Treatments For Over Processed Hair

woman adding oil to hair

Our hair gets put through quite a few elements on a consistent basis.  If we’re really honest, it takes a bit of a hit when it comes to TLC.  We’re all eager to have that gorgeous, healthy hair but when we use a lot of chemical treatments and other hair care elements on our hair it can be difficult to really achieve.  We don’t want that to discourage you, though.  Because there are some great treatments for over processed hair that you can do at home.  Yep, there are some really great DIY hair care treatments that can work wonders for over processed hair.

Amp Up The Shine
When our hair gets overly processed it can begin to appear dull and lacking a lot of that gorgeous shine we all want to have.  Many hair experts suggest that when your hair is dull and lacking a lot of shine, it can benefit from an olive oil mask on a consistent basis.  Typically, when your hair is lacking the shine it needs more moisture as the moisture and hydration has been stripped from the hair due to being over processed.  Olive oil is great at adding natural moisture back into the hair.  To really make the most of using olive oil on your hair to add shine, you’ll want to make sure to apply the olive oil at your scalp all the way down to the roots and leave it on for 45-60 minutes to allow the oil to really get a boost of moisture to the hair.

Help Dry Scalp
Dry scalp is another indication that can be the result of overly processed hair.  But without a healthy, moisturized scalp it can be really difficult to have gorgeous hair.  Since our hair really starts at the scalp, you want to make sure that you’re also taking care of the scalp.  Fortunately there’s a pretty easy way that you can get a boost of moisture to your scalp with an at home treatment.  Experts suggest that using a cotton ball with witch hazel on it to run across your hairline and scalp can be a really powerful way to get the moisture back into the scalp.  Additionally, some experts suggest adding tea tree oil to your daily hair care products to get the moisture to your scalp consistently.

woman hair treatment

Get More Volume
Another sign of overly processed hair can be when your hair begins to lack any natural volume.  Often when our hair has been processed too much it an begin to appear and feel lifeless – aka not having any volume and that can be pretty frustrating.  Finding that you’re lacking volume in your hair?  You’re in luck because there’s a pretty easy way to get volume back into your hair with an at home treatment.  All you need is some avocado, olive oil, honey and an egg yolk.  Mixing the combination together and applying it to your hair has been found to add a lot of great conditioning and moisturizing benefits to your hair giving it the nutrients it needs to get you more volume back.

Four Ways to Update Your Look for Spring

woman spring earrings

The spring season is right around the corner – can you believe it?  We’re willing to assume you’re just as excited as we are for the spring season.  With the change of seasons, comes the change in the way we dress and develop our look.  It’s always fun to change and transform our looks with the seasons, and as new trends come into the mix.  Since many of us are starting to have spring on our minds, we thought it was the perfect time to share four ways to update your look for spring.  Because after the winter months, we can all use a little update.

Try a New Hair Color
Often times during the winter season we tend to be drawn to darker colors, especially when it comes to our hair.  But if you’re looking for a little update as we approach spring, you may want to consider switching up your hair color.  It’s a great way to get a little update to your entire look, and lighten up your hair’s look as the temperatures start to rise and the weather becomes lighter.  There are so many fun and exciting hair color trends happening this spring season, too – so you’re sure to find a color option that fits in well with your personal style.  Bronde, Blorange and tigers eye to name a few!

Bold Earrings
One of the hottest trends that was seen on the spring runways shows for this upcoming spring season was the use of super bold earrings.  If you’re slowly starting to incorporate some spring elements into your wardrobe, bold earrings can be a great way to do that.  Adding new accessories is an easy way to update any look and while it’s a small detail because these accessories are pretty bold it will completely transform your look and give you that updated feel pretty instantly.

Incorporate Some 80’s Flair
You may not have noticed, but the 80’s are going to be having a major moment in the spring season.  Yep, we’re talking one-shoulder fabulousness and bold colors/prints – giving us all sorts of 80’s vibes.  If you’re looking for an update for the spring season, find a way to incorporate some 80’s vibes into your look.  If you don’t want to go full on 80’s glam, you can incorporate just a touch with a fun one-shouldered top to wear with your favorite pair of skinny jeans (for example).  Or try incorporating some bold colors into your eye makeup – you can’t go wrong with a little 80’s flair.

woman in striped shirt

Add Stripes
The runway shows for the spring season were filled with stripes.  Stripes of all colors, widths and styles – and even mixing stripe prints!  Basically, it’s definitely a season where you’re going to be seeing a lot of stripes.  But it’s refreshing because we really haven’t seen stripes in the trend world for quite some time – making it the perfect way to add a little update to your look.  Try incorporating a fun striped garment to your wardrobe and pair it in ways that you may not normally.  It’s all about wearing stripes in a unique way this season.

