosen the colors for your new look, you’ll need to decide how you’re going to incorporate the color into your hair.

  • A (very) full set of highlights: this will give you multi-colored streaks evenly throughout your hair.
  • Rainbow Roots: With this method, the rainbow color will not be visible when your hair is styled straight and left down, however as soon as you curl your hair, put it up, or even run your fingers through it, the rainbow color will pop.
  • Under Lights: This is very similar to rainbow roots, the variance being that there is less color and it is more of a streaky color than a chunky root color.
  • Under Layer: this is similar to getting a partial set of highlights; instead of getting the color on top of your head it will be under layers of hair and only visible when you pull your hair up into a ponytail or bun.

When the Trend Ends…
Just like any other bright beauty trend, this one will one day come to an end, which is why it’s important to keep in mind that rainbow hair is a pretty hefty commitment. If you’re not sure you can handle the commitment, there are a number of ways to rock the rainbow with lesser commitment, such as semi-color, hair chalk, and colored hair spray. That said, if you’re up for the commitment, here are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind during the heat of the trend, as well as when the trend starts to die down:

  • More likely than not, your stylist will have to bleach your hair prior to adding in a multiplicity of colors. This means that your hair will be extremely fragile as it will have gone through a double process to get where you want it. To maintain your hair’s integrity, it’s a good idea to use a deep conditioning treatment once a week or so. Another way to care for your newly colored hair is to wash it less frequently, this way it has a chance to absorb all those natural oils before they get washed out.
  • Keep in mind the typical fading time for the colors you’ve chosen; you may have residual hair color when the rainbow trend begins to die down. The best thing you can do in this case is to let the color fade naturally. By doing so, you are prolonging any re-damaging of the hair that may happen when you choose to dye your hair again. Typically, green, blue, and purple take the longest to fade.
  • No matter what color you dye your hair, new growth will appear, giving you those oh-so-dreaded-roots. With a “typical” color, you can simply visit your stylist to re-high light the new-growth and solve the problem, but it doesn’t work quite the same with rainbow colored hair. Eventually, you will be waiting for your color to fade, as your roots grow in and the trend has ended. You don’t want to color the roots, as this would only defeat the purpose to letting the color fade. But, remember you did a double process, which means under all that color, the hair cuticle is much lighter than the root, which makes things difficult. The best way to avoid awkward roots is to allow your hair to go through the natural fading process and have your stylist help you get your hair color where you want it.

Try These Japanese Hairstyles

The country of Japan is recognized worldwide for lush, inimitable culture. The people of Japan are known for their fun, yet modish style. Notorious for following all the latest beauty trends, Japanese women frequently sport unique and head-turning hairstyles. Many have wider foreheads that they prefer to hide with bangs; they also believe that bangs, which just barely reach the eyes, alude a sort of desirable-mystery about them. Generally speaking, Japanese women often keep their hair at a healthy, medium to long length. That said, those who prefer to keep their hair on the shorter side tend to have a layered look. In addition to their unique cuts, Japanese women are no strangers to wearing the latest hair color trends, as hair dye often complements their fair skin tone. Check out the popular Japanese hairstyles below and give them a try for yourself!  

Japanese hairstyle

Glam Doll
This look is directly inspired Barbie. In fact, there are a group of women who idolize Barbie, and for this reason, dress up like Barbie regularly. If you want to show off your young and fun side, this look is perfect for you. The Glam Doll leaves plenty of room for personalization, simply because it includes anything that Barbie herself would approve of – the one must-have in the look is thick, full bangs (bonus points is they’re styled with a large barrel round brush). Other than that, you can make the look your own with long, pin-straight locks or large, perfectly placed, bouncy curls. Master the look by adding hair clips, bows, and more!

Roller Buns
This style has reminded popular for more than a few years now. Most often worn by those with shorter cuts or those who belong to the younger generations, the look is super easy to achieve. Begin by creating a center part all the way through your hair, then use an elastic to secure a semi-messy bun on each side of your head. The buns are typically placed up higher on the head, but you can add your own personality to the style be securing them as high or low as you’d like. If you need the look to appear more polished, secure two pigtails, then use two small hair donuts to create buns.

