The White Blonde Color Hop

In case you’ve missed it, this year has been filled with some of our favorite celebs taking the plunge and coloring their hair white blonde.  It’s definitely been a theme, and a trend that’s carrying out into the fall months.  It’s refreshing to see some blonde hair trends making a statement into fall, when we typically see darker hair colors making their way to the locks of ladies.  While we’re all about the white blonde color hop, we also want to make sure you’re doing the color hop healthy.  It can be a big hair color change, so taking the necessary steps to keeping your hair healthy in the process is incredibly important.

white blonde hair woman

When you see celebrities going from one color to another, pretty drastically it can be a little misleading at times.  Since we don’t see the treatments that celebs put their hair through when they go from dark to light, that help them do so successfully we wanted to share some of the tips the experts suggest you consider when going from dark to light hair.

Enlist In Specialty Treatments
Many experts suggest that even with the best hair colorists, using the best products, your hair will still acquire a bit of damage when making a dramatic hair color change.  One of the ways that many hair experts find helps add some restoration back into your hair is through specialty treatments like Oleoplex and Brazilian Bond Builders.  These specialty treatments are found to balance out the pH levels in your hair, as well as add more hydration back into your hair.

Go Subtly
If your hair is pretty dark, and you want to make that real white blonde change – many hair colorist suggest going about the hair color change subtly and slowly.  You may have noticed celebs like Khloe Kardashian that made the slow progression from dark hair to light.  Many find that this is a safer, and healthier way to change your hair look and keep your hair healthier in the process.  The downside of going this route is that it will take you a longer period of time to actually get that white blonde hair color, typically colorists would start with highlights when going this route.  But it’s an option that you can talk to your hair colorist about.

colorist dying hair

Choose Your Hair Colorist Wisely
Anytime you’re going for a dramatic hair color change, or coloring your hair in general, it’s important to make sure that you choose your hair colorist wisely.  Do your research and make sure the person that you choose to go to has extensive experience in working with color and different hair types.

Use The Right Products
Anytime you opt to go with a hair color as bold as a white blonde, it’s important to make sure you’re using the proper hair care products to care for them.  Many suggest using blue and/or purple toned shampoos to help keep that true white blonde color intact.  In addition, using specialty treatments that your hair colorists suggest are going to help you keep the color true to the white blonde much more easily (and healthy!).

First Time Blonde

Blonde woman

If you haven’t yet noticed, blond is the hair color right now. From Kimmy K and Kylie Jenner to Miley Cyrus and Miranda Kerr, and even leading ladies of the silver screen such as Anne Hathaway and Emma Roberts have been spotted with lighter colored locks. Often times, we see these celebs with drastic hair color changes and assume that they went from chocolate brown to platinum during their lunch break, but this isn’t the case. Any colorist will tell you that going blonde is a process, and they’re not just pulling your leg. Depending on the natural color and type of hair you have, it can take anywhere from two to four salon visits to achieve the desired color. We’re not telling you this to discourage you, rather hoping that by reading this article you will be prepared for the blond transformation. Continue reading to learn more about what to expect and keep in mind during your first time going blonde.

Good Things Take Time
We talked about this briefly above, but we can’t stress enough that achieving blonde status doesn’t happen overnight. The main reason for this is to save your hair from detrimental damage. The darker hair you have to start, the greater amount of bleach is needed to get you to blonde. If your stylist left bleach on your locks for an extended period of time, you would leave the salon with a burning scalp and severe breakage – not to mention, it’s still unlikely that your locks would be the color you were hoping for. The take-home point of this is to have patience when it comes to achieving the color you want and keeping your hair healthy.

This isn’t a DIY Transition
Let’s be honest, dying your hair at home is risky business. Now, bleaching your hair at home, that’s asking for trouble. Chances are your hair will not turn out the color of your dreams, but it’s likely to turn various shades of orange, yellow, or even green. On top of that, often times the product in boxed color is much harder to alter or reverse in the event that you do try to lighten your own hair, only to realize that you need a stylist’s help.

You Might Want to Make it Facebook Official
Because going blonde is a major commitment, it takes time, effort, and dedication to keep your tresses looking their best. A general rule of thumb is that the greater contrast between your natural hair color and the blonde hair, the less amount of time between root touch ups.

TLC is a Must
Regardless of how blonde you go, you’ll need to carve out some time in your beauty routine for regular blonde hair TLC. Since it’s not your natural color, you’ll want to use a purple or tonight shampoo to keep your hair from turning too yellow. Additionally, it’s important to keep your hair hydrated and protected from the heat to keep it looking its best. Thinks like SPF-fortified hair products and hydrating masks should be in your arsenal at all times.