Increase Your Biotin Intake With Kefir


It’s no secret that our bodies need certain nutrients to really function properly.  You’ve likely heard us talk about the importance of having a healthy and balanced diet to help you get to your hair and skin goals.  Our hair and skin are so heavily influenced by what we put IN our bodies.  We assume that you’ve likely heard about people taking biotin supplements to help with their hair and nail growth, and appearance.  But we realize that you may not want to just rely on a supplement to get a source of biotin to benefit from what this nutrient can do for your hair and nails.  We’re sharing how you can increase your biotin intake with kefir.

If you’re not fully aware, kefir is a dairy product that’s been found to yield some pretty powerful benefits.  It’s said to have the most probiotic sources in the world, along with plenty of other nutrients.  It’s basically a fermented milk source that comes from cow, goat or sheep’s milk.  However, there’s not just a milk based form of kefir.  Those that struggle with dairy can still benefit from kefir as there’s a water kefir source as well.  Water kefir is created from coconut water, or another sugary water source.  As we said, it’s the most powerful source of probiotic available on our planet but it doesn’t stop there.  It’s high in plenty of other nutrients like calcium and magnesium.  And of course, it’s really high in biotin – hence why we’re bringing it up here.

We’ve established that kefir is an incredible source of biotin.  But you may be wondering how you can actually incorporate it into your diet.  There are plenty of kefirs available for you to purchase at certain stores.  Experts suggest making sure that you look for more organic based kefir sources to really get the best benefits from incorporating it into your diet.  With milk kefir sources you can increase your biotin intake by of course drinking them.  But if you want to do more than just drink kefir, you can add them into many different recipes.  Many suggest that milk kefirs are able to act as substitutes to yogurt, sour cream and heavy cream in recipes.  In addition, you can add milk kefir sources to your favorite creamy soup recipes and other recipes that call for a creamy additive.

If you struggle with dairy products and need to opt for the water based kefir sources, you can still do more to increase your kefir intake aside from just drinking them.  Some experts suggest adding water based kefir to your smoothies, or salad dressings to switch things up.  In addition, if you like to drink your water kefir source you can purchase it and have fun adding different additions to it like you would with regular water.  Mix it up by adding different fruit combinations, or even fresh herbs.

Fortunately, there’s plenty of ways to increase your biotin intake with kefir – you’re sure to find a way to add kefir to your routine!

Are You Ready To DIY Your Haircut?

woman cutting her own hair

Ohhh haircuts, they are one of those things that we all have to do every so often whether we like it or not.  But truthfully, in order to really keep your hair healthy and happy. you need to get your hair cut on a somewhat consistent basis.  We’ve noticed a rise in chatter among the internet around DIY haircuts, many ladies have decided to take their haircuts into their own hands and really do it themselves.  Look, we get it – getting your hair cut on a consistent basis can be a financial and time investment.  Are you ready to DIY your haircut?  We’re sharing some of the things you should consider and know before you DIY your haircut.

Do Research
Before you get started with a DIY haircut, you’re going to want to make sure you do a bit of research.  We’d hate for you to end up chopping your hair in a way that leaves you feeling less than excited about your hair.  Before picking up any scissors, watch some tutorials, read over some suggestions from bloggers that are sharing how they DIY their haircuts.  There are a ton of different techniques and tips that different ladies have learned and experienced themselves, utilize the information that we have access to from the internet by retaining it before you really get started and decide if it’s the right haircut method for you.  If you watch and learn enough tips that leave you feeling excited and confident in a DIY haircut, it could be a great option for you to save some time and money on your next haircut.  However, if you go through the information you find and feel more overwhelmed and confused it may be best to leave it to the experts on this one.

You Need the Right Tools
Just like achieving that flawless makeup look you love, you need the right tools and products to really make sure that you’re able to DIY your haircut in a successful way.  It’s ESSENTIAL that you have sharp hair-cutting shears to really DIY your hair in the best way possible.  Having the right type of scissors is going to help you get a better cut on your hair, not having the right type of scissors can be the difference between a great DIY haircut and a disastrous one.  If you don’t have the proper tools, and you don’t want to invest in having the right tools – you may not be ready to DIY your haircut.

Don’t Rush
So many of us tend to be in a hurry all the time, because…we live in a world that’s constantly on the go.  But when you’re thinking about attempting to DIY your haircut you’re going to want to take a step back and think about whether or not you’re really willing to NOT rush through the process.  This is especially true when you’re just considering trying it for the first time.  Like anything, it’s going to be a learning experience and not something you’re going to want to rush through.