Beautiful woman wearing glasses

Kitty Ears
This look is for anyone who likes to be the center of attention. What you’re going to do is create two tiny pigtails that should line up diagonally above your eyes. Use a regular sized hair tie to secure the pigtail, then twist it around and around just until it starts to coil on itself. Next, wrap the twisted pony completely around the hair tie. Once all the hair is wound up, stick two bobby pins at the base of the kitty ear, so that they are crossing over each other like an X. Once secured with bobby pins, use your finger to pull the center of the wrapped hair up just a bit, in order to create the classic pointy kitty ear.

Twisted Bouffant
This half-up-half-down style looks stunning on those with medium length layered hair, plus it takes almost no effort at all! Simply start by pulling your hair into a loose half pony and use the tip of a comb to pull out just a few small sections of hair. Rather than just securing the pony right away, use our fingers to twist the pony atop itself. Once it’s as twisted as you like, slip a few bobby pins in the top and the bottom of the twist. You can even heat the look up a bit by curling the loose hair – perfect for date night.

Second Day Hair

Okay, it’s no secret that teens and young adults say up much later than they should. Now, we’re not here to hound you on getting to bed early or avoiding caffeine after 3.00 pm but we do have a few tidbits of advice – hair advice that is. More times than not, going to bed late means waking up later, unless you’re woken up that is. From parties and a social life to crash study sessions and career planning, something is bound to keep you up late every now and again. While those nights that turn into mornings can be quite fun, what’s not enjoyable is getting up and getting ready for your morning commitments… that is, if you manage to muster up enough energy to get up when your alarm sounds and have time to get ready. Because we know that every last second you can squeeze out of your slumber matters after a late night, we have dedicated this article to second-day hair tips and styles. Yes! That means you have permission to save time by skipping the shower and trying one of the easy second day hairstyles listed below. Just be sure to freshen up by washing your face, brushing those pearly whites, and using a swipe or two of deodorant.If you find that your second-day hair is oily, you have three options to combat those shiny roots.

Woman applying dry shampoo

Dry Shampoo
The first, most common option is dry shampoo. It is ideal for those with colored hair. There are all kinds and colors of dry shampoo’s on the market today. That’s right, all kinds of colors, so if you have darker hair you no longer have to worry about the obvious dry-shampoo-roots look. Additionally, there are a variety of different dry shampoo products that are formulated for different hair types. For best results, follow the directions on the product.

Baby Powder
The second option is good old baby powder. It is ideal for those of you who’ve noticed your hair tends to product a bit more oil than most. The major difference between baby powder and dry shampoo is the application. The vast majority of dry shampoo’s today are applied via a spray nozzle. Baby powder, of course, is applied either with the fingers or through gentle tapping and shaking of the boatel. Keep in mind that baby power doesn’t smell the slightest bit salon-like as dry shampoo would. That being said if you don’t mind the smell of baby products and need find that you finish a bottle of dry shampoo in only a few uses, give baby powder a try. Apply it in the morning by sectioning the hair and sifting it over the roots then use your finger tips to work the oil-absorbing goodness all around.The final option is a root lifting powder, ideal for those whose hair is thinning or naturally fine and lacking in volume. Much like baby powder, root lifting powder is indeed powder form, and similar to dry shampoo it typically has a pleasing scent. One thing to keep in mind is that root lifting powder is sold in small bottles because you do not need a lot to achieve the desired results.

Root Lifting Powder
The final option is a root lifting powder, ideal for those whose hair is thinning or naturally fine and lacking in volume. Much like baby powder, root lifting powder is indeed powder form, and similar to dry shampoo it typically has a pleasing scent. One thing to keep in mind is that root lifting powder is sold in small bottles because you do not need a lot to achieve the desired results.

Once you’ve freshened up, and made sure you hair is oil free, you can be certain that you’ll get out of the house in 10 minutes or less with these second-day hairstyles.

Sock bun hairstyle

Sock Bun/ Donut Bun 
If you need your hair off your neck, but just not feeling a ponytail, grab your handy sock bun/donut bun hairpiece. Throw your hair into a high pony and slide the round hairpiece right over the base of the ponytail. Spread your hair like a waterfall around the bun-maker, then use an elastic secure the hair as it’s covering the hairpiece. Once secure, pull the remaining hair to one side, braid it, then wrap it around the base of the bun and slip in some hairpins to keep everything put.

Another option is the headband tuck and cover. The easiest way to do this is place an elastic headband around your temple. Starting near your hairline, grab small 1/2 -1 inch sections of hair and cover the headband by wrapping each section over and tucking it back under. Do this same tuck and cover process all the way around until you can no longer see the headband.

