Beach Worthy Hair Accessories

“Palm trees, ocean breeze
Salty air, sun kissed hair
Endless summer, take me there” 
– Author: unknown. Source: Pinterest –

The weather is warm and the sky is clear, atlas summer is here! Those who live in a coastal state will undoubtedly make their way to the beach – if they haven’t already that is. Whether you leave your beach blanket in the trunk of your car because you head to the beach every weekend, or you are excitedly planning ahead for the beach trip you have this summer, you should most definitely test out the waters with some of the super cute beach worthy hair accessories below!

Starfish hair pin

Starfish Hairpins
These are perfect for the days when you want nothing other than to throw your hair in a messy bun, find your favorite pair of flip flops, and set your sights straight to the shore. When you crave the beach this badly, you probably aren’t too interested in how your makeup and hair look, but that’s no reason to skip these delicate hairpins! Not only will your inner mermaid be subtly on display, but you won’t have to repeatedly re-do your bun because the hairpins will hold everything in place.

Jeweled Barrettes
For those who are all about the bling, but chose to leave your glam accessories at home with the understanding (and maybe past experience?) that jewelry can leave some pretty strange tan lines you should absolutely get yourself some jeweled barrettes. You can use them to pull your hair out of your eyes, and you’ll be thrilled that you’re rocking your glam style at the beach!

Seashell Bobby Pins
No matter what your hair length or type, bobby pins always manage to make themselves useful. Why not accessorize your tresses with seashell accented bobby pins?! If you can’t find them at a local boutique or hair salon, you can easily DIY in less than five minutes! All you need to do is use a hot glue gun to adhere a tiny seashell (or a few) the end of a clean bobby pin. Just be careful not to glue it too close to the rounded edge, as the shells are more likely to fall off when they’re on that edge.

Woman wearing a sun hat

Big Floppy Sun Hat
Floppy sun hats are not just cute, but they are totally in right now! If you are worried about the sun getting to your hair color, or if your just having a bad beach-hair day, grab a big floppy sun hat!

Minimalism Inspired Broach
Gilded inspired accessories are super hot this season. The simplicity of a bronze or brushed silver broach allows the accessories to match virtually anything. A cute way to wear this is by securing it slightly above your ponytail holder.

Cuff Ponytail Holder
Similar to a minimalist broach, cuff ponytail holders can be worked into any style, from preppy to boho. Simply pull your hair up into a ponytail. Then slip your hair through the cuff, and slide it all the way up until the accessory hides the elastic holding your ponytail in place.

Romantic Pony Bow
Perfect for a moonlit beach walk, a romantic ponytail bow is simply made by tying a long piece of ribbon around a pony or half pony.

Creating Beachy Boho Waves

Beachy waves

Summertime is finally here, and more beach trips mean more flawless flowing beachy waves. But what about those days when you can’t exactly make it to the shore, but really want the beachy ‘do? Don’t fuss, wishing that you lived closer to the beach, and envying those born with a natural no-beach-needed wave. Since we know all straight haired beauties have felt this way before, we have dedicated this article to creating beachy boho waves, easily at home!

Now, there are a few different ways to create beachy boho waves, sans beach, but this one seems to be the easiest; all you need is your hair, a towel, and a bottle of sea salt spray. There are some really great options out there, Bumble and Bumble’s Surf Spray is extremely popular (and for good reason). Another fab option is Sedu’s Beach Beauty Salt Spray. However, for those of you who are reading this last minute and don’t have the time to purchase a bottle of sea salt spray, you can easily make your own concoction by adding a small handful of salt and to a cup or so of water, then pouring the mixture into an empty spray bottle.

Also, keep in mind that this is meant to be done at night, giving you the beachy waves first thing in the morning, however, if you have a few hours to let your hair dry and don’t need your ‘do done until the afternoon, that’s totally fine too!

Step 1: Begin with damp hair, start by selecting a 1 ½ to 3-inch chunk of hair from the crown of your head and use your fingers to twist the hair around itself. For those of you who want a curlier wave, stick grab a smaller section; on the contrary, those of you who are looking for a looser wave will appreciate the result of a 3-inch section.

Step 2: Use one hand to do the grabbing and twisting and use your other hand to hold a handful of finished twists at the ends.

Step 3: Use the hand that was grabbing and twisting to spray your twists with your sea spray.

Step 4: Clip the sprayed section to the side using a long stylists clip.

Step 5: Repeat steps one through four until all your hair has been twisted and sprayed.

Step 6: Flip your head over to gather all of your hair, and twist it into the twisty-ist topknot you’ve ever seen, then secure it with a loose elastic. If you are prepping your beachy boho waves at night, wrap a towel around your head to draw out the moisture.