Color Glosses For An Instant Hair Upgrade

woman brushing hair

Are you feeling like you’re ready for an upgrade with your hair?  It’s easy to feel a little stagnant with your hair, especially the color if you’re just feeling like you want a change.  As we approach a new season, it leaves many of us itching for a change even more.  There’s something about the change in seasons that has us eager to make adjustments to our hair, makeup and style.  Well, we’re sharing for color glosses for an instant hair upgrade that will help you to feel ready to start a new season feeling even more excited about your hair.

Color gloss treatments are a different type of hair treatment that you may not even be familiar with.  Color glosses are typically clear or tinted in color, and they’re really meant to help to enhance and maintain your hair color.  Gloss treatments are great for adding more life back into your hair.  This time of year as we notice our skin and hair becoming dull and dry, glosses can be an instant upgrade for your hair to give some life back to it.  Not only are gloss treatments great for really enhancing and maintaining your hair color, but they’re also known to help smooth your hair if you have a lot of flyaways happening and giving your hair some major shine.  Sounds pretty great, right?

Ok, so a color gloss treatment isn’t actually meant to add actual color into your hair, but rather just enhance the color you have.  Wondering why you should really get a gloss treatment done to your hair?  Well, besides the fact that we all would like a little enhancing factor done to our color, it’s also really great to add some conditioning elements to your hair.  Since we tend to be so much more dry this time of year, most of us can use all the conditioning we can get.  So it’s a great, and easy way to instant get additional conditioning into your hair.  Many experts suggest considering to get gloss treatments regularly if you tend to color and/or highlight your hair on a regular basis.  Since your hair can be more susceptible to dryness when you color it, gloss treatments can help maintain your hair’s health and condition in a better way.

The important thing to keep in mind is that gloss treatments aren’t something you get done once and don’t have to do again.  They’re considered to be demi-permanent.  Meaning that they last for a short amount of time (typically 6-8 weeks) and they then begin to fade out of your hair after that period of time.  They’re usually not very expensive to have done, depending on your salon.  But many hair experts suggest looking into getting them done on a regular basis to really keep your hair in a healthy state.

Since gloss treatments aren’t super expensive to have done, and are really more of an enhancing type of treatment  they’re an incredible way to get an instant update to your hair.  They can help bring your hair back to life (in a sense) in a short period of time.

Keeping Your Hair And Scalp Healthy This Winter

You’ve probably struggled with the chapped and dry lips during the winter months, really who hasn’t?  Most of us tend to notice that our skin reacts a bit differently when the weather starts to get cold.  But your skin isn’t the only thing that needs a little extra TLC during the wintertime, your hair does too!  Keeping your hair and scalp healthy this winter should be a priority for you, because who doesn’t want healthy hair and scalp?  Well, we know you do and your hair is also faced with some different challenges and elements during the winter months, so we’re sharing some tips to help make sure you’re keeping your hair and scalp healthy this winter.

hair product

Revisit Your Hair Care Products
Just like most of us tend to have different skin care products for different seasons, many experts suggest doing the same thing for our hair care routine.  Our hair is able to take more of the harsh hair care products during the summer and fall months, but because the air gets so dry during the winter months our hair has a tendency of following suit and can end up very dry and brittle as well.  The products that we use can either help or hurt this fact.  Most experts suggest airing on the side of products that are heavier in consistency and creamier, they tend to be much more moisturizing.  While in the summer months we look for products that are lightweight, that’s not really the ideal situation for winter.  In addition, many suggest aiming for products that are geared towards hydrating your hair and on the milder side (some even think it’s worth considering going sulfate free).

Massage Your Scalp
Don’t forget that having healthy hair, isn’t just about the actual strands of hair…your scalp needs some attention too.  Experts continue to share the importance of doing scalp massages, it’s something you can go and get done by a professional or just DIY it when you’re at home.  It’s been found that massaging your scalp on a regular basis can really help to get the blood flowing and circulation in your scalp functioning at a better rate.  Essentially, a scalp massage is stimulating your scalp – kind of waking it up to get it functioning the way it’s supposed to.

woman drying hair

Easy On The Heat
Look, we get it…you want your hair to look great regardless of the time of year.  But because the air is so dry and our hair and scalp tend to follow in the dry factor, it’s suggested to cut back on heated styling tools as much as you can.  This isn’t to say you can’t use them at all, but try to use them as minimally as possible.  Since your hair is vulnerable, dry and maybe even on the brittle side adding heat to it can cause even more damage to occur.

Of course, don’t forget to get into a routine of utilizing a hair masque on a regular basis.  It’s worth looking for a masque that’s specifically formulated to add moisture into your hair.