Ponytail hairstyle

If braid and buns aren’t your thing, try a pull through ponytail. Simply use a brush to smoothly pull every strand into mid-to-low pony without any bumps. Go ahead and secure it with a hair tie as normal. Now, reach under your ponytail pushing your thumb and index finger through the hair, behind the elastic. Finally, use your thumb and index finger to grab the pony and pull it down, through the separation of the hair.

Fun Hairstyles

Beauty in the teenage years can be hard! Part of the time a girl wants to look cute for her crush, and the other part of the time, she wants to look good and gain respect from peers, professors, and classmates. Wealthy with confusion, the teenage years should be filled with style experiments, allowing her to find her own unique style; as this time should be filled with the utmost self-expression. When searching for and developing one’s own style, she should be on the lookout for a beauty routine, which flatters her natural beauty. Below are two totally different, yet equally fun hairstyles that all teens should try this summer. Check ‘em out!

Boho front braids

Boho Front Braid
Begin this style with right-out-of-the-shower damp hair. If extra volume is needed, apply a light-to-medium hold mousse, being sure to comb the product through hair with a wide-toothed comb. Blow dry hair and add extra volume by flipping the head upside down. Be absolutely sure that the hair is totally dry and section it into three sections : left, middle, right. Focusing on one section at a time, use a 1½-2 inch barrel curler, and separate the larger section into three smaller sections, curling each. Continue by separating the remaining two larger sections into three smaller sections, and curling each. Once all the hair is curled, select small section that is the entire length of the hair part – pull the section of hair to the front. Begin braiding the section of hair incorporating one or two sections (like when French braiding) of hair to the temple hairline hair, this will ensure that the braid stays close to the front of the face. Continue the braid all the way down before securing it with an elastic band. Make the braid a boho braid by loosening and flattening the braid with a gentle grip. For those who have naturally wavy hair, don’t bother with the mousse and blow dryer, instead, add some texturizing spray allow hair to air dry.

Swept curls

Sweet 16 Swept Curls
As the name of the style suggests, this style is a killer style for a sweet 16 soiree, is also great for a night out to dinner or for a college interview! After showering, towel drying and detangling the hair, apply a medium hold product (either gel or mousse, it doesn’t make much difference in this case). Following the suggestions on the product label, blow-dry the hair so that it is directed to one side of the scalp – this is easiest to achieve with a paddle brush. Once the hair is dry, use a 1-inch curling wand curling the hair so that it falls down on the side that hair has been blow-dried. Loosen and mingle the curls being sure that they stay on the one side, however, if a curl or two is stubborn, just let it do it’s own thing, as messing with it too much will ruin the curl. Once the curls are in place, mist over the ‘do with some high-quality strong-hold hairspray. To keep the lower and back curls in place, slide in some bobby pins!

Dance Recital Hair

Dance recital

It’s that time of year again, so stock up on hairspray and grab those bobby pins because, Moms, it’s dance recital season. Regardless of the length or texture of your child’s hair, no matter what kind of bun your child wants or the dance company suggests, past recital moms will tell you that it takes years and years of backstage hair-mishaps to truly prepared for recital night. To help you make it through your upcoming recital night, we’ve gathered a few handy-dandy hair tips from moms who have made it through many recital nights. Have a look!

Prepare to Brush Your Child’s Hair!
What kind of hair does your child have? Curly… long… fine…unruly? Chances are her hair is different than all the other girls in her dance class, right? Yet, it’s only tradition that all little ladies have the same hair is they twirl across the stage. While you might think it’ll be impossible to get your child’s hair to dance-recital-perfection, we’re here to you that you’re wrong (sorry, not sorry!). The key to producing a smooth, finished ballerina bun, is to start with the hairbrush that is suitable for your child’s hair; a proper hairbrush will ensure less pain on her part and more manageability for you.

Does your child have thick or unruly hair? To control her tresses, reach for a brush composed of coarse, widespread bristles. The thing is, bendy, condensed bristles aren’t actually going to detangle her hair, and believe it or not, they’re only going to make matters worse by causing frizz.

Does your child have curly hair? Although popular, brushes with those round eraser-looking balls on the end of the bristles should actually be avoided; they’re more likely cause pain and will actually compress and worsen tangles and knots. Much like above, it is best to reach for a brush made of coarse, widespread bristles.