Once your hair is totally dry, either in the morning or in a few hours, take your hair tie out and give your head a shake to let those locks loose. For separated strands that look like they’re straight from the sea, rub the tiniest amount of coconut oil or smoothing serum between your hands and fingertips; once they’re nice and smooth, use your fingers to comb through and separate your beachy boho waves to perfection.

Faith Hill’s Best Country Hair Looks

Faith Hill

s_bukley /

Country music icon, Faith Hill is nothing less than beautiful. Speaking of beautiful looks, it is worth mentioning that the stunning county couple, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, will celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary this year – congratulations, you two! In honor of the country sweetheart’s style over the years, we are going to take things all the way back to 1994, when Faith released her debut album “Take Me as I am,” as we review Faith Hill’s best country hair looks through the years.

Before we get started, we thought we would share some background information about the celebrity that you may not have known before. Born in Mississippi, Faith was adopted into a devout Christian family made of two caring parents and a pair of brothers. Faith’s vocal talent was more than obvious to friends and family from a young age, in fact, her first public performance was at a local luncheon when she was only seven years old! Faith tells media that days before she and her family celebrated her ninth birthday, she attended an Elvis Presley concert at a local fair; the show left an un-removable impression on Faith, she explains, because that is when she knew she wanted to be up on stage herself. Faith made it through her teen years performing at local churches, rodeos and even sang to jail mates. Although she started studying at Hinds Community College, she did not complete her degree, rather she dropped out of school at 19 years old, packed her bags, and moved to Nashville, Tennessee to follow her dream of becoming a country singer.

Like many before – and after her – the Nashville way of life was not as easy as she’d once thought. She found herself working in retail and food services until she managed to secure a job at a music publishing company. Soon after, faith tied the knot with co-worker and music publishing executive Daniel Hill. However, it wasn’t Hill that got her name out there, rather, it was Faith’s own singing around the office which got her noticed by the head of the company (who encouraged her to become a demo singer for the firm). Soon thereafter Faith started singing at Bluebird Cafe. One morning, Bob Saporiti, Warner Brothers Records Executive, caught her performance at the café, and as the saying goes “the rest is history.”

Here we have a chronological list of Faith’s hairdos.

1994: Classic ‘90’s ‘DO
This same year Faith separated from her first husband, released her first album, “Take Me As I Am,” and attended the American Music Awards. One of our favorite Faith looks was her extra-volume spiral curls that she sported to the AMA’s.

1999: Sleek and Sexy
With her newfound fame, Faith matured into a classy woman whose style was nothing like that of 1994. While promoting her self-titled album, she sported another one of her best country girl hair looks; her hair was highlighted and slicked back and straightened, plus it remained ultra sexy with added volume.

Faith Hill

s_bukley /

2000: Tamed Curls
Faith sported her natural tresses at the Billboard Music award. Not only did she tame her mane, but she killed the look by letting her curls give her every bit of volume. This same look has made its way back into popularity today and is super easy to create by parting your hair in the center and curling your hair with a clipless wand.

2007: Country Californian
Faith attended a Cartier party looking drop dead gorgeous! Her skin was beautiful and natural, giving her a California glow, and her hair was died sandy blonde and styled to maintain a full, straightened look!

2012: Swim Suit Model Hair
Yes, you read that correctly! The country singer slew her look at the Academy of Country Music Awards with long, loose, voluminous waves.

Faith Hill

DFree /

2015: Confident Pixie Cut
Faith proves that she has aged with beauty, poise and confidence. Today, she rocks a radiant pixie cut, something unexpected from her past county girl hairstyles. Nonetheless, the country singer looks amazing.

Best Hair Styles for Cancers

Cancer women are naturally shy and introverted by nature, so there are particular hairstyles that suit them the most. Unfortunately, Cancer women aren’t usually blessed with the best hair, but fret not, because on the upside, they always know how to fix their hair into a super cute fashionable style.

Flashy, super trendy, or over the top cuts and styles just aren’t for these girls. Lionesse takes a look at some of the best styles for you, cancer, and shines a little light on the subject before you make your way to the salon for your next style endeavor.

Stylish woman with long and wavy hair

Long and Wavy
Long and wavy styles are suitable for Cancerians because due to their shy personalities, this offers somewhat of a security blanket for them to feel covered, and also, looks generally beautiful anyways. Wavy hairstyles are very much in this summer, and to incorporate a waved look into your own style is a great move on your part to get on trend. Try some beach waves, or loose waves, for the perfect summer look.