Mother brushing her daughter's hair

Does your child have thin, fine, soft hair? If so, the brush that will grant maximum benefit for her locks is a brush built with soft, condensed bristles.

Lock It In!
Once you’ve beaten all the tangles with the proper brush, and styled to the dance company’s standards, you’re going to want to lock in the look so it doesn’t fall out with all the twists and turns she does on stage. To do so, you have two options: hairspray or hair gel. Whichever you choose is completely up you, as you know your daughter’s hair best.

If you prefer hairspray: One of the most forgotten thoughts of new dance recital moms is reminding (and teaching) girls of habits that will one day morph into natural reactions. As adults we forget that our parents once taught us to close our eyes, mouth and hold our breath before applying hair spray; unless your daughter is a regular pageant queen, you’ll have to remind her of these things too!

If you prefer hair gel: If you favor hair gel, chances are that you’re familiar with the consistency of it. That said a little reminder never hurts: a little hair gel goes a long way! Also, it is in your child’s best interest to check and double check (even triple check) that you have grabbed the plain gel. Accidents to happen, and the last thing you want is to apply colored hair gel right before she enters the stage.

Cowgirl Hair

Woman with ponytail braids wearing a hat

From their cowgirl boots to their toned bums, which they seem to effortlessly flaunt in their Daisy Duke cut-offs, to their seemingly perfect messy buns, a cowgirl’s style is always on point. As the temperature begins to rise and summer sets itself in full swing, the last thing anyone of us wants is our long hair getting icky and sticky on the back of our necks. So, we decided to take a few hair styling tips from the sassy cowgirls of today, and figure out how to create the perfect, summertime, sexy, cowgirl hairdo (a.k.a a chic farm girl messy bun).

Since we understand that the messy bun, has taken on a whole new meaning over the past few years, we have provided you with two different, cowgirl approved, hairstyles. The first cowgirl hairdo takes minimal effort and is perfect for those days when you are running behind and are okay with your messy bun getting a bit…well, messy. The second cowgirl hairstyle takes a bit more effort, as it begins at the top of your head with a Dutch side braid and works its way down to a low, messy bun. Take a few moments to read over the steps involved in each look and decide which cowgirl style works for you!

The Simple, Less Effort Required, Cowgirl Hairdo
Begin the look with either freshly washed and dried hair, or day old washed hair. If you choose the ladder of the two, go ahead and sprinkle some root lifting powder in your roots to give your hair some extra oomph. Next, apply some high-quality heat protectant to your locks – the Lionesses Hair Serum is a perfect choice – and give your hair some cowgirl texture with a large barrel curling iron or clipless wand, being sure to follow up with a few spritz of movable hairspray. Now, pull back the hair on the crown of your head first, and create a low profile poof, being sure to secure it with a bobby pin or two. When you’re ready, pull the rest of your hair to the center back of your head and secure it into a ponytail. Now, with bobby pins at the ready, take sections from the ponytail, use your fingers to shape the section into large and small ringlets, and pin the ringlet close to the base of the ponytail. Finally, secure it all with some medium to strong hold hairspray and you won’t have to worry about you hair falling down all day!

The Sassy, More Elaborate, Cowgirl Hairdo
Just as with the first look, you whether your hair is freshly washed and dried hair, or day old washed hair is totally up to you. Begin this look by creating a right-side part. Now, grab a section of your hair on the more-hair side of your part (which should be the left side). Okay, next you will separate the section of hair that you just grabbed into three equally smaller sections. Those of you who have never attempted a Dutch braid may need some practice with the braiding part of this do.

Now, cross the back section under the middle section. Then simply bring the front section under the middle section. Now, move the back section under the middle and pull in a new section of hair to incorporate into the braid, just as you would with a French braid. Go ahead and cross the front section under the middle, and then just like before, incorporate another section. Keep up this pattern of crossing under and incorporating new hair into the braid until the braid reaches your ear. At this point, continue the braiding pattern, without incorporating new hair and secure it with a small elastic.

Once you’ve tied off the first braid, do the same thing to the other side, with a slightly smaller amount of hair. Again, secure the end of the braid with a clear elastic. Now pull all your braided and unbraided hair into a mid-to-low ponytail, pulling the all of the hair through a hair tie once, then as you would with a bun, warp the hair around again, but only pull the hair half way through. Now, use a few bobby pins to redirect any untamed ends and finish the look with some medium-to-strong hold hairspray.

Pinterest’s Hair, Makeup and Nail Color Picks

Pinterest has been around for quite a few years, but it wasn’t until the past three-ish years that the sight had become ultra popular. Business big and small and nonprofit charities all use the social media website to drive traffic to their websites. However, the majority of Pinners today are not companies, rather they are social media users who visit the website to find the best triple macaroni and cheese recipe, save the inspiration for the perfect date night outfit, and share our favorite blogger’s weekly blog posts. That being said, Pinterest has become the Do It Yourself hub and beauty tip central. So, what exactly are top Pinners coining as the must try spring hairdos? Super cute makeup looks? Or got to have nail colors?

Since we totally understand how cluttered your Pinterest feed can get from following other amazing pinners, we have done some (Pinterest style) research and answered those three questions for you – Have a look!

Bun hairstyle

Pinterest  Hair Picks
Pinner’s today are all about their braids! From long bohemian inspired Dutch braids to tight and sleek French braids, you are bound to find a tutorial of a braided hairdo that you’ll love. As you may know, Pinterest can be a bit addictive; we managed to go through hundreds of the top Pinned hairstyles! Here are our favorites.

Half-Up Boho Bun – Start this fab look with soft blow dried, towel dried or air dried hair. Use your thumbs to pull back a small top section of your hair and use an elastic to wrap it into a bun. Now, find a few sections of hair throughout the hair that you have left down, and create two or three braids (being sure to secure the bottom of them with clear elastics). Once the braids are secure, use your fingers to loosen the braids and you’re done!

Upside-Down and Inside-Out Bun – 1. To begin the look, flip your head upside-down and use a wide toothed comb or brush to get all your locks nice and straight. Now, at the nape of your neck begin an inside-out French braid. Keep braiding until the braid reaches the crown of your head, then grab your elastic and pull the remaining hair into a ponytail. Now go ahead and grab a sock bun accessory and finish the look by creating a fab ballerina bun!

Pinterest Makeup Picks
After hours of Pinterest browsing, we have come to the conclusion that there is one thing that Pinners today are totally obsessed with:

Falsies – According to Pinners, the longer and the thicker, the better! Pinners have tons of tips and tricks for the perfect application. If you’re interested in our best lash tricks, check out the article don’t forget the lashes.

gray nails

Pinterest Nail Color Picks
Of course, the Pinners have their say in the nail department too! Top pinners are giving their two since and letting users know that bold nail colors are out and (believe it or not) bland nail colors are in! This means the nudes and beiges, gray and dull blues are all super hot nail colors right now!

Buns for Short Hair

bun hairstyle

It really is no secret that a vast majority of today’s most popular hairstyles are designed with long-haired ladies in mind. Thus, it seems to make sense that one of the most complained about shortcomings (if not the most complained about) regarding short cuts is the lack of style options to choose from. So, to all the short-haired ladies out there: your calls for help have been heard. We have pulled together the cutest and easiest short hair hairstyle options. By the way, we have also found a no hassle way for you to be able to rock the immensely popular #messybun. You are more than welcome, ladies.

Curly B (as in Ballerina) Bun:
It seems that the girlies with long hair have it so easy, right? They can just whip their hair into a ponytail, slip a sock bun piece over their hair and wrap it all up. Well, you will be happy you are here and reading this post, because we are going to tell you how you, too, can rock a ballerina bun – and guess what, there are no oddly shaped hair-pieces required! To start, you will want to gather all your hair into a high ponytail, and secure it with elastic. Then, with a wide barrel curling iron, curl sections of the ponytail. Once it has been curled, loop each ringlet around your fingers holding it against your scalp. With the other hand, slide a bobby pin on the bottom/inside of the curl. Repeat this with each individual curl, placing each one next to the other. One all the hair is pinned, use some strong hold hairspray and you are good to go!

Half and Half Knot
This style is perfect for those of you who love the look of wearing your hair, but also wish that it was not falling in your face all day long. #girlprobs. The half up half down knot is a modern hairstyle that is both edgy and chic. Oh, and super simple! For those of you who need a little extra oomph in the hair department, you will want to start by teasing the top half of your hair. Next (this is also the first step for those of you who do not need to add any extra volume) pull all the hair back that you have just teased and start by using the elastic like you are going to create a ponytail. Now – the final and most important step to make the ponytail into a bun – pull your hair all the way through the elastic once, pull your hair all the way through the elastic twice, then on only pull your hair halfway through the third time. Now you have yourself a fab half up half down top knot.