Bride with a romantic wavy hairstyle

Romantic Waves
Romantic waves are different from regular waves or beachy waves, in that there is typically more curl involved. Give this style a try the next time you’re headed out for a nice dinner or date night. Think old Hollywood glamour, or opt for a style reminiscent of Lana Del Ray or Pamela Anderson, for instance.

Jaw Length Bobs
Bobs are super trendy currently, and opting for one of these styles provides ease of wear, low maintenance, and is perfect for summer. Also, it gives way to feature your gorgeous cheekbones and beautiful eyes. You can opt for an angular bob, or straight across with or without bangs. Whatever your style preference, these are always a good choice for you, Cancer.

Woman with beautiful ponytail hair

Ponytails look gorgeous and chic on Cancerian women – leave a few tendrils of hair to fall out of the ponytail for a truly classic Cancer look. You can wear your pony low or high –the preference is up to you. Either way, you’ll look lovely!

Medium Length “U” Cut
Many women have seen this style but don’t quite know what the “U” cut actually is if they’ve heard it by name. A “U” cut gives a rounded and sometimes pointed appearance to the hair, which is noticeable by looking at the hair from the back and from the side. Usually, there are long layers incorporated into the style as well. The “U” cut is also angled towards the face most times, providing depth and a dramatic look that is great for styling. Opt for a shoulder length or just below the shoulder style to really play up your style.

Woman with straight flat ironed hair

Straight, flat ironed styles look great on a Cancer and we especially love this look for when the cold winter months come to avoid frizz. This style looks great for everyday wear and is easy to maintain – especially when you’re in a controlled climate environment, like at home, or in the office.

Boho Waves Hair Style Tutorial

Boho waves are gorgeous, and are one of the easiest styles to achieve. There are many different ways to get the boho wave look, but today, we have beauty blogger Sarah McCormick on board to give us some helpful hints and tips to achieving the Boho wave look in the most natural way using our Lionesse Curling Wand. The boho look is a natural wave look, which can be likened to spending time on the beach. Some may call them beach waves. Since this week is focused on all things boho, we thought it only right to bring you a simple, easy to do tutorial on how you can get the look yourself at home. Without further ado, we would like to let Sarah get right into teaching you how it’s done. Sarah, take it away!

Boho Waves Look Tutorial Lionesse Curling Wand Finished Boho Wave Look

Hello again, lovely ladies. Today, I am bringing you a simple and easy style to create using your curling wand or curling iron – the boho wave. Boho waves can be created using anything from a hair dryer, to curling iron or wand, to a flat iron, and even pinning up the hair. Today, though, I wanted to put my nifty new Lionesse curling wand to the test and see just how fantastic I could make these boho waves look – and I have gotta say, it didn’t disappoint. I didn’t even need to use hairspray to get the look to stay! This may not be the case for everyone, but for me personally, the style held well – and I owe it all to my fantastic Lionesse product. As a side note, if you don’t own one of these, I highly suggest you invest in one – this is by far the most phenomenal curling wand I’ve ever used, and I own quite a few hair products.

The items you will need to get the boho wave look I created here are:

  1. Lionesse Curling Wand – Sold in the Silk Ceramic Set from Lionesse (You can use any curling wand, but I do recommend this brand)
  2. Heat Resistant Glove – my gorgeous black and pink glove came with my Lionesse Silk Ceramic Set

Here’s how to get the look:

Boho Waves Hair Look Tutorial Lionesse Curling Wand

Step 1: Start out with straight, clean, dry hair. You can section the hair off with clips, or keep all the hair down and go piece by piece, adding waves wherever you believe would look good like I did.

Step 2: Allow your curling wand to heat up, and put on your heat styling glove to protect your fingers from burns on the hand opposite which will be holding the wand.

Boho Waves Hair Look Tutorial Lionesse Curling Wand Creating Waves

Step 3: Grasp about a 1″  – 1.5″ piece of hair and wrap around the wand, holding the wand in a downward motion. I like to twist the hair around a bit before wrapping it to give it a somewhat beachier feel when the curl is released. This is optional. Begin about halfway down the hair shaft, and wrap around the wand with about 1/2″ between each wrap. From there, hold the hair on the wand for about 5-10 seconds, and release. You should have springy waves as a result. After that, complete this process all over your head.

Step 4: Tousle your fingers through the waves, breaking up any large waved sections. You may wish to use hairspray, especially if you have thin hair.

Boho Waves Look Tutorial Lionesse Curling Wand Finished Boho Waves Look

Enjoy your gorgeous Boho waves! Accessorize if you like with a headband or head chain, or even floral accessories. The skies the limit with this style! Perfect for day or night. I hope you’ve enjoyed my simple, easy to do tutorial. Catch you all in the coming week with more gorgeous looks for you to try!