Side Braid #messybun
Ahh yes, the look you have been dying to know the secret to. To rock the look for your sweatpants and messy bun lazy-day, you will start by grabbing a 1”-2” section at the top of your hairline. With that section, create a loose braid, or fishtail. Once you have finished, secure it with a small elastic and let it be for a few moments. Now pull all the rest of your hair back as if you were creating a low ponytail, once you have gathered every stand of hair, use your finger to twist all of your hair around itself. Keep twisting until the twist begins to coil around itself, then wrap the twist into a bun and wrap a hair tie around the bun. Now, pull the braid back towards your braid and secure it with a bobby pin. Once you have applied some strong hold hairspray, you can use the skinny end of a comb to gently loosen the bun giving it the appearance a bit more volume.

Red Carpet Hair Looks for Prom

Prom season has finally arrived this year and girls everywhere are contemplating the decision of how to style their hair for the magical evening. With so many options, it can be hard for a girl to choose the perfect look. It seems that the one place young ladies rarely think to look for prom hairdo inspiration is the red carpet, but we here at Lionesse think that the red carpet might just be the perfect place to look.

Think about it: beautiful women of all ages strut their stuff down the red carpet wearing the most elegant gowns, flawless makeup, and stunning hairstyles. Often times, the dresses worn by women walking the red carpet are extremely similar – if not identical – to the dresses worn by high school girls on prom night; so why not gather inspiration from these looks?

Bellow is a collection of our favorite red carpet hair looks for prom, in addition, we have told you where and when the lovely Hollywood ladies rocked their hair styles, that way you are able to look up pictures to for a better idea of what the look you want to wear on prom night.

Olivia Wilde

Tinseltown /

Who: Olivia Wilde
Where and When: Oscars, 2016
Olivia always manages to make every look of hers effortless, no matter how much detail and attention was put into her look and her 2016 hairstyle does not disappoint. You can copy the look by creating a 1-2 inch thick braid starting at the beginning of your hairline, and then pull it back into a ponytail. Now that your hair is secure, go ahead and create a braid. Once you’re finished, wrap the braid around itself and secure it with lots of hairpins and some high-quality hairspray.

Who: Blake Lively
Where and When: Age of Adaline movie premiere, 2015
Blake’s entire red carpet look was killer, and her hairdo could not have been more picturesque. This look is perfect for those who want to wear their hair down on prom night but still want a special look. Start by creating a deep side part, then pull all your hair the side opposite of the part. Now use a curling wand to create loose waves. To ensure that all of your hair stays on one side, you may need to use a few bobby pins, and extra hairspray, but you will look stunning all night.

Who: Lucy Liu
Where and When: Golden Globes, 2013
Lucy’s red carpet is a fabulous option for prom, and it is super easy! Once your hair is completely dry, apply some shine serum and go ahead and create two side fishtails along your hairline, then merge them together into one. Continue fishtailing your hair to the very end and secure it with an elastic. You can use bobby pins to tuck in any stray pieces that made their way out of the fish tail.

Selena Gomez

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Who: Selena Gomez
Where and When: Met Gala, 2014
Selena is never one to disappoint when it comes to beauty and she left onlookers speechless as she made her way down the red carpet. To show off her plum colored dress she wore a classy up-do. This one is actually pretty simple and you could probably even do it yourself. All you need to do is separate your hair into three pigtails, one on top of the other. Before rolling up each section and pinning it, give your hair volume by teasing it. Finish the look with some strong hold hairspray so you are able to dance the night away.

Who: Nina Dobroev
Where and When: Oscar Viewing Party, 2014
Nina’s was flawless. For those of you who are less than interested in the elaborate updo’s Nina’s red carpet ponytail is the perfect prom hair look for you. Start by teasing the top of your hair, just as you would for a hair poof, then pull all your hair back into a ponytail (use a comb to be sure that you get every last strand of hair). With a reliable elastic, secure your ponytail, then take a small section of hair from the ponytail and wrap it up to completely cover your elastic. Use some hairpins to hold it in place and finish the look with some hairspray!